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Top 10 FINAL Pictures Before Death

Top 10 FINAL Picture Before Death
Its always a really sad time when people pass away. There are millions of people who impact the
world for the better, a lot of these people also help change and mold the world into what
it is today. Well lets take a look back at the final moments
the final memories of some celebrities I have on this list. This is the top 10 final pictures before death. Also just wanted to quickly thanks the
for a lot of this information and for the pictures. Starting off with a really sad one. At number 10 we have Steve Irwin. Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter was an
australin zookeeper, conservationist and television personality. Irwin became a world wide sensation after
his tv serious became very popular. His show was titled the crocodile hunter which
is very suited for him. Well this is irwins last picture ever. He was posing with Marine biologist Chris
Jones on his boat. Irwin died two days after this picture on
September 4, 2006 which is so crazy when you think about his death was around 11 yrs ago. Irwin passed away doing what he loves doing
but he was killed after a stingray poisoned him and pierced his heart. Next up at number 9, we have James Dean who
was an American actor. He became the first actor to receive a posthumous
Academy award nomination for best actor, and he is still the only actor to have two of
those awards. The Hollywood actor passed away on September
30, 1955 and this is the last ever picture of him. James Dean was traveling to a sports car racing
competition when his car crashed at the Junction of California State Route 46 and California
State Route 41. He was only 24 yrs old when he passed away. Alright number 8. Is Robin Williams the famous actor who shares
the same name as my dad. This guy has really been my roll model growing
up. Robin Williams was a very funny American standup
comedian and actor. He has been credited for 105 movie roles as
an actor and everyone single one of them seems to be hit movies. Well Robin Williams last picture was this
one he is seen here with his monkey Crystal just days before he took his own life. Robin Williams has been suffering from depression
for a very long time. He passed away at the age of 63 yrs old and
I am still trying to get over his deal it was a huge shock to me and to millions of
other people he inspired. Moving into number 7 we have, Gandhi. Here was his last ever picture. This picture was taken back in 1948 just before
he was shot 3 times in the chest. In this picture you can see Gandhi was confronted
by his assassin, Nathuram Godse. Gandhi has become one of the most recognizable
iconic figures in history after be became an indian nationalist leader. Gandhi was actually an indian lawyer who became
the primary leader of India’s independence movement. He changed the world especially for India. He put them on the map. Gandhi had been nominated
for many awards like the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times, although he is no longer with us
his legacy will always life on. Number 6 we have Hitler. Now this is a guy who I really don’t care
about but here was his last picture ever recorded. Hitler is seen here shaking the hand of a
young soldier. Hitler was a German politician who was the
leader of the Nazi Party who was set out to kill as many jewish people as possible. Up to 6 million jews were killed because of
this man he convinced a whole nation that Jews didn’t deserve to live. Hitler after surveying bomb damage in Berlin
actually shot himself to death two days after this picture to avoid being captures because
I am sure he would have been tortured. Number 5. We have Albert Einstein who was a Germany
born Theoretical physicist. He developed the theory of relativity, one
of the two pillars of modern physics alongside quantum mechanics. Einstein’s work has influenced the philosophy
of science this man single handedly changed the world. Here is his last picture ever. This picture was taken back in 1955. 7 yrs after Gandhi past away. Einstein passed away after an abdominal aortic
aneurysm caused severe internal bleeding. Albert Einstein will always be known as one
of the greatest minds of all time. We have, Jimi Hendrix at number 4. This was his last picture ever. This was taken on Sept 17 1970 by Monika Danneman
who was Jimi’s girlfriend. The picture was taken in the garden behind
her apartment back in sept 18 1970. Jimi Hendrix was an American rock guitarist,singer
and song writer. He is regarded as one of the most influential
electric guitarist in the history of popular music. He is in the rock and roll hall of fame for
a million different reasons. Jimi died at the age of 27 yrs old. He had very poor health some of that was due
to fatigue caused by overworking, a chronic lack of sleep and an illness assumed to be
influenza- related. Moving into number 3, we Amy Winehouse, Amy
Winehouse was last seen in a picture walking near her home in London. This picture was taken on July 12 2011 just
a day before her death. Amy died from alcohol overdose. Amy Winehouse passed away at just 27 yrs old
she was an English siner and song writer who has been known for her deep, expressive vocals. She has left behind quite a legacy of accomplishment
I know I’ve seen her in Madame Tussauds and she was in the british hall of fame. Now at number 2 we have John Lennon. John Lennon doesn’t really an explanation
to who he was but just in case there is someone who doesn’t know who this legend, this icon,
this amazing role model is, well he was a singer-songwriter and activist who was apart
of the Beatles, which went on to become one of the most iconic bands of all time. Well John Lennon’s last picture was this
one where he was seen signing an autohraph for Mark David Chapman. For those who don’t know who Mark David
Chapman is, he was actually the guy who shot dead John Lennon. So John’s last every picture was him signing
an autograph to his killer. John was shot 4 times, he was rushed in a
police cruiser to the emergency room nearby but he was pronounced dead on arrival. What a very sad day for beatle fans. Mark Chapman was 25 yrs old when he killed
John Lennon and so far he has served, 37 yrs behind bars. Finally at number 1, we have Steve Jobs. There wasn’t really a particular reason
why I left Steve Jobs last, everyone on this list was very impactful in peoples lives. Steve Jobs death really came as a shock and
people didn’t really realize that Steve Jobs was really sick. So looking at his last ever picture is actually
really hard but here it is. Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 due to complications
from pancreatic cancer. Just look how frail Steve Jobs was it literally
gives shivers down my back. It looks like the guy who has done so much
for us can’t even walk on his own, his legs have no muscle on it and his arms are just
frail. I think Steve Jobs has really changed the
world, think about it what device are you guys watching this youtube video on, is it
an iPhone? Well without him there would be no iphone. If you never had an iPhone well what about
an iPod that was Steve Jobs. Or a mac computer. Pretty sure everyone had a mac computer in
there school when you were young if you guys are around my age. I grew up with this guy it felt like. Well there you guys have it. Well there you guys have it. Thanks so much for watching this video I will
see you guys all very soon.


  1. Gabe The Great Author

    What a crappie video. You use Michael Jackson. MICHAEL JACKSON!!! As a way to get people's attention, but when they watch the video, there is no Michael Jackson! What a low life. Using a famous person to get more popularity without respecting that famous person at all.

  2. Jenelco X Author

    Watches this on android
    Has a custom build pc
    In 1st school had android tablets
    In 2nd school had Microsoft pc's
    So, nope Steve has not impacted me in any way.

  3. Kevin Gibbs Author

    Robin Williams didn't commit suicide due to depression. He had Lewy Body disease, basically dementia. The day before he hung himself he took his family around the world to several locations in order to spend time with them. He knew he wasn't going to improve & didn't want to suffer.

  4. Alina Mia Chaaba Jacobs Author

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