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Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies


  1. Hyper 2k Author

    We need more scary movies that aren’t cliche nowadays and aren’t stretched to every possible extent.. Yes most of the top movies were made 20- 30 years ago but the ones made then were scary because of the plot as well as the scenes obv but most movies now have terrible plots or are shitty sequels.

  2. Nitrocide42 Author

    How in the world is the texas chainsaw massacre on this list? I did more laughing than anything else when i first saw this movie 🤨🤣

  3. _.marriissaa Author

    1. insidious (2010

    2. the blair witch project (1999)

    3. a quiet place (2018)

    4. a nightmare on elm street (1984)

    5. halloween (1978)

    6. house of wax (2005) (more disturbing that scary)

    7. the conjuring (2013)

    8. carrie (2013) (i’ve never seen the first one, sorry y’all)

    9. it (2017)

    10. truth or dare (2018)

    i would put the exorcist on here but i’ve never seen it. insidious is the scariest for me because it’s a big hell no. i also watched it by myself, in the dark. not a very smart idea tbh

  4. Gordana Zakula Author

    I do not find "The Exorcist" and "The Blair Witch Project" frightening! The latter is about a group of stupid kids lost in a forest. Very low budget and amateurish! A waste of money on a cinema ticket. Modern horror films with their blood and gore, are not frightening. As a result, they should take their cue from "Hammer House of Horror" "Tales from the Crypt (1972). A story with some suspense and a climax, minimal gore! Take a door, and build an atmosphere of evil around it. Take stories from " Lazy Masquerade" and make a film out of those stories.

  5. Gordana Zakula Author

    Those horror movies do not scare me; they are not real! However, real life horror in the form of domestic violence, and child abuse do terrify me! In the UK, two women a week are killed due to domestic violence. Lets have a slice of real life horror; nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors! So called "nice people" can have nasty secrets.

  6. Gordana Zakula Author

    Real life horror; no internet, no mobile phones, my toilet is not working, and overgrown garden! I got up this morning, put milk into my coffee……. it was sour!!!

  7. Ashents Author

    I kinda feel like TTCM should be higher because some of this stuff doesnt have that high of a chance of happening but with the TTCM its not that it wont happen its that it could or will happen and if not it already has.

  8. Slothers Author

    A few of these weren't even scary. Blair witch project? Paranormal activity? Really? This yt video is way scarier: it's literally just text and a siren in the back.

  9. Rita Lovett Author

    I didn't really find Nightmare on Elm Street all that scary, tbh. I thought Freddy seemed too humorous and the movies just kept getting stupider. It took me watching 5 movies to realize that it's really just so silly.

  10. Jonathon Bevers Author

    The Exorcist by far is the scariest movie of All-Time! It caused the biggest spike in Church attendance from one weekend to the next! During showings people were passing out at showings and at some emergency personnel were on hand!

  11. Emily Purnell Author

    1) The Blair Witch project was a crock of poop. The scariest thing you see is someone’s nose running like a tap 🙄
    2) Paranormal activity is hilarious cause of how stupid it actually is
    And 3) the Honourable mentions were 100000x scarier than the actual picks.

  12. Gaara of the FUNk! Author

    I still root for Silent Hill lol 😂 First movie ever to actually make me jump 🤣 And I’ve seen ALL of these and more 🤔

  13. Catherine Duchenne Author

    I'm surprised insidious wasn't even an honourable mention and child's play is on the actual list. I'm really happy to see the ring here though

  14. Chase Johnson Author

    I think if you’re going to make lists like these, you should put top 10 CLASSIC horror films, because a lot of these films have been severely dethroned, but they always make the lists.

  15. Pikuś Czuczi Author

    Ohai, I'm the girl from mojo, today I will make a video of all the horror movies that have been seen thousands of times that nobody thinks are remotely scary and I will inflate the opinion of all horror noobs by exaggerating and making them sound creepy. In the meantime I will NOT MENTION THE ACTUAL good horror movies because that's not the popular way to go. So let's just stick to the classics

  16. Guitar Chugs Author

    Paranormal activity and the Blair with are not scary at all, smh. And NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER, compare Blair witch to The Amityville horror

  17. TotallyNotSomeWeirdo Author

    People are saying paranormal activity isn’t scary, but I wouldn’t know. I haven’t watched it since I was 9 because it scared the shit out of me.

  18. JirentheGrey Author

    Fun fact. They actually did a test a while ago where they hooked up a bunch of people to heart monitors and had them watch popular horror movies. Turns out, The Shining was the scariest movie out of all of them and had the biggest spikes in heart rate.


    1:16 really, it's not that violent, im pretty sure there is no shot of blood in the WHOLE movie, except in the beginning with the hitchhiker's pocket knife. Please don't attack me though, I've only seen it a few times.


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