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Top 10 Scary Figures Caught In Pictures

Top 10 Scary Figures Caught In Picture Backgrounds Welcome back guys, my name is Danny Burke
and today we’re gonna be looking at the Top 10 Scary Figures Caught In Pictures. If you see something weird in ther background
of a picture, its only that – weird. But if you see a face or what looks like a
person standing in the background – thats not only weird – thats terrifying. I want you guys to picture what it would be
like to be the people in this video, seeing these pictures for the very first time and
realising they were not alone … Also, don’t forget to check out merch at,
weve got shirts, hats and hoodies, you may have seen us wearing them in videos well you
can get your own too – the link is in the description! Starting off at number 10 – Im sure many of
you guys have heard of Slenderman – hes pretty legendary among the scary stories communtiy. Well check this picture out. A guy took this of his girlfriend, just chilling
out in a park – but take a look over there, next to that tree. That doesnt just like any person, it looks
like a very specific person – Slenderman. I think whats extra creepy about this one
is how whatever that is – clearly doesnt care about being seen … Next up at number 9 we have this picture. This was reportadly taken by a woman who just
wanted a picture of her son and their cat. However, upon closer inspecton she, noticed
what looks like a face poking out from under the table, its mouth hanging open. According to her, she believes the ghostly
looking head may be of her husbands mother or the ghost of someone who died in the house
… Next up at number 8 we have this picture that
went viral at the end of 2016. It looks like a fun picture of some friends
sharing a bath – but do they have a vistor at the window. Some of you may first notice what looks like
a hand – others may first notice what appears to be a ghostly face next to it. Either way, it looks eerily like a person
and caused a lot of people to freak out online over it. Next up at number 7 we have this famous picture
showing what looks like a group of friends. Everyone seems happy except this little girl,
why is she crying? Well, many people feel it has something to
do with whats going in between these two women. Many people says this is ghostly apparition
of a long dead child. It could be a trick of the light but even
skeptics agree that it does look worryingly like a real face … Coming in at number 6 we have this picture
of a rescue attempt somewhere in China. The authorities are in the river, trying to
figure out how to move the vehicle. Theres a crowd of people watching nearby but
there also appears to be another spectator that nobody noticed. If we take a zoom in through the plants – theres
the unmistakable image of something humanoid. It doesnt look human – which perhaps makes
it even scarier. Whatever it is, it knows its been seen, and
its face isnt too happy about it … Next up at number 5 we have a picture of a
girl sitting on her bed. Shes smiling but perhaps she would be if she
could see what others see in this picture. If we look at the corner of the bed, just
behind the mattress – that kinda looks like an eye – and not just any eye – an eye thats
staring directly at the camera. It kinda looks angry, like -if you tell them
Im under their bed, Ill kill you too …- OK, that got dark, lets move onto our number
4 we have these Teenagers hanging out in some foggy woods. Nice day for a walk. Well it seems that someone else back here
had the same idea. Usually with pictures like this, taken in
the woods, some people argue it could easily be a tree – but look at all the other trees
there – they’re all way bigger than the height of a person. Or maybe thats not even a person … Next up at number 3 – Check out this picture
a night cam took. Theyre usually motion sensitive and capture
images of animals roaming around at night. But what trigger the motion sensor, the deer,
or this? It looks humanoid in nature – but is it human? Some people speculated that this may be supernatural
or even alien … whatever it is, whats it doing creeping up on that deer? Who knows what, or who, it will creep up on
next … Moving on to number 2 we have this picture
a man took of hs 4 year old daughter during a trip to Japan. He took a few of them in the same spot but
on one particular picture, there appears to be a pair of boots behind the girl. The mans friend posted them to reddit and
everyone freaked out trying to solve the mystery of where these boots came from. One theory says its a samurai ghost because
that beach is where samurai used to be buried. Others say its a trick of the light – what
do you guys think? And finally at number 1 we have this picture
of some England fans hanging out on the grass during a World Cup party. After taking these pictures on their camera,
they took a look and saw this strange figure standing in the window of the building behind
them – still under construction. After seeing this, some of them decided to
climb the scaffolding and see for themselves but they couldnt find anything. Some people who saw this think it could just
be one of the construction worker while others say it looks like a woman holding up a baby
… Very strange stuff indeed … alright, what
scary videos do you want to see next on the channel? Let me know, my name is Danny Burke, thanks
for watching everyone and Ill see you all in the next video … if you like scary things
then you may like these, 2 of our most popular scary videos – top 10 scary stories that are
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  1. Caroline Author

    me: has been having sleep paralysis demon vision inspired by pictures that i see in real life
    also me: decides to watch a video about scary figures right before i go to bed

