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Top 10 Actors Who Were Cursed After A Movie Role – Part 2

What’s up Youtube! I’m your host Joce and welcome back to top
10 beyond the screen. If you’re new here, we have officially joined
social media so make sure you are following us on Instagram, our links are down below. Also- if you stick around until the end of
this video you can join me as I do some comment shoutouts. For today’s video we are doing a part 2
of a list you guys really enjoyed; we are talking all about curses. Now, a curse is something that some people
believe in and some people don’t. Some things people will see as a weird coincidence
while others will believe it’s no coincidence at all. You guys decide your own feelings about today’s
list; I’m not here to judge. To each their own! Let’s jump into today’s list of Top 10
Actors Who Were Cursed After A Movie Role – Part 2. 10. Starting off the list at number 10 is Jim
Caviezel; the incredibly talented actor took on the difficult role as Jesus in The Passion
of The Christ. It’s just common sense to know that it takes
a certain amount of strength, talent, and skill to commit to a character like this and
bring it to life. In 2004, Mel Gibson’s retelling of the story
caused a lot of controversy upon the movie’s release. Some were based on religious views and beliefs,
while others were more concerned about the strange occurrences that happened during production. Gibson was always reporting that different
cast and crew members were experiencing different forms of miracles, but it didn’t sit well
with some when members were struck by lightning. Lighting struck the assistant director Jan
Michelini, twice, and also the actor who played Jesus himself, Jim Caviezel. Neither of them faced serious injuries but
you can’t help but feel like they got cursed in some way from this movie. The odds of being struck by lightning are
one in a million. Caviezel also sustained other injuries while
filming, and one of them left him with permanent scarring on his back, the same way Jesus would’ve
had slash scars on his. The movie itself will be interpreted differently
depending on the viewer’s religious beliefs, but generally speaking, some people believe
there’s some sort of curse going on here. 9. At number 9 is James Dean who died shortly
before the release of his movie: Rebel Without a Cause. The production of the movie ran smoothly,
and the stars James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo all became close friends while making
the movie. It was AFTER the movie came out did people
start to believe the movie had some sort of curse. The iconic actor James Dean had his career
cut short when he tragically died in 1955. The actor began to have a passion for cars
and while filming the movie he began to race in professional events. However, on September 30th, he was driving
down a California highway and slammed his car into the side of a turning vehicle. He suffered from severe injuries and was pronounced
dead on the scene. People started to believe it was because of
the movie that his car crashed since it was the thing that brought him his passion for
cars. It was also hard for people to believe a professional
racer would somehow crash his car at 85mph into another vehicle. Why the curse rumour kept spreading was because
his two costars, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo also died after the movie by tragic incidents. A pizza delivery man staved Sal to death in
an alley, and Natalie Wood died in a horrific drowning accident. Some people say it’s all just a tragic coincidence
while others believe it’s a sadistic curse. What do you guys think? 8. Swiping the number 8 spot is George Reeves;
the actor who played Superman in the 1950’s and died under mysterious circumstances. Believe it or not, there is a theory going
around called the Superman curse that apparently took place many years ago. It started with George Reeves who died tragically
after taking on the role of the hero. Police ruled his death as a suicide by gunshot,
but his fingerprints were never actually discovered on the weapon. It was on June 16th 1959 that he died between
1:30-2:00am. A number of questionable findings were reported
by investigators; not only were no fingerprints recovered from the gun, but no gunpowder residue
was even found on George’s hands. The curse was said to continue when the role
was later taken on by Christopher Reeve in the 1979 Superman movie and continued for
years after that. But in 1985, the actor suffered from a severe
injury while horse riding and it left him paralyzed from the neck down. He continued to suffer for years but didn’t
give up on his recovery or acting career. On October 10th 2004, the actor ended up passing
away after he fell into a coma from a horrible infected ulcer. People believe this Superman curse was no
coincidence, but luckily future Superman actors are still going strong. 7. Taking our number 7 spot is John Wayne who
played Genghis Khan in The Conqueror. The actor spent a long time being tormented
after the movie release because of the questionable casting that people were calling racist. After filming the movie, the actor later was
diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964, and by the year 1980, almost half of the combined
cast and crew had developed cancer and died from the disease. Research began to surface and people believed
the movie had a curse which is how a large amount of people linked to 1 movie, died. In the 1950’s nuclear testing was a common
thing and it was well known to be radioactive and potentially lethal. Which is why it’s hard to believe that the
producers of the movie would decide to shoot the movie near a nuclear testing site. The movie was filmed near the remote town
of St.George in the Utah desert, which was only a hundred miles away from the infamous
Nevada Test Site. Over the years, people involved in the movie
came forward with being diagnosed with cancer. Out of 200 people who worked on the production,
92 died of cancer, including John Wayne. At the time the movie was being filmed, the
filming site was determined to be safe, which is why believe there’s something more to
this tragic story. 6. In at number 6 is Ellen Burstyn who took on
the role as Chris McNeil in the iconic horror movie: The Exorcist. She has starred in many iconic movies throughout
her long career, but none of them haunted her the way this one did. The Exorcist curse has been talked about on
many occasions, linking the movie to people’s deaths and other paranormal incidents. Ellen actually suffered from a horrible spine
injury while filming one of the scenes and people believe the curse has something to
do with it. In the movie she plays the mother of a child
who becomes possessed, and at one point, the possessed daughter pushes her to the floor. During one take she was knocked to the floor
