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Top 10 Movie Portrayals of Real Life Gangsters


  1. Ain't That Picture Dusty Author

    I am not sure of the time line of this video and when the film Iceman came starring Michael Shannon, but he should be on the list. Remove De Niro (though I love the guy) as Scarface, because the movie is garbage. Keep the Casino De Niro.

  2. C Rizzy Author

    I'm sorry but watchmojo is trash. Every video you do isn't thought out whatsoever and truncated to the point where the essence of the scene is lost.

  3. I.DIG.WAX. Author

    Casino is one of the best gangster movies ever but you picked the wrong actor. Joe Pesci steals that movie and is the main reason it's so great along with it being a Scorcese flick.

  4. Jay-Quin Thunder Author

    No no no Mojo Laurence Fishburne was a better gangster a smoother more intelligent and calculating gangster then the guy that was Dutch Schultz! He was just more Hood crazy

  5. Adriano Ramos Author

    Cliff Curtis as Pablo Escobar shouldn't be anywhere on this list. Terrible performance! Not believable at all!! Starting from a terrible accent!

  6. Sleeg22 Author

    Tom Hardy in Lawless or Legend either way the man is fantastic. Also, How is Johnny Depp missing from this list? Boston George, Whitey Bulger or Donny Brasco come on now!

  7. slav_ taylor Author

    no real brother of mine crip or nuthin we all should be brothers regardless if you wear red or blue we represented hope once…know we killen owe brother

  8. Tony Boots Author

    Ray Liotta as Henry Hill at #1….really? Not saying he shouldn’t have made the list, but not #1. And Armand Assante as Gotti should’ve definitely made the list in the top 5. As great as De Niro was in Casino and Daniel Day Lewis was in Gangs of New York, those were depictions of real gangsters, but weren’t the real gangsters in name like the others were so they shouldn’t have made the list, just like Jack Nicholson wasn’t in it for Departed which was a depiction of James Bulger. Just my opinion but good list of roles.


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