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Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Batman

Hey nerdy list lovers. I am an vengeance I am the night I am not
Batman sadly, but the hunt is on for a new dark knight because things are shifting once
more in the DCEU. The world was not exactly surprised when the
release date of the Matt Reeves Batman film very clearly that Affleck’s time as Bruce
Wayne has come to a close. This latest Batman film is said to be a noir
batman tale, although some fans would contend that Batman has always been very noiresque
anyway, but this film is set to be a more detective based story that is now looking
for it’s detective and you know what that means if you’ve hovered around fandom for
any length of time. Fancasts, there are official potentials or
rumored ones anyway and then there are fans tossing their hats into the ring. So today we’re going to take a look at the
Top 10 Actors who should play Batman. This is an eclectic group, and some are people
who fans have been trying to get cast for years., and then there’s what we know director
Reeve’s wants and what he cares about and doesn’t care about. Rumouredly Reeve’s wants someone in their
20s for a younger batman and the studio wants someone in their 30s. revees doesn’t care
so much about height or build but the studio does. So with all that in mind let’s take a look
at who people are casting, these are people’s fancasts not mine. I’m Sasha and I’m not telling you who
I want. Number 10 – Kit Harrington, yes you heard
that right Jon Snow. While Jon Snow may know nothing certain fans
are convinced that the actor could make a compelling detective. At 32 the actor would fall into the correct
age bracket for the studio and there is definitely a circle of fans out there who consider him
a heart throb. But some aren’t quite so convinced playing
Batman is a dual role one is both the bat and bruce wayne and not everyone can envision
Harrington that way, for some it is the beard and of course he can shave it off but many
fans don’t want him to. And some just aren’t ready for a bearded
Batman. Number 9 – Richard Madden that’s right
keeping with Game of Thrones people or well ex game of thrones I suppose a more accurate
recent statement would be of The Bodyguard fame. When it comes to this fan cast we’re talking
about intensity, some have seen the menace and serious authority madden can emit and
feel it would be perfect for channeling a younger bruce wayne, and budding batman. At 32 he took falls on the younger side of
the age bracket but more on the studio side of things. However Madden is involved in a dual fancast
at the moment as some fans would rather he play James Bond, even if his odds are not
looking the best at the time of this recording. Number 8 – Daniel Kaluuya, as Batman as
Bruce Wayne at least has always been a causcasian character this is an odd cast for some, and
largely has a political bend that has caused many a twitter fight and for some taken the
fun out of the fan cast process. A fantastic actor the 29 year old actor falls
nicely into the age bracket between both studio and director desires, however he is being
selected by some because they feel Batman should be black to increase diversity, and
are attacking others choices, as boring or argue that Bruce’s race has no bearing on
his character while others argue he is one character where it 100% does. For some this is just too much drama for a
fancast but Kalluya has been put forth more than once and is not the only poc actor to
be put forward but is the one that seems to have garnered the most controversy. Share your thoughts on the matter down below. Number 7 – Oscar Issac while selected for
some of thereasons as the above there is a bit of a shallower rationale behind this fancast
and that is pure fandom thirst. When Isaac played Poe Dameron in 2015s the
force awakens a whole generation of fans were alerted to his charismatic presence and many
have been hooked ever since. These fans feel that Isaac possesses a very
important quality for Bruce Wayne suave sex appeal. However at 39 he falls pretty far outside
the age bracket, still people are wont to dream. Side note at the time of this recording Isaac
is in talks for something involving a Dune film which excites me to no end, for he who
controls the spice controls the universe. Number 6 – Aaron Taylor Johnson, now Johnson
is appearing on a few more official lists than fan ones but is still getting some play
in that arena. The 28 year old Jonson is no stranger to the
Superhero genre he played the title character in 2010’s kickass and had a shortlived stint
as quick silver in the mcu so fans have seen him in action in those universes and for some
they feel he would be a perfect fit. Is playing a superhero like riding a bike,
only time will tell. Number 5 –Jake Gyllenhall now this one may
be confusing to some as Gyllehanhall is set to debut in the mcu as Mysterio in the Spider
Man Homecoming sequel spider-man far from home, and usually these two companies try
not to have too much overlap. However, this may be coming from the fact
that there were already rumours swirling that Gyllenhall had been in talks for the role
so some feel he was already a contender and hope that now could be his time as Gyllenhall
has been attempting to take on varied roles over the past few years to try and showcase
his range. However, others feel that if that ship was
ever in port it has sailed with his casting as Mysterio, which hey first live action mysterio
that’s still pretty cool. Maybe better to be the 1st mysterio than the
6th person to play batman in a live action film. Number 4 – David Mazouz now this tends to
happen whenever there are oncoing or in this case recently concluding series and films
overlapping, the idea of taking actors from the series and casting them. Never forget how hard people pushed for Tom
Welling as Superman during the era of Superman Returns. Mazouz playes bruce wayne on the gotham tv
series so is already familiar with the character and definitely fits the bill for younger in
fact at 17 some feel he would be far too young. However others feel he would bring the curiosity
factor people coming to see how he would do especially as the final season of Gotham sees
the character finally assuming is caped identity so some feel it would be a seemless transition. What do you think too far fetched or do you
like the idea of combining these universes I mean the DCEU is already pretty confusing
would this help or hurt it. Number 3 – Charlie cox This one is interesting
because it’s more meme than fancast a combination of 2 internet passtimes combining as one. Some explanation at the time of this recording
the Netflix marvelverse is still in the process of being dismantled to make way for Disney’s
streaming service marvel verse. And some are very sad about the loss of Cox
as Daredevil particularly as the third season was well received. Some feel it would be a fitting vengeance
to see the actor cast in a rival studios project in a title role. At 36 some feel the actor is too old and others
aren’t ready to give up on daredevil just yet still singing #savedaredevil petitions. Though some are serious the daredecil as batman
the dark knight of hells kitchen. Now it’s just the amalgam universe and I’m
ok with that. Number 2 –Armie Hammer now Armie Hammer
has been a contender for years since the first round of new casting post Bale’s stint as
the character during the Nolanverse trilogy people have been putting forth Hammer’s
name. Now that there appears to be another chance
people are putting him forward once more and are even creating some pretty compelling manips. Also 32 Hammer falls into the studios apparent
desired age range., and he was actually already once cast in a scrapped Batman project by
George Miller called Justice League mortal which was canclled back in 2007 because of
you guessed it the nolanverse. People weren’t ready for multiple verse
back in 2007 or at least studios didn’t think so. MCU universe launcer Iron Man was still a
year away. So could this be Hammer’s time to shine
there seems to be a push from a couple of corners but only time will tell. Number 1 – Ben Affleck now hear me out this
isn’t a cop out it makes sense. Not everyone is happy with the fact that Ben
Afflecks time is done and in fact his performance has proved to be quite polarizing. While now that he is out you are having people
saying he was worse than Clooney others feel he was the best Batman and it was the movies
and scripts that fell down. Some are genuinely sad that they won’t get
to see where the arc was going, seeing the development of the friendship with superman,
the romance with wonder woman maybe, an introduction to dick Grayson a fight with the joker. In short many people are mourning the lost
potential and they don’t want to start all over again, to have to get invested all over
again. It’s quite the hot topic and people will
probably have a better grasp of it in retrospect. So who do you want to play a potentially Younger
Batman and Bruce Wayne, honestly everytime there’s always drama and backlash and then
people ultimately end up having to decide when the movie is released. People are too short or the wrong look or
well anything. It’s kind of tiring or maybe I’m just
old. Some people are getting really mad about this
fan cast get ready for twitter fights and petitions. Share your fan casts down below. I think the thing I’ve been most excited
about in all of this is seeing people fan cast Cole Sprouse as Terry Mcginess aka Batman
Beyond I would watch that movie over and over no matter how terrible it was, sometimes a
fancast just speaks to you and that one speaks to me. As for my favourite Batman Kevin Conroy is
my Batman forever and for always. Thanks so much for watching this list share
your fancasts down below I can’t wait to read them. Surprise me. And more importantly subscribe to top 10 nerd
if you haven’t already and hit that like buton and share it around. It was great hanging out with all of you be
sure to tune in again soon bye.