so hard they she injured her back and smashed her head on the floor; the scream you hear
in the movie was actually her genuine reaction. She was being pulled to the floor by a wire
that was controlled by one of the crew members. The actress spoke about it on HuffPost Live
and said when the director told her to do the take again she told him she got hurt and
that she can’t be pulled down that hard. He told her that it has to look real but that
he told the crew member to not pull so hard. She said: But then I’m not sure that he
didn’t cancel that behind my back because the guy smashed me to the floor”. She ended up permanently injuring her spine
from the scene and other members of the crew say that she wasn’t pulled down hard by
the crew member. They believe that a demon force is actually
what threw her to the ground with that much force since they were experiencing other paranormal
things on set. She had to continue living with her injury
and still suffers from it to this day. 5. Half way through at number 5 is Richard Lawson
who played Ryan in the original movie Poltergeist. He is believed to be just another victim of
the Poltergeist curse. The actor is still alive and well, unlike
some of his other cast members who weren’t so lucky. He was affected by the suspected curse in
1992 when he boarded flight 405 that was headed to Cleveland. It was reported that many passengers on the
flight were feeling uneasy beforehand, almost like they knew something bad was going to
happen. The actor himself was one of those people
and he was bumped up to first class after a flight attendant recognized him. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed into
a bay due to a failed takeoff. The plane had a total of 51 people who were
trapped in their seats, and 27 of those people died, including someone who was assigned in
his original seat. The actor survived and if he hadn’t been
bumped up to first class last minute, he wouldn’t be. People believe that the curse got a hold of
his flight, but it must have been something more powerful that got him that seat change
am I right? That’s crazy. 4. Okay guys, we are coming into number 4 with
John Belushi. This one is a weird situation if you ask me. This actor was just the first person to be
killed after only ACCEPTING a role; it is believed that everyone who read this script
for this specific role was hit with the deadly curse. The unreleased movie was called Atuk and it
was a comedy screenplay written about an Eskimo who goes to New York City. It was never filmed and apparently it’s
because of this so-called curse that was linked to it. It all started with the actor John Belushi
who read the script and accepted the role but died shortly after due to a drug overdose
in 1982. Some people would say, so what? But after his death, the lead role then went
to a comedian named Sam Kinison. Production had been delayed because he kept
demanding that parts of the movie be re-written, he wasn’t totally thrilled about the script. The production ended up coming to a complete
halt because of disagreements he had with the studio, United Artists. Just a few years later he died in a car crash. In 1994, the role was once again passed to
John Candy. He accepted the role not knowing that this
script had some sort of weird curse and died of a heart attack not long after. After that, the screenplay was put the rest
and buried somewhere in Hollywood. I think this story in itself could be a movie;
a haunted script that kills every actor who reads it? That could actually be a movie; someone write
me the script! 3. Alright guys, at number 3 is Jack MacGowran;
one of the actors who is believed to have died because of the famous Exorcist curse. The actor played Burke Dennings in the movie
and when the movie was in post-production, he died from a heart attack related to a case
of the flu. People believe that everyone who died or was
affected by this movie was because of some sadistic curse. What was so strange about Jacks death was
that his co-star Vasiliki Maliaros also died while the film was in post-production, and
BOTH of their characters died in the film as well. Neither of them made it to see the final product
of the movie which made people feel that these deaths were eerie. They acted in the movie in which their characters
were killed by a sadistic curse, but then died shortly after filming from the same curse. It’s like the movie represented what was
about to happen, like a final destination theory or something. 2. At number 2 is Brandon Lee; the actor’s
death was a freak accident and caused a lot of controversy because people believe the
actor was cursed while filming the movie The Crow. The movie is about a musician named Eric,
who Brandon Lee played, and his fiancée who are brutally murdered the night before their
wedding by members of a violent gang. The actor had almost completed filming and
only had 3 days left to shoot. He was shooting a scene in which several thugs
shoot at his character, but instead, the actor was really shot and killed. Apparently what happened was, because production
had time constraints, the prop crew members used real bullets with the powder charges
removed, rather than dummy bullets. On one gun, the live primer (which is the
charge that ignites the powder of the bullet), fired off one bullet which lodged it in the
barrel of the gun. Then, during another take, an actor fired
blank rounds in the gun which sent the bullet flying into Lee’s abdomen. 6 hours later, the actor had died because
of the wound. The rumours of the actor being cursed began
to circulate because the accident was almost too spooky to be true. His character in the movie dies at gunpoint
by a gang, and that’s exactly what happened to him while filming that scene. How wild is that? 1. Taking our number 1 spot is Heather O’Rourke;
another actor who was alleged to be taken by The Poltergeist curse. She was only 12 years old when she passed
away and it was while filming the series that she suffered from a mysterious illness. Sadly, the third movie was the last one that
she made. Months before filming began; doctors misdiagnosed
her with Crohn’s disease. She was prescribed a steroid to treat the
disease during the time she was filming Poltergeist 3. But On January 31, 1988, Heather collapsed
and was rushed to the hospital, where they found a bowel obstruction. During the attempt to surgically remove the
blockage, she went into septic shock and suffered cardiac arrest. Her death was only months before the release
of the 3rd movie which was the final chapter in the original series. A few of her costars also passed away after
filming which is what had people believing there’s no way her mysterious death wasn’t
because of the so-called curse. Okay guys, that’s enough curse and death
for me. Let me know what you think of the part 2 list
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