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Top 10 Samurai Movies

these are the big screen noble military men who lived and died by the sword school welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten samurai movies for this list we’re looking at the most memorable feature-length films that center around the lives of samurai and/or Ronin we should look at hot I am cozy squish Kim bassoon number 10 lone wolf and cub baby cart in the land of demons that is why I must challenge you based on the popular manga series lone wolf and cub the wandering samurai Ogami Ito returns to the big screen pushing a baby and stroller looking for work are you afraid to fight stop it he’s no mess for you hired by a lord to prevent intelligence from falling into the hands of a rival clan Ogami must defeat the clans 5 deadly assassins to complete his mission it must be a gamete oh who did this I know I’m right it was him with a dramatic soundtrack over-the-top scenarios and exaggerated kill scenes lone wolf and cub is a grindhouse like guilty-pleasure that never fails to make the cut number nine the Twilight samurai somewhat an alleged Anadolu she made are shedding light on the samurai myth this 2002 movie tells the poignant story of the samurai with a nickname that means Twilight because at dusk he leaves the other samurai to attend to his family so she tink Oh according little something yeah uh uh samurai Yama D CAC Shannara following his wife’s death he becomes sole caretaker to his children and his senile mother as a low-level samurai he knows that others in the clan are materially better off than him which highlights the limiting classist society at play in Japan somewhat Aloha’s critical as such disheveled and in debt the warrior ultimately refuses to marry the woman he loves I don’t know what I go uh Gus told will not stick us behind all the movies impressive swordplay the Twilight samurai is also celebrated for its commentary on Japanese society and it’s endearing tale of father and children she does um but I knew blue Sydenham idea gentle number-8 throne of blood in Acura Kurosawa’s reimagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth general ticket okie washy zu is told by a witch in an enchanted forest of his imminent rise to power I know course um oh ah yeah na dick Munoz is you’re going through is just some the prophecy comes true and spurred on by his conniving wife lady washes ooh he heads down a bloody path of treachery madness and murder bleak shadowy and unsettling this samurai drama sees Kurosawa expertly tackled the deeply complex topics of insanity paranoia and hubris number seven samurai rebellion realities aimlessly well still wish this was our event will try to middle school the life of a samurai is one of submission to one’s Lord your oily each dog enjoys making noise sure so she does Scottish tomorrow but when ISA burrows Lord goes too far the samurai rebels on net alone you an unlimited Hydra stick when his Lord forces ISA burrows son to marry his concubine they eventually fall in love and bare a daughter study no I don’t you up to me to you however she also previously bored the son of her Lord who has become next in line for succession following a death in the Lord’s family Google Tainui yummy yo animals mate you know Linda Gio somehow or other after she refuses to heat the Lord summoning for her return it’s up to ISA burro to take up the sword against his masters well choice realization oh yeah komamura mottos rennaker Ubu monoi co-opted demonstrating Japan’s unjust feudal practices on ordinary individuals samurai rebellion is a rallying cry against the country’s hierarchical society as well as an award-winning samurai flick what are you don’t Masako ragini go on doing that you know you do much in a row I wanna go you Pinocchio’s uni sation on ceremony body number 613 assassins what’s your tango bimini autumn a nurse Makoto Samadhi in Edo period Japan a government official secretly hires 13 samurai for a suicide mission to assassinate lord naritsugu matsudaira whose insatiable lust and madness was spreading across the country go take him irony somewhere interstate some rater state your kitchen watch oh hush this guitar is loosely based on historic events 13 assassins maybe the debut samurai epic for the notorious shock cinema director takashi miike but it also introduces his familiar brand of outrageousness and sadistic tropes george it’ll wash in Ohio and khaddama lawn chair it turns the genre on its head by ingeniously portraying the noble samurai obsession with violence and death as just another fetish I’m not about to do it yeah number five samurai trilogy all right I know but she based on the popular novels of Asia yoshikawa this film trilogy tells the tales of real-life master swordsman and Ronin Musashi Miyamoto how can we best explain its cinematic treatment imagine Rocky Balboa meets Gone with the Wind yeah Oh to Sangeeta audiences journey through this adaptation into Musashi’s life and his many trials and duels against several adversaries the samurai trilogy is a classic demonstration of traditional deep nostalgic and romantic samurai cinema with the first installment winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film night is the moon security number for samurai assassin set in 19th century Japan this film sees the Tokugawa government’s isolationist policy coming to an end when American battleships sail into port turmoil ensues and causes splintering samurai factions as well as questions about Japan’s future to prove to his father that he’s a samurai and to learn his true lineage Nero must assassinate the official who’s causing all the turmoil a pessimistic suspense thriller with overtones of fatalism and legendary past chorus our cast members samurai assassin is a gripping Japanese drama that builds upon historical events number three harakiri mr. Sakamoto eco salutes when ageing Ronin – Gumo requests the right to perform his own ritual disembowelment known as seppuku from feudal lord Saito his request is refused say kotts Machu Picchu homo Doughboy wah ha credulous my naughty Conan the Lord’s reasoning for this is the story of Qi Chuang moto may another Ronin who say Ito believed trying to defraud his clan of customary monetary dispensation by faking the bloody Act sorry love Coronel Karina tsukumo counters with his life story and reveals how sigh Ito mistook the tragedy behind both his and moto mates tails Coco ascension omoide emote anele mata naba moto navel Khurana Yahtzee nemo Tomi vachetta conovan an anti-war masterpiece harakiri rips apart the over glorification of the Bushido honor code and exposes its hypocrisy senseless murders and its exploitation of the human condition vamos Leone Kiki DiMaggio Devo musical typical but she does she sing number 2 yo Jimbo Emily he wouldn’t get them could you get to eat it this is probably Toshiro Mifune his greatest achievement when it comes to samurai flicks stato look seems to never get anybody to betray when a drifting Ronin shows up in a town that’s torn apart by warring gangs he’s hired by the townspeople to be its bodyguard ie the titular Yojimbo you embody what you love yeah po po do you see a girl not Romeo you move Terra he craftily pits the two gangs against each other until they’re drawn into a High Noon showdown that aims to once and for all free the town’s folk from the gangsters terrible reign inspiring a sequel called Sandro as well as Sergio Leone’s a fistful of dollars this was truly one of director Akira Kurosawa’s milestone samurai films I’m money good take a look at it good before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions your nightmares every soldier has nightmares only one who is ashamed over water yes dad if I don’t ice you to my mother conical wave how could he she’s your colossal mother mother to go kill us a shot like zombie go boyo Nia’s gonna number one Seven Samurai good day yeah when seven penniless Ronan’s are hired to defend a poor village from marauding bandits Ronan’s and villagers must put aside their prejudices to face a common threat what do we got to lose the pity the chemical stripping away the glory and honour for which the samurai char is usually known this Kurosawa adventure flick features battle scenes that are often inglorious and Stark it also focuses on how these Ronan’s villagers and bandits found themselves living lives plagued by poverty violence and scavenging Mushka la la la da inspiring countless major motion pictures like The Magnificent Seven with its narrative and technical innovations there’s no question that Seven Samurai is a timeless masterpiece do you agree with our list Mata Aquino katana which samurai film is your fav for more slicing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to


