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10 Notoriously Haunted
Hollywood Landmarks 10. The Hollywood Sign Is there a more iconic symbol of Tinseltown
than the Hollywood sign? The landmark is instantly recognizable to people across the world, but
they might not be aware of its spooky reputation. Access to the sign is forbidden and has been
for many years, but that hasn’t stopped some people from trying their luck on the
rugged hike to the top of the hill. The site is reportedly a hotspot for paranormal
activity which many commentators link to the death of a struggling young actress named
Peg Entwistle. Peg committed suicide at the sign in 1932 by throwing herself off the letter
H. Now that’s not an event that Sesame Street is likely to reference any time soon. There
have been numerous reports of a blonde woman dressed in 1930s-style clothing who appears
to glide around the surrounding trails in Griffith Park in a daze, she is often accompanied
by the strong scent of gardenias, which just happened to be Peg’s favorite fragrance. 9. The Comedy Store The Comedy Store is famous as a showcase for
emerging new talent and has hosted many actors including Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Jim
Carrey and Michael Keaton, but above all, it is known as one of the most haunted buildings
in Los Angeles. Located on Sunset Strip, in the seedier part of town, it used to be Hollywood
hot spot Ciro’s from 1940 onwards. Gangster Mickey Cohen, who was the infamous “King
of the Sunset Strip,” used the club’s basement as a place to carry out mob business.
Not only did Cohen beat his victims to a pulp and kill them, but some say he also buried
them under the concrete floor. Others claim that illegal abortions took place, serving
the club’s dance girls and the prostitutes from the brothel next door. The Comedy Store is allegedly haunted by at
least five ghosts which have manifested themselves by moving chairs, messing with the lights
or even appearing to startled employees or patrons. In keeping with the spirit (cheesy
pun intended) of the place, most of the ghosts are pranksters and sometimes hecklers. However,
something distinctly malevolent lurks in the basement and has been heard growling and seen
manifesting as a huge dark mass, and that just isn’t funny. 8. The Roosevelt Hotel Hotels are often the preferred hangouts for
dead celebrities, with the most infamous being the Roosevelt Hotel. The Roosevelt opened
in 1927 and has a long history of catering to the glitterati, cementing its luxurious
reputation with the first ever Academy Awards in 1929. Apparently Marilyn Monroe, Errol
Flynn and Montgomery Clift felt so at home here they decided to stick around in the afterlife.
The hotel hosts weird paranormal occurrences such as orbs, strange noises, cold spots and
manifestations of unknown spirits. If you want a quiet night, don’t book room 928
as Clift’s ghost allegedly haunts it and paces around the ninth-floor corridors playing
a trumpet or practicing lines. Marilyn Monroe lived in Suite 246 for a few
years during her rise to fame and she has been spotted there and around the pool where
her first photo shoot took place. Her image is also said to appear in a full-length mirror
which has since been removed from the room, but that hasn’t stopped witnesses seeing
her reflection in it. Other sightings have been witnessed including actress Carole Lombard,
wife of Clark Gable, who has been spotted on the 12th floor where she and Gable often
stayed. Bizarrely, their suite gives off a strong sexual energy, but presumably that’s
not based on scientific fact. 7. The Knickerbocker Hotel Marilyn Monroe really gets around. Her apparition
frequently appeared at other Hollywood locations including the Knickerbocker Hotel’s women’s
restroom. She was a regular guest in the bar and honeymooned there with Joe DiMaggio in
1954. These days the building is far less glamorous, having been downgraded to an apartment
block for senior citizens. It really doesn’t look the part of a showbiz
hotel, but in it’s day it was the site of some of Tinseltown’s most dramatic offscreen
moments, such as the unrelated deaths of actor William Frawley, director D.W. Griffith and
a costume designer who jumped out of one of the windows in 1962. The Knickerbocker is
also home to all sorts of weird paranormal activity with alleged sightings of Rudolph
Valentino, who used to enjoy dancing the tango in its saloon. It hosted a decade of unsuccessful
seances by Harry Houdini’s wife on the Halloween anniversary of his death, which still continue
to this day at different locations. 6. Hollywood Forever Cemetery It’s a bit mind-bending that ghosts would
ever want to hang around a cemetery, but the Hollywood Forever Cemetery clearly has a hold
over them. Founded in 1899, it was the final resting place for loads of celebrities such
as Douglas Fairbanks, Jayne Mansfield, and James Garner, and it’s probably the most
accessible haunted location in Hollywood. Some visitors claim they’ve seen a ghostly
woman in black kneeling in front of Rudolph Valentino’s tomb, others have seen a rose
suddenly appear in the vase on the wall. Some have heard footsteps when no one was there,
while others have the feeling they’re being watched. Paramount Studios is located next
to the cemetery, so it seems inevitable that some spooky stories have also come out the
Paramount buildings too. 5. Laurel Canyon Boulevard Harry Houdini could seemingly escape any situation…except
his ties to the earthly plane. As enigmatic in life as he is in death, it’s unclear
whether Houdini even owned the Laurel Canyon Boulevard mansion he allegedly haunts or if
it just belonged to friend and he enjoyed spending time there. After her husband’s
untimely death, Mrs. Houdini felt compelled to move into a smaller property on the estate
and not content with her yearly seances at the Knickerbocker Hotel (see #7), she held
weekly seances at her new pad in an attempt to communicate with him. Some believe she
may have brought Houdini’s spirit back to the area as his ghost has been seen roaming
around the ruins of the old mansion, which burned down in 1959 long after his death. On the subject of mansions, another haunted
