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Top 10 Insane BEFORE AND AFTER Pictures

Heres a picture of me many years ago and heres
a picture of me now. Sometimes its kinda cool to do these side
by side comparisons. Alright, enough of me. I have found THE best examples of before and
after pictures including people, cities and everything inbetween. Im Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 INSANE
Before And After Pictures. Starting off at number 10 we have Downtown
Dubai. Dubai is a city that sprung out of the desert
like the oil that paid for it. You might think that some places have changed
quickly around you but they have nothing on this city in the United Arab Emirates. I could choose many pictures to show you guys
how quickly things have changed there but this might be the best. The top picture is what Downtown Dubai looked
like in 2006 and the bottom is how it looked just 9 years later in 2015. Its been built so quickly Im still not convinced
its not all just a cardboard movie set. I may have to go and see it for myself … Next up at number 9 we have Zombie Boy. Known to his family as Rick Genest, Zombie
Boy was known around the world as being the guy who tattooed himself head to toe in a
full body skeleton piece, complete with brains sticking out of the top and muscles clinging
to the bones. This is a before and after image of him. But its not how you think it is. The one of him with no tattoos is actually
the after – hes simply had the tattoos covered up with makeup by professionals. If you enjoyed this one I highly recommend
you ago and watch the full video – its only about 3 minutes long and its amazing. At number 8 now we have Charla Nash. This woman was visiting her friend in 2009
when the friends pet chimp started to maul her. The 200lb chimp Travis was a fully grown male
– about 6 times stronger than a human. Police arrived on scene and shot him dead,
saving Charlas life – but not her face. Travis had ripped it apart, leaving her unrecognisable. Since then, she has had a number of operations,
regaining her sense of smell and ability to eat along the way – however, she is still
blind. The before and after image is astounding and
a stark reminder of the power of some animals … Coming in at number 7 we have Jim Wolf. This United States Army Veteran was struggling
with homelessness and alcoholism when he volunteered for a physical transformation. The channel Rob Bliss Creative uploaded a
video showing a time lapse of the transformation and in the end – the before and after picture
says it all. Jim was given help to get himself back on
his feet including treatment for his alcohol addiction and the following year he was living
on his own, paying his way and was an entirely new man. Next up at number 6 we have New York. In 2009, National Geographic published an
article showing a view of the Big Apple like nobody had seen before. Using advanced computer reconstruction, they
presented a picture of New York in 2009 – and one of it 1609 – 400 years before – the year
that explorer Henry Hudson would have first laid eyes on it. The coast line is as it would have been, even
the trees and plants have been accurately recreated in their place. Some people find this picture amazing but
others find it a sad reminder of humans paving over nature. What do you guys think? At number 5 now we have Barack Obama. At the start of 2017, President Obama officially
stepped down from his position. Someone had the bright idea of comparing how
he looked at the start with how he looked at the end – this was the result. On the left is Obama just after winning the
election, about to take up the presidential role in January 2009 – on the right is him
8 years later. Obviously, being leader of the United States
is a stressful job and a lot people said you can see that in the after picture. On the other hand though – 8 years can be
a long time and maybe Obama just aged – what do you guys think. Coming in at number 4 we have Lucia Pittalis. This woman went viral a few years ago for
her incredible makeup skills. With little more than a brush and paint – she
can transform herself into just about any celebrity you can imagine. Again, Im not very good at choosing the best
one so right now youre seeing a selection of her work. Shes so good that a lot of people think it
be be edited but Lucia will often show the makeup process step by step to prove that
shes not a fake. Its a little bit scary how well you can mimic
someones face with just makeup. Maybe Im Lucia wearing Danny Burke makeup. Who knows? Next up at number 3 we have 50 Cent. In 2016, rapper 50 cent shared a picture of
him preparing for a role in the movie Things Fall Apart where he plays a high school footballer
diagnosed with cancer. As you can see from this side by side comparison
– he looks like an entirely different person. Usually, he sits at about 214 pounds with
muscles but for this film role he dropped down to 160 – borderline dangerous for a man
of his height. Say what you want about him or the movie – you
have to admire that kind of dedication. I also think its crazy how different people
can look depending on their weight. Next up at number 2 we have Special Effects. I couldnt choose my favourite so Im gonna
lump them all into one. Special effects have gotten so good over the
years that sometimes the only clue that what youre seeing isnt real is the context. You know dragons arent real in game of thrones
and yet seeing the shot before special effects is incredible. The same goes with Pirates of the Caribbean,
Life of Pi, Planet of the Apes or Guardians of The Galaxy. There are thousands of before and after images
for special effects and I could look through them all day … And finally at number 1 we have the Smartphone. I feel like everytime I talk about a smartphone
in a top 10 video I have to remind you guys about how common smartphones are these days
but its pointless because you guys already know – theyre everywhere. However, until very recently in human history
– they didnt used to be! A great example of this is are these images
of people visiting St Peters Basilica. This one is from 2005 and the 2nd one is from
2013 – almost every single person is capturing it with a smartphone or tablet. These pictures were taken just 8 years apart
but they really show how fast technology is moving and how much phones have taken over
our day to day lives … Well – heres an image of me at the start of
this video and heres one of me now – what an incredible difference. Time is scary. Now I wanna know what you wanna see on the
channel next – my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video …


  1. Roslynn Mckoy Author

    You should have the done before and after pictures of Donnie Walberg when he lost all his weight for the role on sixth sense the director didn't even know it was him I also enjoyed the video Danny thanks so much for sharing

  2. Meghan Mitchell Author

    You guys could do a whole video on before and after pictures of presidents at the beginning of their term and at the end. That position is notorious for rapidly aging those who hold it. It's crazy.

    Oh! And Christian Bale in Batman vs. The Machinist!

  3. Tamarra James Author

    Every American President ages incredibly fast in office. They end their term looking old and haggard…check them all, it just eats them Aline it seems.🖤🇨🇦

  4. Brandon Taitano Author

    Watching this on my phone, on a bus. Four years ago I was still using a flip phone – though, I did have a tablet too, and the phone was hotspot capable. Funny thing is, with bluetooth keyboards and headsets, SIM card capable tablets and computers and stuff like that, you can substitute any one of those three with any of the others at any time depending on your needs at the moment.

    It seems like just yesterday that I was building my first 486 computer while watching a movie on VHS where the rich jerk was showing off his briefcase-sized phone and his "laptop" computer with a 6" monochrome screen, more than five Megabytes of storage and a full two hours of battery life. Now, I'm learning Blacksmithing on YouTube on a 43" TV, attached to my computer while reading Chapman Piloting $ Seamanship on my tablet as the game on my phone takes another five minutes to finish upgrading a farm.

  5. Chris Brightwell Author

    Could you please do a video of Clapham woods, Worthing. Its a really scary place with a lot of scary history. Ive been there twice and every-time I go there I feel like someone's either watching me or following me many thanks

  6. melody metherel Author

    My before and after pictures are scary, it’s only like 10 lbs but I’m so underweight, that the extra 10lbs makes me look so much healthier, you can see it in my face, everywhere.. unfortunately I have an extremely hard time maintaining weight.

  7. L K Author

    Barack Obama is looking more youthful these days. Michelle Obama hasn't aged a minute, if anything, she looks more vibrant and youthful/full of life.

  8. slapthatbootylike69 Minecraft fan Author


    LL. LL
    LL. LL
    LL. LL

    Idk what this means lol


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