  1. 権力 Author

    I really like "Harakiri." Unlike other Samurai Movies, it doesn't turn away from the negative side of the Samurai culture – hypocrisy and cruelty.

  2. Ma yfLOwEr Author

    How about GOEMON 2009 or Aragami 2003? At least one more experimental movie on the list would've been great.

    Oh and take off "The last Samurai" from this list, for gods sake.

  3. Dust Author

    The one thing i like about this is that 80% of the list is Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune, then you see Tom cruise just randomly in there, that's cute. haha.

  4. Adam and Ava 6 Emery and emery Author

    Thank god Sword of Doom was at least mentioned. To bad it was right after The Last Samurai. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. BearClawTN Author

    What was that move in Sanjuro the winner in the duel did? It was so fast that I couldn't figure it out. I looked like a reverse quick draw but I can't tell.

  6. Bonedalas Author

    How many movies in this list are with Toshiro Mifune? Eight? 😀

    And three directed by Kurosawa. Unfortunately, Rashomon, my personal favorite, is not exactly a Samurai movie… But three Kurisawa movies, and the first two by him.

    I can't complain. 🙂

  7. Richard Saxe Coburg Author

    Ignore this video, they've left out some really big films. They are NOT an authority. More Hollywood hijacked b.s.

  8. Sprawl Author

    I'm starting a fan channel of Samurai/yakuza films

  9. Andy Dabilis Author

    I had the pleasure of twice interviewing Toshiro Mifune, once in Boston and once in Tokyo at his production company and, like himself, the actors he admired were of the same ilk: Mitchum, etc. but he said the one he most liked working with was David Niven although Red Sun with Charles Bronson was fun …. "one mosquito …….(cut) …. no mosquito.". A good list but Sword of Doom has to be in the 10 and Sword of the Beast.

