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Top 10 Child Actors You Wont Believe What They Look Like Today – Part 3

It’s genuinely shocking how many actors
began as child stars, or how many child stars fizzled out and now work joe jobs. It’s easy to believe that once you’re
in, you’re in, but that’s not always the case. So today on Top 10 Beyond The Screen, I’m
going to be counting down our list of the Top 10 Child Actors You Won’t Believe What
They Look Like Today – Part 3. Let’s jump in. 10 Jodie Foster – The Doris Day Show 
Jodie Foster is a legendary hollywood actress, who has received two Academy Awards throughout
her career. She is best known for starring in films such
as The Silence of the Lambs, Nell, Panic Room, Inside Man, and The Beaver. However, prior to all of these movies, Jodie
started out as a child actor, way back in the 1970’s, when she appeared in Tom Sawyer. Napoleon and Samantha, Taxi Driver, and Freaky
Friday. Outside of film, Jodie has had quite the personal
life, some parts quite terrifying. During her freshman year at Yale in 1980-81,
Foster was stalked by John W. Hinckley Jr. who had developed an obsession with the actress
after seeing her in Taxi Driver. He moved to New Haven and tried to contact
her, both through phone and letters. On March 30th, 1981, Hinckley attempted to
assassinate US President Ronald Reagan, wounding him and three other people. This of course put Foster in the public eye,
forcing her to be accompanied by bodyguards while walking around campus. The incident was incredibly difficult for
Foster who rarely comments on it, but she did write an essay titled “Why Me?” which
was published in 1982 by Esquire magazine on the condition that there be no cover lines,
no publicity and no photos. As it stands, Foster has transitioned into
Directing. Directing episodes of Orange Is the New Black,
House of Cards, and Black Mirror. 9 Jake Lloyd – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Jake Lloyd, also known as Jake Broadbent, is a former child actor famous for appearing
in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace as young Anakin Skywalker back in 1999. Lloyd received the Young Artist Award for
Best Supporting Actor following the release, however, his performance was heavily criticized
and was also nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor. Lloyd ultimately retired from acting back
in 2001 due to bullying at school. As a result of this, he decided to no longer
keep his Star Wars memorabilia. Back in 2012, the former child star announced
that he was directing a documentary highlighting the Tibetan refugees in India, who are attempting
to escape persecution by the Chinese government. However, on June 17th, 2015, Lloyd was arrested
in South Carolina under the name Jake Broadbent for reckless driving, driving without a license,
and resisting arrest. He was forced to serve 10 months in jail,
after which time he was transferred from jail to a psychiatric facility after being diagnosed
with schizophrenia. 8 Austin St. John – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Born Jason Geiger but professionally known as Austin St. John, is an actor best known
for playing Jason Lee Scott, aka the Red Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which
debuted back in 1993. Now, although the series was hugely successful
and garnered the actor international recognition, the long hours, and low pay presented challenges
for him, resulting in himself and a few others actors leaving the show during its second
season. However, he did go on to reprise his role
several times over, in an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, and in the Power Rangers
special The Lost Episode. It has also been announced that St. John will
reprise the role in a special team-up episode for season 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers
in 2020. However, outside of acting, St. John began
as a martial artist, holding a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and a first-degree
black belt in Judo. Additionally, he published a book on the subject,
titled, Karate Warrior: A Beginner’s Guide to Martial Arts, which was released back in
1996. Looks wise, St. John looks a whole lot different
than he did when he was a Power Ranger, filling out, and losing hair, but still, the resemblance
is there. 7 Jason David Frank – Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Jason David Frank is an actor and professional
mixed martial artist primarily known as playing Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers franchise
alongside our previous number. Frank was an iconic green ranger, appearing
for three season in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, before transitioning into Power Rangers Zeo. He also expressed a lot of interest in developing
a Green Ranger solo series or feature film after an encounter with Stan Lee at a comic
book convention. Outside of acting though, Frank is an MMA
fighter, announcing on August 21st, 2009 that he would be signing with SuckerPunch Entertainment,
a sports marketing and management company specializing in MMA. Now, whether he has plans to ever return to
the world of Power Rangers is unconfirmed, but here’s hoping. But considering the actor is now covered completely
in tattoos and looks a whole lot different than his former Green Ranger, I’m going
to go with no. 6 Melissa Joan Hart 
Melissa Joan Hart hit the big leagues when she landed the titular role on the sitcom
Clarissa Explains It All from 1991 to 1994, before going on to star as Sabrina in Sabrina
the Teenage Witch, another hugely successful show which ran from 1996 to 2003. However, after Sabrina ended, her career opportunities
began to dwindle. The actress directed her first movie, a 15-minute
live action short film called Mute, starring her sister Emily. Before going on to guest star on an episode
of Law and Order: SVU back in 2007. In 2009, she competed in season nine of Dancing
