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Top 10 Musical Theater Songs

The best musical theater songs
of all time? That is so unfair! Hi, what’s up? My name is Chad Barnier and welcome
back to my YouTube channel for Musical Theater. I am slightly obsessed and
I needed a place to talk about it. So here we both are. I’ve come across a few other Musical
Theater YouTube channels where they’re talking about their Top 10 favorite
Musical Theater songs. First of all, how dare you, it is an impossible question and no
one should ever have to answer it, but I’m going to, that’s
what this video is today, talking about my top 10
favorite musical theater songs. And if you also feel like offending
the gods of the musical theater world, you can partake in this as well. I’d love to see your thoughts on what
your favorite musical theater songs are. Maybe hit me up in the comment section
and let me know your favorites. I got there in the end So just like any classic
WatchMojo or Buzzfeed video, I’m going to count down the numbers so
that you stick around til the end to see what my favorite is. Or you could just skip to the end of
the video because that’s a thing that you’re allowed to do. Please don’t do
it. Please watch the whole video. Okay. I’m shuffling these around
as I film this video. So what they were five minutes ago
is different to what they are now. Starting at number 10 is I Am
What I Am from La Cage Aux Folles. Now, I have no idea what this
musical is. I’ve never seen it. I’ve barely listened to the whole
thing. But this song is incredible. I actually go along to a musical theater
sing along night in Sydney at a local theater. It’s my favorite
thing in the world. I’ve met all of my musical theater friends
through that night and this is one of the songs that they sing. My
understanding of the song is, it’s a big coming out song. It’s about someone not being afraid to
be who they are and kind of step into their true selves. I love that. I
think that, I think that’s awesome. And the build up to it
is really sexy and cool. And you can hear the confidence
building in the person singing it. And the version I know the best
is Douglas Hoge… Hodge… I’m 100% sure that’s not
how you pronounce it. It’s my kind of “I can do
this” song. I am what I am! Number 9 on my list is
Cellblock Tango from Chicago. I don’t think a song can
get any more “theatery”. This song embodies everything
that is musical theater. To me, when I think of this song, I think of over-the-top drama and
storyline and ridiculous narrative plot devices. If you say the words “Pop, six…” In front of any musical theater
kid and they don’t immediately bust out “Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh! Cicero, Lipschitz!” Are they even
a musical theater kid? If
you haven’t seen it already, there’s a fantastic video of Ben Platt
and a few others doing a gender swap version of this on YouTube. Actually
I’ll link it in the description. It is so good, but Cellblock
tango from Chicago is my number 9. Number 8! And as with any
list like this of mine, whether it’s my favorite musicals
or favorite songs or clever songs, anything like that, I find it very hard
not to make the whole list Sondheim. It’d be unfair to not include anybody
else just because he’s the best. Number Eight, I’m gonna say A
Little Priest from Sweeney Todd. I’m a sucker for clever wordplay and puns. And if you can do it in a way that
doesn’t seem forced, then yeah, you’ve got me. A Little Priest is kind of Sondheim
showing off just how clever he is and just how many ways he can twist a word. And it works even within
the context of Sweeney Todd, which in all aspects shouldn’t work. It’s a dark comedic slasher musical. And if you’ve never heard
Sondheim or Sweeney Todd, this particular song and actually
Sweeney Todd in general is a great introduction to musicals and introducing
you to the format of storytelling through song and just how detailed and
in depth and clever songs can be to push character and to push plot. It’s a really, really clever song. Okay. So number 7 is one of the funnest songs
that exist in musical theater canon. This is another song that I know from
my musical theater sing along nights and that is Bring On The Men from
the show, Jekyll and Hyde. Like I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of wordplay and this
song is probably in my top five wordplay songs and not only that, it’s freaking so much fun. It’s got this big anthemic chorus
and it has these really sexy verses, which is probably the
greatest marriage of theme, sexy and anthemic. If you’re after like a song that is a
good positive vibe can amp you up and maybe make you feel a little bit sexy
at the same time. This is that song. Number 6 is the song that you need to
learn first if you want to be a musical fan. Apparently… I discovered this, this is the song that everybody knows and
it’s One Day More from Les Miserables. So my background, I actually used to play
in bands for a long time in pop bands, pop punk bands. And one of my favorite
things to experiment with and
listen to is when you bring back different melodies and themes from
a song and you and you play them over the top of each other or sing them over
the top of each other at the end of the song. And this is kind of the
musical theater version of that. All of the melodies are for each character
and different scenes throughout Les Miserables in Act One, all come back and layer and navigate
the space around each other for One Day More. And it’s just this really impressive
cacophony of noise and melody and songwriting that is kind of unmatched in a lot of
other musicals. Except for maybe… Is it The Battle of Yorktown or The World
Turned Upside Down in Hamilton where kind of all the melodies from the
first half of Hamilton are in that? It’s that equivalent. Listened
to every version of it! The anniversary version,
the movie version, the Carpool Karaoke version. It’s just a fun song that people love
and it makes it feel warm inside for the possibilities that exist
within musical theater. Number 5 on my list is Giants
In The Sky from Into The Woods. I am a sucker for like a
kid’s voice in a musical, whether that’s like Matilda
or Annie or Newsies. Jack kind of steals the show and I know
it’s probably controversial to say that he’s a B-plot character cause he’s great, but I think this song
really makes me love Jack. This is the song really and it’s just
beautiful and I wish I could sing it. I wish I had a range that high. So number 4 on my favorites
list is My Shot from Hamilton. I love it so much. Actually have a
tattoo of it, which is “young, scrappy, hungry”. This song inspires me to do
more and to want to be more. The song exists inside of the musical
as the greatest introduction to a character that could exist. It shows just how prolific
he is as a wordsmith, how determined and dead
set he is on his goals. If you’ve watched Howard
Ho’s YouTube channel, he breaks down all of the different
motifs and themes throughout the musical Hamilton, and there are so many that are found in
My Shot right at the beginning of the show. It’s almost the whole story, in that not throwing away your shot
starts the musical and not throwing away your shot ends the musical. It’s
just a bloody great song. Okay, so the next one is Proud
of your Boy from Aladdin. Proud of your Boy is just
a gorgeous, gorgeous song, beautiful melodies and Adam Jacobs
does a beautiful version of it. There’s a gorgeous version
on YouTube that I’ll link in. The description that you have to watch
is played live with Alan Menken who writes pretty much every Disney musical
that you’ve ever fallen in love with and it’s really beautiful. If you don’t
do anything else, do that today. Number 2 on my list is Waving Through
a Window from Dear Evan Hansen. This song means so much to me. When I have had some bad times in the
past this song really kind of got me through that and I have again, a
tattoo of the lyrics from that. Actually I have a tattoo from Sweeney
Todd that isn’t A Little Priest, it’s actually “My Friends”. This is just a beautiful song that
talks wonderfully about anxiety and not fitting in and feelings of loneliness
that I haven’t heard in another song before. It’s like my emotional song. It’s the song that makes me feel good
when I sing it because it’s kind of got me from one place to another place.
Also who doesn’t love Ben Platt. The last song on my list of favorite
musical theater songs and really like the whole musical that this is
from could be my number 1. I’m going to say the best musical theater
song is Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent. This song exists to be shown off. It’s such a big in your face,
holy crap, kind of number. This is the song that I wish I
wrote or I wish I could sing. And you know how you like songs
because they’re similar to your story, like Waving Through a Window, that’s
why you like connect with some songs? This song has nothing to do with me. I’ve always had very healthy
relationships with people. I’ve never had an ugly breakup or
fights based on “take me for what I am, you should be so lucky to
have me”. I’ve never had that. But for some reason this song
is just so catchy and so… Wow! I mean, if you don’t like it, you need
to check yourself because it’s fantastic. So this video is pretty much just me
telling you to listen to my favorite songs and then telling you that you’re
stupid for not liking them. I would love it if you would let me know
what your top 10 favorite songs are in the comments. I can understand if you don’t agree
that on every list I ever make, Rent is going to be number 1. But
this is my channel. You can get out. Thank you so much for
sticking around to the end, it means the world to me
that you would. I mean, this is just me alone in my
house talking about musicals. If Musical theater is something that you
love and want to talk more about it or want to see more of my videos,
please consider subscribing. This is, this is really fun for me to talk about
musicals and I hope you get something out of it and maybe discover a new show. Give us a like and a comment and
let us know what you think of it. I’ll see you next time.