  10. Da1NonlyLuis Author

    Can someone help me? Im looking for a movie that was about a tower and the two main characters had to defeat each floor until they got to the top. I think ethan hawke and jeff bridges was in it but i could be wrong. I seen it when i was a kid and only remember bits of it. Thanks

  11. Naughty Monkey Author

    Chanbara (sword fighting movies): My all time favourites, and absolute must see for anyone who loves this sort of thing
    -Hero (Unrivalled in sheers scope and unparalelled cinematic beauty)
    -13 Assassins (2010 remake of the 1963 classic, both are superb but I prefer the remake)
    -Blade of the Immortal (Just mindblowing!)
    -Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Legendary cast and brilliant wire work
    -Musa (The Warrior) (The closest in terms of beauty I think I've found since Hero)

    -House of Flying Daggers

    -Seven Samurai
    -Reign of Assassins

    -The Twighlight Samurai
    -Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman

    Some of these may technically belong to the Wuxia genre, but there is of course often some cross over between kung-fu, shaolin and chanbara movies. Do check out the Wuxia and Wire-fu genres if you love Chanbara!

  12. Naughty Monkey Author

    Seriously, if you prefer Engrish dubbing over the original audio with English subtitles, you're an unmitigated fool. In the 80s and early 90s, that's all we had. Yes, it's funny and adds an element of ridiculous humour to some of them, but you truly are doing yourself a huge injustice by choosing to watch such classic cinema in this way.

  13. Naughty Monkey Author

    It's worth noting that the one mentioned in this list is movie number 5 in a 6 movie series!!
    A link to all six Lone Wolf and Cub movies:

    (Always buy DVD/ Blu-ray or digital copies of the movies you love. Support the film studios or they will disappear and we won't have any more movies to see. Unfortunately, some movies, despite exhaustive attempts, are all but impossible to get hold of. This is the only time I resort to torrent downloads.)

  14. Jarred Reneau Author

    The last samurai with Tom Cruise a honorable mention?? hahahaha. This is why WatchMojo is a fucking stupid channel on youtube. You want me to believe that throughout the ENTIRE history of Samurai movies coming out of Japan since the dawn of the moving picture show that a movie with Tom Cruise that was so loosely based on actual history that the movie was almost science fiction is worth mentioning on a list of the greatest Samurai Movies of all time?? hahahahahahahahaha. You couldn't white wash a story much better than that. GTFOH!!!!

  15. Ladies Man, Incredible DJ ssj5 Author

    The Last Samurai was garbage. It was a black man that was the last samurai not a white man. Them Motherfuckers better fix that with the next Movie of The Last Samurai.

  16. M K Author

    The audio portion could use a rewrite and I can't really agree with all of your assessment of the importance of each film. Yojimbo, Sanjuro, and The Seven Samurai are certainly great Jidaigeki (historical period movies), but The Twilight Samurai, like Harakiri, introduces themes that color outside the lines of the standard samurai movie by creating characters who are more than just absolute honorable heroes, absolute villains, or people who require protection.

  17. Mattiko 89 Author

    Hi everyone!! sorry my english but i'm looking for a samurai movie for a lifetime .. i saw it once i was very young and it got impressed: i remember that the protagonists that finally attacked the castle or the place where the final boss was (shogun ?) they were four in all, each specialized in a technique .. I remember that there was one that hit the exact points of a wall and made it collapse … I remember that someone trained by punching in a jar full of seeds where they hid thorns I believe .. there was a teacher … I was struck by the fact that in the end two of the four died and only two were saved … it is difficult to ride the web for years but nothing .. not I never found .. in one scene one was urinating and it was a scene that saw the age of the film was very funny … but in reality I don't remember if it was in black and white or in color .. someone can help me … I would like really see him again ..

  18. Grumpy Sorc Author

    Mifune vs Nakadai in Samurai Rebellion is the most beautiful and dramatic samurai duel in cinema, imao. But yes, Seven Samurai is #1 as a whole movie, there is no doubt.

  19. The Drunken Master Author

    Ok so one movie Akira Kurosawa did make the list but it wasn't seven samurai. I'm displeased with this list though good on you for the Throne Of Blood.

  20. Some Day Dreamer Author

    so wait you put "When the last Sword is drawn" and "Sword of doom" in the same category as "The Last samurai" WITHOUT even mentioning Chushingura, Sword of Doom to name a few… Damn you. Shame on you for that putting those great flicks with "The Last Samurai" which is just Shogun basically. Atleast i feel.

  21. T Zero Author

    Couldn't get someone with better pronunciation, eh? That's too bad. And not a single Zatoichi movie? Shameful!

  22. Chris Campbell Author

    Holy shit, could you botch the pronunciation of Musashi any worse? Hell, most of the Japanese names you tried to say were not even possible with their phonetics. "MU-SHA-SHI"…wtf? I never expected you to get the name order right (Miyamoto Musashi), but hell, at least pronounce it right if you're going to do a studio level narrative.

  23. fireballmalone1 Author

    Kill! (1968) directed by Kihachi Okamoto and any Zatoichi film, including the newer release starring Takeshi Kitano should have at the very least gotten mentioned. Did like the video though


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