building on the same street has similar supernatural activity and the stories are sometimes blended
together. Known simply as “The Mansion”, the building which is used as a recording
studio for bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park has been haunted since
1918 when the a man pushed his lover off a balcony. The usual suspects of orbs, apparitions
and doors opening and slamming have been experienced but with varying opinions of how benevolent
the spirits’ intentions might be. 4. The Chateau Marmont Hotel The Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood resembles
a French castle and is famed for its wild parties and endless list of celebrity patrons.
Maybe The Eagles were right when they sang about it in their song Hotel California: “You
can check out but you can never leave.” There are definitely a few ghosts who really
don’t want to leave, including one that apparently climbs into bed with guests. Guests
and staff have also reported furniture moving, voices, noises and feelings of being watched
when no one was there. One resident who permanently checked out of
the Chateau Marmont, but never really left, is comedian John Belushi, who died of a drugs
overdose in Bungalow 3 in 1982. A young toddler reportedly told his mother he couldn’t sleep
because the “funny man” was keeping him awake, and she would frequently hear her son
laughing and talking to someone in his room. A few years later as they were flicking through
pictures in a book, the boy excitedly pointed out John Belushi and recognized him as the
“funny man.” It’s nice, if not a little freaky, to know he hasn’t lost any of his
comedy magic. 3. Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon 10050 Cielo Drive is an infamous address for
morbid tourism because it is where Sharon Tate and three of her friends were murdered
by the Manson Family. The writer/producer David Oman moved into a house down the road
and he and other witnesses have experienced a number of strange occurrences there including
a full body apparition that resembled victim Jay Sebring. It’s interesting to note that
the landlord Rudolph Altobelli moved back into the actual property only three weeks
after the gruesome murders and said he felt “safe, secure, loved, and beauty.” The original house was torn down in 1994 and
a new property built in its place, so it’s unclear if the spirits just enjoy wandering
down the road or have found someone more open to them. One thing’s for sure, the whole
area is pretty creepy with a reputation for murders and suicides. Another famous example
is the mystery of the original Superman, George Reeves’ (no relation to Christopher Reeve)
death, less than a mile away in the same area of Benedict Canyon. The smell of gunpowder
apparently accompanies his presence as he move things around, flickers the lights on
and off, and occasionally appears at the foot of the bed kitted out in his Superman spandex. 2. The Cecil Hotel (Stay on Main) Though this hotel is actually in downtown
L.A., it can’t be left off the list because it has arguably the creepiest history of any
place in the area. In what seems like a desperate bid to rebrand its image, the The Cecil Hotel
has been renamed Stay on Main, but that doesn’t detract from its sinister and morbid past.
Built in 1927, it started well enough but then got upstaged by the more glamorous hotels
being built in Hollywood and quickly fell into disrepute as a place for transients to
stay. By the 1960s it was known as a murder and suicide hotspot, and it became the place
where serial killers preferred to stay. In 1962 a woman had an argument with her husband
and threw herself out a ninth-floor window, killing a pedestrian below. Two years later
Goldie Osgood was found dead in her bed, raped, stabbed and strangled in what remains an unsolved
case. The Cecil Hotel was rumored to be the last
place where Eilzabeth “Black Dahlia” Short was seen before her gruesome murder took place.
No wonder people report spooky goings on, such as awakening at night to feel a weight
on them and a feeling of dread. While most of the creepy happenings took place decades
ago, the strangest thing to happen at the Cecil occurred in 2013 when a 21-year-old
Canadian tourist’s body was found decomposing in a water tank on the roof. Thus solving
the mystery of the strange tasting water guests had complained about. Elisa Lam’s death
was controversially ruled as accidental, but this has been debated by numerous people who
are convinced it was either murder or some kind of paranormal possession. The strange
circumstances surrounding the event and her erratic behavior captured on camera in the
elevator have ensured that conspiracy theories abound. 1. The Pantages Theater The Pantages Theater is Hollywood’s last
great Art Deco movie palace, opened in 1930 and named after Alexander Pantages, the entrepreneur
who created a collection of theaters around North America. In 1949, millionaire aviator
Howard Hughes added it to his empire and loved it so much he set up luxurious offices on
the second floor, and his soul never really left. Apparently he appears in his younger
form as a tall, lanky apparition, and even when he isn’t seen, people feel a cold rush
of air and hear lots of bumping and clicking of drawers being open and closed. The reclusive
tycoon did not appreciate a break-in where vandals damaged the upper balcony, and things
started to get much noisier and angrier in response. Hughes is not the only spook at the Pantages,
he is joined by a singing female ghost who died in the mezzanine in 1932. Although the
woman usually sings when the auditorium is empty, she’s become more confident (and
significantly louder) over the years and in 1994 her voice was recorded on a stage microphone
and the entire audience heard her sing. Another ghost helped a wardrobe lady out when the
auditorium was plunged into darkness, feeling disoriented she felt someone take her elbow
and guide her to the exit. As she opened the door and let in the light she turned to thank
her gallant helper, only to find herself completely alone — it’s been speculated that the
ghost was none other than Alexander Pantages himself.