  1. peggy plays Author

    Good list! There is no way I could rank songs they are too many incredible ones! I am about to do rent this summer and hope to get a part. Take me or leave me is such a fun song.

  2. Oofer Gang Author

    I’m subscribing to you so that when you get really big (you will since this channel is so relevant), I can say that I was your 13th sub 🙂

  3. PixieLin's Storytime Author

    La Cage Aux Folles is what the Robin Williams movie "Bird Cage" was based on. Great movie so I expect the Broadway version is even better. Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  4. BlackAndBlueMadness Author

    My Shot is also my favorite Hamilton song. Not only is the writing insanely clever and unbelievably poetic, but the rythm and flow of the rap is crazy.

  5. Lieselotte Breure Author

    10. Gethsemane – Jesus Christ Superstar
    9. The song of purple summer – Spring awakening
    8. You will be found – dear evan hansen
    7. I'm here – colour purple
    6. defying gravity – wicked
    5. i'll cover you reprise – rent
    4. opening sequence – songs for a new world
    3. light – next to normal
    2. being alive – company
    1. Finale – les miserables

  6. Dominick Krikke Author

    10. the flesh failures from hair
    9.prologue from the great comet of 1812
    8. a step to far from Aida
    7. til i hear you sing from love never dies
    6. epiphany from sweeney todd
    5. as long as you're mine from wicked
    4. one song glory from Rent
    3. kims nightmare from miss saigon
    2. I'm alive from next to normal
    honorable mention rain wil make the flowers grow from Les miz
    1. tie of wait for It and the world was wide enough from Hamilton

    i just picked ten I actually cant choose wich means it differs everytime

  7. Sophie Andrew Author

    My Favourite Songs:

