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Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies


  1. { X Ė ñ ç h å ń ț X } Author

    I watched princess Mononoke and spirited away as a small child and they have a really special place in my heart! I absolutely agree with your list tho! There is one anime that I don’t know the name of but it was where there were a bunch of kids at a random abandoned school in the middle of the forest, one part I remember specially was one girl had a stuffed animal taken away and late at night she tried to get it back, it might have been just dream but I remember really well

  2. Stellaluna Star Author

    I love Nausicaa and Mononoke best
    Then comes Kiki, and castle in the sky. I love the part where he goes to catch sheeta, almost falls and makes a crazy sound.

  3. Tim Andre Manzanilla Author

    I’ve actually watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service and I hope to watch those other movies

  4. Master in Otakulogy Author

    Trivia :Grave of the fireflies and Totoro released at same time. It was said while audience were depressed by former, the second filled them with happiness leading to repeated watching. GOTF fireflies bombed at box -office but totoro was a massive hit.

  5. BrassWhale Author

    When Marnie was There is definitely one of the best to come out of the studio, the storyline is beautiful and heartwrenching, the animation and art is beautiful, and the characters are memorable, endearing, and complex.

  6. Jojo Andrew Puerto Author

    I just watched Grave of the Fireflies earlier and last night and came here for some suggestions. Grave of the Fireflies is truly a masterpiece, it will break your heart into pieces and you're not human if you won't cry watching this film. From now on, I'll forever appreciate anime films ❤

  7. I don't finish senten Author

    Wow I guess that must mean I have such bad taste:
    I personally found these three to be my top favorite Ghibli movies
    1) Whisper of the Heart
    2) Ocean Waves
    3) Porco Rosso

  8. 09 RoЯ Author

    I’m Japanese and agree with this ranking
    Sprinted Away is not an equivalent of Japanese real title…so its a little bit wired
    But among youngsters in Japan it is a legendary film
    Every time it is broadcasted on tv, everybody talks about it on SNS

  9. Misty Mane Author

    anyone know how to watch these without going to an event and buying the dvds there? I'm happy to rent online or something but cant find where they are

  10. JD Tolipas Author

    Somehow, I am scared to watch all of their gret movies cause some of it really will drive you satisfyingly heartbroken after. And its kind of scary and excited at the sam time

  11. BrutallyHonest Author

    Spirited Away is a classic. I can never get bored of watching it. ❤️ Ponyo, From up on the poppy hill and Arietty is good too.

  12. owo Author

    Studio Ghibli has always been my top favourite studio! I wasn’t even the type that enjoys movies but once my dad showed me a movie called “Totoro” I LEGIT fell in LOVE. And that’s when I started to love Japanese films and movies. Even if it’s not studio Ghibli’s movies, I think all Japanese movies are great! PLUS JAPAN CREATED ANIME!! xD!!!!


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