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Top 10 Richest Actors in the World 2015

Hmmmm…Do I look like a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee? Mmmm…I think Jackie Chan WaaaAAHAAAaa!!! Number Fourteen: Chuck Norris The son of a bus driver has made his fame through martial arts He is best known for the movie “The Way Of The Dragon” In which he starred alongside with Bruce Lee And was the cannon group leading star in the 1980s Also, he is very popular for Chuck Norris jokes and internet memes Through his popularity, he has earn himself a net worth of 70 million dollars Coming in at number thirteen is the youngest actor name Alexander Ludwig He is a Canadian model and actor He is best recognized for his appearance on 2007 fantasy film, the seeker: The dark is rising as will Stanton In 2012, he was a part of the hunger game where he portrayed the role of Cato Right now he has a net worth of 97 million dollars and he is only 23 years old He is rank the youngest richest actor in the world Number Twelve: Robert Pattinson is a English actor and model He started his film career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Global of Fire His career started to take off when he play the leading role of vampire Edward Cullen In 2010 he is rank by Forbes as one of the most powerful celebrity in the world Through his career he has earn him self a net worth of 100 million dollars Number Eleven: Jackie Chan Is a Hong Kong actor that is will known for his funny fighting style and amazing stunts He is well known for the movies like Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3. He has the highest net worth for actors in Hong Kong of 140 million dollars Number Ten: Preity Zinta is a Indian film actress After graduating from Bede’s college in Simla with a criminal degree She become a model for a chocolate commercial This commercial opportunity has open the door for her To become the India best film actress And the riches female India film actress in the world with a net worth of 145 million dollars Number Nine: Morgan Freeman is a American actor born in 1937 He has play important roles in most popular movies such as “Million Dollar Baby” “The Dark Night Rises” And Batman Degins Currently he has a estimated net worth of 150 million dollars Number Eight: Robert Downey Is a American actor and singer born in New York Manhattan He is best known for his role in Marvel movies such as Tony Stark the Iron Man The Avengers And Iron Man 3 His marvel movies has earn him a estimated net worth of 190 million dollars Number Seven: Leonardo Dicaprio Is a American actor born in Lost Angeles in 1974 He achieve his international frame through the movie Titanic in 1997 His best movies are catch me if you can “The departed” And the ever popular movie Titanic He is also name the hottest actor under 30 of the 1990s He has a estimated net worth of 220 million dollars Number Six: Will Smith Is a American actor, rapper, and song writer He was name the most powerful actor in Hollywood in 2007 By newsweek He has won four golden awards and four Grammy awards during his acting career His best known movies are men in black I am legend And Hitch He has a net worth of 240 million dollars Coming in at number five is Robert Scott Speedman Better known as Scott Speedman Is a canadian film and television actor who was born in London United Kingdom He is best known for playing Ben Covington in the coming of age drama television Series Felicity and Lycan Through out his acting career he has earn himself a estimated net worth of 245 million dollars Number Four: Adam Richard Sandler Is an American actor and comedian born in Brooklyn New York in 1966 He is best known for his comidic role in, such as in films “Billy Madison” “The Water Boy” And the romantic comedy “The Wedding Singer” His comedian roles has earn him a estimated net worth of 300 million dollars Number Three: Tom Cruise Is an American actor that started his acting career at age 19 He is currently known for the most successful movie star in Hollywood And in 2012 he is the biggest Hollywood pay actor His best known movies are “Risky Business” “Misson Impossible: Ghost Protocol” And “Edge Of Tomorrow” Right now he has a estimated net worth of 450 million dollars Number Two: Shah Rukh Khan Or commonly known as SRK Is an Indian film actor and producer He has a nick name such as “King of Bollywood” And “King Khan” In 2008 Newsweek name him the fifty most powerful people in the world His best known movies are “Veer-Zaara” “Asoka” And “Happy New Year” Right now he is the highest rank actor in India with A net worth of 600 million dollars The person who made it to the number one list is Merv Griffin Who is born in San Mateo, California, United States He started his career in radio, and from there he went on to become a band member After which he started acting career in film Right now he is 89 years old And has a estimated net worth of One Billion Dollars Hey, it’s me Did your favorite actor made it to this list? If not please leave a comment in the comment section below to let me know Who is your favorite actor If we get 100 likes And 100 people to tell me who their favorite actor is I will make a top 10 video of the most favorite actor on youtube Just for you! Until then, I will see you next time!


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