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Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret – Part 2

Welcome back everyone – Im continuing this
series now with a part 2 – I was surprised that many of you enjoyed this video because
we do so much scary stuff but hey, Im not gonna argue with you, you want scary pictures,
thats what youre gonna get – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Pictures
That Should Have Stayed Secret – Part 2 Starting off at number 10 now we have the
Hampton Court Palace Ghost. In December 2003, security cameras at Hampton Court Palace in
England had a problem with a fire door that kept opening when nobody was around. The decided
to check the security tapes and to their horror – these are the images they saw – some sort
of skeletal figure opening the doors before retreating back inside. A spokesperson for
the Palace assured the public that this was not a joke and they have not manufactured
this pictures – staying they genuinely do not know who or what it is … Moving on to number 9 now we have Budd Dwyer.
He was a politician and treasurer for Pennsylvania who was exposed for receiving money from a
a Computer Technology company for steering a government contract in their favour. He
faced a sentence of up to 55 years in prison and a 300 thousand dollar fine. He arranged
a news conference with dozens of reporters attending, although they were not told what
the purpose was. Many expected him to resign but the reality was much more shocking. After
a 30 minute speech, Dwyer produced a magnum revolver. Thats the moment this picture was
taken as Dwyer tried to warn reporters to not intervene. Before they could, Dwyer put
the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, killing himself instantly. Most media outlets
chose to not show the full footage and many newspapers posted that now famous image … Moving on to number 8 we have The Cooper Family
Photo. This is a fairly famous one that many of you guys may have seen. The story goes
that in the 1950s, the Cooper family of Texas bought an old house and moved into it. On
their first night there they took a photo of the Mom and Grandma posing with two kids
as the dining room table. When they developed the picture though, this is what they say
– some sort of dark body was falling from the ceiling behind them. People have been
trying to find out more about this picture ever since it first started circulating online
in 2009. Others have said that the picture is a fake due to the lack of information about
it and clues that its been photoshopped – still a scary one either way … Coming in at number 7 we have The Schoolboy.
This one was shared by reddit user -In the lions mane- … he said he comes from a small
rural town near some mountains. One day an old school was being torn down, a family friend
went there and took this picture with his phone. He didnt see the boy standing there
until late on. The whole family was freaked out beyond belief – standing right was what
looked like the spirit of a little boy. His face was clearly defined but his body began
to fade around his torso until his legs couldn’t even be seen. What do you guys make of this?
Is this a former student, rising up to say goodbye before his old school disappears forever? Next up at number 6 we have John Torrington.
He was a British officer who took part in an arctic expedition in 1846 but died of lead
pneumonia age age 22. Nobody knew what happened to the crew until some of their graves were
found on a remote Canadian island. In the 1980s, Scientists dug through almost 5 feet
of perafrost until they hit a coffin, opened it up – and this was staring back at them
– the body of John Torrington, quite literally frozen in time. The eyes were open, still
bright and blue. His skin was battered and bruised but barely decomposed. The arctic
climate had acted like a perfect freezer. Scientists took samples to study and then
buried his body as they found it where it could still look the same to this day. Moving on to number 3 we have The Demon. This
one has been circulating online for a number of years now but the origins of it are a bit
of a mystery. It was taken in a hospital room shortly before a patient died. You can just
about make out the patient lying in the bed but the most shocking think is whats standing
on the bed, some sort of demonic figure, hunched over with huge twisted limbs. Many who have
shared the picture claim that its not just a demonic like figure, they say its an actual
picture of a demon, caught tormenting a patient and trying to take them to hell in the last
few hours of their life … Next up at number 5 we have Amityville. This
photo was allegedly taken inside the famous Amitville House in 1976. It was the sight
of the brutal murder of a family and many paranormal investigators had been drawn to
it since then. It features what appears to be a young boy peaking out of a doorway. The
picture was taken by an automatic camera that took infrared pictures to capture the second
floor landing during the night. This picture of the Amityville ghost boy has left some
speculating that it could be the ghost of the murdered child of the family, John Defeo,
who had lived in the house with his family prior to the current occupants. Others say
this is an accidental picture taken of one of the investigators, but it certainly looks
like a little boy to me … Moving on to number 4 now we have The Grand
Canyon. This picture was posted to reddit by user Zombie Gadaffi. He said it was a photograph
of his uncle at the Grand Canyon. At first glance it looks like a normal picture, that
is until you notice the hooded man standing in the bushes. Neither the photographer or
the uncle noticed the man standing there, in fact, they swear there was nobody else
even in the area, leading many to believe that the explanation for this appearance must
belong to the paranormal … Coming in at number 3 now we have The Phoenix
Lights. In 1997, thousands of people witnessed floating lights all over the city of Phoenix.
This was famous event that really hasnt had much press ever since. Witnesses claim to
have observed a huge arrow shaped UFO containing 5 spherical lights or possibly light emitting
engines on. Event the governor at the time who saw the lights described them as -otherworldly-
… one UFO advocate claims to have performed a spectral analysis of the photographs that
apparently proved the lights could not have been produced by a man made source. Explanations
since have ranged from military flares to atmospheric conditions and yes, of course,
visitors from another planet … what do you make of them? Next up at number 2 we have Jeremy Bentham.
He was English philosopher, known as the founder of modern utilitarianism. When he died in
1932, he left his body to science and then for it to be permanently preserved for display.
It all went well except for his head. The story goes that the taxidermy process left
his face looking horrifying after a while. As it was on display and the authorities didnt
want to alarm people, his head was replaced with a wax substitute. For some reason though,
they decided to put his real had on the floor between his own legs. This is the site that
visitors saw on their arrival before people realised that its probably best to store the
scary looking head some place else … And finally at number 1 we have Combustion.
This is a shocking image from December 1966. This is the remains of the body of 92 year
old Dr J Irving Bentley. He was discovered in his Pennsylvania home by someone who was
coming to read the meter. This is the scene they found. All that was left was Dr Bentleys
leg and slippered foot. The rest of him and been burned to ashes from an unknown internal
chemical reaction. In the years since, many have held this picture up as a prime example
of spontaneous combustion – a mysterious event in which some people seem to explode and burn
on the spot for seemingly no reason at all … maybe you have the explanation for this
one though? Id love to know … Id also love to know if I should continue
this series, its a fairly easy one for me to
do – I just look around for scary pictures and then try and find the backstory to them
– let me know if thats something youd like – thanks for watching as always, my name is Danny Bukre
and Ill see you all in the next video.