    Honourable Mentions:

    A Little Preist – Sweeney Todd
    Last Midnight – Into The Woods
    Shadowland – The Lion King
    If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty and the Beast
    Seize The Day – Newsies
    Words Fail – Dear Evan Hansen
    Loser, Geek, Whatever – Be More Chill
    One Day More – Lès Mìserables
    Meant To Be Yours – Heathers
    It Takes Two – Hairspray
    Gimmie Gimmie – Thoroughly Modern Millie
    All You Wanna Do – Six

    10. Superboy and the Invisible Girl – Next To Normal
    9. Burn – Hamilton
    8. You And Me (But Mostly Me) – Book Of Mormon
    7. What More Can I Say? – Falsettos
    6. Out Tonight – Rent
    5. Music Of The Night – Phantom Of The Opera
    4. Cell Block Tango – Chicago
    3. Ballad Of Sara Berry – 35MM
    2. Til I Hear You Sung – Love Never Dies
    1. Confrontation – Jekyll and Hyde

  8. Kara Morassco Author

    I had just subscribed to you today. Here's My list of Top 10 Musical songs:
    10. Mr. Mistoffolees (Cats)
    9.When I Grow Up (Matilda)
    8.Revolting Children (Matilda)
    7. Master of the House (Les Miserable)
    6. Memory/Mr. Mistoffolees (Cats)
    5. Michael in the Bathroom (Be More Chill)
    4.Waving Through a Window (Dear Evan Hansen)
    2.Seasons of Love (Rent)
    Honorable Mentions: Hard Knock Life (Annie), Hamilton Soundtrack (I love the whole album and can't pick a favorite)
    1. Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera)

  9. Steve Ross Author

    It is way too hard for me to pick my top 10. I do like most of your list though. Especially "Take me or Leave me" as #1. If I were to put it in my list, it would be top 3. I'll work on my list and post it here.

  10. Alvin Belrain Author

    Hi Chad ! Thank you for your very insctructive YT channel. I am currently discovering musicals. It's a new "world" that I hope I'll understand better. So for the few that I know here are my favourite songs :

    1 – Another hundred people (Company)
    2 – This is me (The greatest showman)
    3 – Being good isn't good enough (Hallelujah baby)
    4 – Defying gravity (Wicked)
    5 – Chanson d'un jour d'été (Les demoiselles de Rochefort)
    6 – I am changing (Dreamgirls)
    7 – Somewhere (West side story)
    8 – Don't rain on my parade (Funny girl)
    9 – Raise your voice (Sister act)
    10 – Seasons of love (Rent)

  11. Niamh Brady Halmschlag Author

    In no particular order bc I can't choose, here are 10 musical songs that are my fav!

    You Will Be Found – Dear Evan Hansen
    One Day More – Les Mis
    Defying Gravity – Wicked
    Nonstop – Hamilton
    Tale as old as time – Beauty and the Beast
    Radio Gaga – We Will Rock You
    Twisted – Twisted
    Inevitable – The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
    My Shot – Hamilton
    The Meek Shall Inherit – Little Shop Of Horror

  12. Matt Valente Author

    10. – Do Me a Favor – Carrie
    9. – Telephone Wire – Fun Home
    8. – How I Know You – Aida
    7. – Stay with Me – Into the Woods
    6. – Satisfied – Hamilton
    5. – He Lives in You – Lion King
    4. – Poor Unfortunate Souls – Little Mermaid
    3. – Your Daddy's Son – Ragtime
    2. – I'm Here – Color Purple
    1. – And I am telling you – Dreamgirls

  13. Amélie Sarah Author

    in no particular order

    A whole new world -Aladdin
    i'll cover you- rent
    Prince Ali- Aladdin
    Anything Goes – Anything Goes
    As long as you're mine- Wicked
    Today 4 u- Rent
    Battle of Yorktown (the world turned upside down) – Hamilton
    All I ask of you – Phantom of the Opera
    Dancing Queen- Mamma Mia
    just some i love but obviously i have too many favs to name

  14. Adam macmillan Author

    In no particular order because they’re hard to put in an order

    Drink with me- les Mis
    Macavity- Cats
    Wait for me- Hadestown
    She used to be mine- Waitress
    You will be found- Dear Evan Hansen
    My friends- Sweeney Todd
    Cell block tango- Chicago
    Skid Row- Little Shop Of Horrors
    The pitiful children- be more chill
    The confrontation- Les Mis

    This was way harder than I expected 😂

  15. Morgan Leia Author

    No order cause I can’t choose

    Waving through a window- dear Evan Hansen
    Non stop- Hamilton
    Time warp- rocky horror picture show
    Dear theodosia- Hamilton
    Miss Saigon- miss Saigon
    Tale as old as time- beauty and the beast
    Any song from big
    Take me or leave me- rent
    Light my candle- rent
    Mommas good to you- Chicago


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