  2. Rhinu Author

    number 5 was actually that girl having an affair on her husband and when he suprised her by coming home early she told the other man to hide under the bed the husband found out a few weeks later when looking at this picture and she admitted to it, they divorced after that

  3. Adieb Kazuki Author

    On number 6 is not somewhere in China… But it is in Malaysia… That bus is my father friens who drove the bus… Not in china… That bus supposedly bring polices in training because that were police bus… Just correcting whats has been wrong… Hope you didnt mind…

  4. I am ARMY Author

    In number 5 it is a wife that hid her boyfriend under the bed bc her husband came and he toke a pic of her and when he saw the pic and saw the man he put the bed appreciate and asked his girlfriend who this is and she was speechless so he divorced her. That's the story and explanation . 😕

  5. Johnathan To Err Is Me Author

    I saw a ghost wearing an actual robe.

    Ghost: (mumbling)
    Someone: I should go check that out
    (sees nothing)
    Other ghost: Welcome!!

  6. L Hayes Author

    1:36 – Nothing supernatural about that. It’s just the next-door neighbour who heard that they were having an all girls party and hoped the bath would get used at some point. He wasn’t wrong

  7. Seloyn Molina Author

    Number 5 has a great back story this girl was talking with her boyfriend in another state because they were both in different colleges and he took a screen shot and long and behold her boyfriend noticed that there was another person hiding under the bed when he asked her she told him that she had been cheating on him for half of the semester and that the guy under the bed was her new boyfriend crazy but true!!!!!!

  8. Crowley Author

    Why speak of merch and state 'sure have seen us wearing in various videos…' …and then literally not be wearing one stitch of it here…good marketing…?

  9. Ember Fox Gaming Author

    3 is definitely fake. If I remember correctly, it's a Photoshop job. The man in the photo is from a horror game called Fatal Frame. Here is the image from the game that they might have used:

  10. Richard Sejour Author


    WTF are you talking about. How are boots appearing the background during a sunny/bright day a trick of the light?

    It was clearly a fake paranormal picture; the person cropped out the top of the picture so that you couldn't see who ever was standing in the foreground.

  11. Juliett 1313 Author

    The "samurai" with the little girl is too easy. they just had someone stand behind her when the pic was took, and then edited out the rest of the person except the boots, with an "eraser" tool later.

  12. Helena Berthiaume Author

    10+4 fake. 9 probably just a sleep over and the dude under the bed could have also been photoshoped or a prank. We have those beds alot in youth hostels and wed prank eachother hiding in the cupboardspace under the headboard on school trips all the time althought a full grown dude would have to be very skinny to fit there i think depending on the bed.

  13. Jay Pallares Author

    Sorry to tell u.any slenderman pic or video is fake.slenderman is fake .if u beleive even for a moment that hes real.ur a retard

  14. peter andrew rafferty Author


  15. Xen0Kat Author

    One time i tried scaring my sister and as i did it i took a photo and there was this weird shadow figure in the background and ive seen a few shadow figures in my house but this one had white eyes and then a few days later the image was corrupted for no reason

  16. alyssa kirk Author

    Once I hid under my sister’s bed and played creepy music, to make a long story short, she didn’t sleep in her room that night 😂

  17. Emily Hooper Author

    I heard about number 5 and the story was that the girl was cheating on her boyfriend. When her boyfriend came she hid the other guy under her bed. BAM, there is the explanation.

  18. CupCakeWolf CCW Author

    The girl in number 5. The bigger one with the white and pink button up looks almost exactly like my mother. My mom has the same shirt too. The little girl kinda looks like me at around 6 or 7. It made chills go down my spine

  19. Krystin Houtz Author

    Hey could you guys show the pics for a little longer? They went so quickly I found myself pausing the video so I could actually see what was being mentioned

  20. Brandi Kidd Author

    The one with the girl on the bed and a face is looking out from behind/underneath the headboard. When her boyfriend (who is in the armed forces and was home on leave at the time) looked closer at the photo he felt something was off. He examined it some more and then saw the face, his girlfriend was cheated on him.

  21. Debra Freeman Author

    5 was of a girl who got caught cheating and thats the other guy hiding y'all should know this y'all did a cheaters video with this same damn picture in it


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