  1. Joseph Izzo Author

    The Cooper Family Photo, weirds me out. I don't see where someone can say it was photo shopped. plus, given how the arm is lit up the face should have more detail. Plus, if it were fake, the people would have been reacting different, given the era. They would have been screaming or jumping (acting it out) but instead, they are still and the upside down man is actually moving, as if he dropped in. Put all of that together and I think it's freaky.
    I'm leaving the above dissertation but I just googled the image and it turns out, it's probably fake. A man has responded and stated it is him as a boy and their name is Copper not Cooper. He provides images to prove it is him.

  2. Magnus Thor Author

    Guy in number 9 who shot himself in front of the reporters was later found not guilty but a lie of another caused this shameful and sad ending

  3. Fallen9xX Author

    We get it, everyone loves Danny. Show your love by liking a previous comment instead of commenting the same thing over and over so we can actually read the comments relating to the video

  4. Sarah Gray Author

    I remember seeing Mr. Torrington in National Geographic. He looks like he's been left at the bottom of a freezer…Canada will do that to you!

  5. Peggy Winters-Stevens Author

    I quit breathing at night and I know at least twice I went to heaven. I had another experience while one time studying Rosecrucisim but that's another story! I recieved a warning and was physically/spiritually? saved. another girl was behind me but she didn't make it. I stopped my studies of it the next day

  6. Vladimir Gamez Author

    The Grand canyon it is a guy wearing a trench coat you can see his feet.they should have been more carefull if they wanted people to believe.

  7. Jesus Cardenas Author

    Number 5 is from the mayo clinic in arizona where my sister use to work at member the day she showed me the screen shots from the survalence footage

  8. Un Poco De Todo Author

    1:55 Cooper family photo has been fabricated. If you take a ballerina doing her normal stance, and flip it upside down, you'll get that "hanging body" you see in the photo. Not real.