with the Stars before going on to star in a horror thriller film entitled Nine Dead. Now, Hart does still appear on screen, but
in nothing of merit sadly, with Sabrina being the last successful role the actress had. Well, aside from the tv series Melissa and
Joey, but that show was trash and you know it. The actress looks exactly the same as she
did in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, except older. That’s it. 5 Ross Hull – Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ross Hull first appeared on our screens back
in 1987, when he began his acting career with the film Nowhere to Hide before landing the
lead role of Gary, the creator of the Midnight Society in Are You Afraid of the Dark, a series
which ran from 1990 to 1996, with a second run from 1999 to 2000. He went on to appear in a handful of works,
such as Ready or Not, and the iconic Canadian series Student Bodies, however, Hull took
a different career path later down the line. In January 2005, Hull became a weather personality
on Canada’s The Weather Network after graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree
in Meteorology, and a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University in
Toronto. In early 2013, Hull appeared as the weather
anchor for CBC Ottawa and CBC News Network, before subsequently becoming the weather anchor
for CBC Toronto. As it stands, Hull is a meteorologist working
in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and New Brunswick. Looks wise, you definitely wouldn’t recognize
the former child star delivering you your morning weather update, that’s for sure. 4 Jake T. Austin – Wizards of Waverly Place
Jake T Austin is a former child actor famous for starring alongside Selena Gomez in Wizards
of Waverly Place, and as the voice of Diego in Go, Diego, Go!. Austin then went on to
portray Jesus Foster on the ABC Family The Fosters up until 2015. However, as it stands, Austin hasn’t appeared
in much of anything, with his last appearances coming in 2017 in Justice League Action, and
prior to that he was on Dancing with the Stars. However, in October 2018, it was announced
that Austin would be joining the cast of Adverse, a neo-noir thriller starring Mickey Rourke
which is slated to hit theatres this year. Considering it seemed as though the actor
was on the outs in Hollywood, this is great news for the young star who seems to be distancing
himself from his former disney roots. 3 Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine 
Abigail Breslin first appeared on our screens when she was just three years old in Signs
back in 2002, before going on to star in films such as Raising Helen, Little Miss Sunshine,
No Reservations, Nim’s Island, Definitely, Maybe, and My Sister’s Keeper. At just 10 years old, Breslin was one of the
youngest actors ever to be nominated for an Academy Award, a recognition she received
for Little Miss Sunshine. In 2017, Breslin went on to star in the remake
of Dirty Dancing, a beloved classic that is incredibly hard to top. And, of course, the remake was panned as unnecessary. Since then, she hasn’t appeared in anything
much, but will be reprising her role as Little Rock in Zombieland: Double Tap this year. If you look at her in Little Miss Sunshine,
and look at her now, you wouldn’t believe they were the same people. 2 Dakota Fanning 
Born Hannah Dakota Fanning, this actress is most popular for appearing in films such as
Uptown Girls, The Cat in the Hat, Man on Fire, War of the Worlds and Charlotte’s Web. As the child star got older though, she began
to transition into more mature roles, starring in The Secret Life of Bees, Coraline, The
Runaways and of course The Twilight Saga. However, outside of acting, Fanning attended
the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where she majored
in women’s studies, with a focus on the portrayal of women in film and culture. However, she is now back in the world of film,
recently appearing in Ocean’s 8, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Now is Good. The actress looks almost identical to her
younger self, just more mature and with more teeth. 1 Joshua Jackson – The Mighty Ducks 
Joshua Jackson rose to fame when he starred as Charlie Conway alongside Emilio Estevez
in The Mighty Ducks all the way back in 1992, where he played a young and aspiring hockey
player. Following the franchises success Jackson went
on to star as Pacey Witter on Daweson’ Creek from 1998-2003, and while the show was on
hiatus, he appeared in several movies including Cruel Intentions, The Skulls, The Laramie
Project and Ocean’s Eleven. The actor is a rare breed, and unlike a lot
of child stars, continued to find success with each new role. Between 2014 and 2018, Jackson was appearing
in Showtime’s The Affair as Cole Lockhart, and has made a handful of cameo appearances
in shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and When They See Us. The star is still going strong in TV, but
doesn’t seem to be doing much on the film front — looks wise, you likely wouldn’t
realize Jackson was the Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks unless you did you research. To be honest, that’s still his greatest
role. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any child actors that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do a part 4! If you haven’t already, be sure to give
this video a big thumbs up, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss another
Beyond the Screen vid. And until next time, see ya later!


  1. Treezus Price Author

    I was literally think what Abigail looked like now after watching “little miss sunshine” a couple days ago, you guys are kind readers! Great vid and Lucy you’re fabulous queen !

  2. mick mills Author

    Ok now you have to explain the story behind that shirt you wear it alot and it looks like it should have been trashed a long time ago. So there has to be an emotional reason or something so come on spill we all want to know. Ok maybe not all but I do lol.


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