  1. Maryam hassan Author

    Who knew we had a marylin monroe ghost in america she seeemed so lame it js shows everyone has a soul treat it properly or end up lame and a ghost

  2. Skylark Groundrunner Author

    Pantages was not at the opening of his theater. He was arrested a short while before the opening. It is how ever one of the most beautiful places you will ever walk into.

  3. Kitty Kat Author

    I saw the phantom of the Opera at the Pantages theater. I remember several times feeling cold in different areas where I was sitting in the balcony.

  4. Rhonda Davies Author

    just saw this video… you have a shot of the Leland in downtown Detroit in the part where you discuss the Cecil…am I the first to notice?

  5. Greg Jay Author

    I thought Nicole Simpson's place would have made the top 10 or at least an honorable mention, also a lot of Michael Jackson sightings at Neverland and elsewhere. I never believed in spirits wondering around until I captured one in a picture of a painting, it can be seen on my google plus page. I believe in them now.

  6. Author Andrew E. Chirico Author

    If you're into the Supernatural/Paranormal, intrigued by Haunted Towns? Spirits? Hauntings? Then you should watch my videos and subscribe! Any and all questions will be answered in order of which they came in, in future webinars! Enjoy!

  7. Toni Remer Author

    I'd love, love, love to stay in the bungalow that Marilyn stayed in. I'd love to see if I could have a conversation with her and ask her what was her reasoning for going to Mexico for close to 9 months, and see if she had either a boy or a girl. For those naysayers out there, she did have a child while married to Joe DiMaggio.

  8. lps puppy wings Author

    if you watch a haunting on destination America they were talking about a lady committing suicide which is Peg Entwistle sorry if I spelled it wrong if you're wondering Destination America is a show about the haunting so yeah

  9. CaptKundalini Author

    James Garner: Final disposition information withheld at family's request.
    Jayne Mansfield: Her cenotaph is at Hollywood Forever. She is really buried at Fairview Cemetery in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.

  10. Lenny C Author

    Anybody who thinks this Stuff is Real must be Smoking some laced Joints full of Angel Dust. Not Once in the History of this Planet has the So called Super natural Ever been Proven. Owell" think Ill go Wait for the Great Pumpkin to Arrive at the local Pumpkin Patch. Lol

  11. Dick Diamond Author

    oh crap! so I live in los angeles and years ago i decided to see if i could see what the hype was about. I saw something in the mirror and it had a white dress. i've never heard the mirror mentioned before OO

  12. sandy roberts-anderson Author

    I grew up in Los Angeles and as a teen visited many of these sites. The scariest was an uninvited midnight visit to the Houdini manse. It’s too long a story to relate here in full, but we were chased off the property by a shotgun wielding man and a group of big dogs. Terrifying.


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