  1. Carlos Liwang Author

    Look i aint a racist, but some things are meant to stay just the way they are created/intended in the first place. So no black supes, the batman or james bond please.

  2. Emperor Oshron Author

    while i hadn't heard of Kaluuya before this, it reminds me of an Elseworlds-type Batman story that i've heard suggested which casts the whole Wayne family as new-money African-Americans who are somewhat resented by alot of the Gothamite upper-class (but not necessarily by the average citizens) with some parallels to hyper-successful rap/hip-hop stars and, unlike in most versions of the story, when Thomas and Martha are murdered they go unmourned by most and this forms part of Bruce's motivation to become Batman

  3. TSMsharkey - Author

    10 No way
    9 maybe
    8 NO WAY
    7 NO WAY
    6 could be ok
    5 Maybe
    4 Yes he’s brilliant for the role
    3 NO
    2 he might be good

  4. jackie hunk Author

    Scott Adkins is the best option
    Many says he can't act I think his acting style is apt for that for Batman character one should act the emotion scenes like aggressively Scott can crack it he will be the best ever Batman just give him the chance if Matt Reeves is the best director tell him to crack the magic with Scott Adkins
    Just make him the next Batman

  5. Colton Campbell Author

    Batfleck seemed taking the "Return of The Dark Knight" time line which was pretty cool. Reason why I think this is we all saw the dead Robin uniform but no other sidekicks. Just like the animated version. Another is he was an older batman, granted he wasn't in his 60s or early 70s. However with a few more movies I feel it could've been great but none of the other actors were in the time they needed to be to pull it off. I would really wanna see batfleck in that timeline though.

  6. The Sting Author

    "Batman should be black to increase diversity….", I hope fans can recognize the lack of logic in this idea and recognize its foul source: degenerate marxism

  7. loke distor Author

    Of course it matters what race they choose to play for the role, its called accuracy. This is like casting a mexican or asian to play captain america

  8. David Epling Author

    I went into BvS wanting to hate Ben Affleck as Batman. He became my 2nd favorite Batman behind Michael Keaton.
    How about 3 off the radar choices:
    Gerard Butler
    Jensen Ackles
    Zachary Quinto

  9. Young Finesser Author

    Is no one gonna mention Wes Bentley? He literally played a detective before and looks exactly like Bruce Wayne and I’m pretty confident that he can take on the Batman mantle

  10. Jonn Ramaer Author

    Loved Ben Affleck (c'mon guys, he got horrible material to work with). Like Armie Hammer a lot. Love the idea of Scott Adkins.

    Thats it. Boom!


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