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Top 10 Chameleonic Actors and Actresses


  1. VBJ Author

    "I have a competition in me …I want no to succeed" – Daniel. BUT ME – VBJ/HV ( Yup…love that, it has ME written all over it. But in the Joker's style.)

  2. PrinceTrexus Author

    Christian Bale was ripped in American Psycho, then deathly skinny in The Machinist, but then after that he became really bulky for Batman Begins. Then he lost a ton of weight for The Fighter and never got back to where he was at Batman Begins, which is why Bale looks significantly thinner in Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises than he did in Batman Begins

  3. zubin rafi Author

    Buddy. You can include much better actors and actresses out of Hollywood. For eg amir khan from Bollywood. Else you would have mentioned " best chameleon actors and actresses in Hollywood"

  4. Psycho Logical Author

    I enjoy Oldman but many of his performances have similarities and his character's are 2D, they don't have the depth that Bale and D.D. Lewis bring.

  5. Tommy Lees Author

    What about Sasha Baron Cohan? He literally tricked everyone into believing he was another character in Bruno two years after Borat, one of the most talked about films had come out with only a bit of make up. His performance sold it.

  6. Jesu Sode Author

    Cate Blanchett made it into the list and was even into the top rank. So proud of her. I'm a new fan. Especially when she take the role as Hela from Thor

  7. Minerva McGonagall Author

    Now, if moi Mary Louise Streep( Meryl Streep) hasn’t made on this list, I might have to add $10000000000 to the swear jar. And you know that’s true.

  8. Tallulah Lawksley Author

    For once I agree with the #1 on one of these lists. I also agree with lots of the comments that Christian Bale should have been higher. I am very surprised that there wasn't at least an honourable mention for Brad Pitt – Kalifornia, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Snatch, Se7en, Legends of the Fall, Benjamin Button, Inglourious Basterds, Interview With a Vampire, Moneyball, True Romance, Babel, A River Runs Through It etc etc. All of these films were out when this video was made, so if they're not being a chameleon like, I don't know what is.

  9. Elsa Fridl Author

    Robert DeNiro is the original chameleon. His gaining weight for Raging Bull made the news. Unbelievable he isn't #1, much less not even on the list.

  10. Jason Vickery Author

    Tilda Swinton for sure should be on this list and Charlize Theron deserved more than an honorable mention. Also, I've seen a lot of people glorifying DiCaprio. I'm sorry, but his accent and performance in Gangs of New York was laughable compared with Day-Lewis. If they made a list "Top 10 Actors Whose Performance Has Improved The Most Over The Years", I'd nominate Leo in a heartbeat, but I still wouldn't compare him with Gary Oldman or Anthony Hopkins

  11. Sheenu Gupta Author

    Honestly….I looked at Gary oldman "I know I'm pretty" and I didn't recognize him there. Then I saw dark Knight reference and I go "oh this guy!!" And when they show Sirius black I go "WTF!!!??!!!!! It's this guy?!!!

  12. Henry Yarbrough Author

    Ok, I’ve seen Ghandi (movie) during school, I would never watch it back to back with another movie with the actor. I didn’t hate it tho

  13. Erik Thompson Author

    Sorry, they missed the mark completely. The man who really was the most chameleonic actor ever was not even a runner-up on this list. Namely the late great sir Alec Guinness. They didn't call him "the man of a 1000 faces" for nothing.

  14. Carolina Cacace Author

    I think johnny depp must be in number 1. I agree that gary oldman is an incredible actor, however if we think about changing roles, johnny depp is the number 1 for sure

  15. Stephy The Bride Author

    One question:is there a possibility for a Top 10 Actors and Actresses Who Always Manage To Play Different Characters in The Movies They Star In?

  16. Jonelle Jones Author

    Where’s Benedict Cumberbatch? The man can go from consulting detective, to homocidal, to sweet and innocent, etc., in a heartbeat, completely immersing himself in his characters, without breaking a sweat—and make it look effortless in the process! THAT’S how good he is!

  17. Sam Kresil Author

    Mike Myers,
    Tom Hardy,

    Tim Curry,

    Ralph Fiennes,

    Helena Bonham Carter,

    Rhys Ifans,

    Bill Nighy,

    Jared Leto,

    Robin Williams,

    Eric Bana,

    Nicholas Cage,

    Michael Keaton,

    Alan Rickman,

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    and Tom Cruise.

  18. KIRAMH1023 Author

    Why did you randomly toss in a scene with Al Pacino? He’s a great actor, but he’s the opposite of chameleon-like. Every role he plays is an exaggerated or understated Michael Corleone.

  19. Emma Thomas Author

    Without even watching I knew Oldman would be number 1. Even when he looks similar in different roles (Rosencrantz and Jackie Flannery), he still disappears because he becomes another person. I love Cate Blanchette, she has sort of a blank slate face, but I would have switched her with Day-Lewis. I'm biased though, There Will Be Blood is one of my favourite movies. I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!

  20. Karen Eastman Author

    RIP,Philip Seymour Hoffman.:-(:-(:-)I love Edward Norton films And Christian Bale films.Meryl was kis great in Sophie's Choice and Mama Mia.:-):-DEspecially The Deer Hunter.I love 10 Things I Hate About You,The Dark Knight and many other Heath Ledger movies.RIP,Heath Ledger. Gary Oldman is very talented and kind.:-):-D

  21. Destructor Author

    Ok now Christian Bale at least top 5 and really Heath Ledger as a honorable mention! He is the best, he died from method acting

  22. NIK DA GREEK Author

    1:00 in and this list is fucked up Christian Bale should be one true he may overact at times but the reason hes one of the best is his ability to morph into whatever the hell you want

  23. Lastly More Author

    Seems a lot of people are complaining about who's not in the list. You got to remember it's only limited to 10 options. You got to take someone out to put someone in. I think it's a good list considering but I wouldn't have Blanchett in #2. I think DDL deserves that spot.

  24. Katie von Gremp Author

    Before I watched this, the actor who came to mind was Chris Cooper. When I checked out his imdb page several yrs ago, I was shocked to see the different roles he had played.

  25. MrLyvik Author

    I hear you about Helena Bonham Carter and so on, but Dough Jones should have been top 5 and he wasn't even on the list. Talk about a chameleon. Didn't even get the honorable mention.


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