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Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts (2015)


  1. Thegoldenpeingun 5 Author

    I thought Tom Cruise would be first for his underwater scene, hanging onto the side of a flying plane, climbing a skyscraper, doing a HALO skydive, learning how to fly a helicopter for a scene and dangling off of it, and driving through moving traffic. But Jackie Chan is awesome so at least he was in top three

  2. JustAPrayer Author

    UM MICHELLE YEOH, HELLO! She should be number 2 or 3 AT LEAST. To be fair, stunt work only gets respected if stars do it. Regular stunt people die all the time and Hollywood doesn't give them attention and just moves on to the next one.

  3. Marinus Ladegast Author

    My favorite Jackie Chan stunt is his jumping through the backside of a super market trolley in "Rumble in the Bronx". When I first that, I went like: "Wait … wha- … what … was that?!?"

  4. M G Author

    Wait, this was obviously done BEFORE the "John Wick" movies came out, otherwise, Keanu Reeves would be ahead of Jason Statham. Heck, with "Point Break", "The Matrix" trilogy, and all his other action films combined, he deserved way more than an honorable mention.

  5. Omang Gupta Author

    Tom Cruise should be #2 bcoz of Mission Impossible 5 & 6 …… I mean holding breath for 6 minutes without oxygen tank and also hanging off a helicopter and driving it!!

  6. Ketutar Jensen Author

    Top 10 Actors Who Take Jobs From Stunt People.
    And I suppose all of them do that because they are adrenaline junkies. At least all white people used to acting in Hollywood productions.

  7. Chieh Hui Tay Author

    This list is shit Jackie should be the first. Americans are too scare of death. If u tell an actor whose risk his life better than Jackie chan u r just a bit of shit

  8. Hemanth Kumar Author

    Jackie and Tom best of the best, tony is original in his fight techniques, but when it comes to dangerous near death action sequences its jackie and tom

  9. Mario Monclova Author

    Tom Cruise should have taken #1
    Multiple disciplines from hand to hand combat, Parkour style jumps, vehicle, stunts, jumping, from tallest building into window hit his, horseback, motorcycle, airplane and helicopter stunts, it shouldn't have been about #of stunts, it's about how many types of stunts. The only thing he hasn't done is boat chase, or race boat, speaking of racing. He done race car driving, and Top Gun 2 he actually really is piloting the F/A – 18 Hornet, and sang in 2 movies for fun.

  10. Muhammad Ahmad Author

    Jackie Chan undoubtedly the best stunt artist of all time.
    Tom cruise is very impressive in his stunts. No wonder he gets paid a hefty sum. His salary per movie is a entire movies budget.

  11. shamshus sehar aijaz Author

    Amongst men Jackie Chan will always be no.1 coz all nine may come and go but there wil never be another Jackie Chan and in women, it's Michelle Yeoh on top and then others.

  12. sonic prince Author

    You forget Akshay Kumar Indian actor..what Tom cruise did in ghost protocol he did in 90's movie 'khiladi 420' watch his stunt nd make video about world entrainment…don't upload 💩 like other channels do..


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