  9. Dragonballzuwarudo Author

    1:29 I saw the footage of him shooting himself. The footage was on my dad's ps3 and I couldnt sleep for weeks after I watched it

  10. Rachel Banales Author

    When I was 12, I kept seeing a white cross in my room after my dad passed. After a week of seeing it, I saw a man in a white robe floating to my mom’s room. Not sure if it was my dad or not because I couldn’t see his face, but gave me chills.

    When I was in High School, I was dreaming a nightmare and that someone touched me on the arm. It felt really real which scared me in a way. I had the urge to wake up and turn on the light and when I looked at my arm where I was touched in my dream, it was purple and had fingerprints. I can say I never wanted to sleep in that room again, but I did. That was the only time I felt something like that.

    My aunt kept seeing my grandfather in her bedroom after his passing. She would cry tremendously because she never got to say goodbye. One night my grandfather spoke to her and said not to worry and that’s he’s alright. Since that night, she hasn’t seen him since.

    I say if you believe in Heaven and Hell, you obviously believe in Angels and Demons.

  11. ManOfManyHats Dapper capper Author

    Spontaneous combustion is often caused by a body acting like an inside out candle, the body fat acts like a wick, and the rest is wax

  12. ninjaofthehand Author

    Number 10 is actually fake. I went to Hampton Court palace for a school trip and we spoke to one of the people there and they said it was just a joke for members of the public. I went to the fire exit door too. Whilst this ghost was a fake, Hampton Court palace does claim to have multiple ghosts.

  13. Jeremy Slaughter Author

    Leaving Jesus Muhammad Buddha or any other religious figures… Somebody is right and somebody's wrong but paranormal is real whether it be UFOs or ghosts or Angels and Demons… Something created us something has affected is it didn't happen because some rocks slam together… all of the universe if you think we are the only beings alive then your pretty conceded …

  14. james sayshi Author

    If either side doesn't exist then how do you explain ghosts actual evidence of the paranormal. If they as in ghost exists then how can you say there is no heaven or hell.

  15. Makai Wilson Author

    Ok John parker there's no heaven no hell and when you dye guess what it'll be like you excited I'd rather believe in something than not

  16. bevo rob Author

    I saw the actual bud Dwyer suicide video. It was pretty brutal. For those that don’t know, people don’t die dramatically like in the movies.

  17. lazyis hardwork Author

    there's plenty of evidence to disprove near death experiences. Those that profess they're real are loopy scatter brained attention seeking intellectually deficit morons while those of us with our feet planted firmly in reality that have been clinically dead will tell you definitively there are no tunnels, lights, meetings with departed loved ones or mysterious voices guiding us. It's only insecure, immature pissy pants scaredy pants that need the crutch of superstitious nonsense to soothe their deranged mental state

  18. Fliliberto Zarate Author

    There are a zillion galaxys if u think of it good maybe in those galaxys there are more planets more advanced people that we dont know about

  19. Tsunfish Author

    OH NO I regret seeing the dead frozen body >><><><><>
    also… the demon thing in the hospital room… I can't remember what vid it was, but I think in one of Landon's vids, he showed a photo of the SAME creature, I think it was even in the same pose, but I remember him saying it was in a hotel room, and everything was in much brighter color. I'd have to find the pic again and see them side by side to see if it was the same exact image slapped onto 2 different locations, but… lol

  20. Timbo Underskroll Author

    I died before for 1min 23 secs i got a rope caught around my neck n somehow tighted n choked me …but i can a sure u all u will see is a really bright light then nothing at all.and after brought back its like ur watching yourself in 3rd person

  21. Martin van Drunick Author

    I have seen that Bud Dwyer video. He did it in front of friends and family and colleagues selfish prat!!! he shot himself throught the mouth and all the blood was pissing out of his nose. people screaming and going crazy. Tragic scene

  22. Cozmic Firefly Author

    I have experienced both Heaven and Hell.

    Heaven is euphoric, it's this intense love, peace, and utter jubilation.

    Hell is nothing, you feel nothing. Its miserable. I couldn't feel ANY emotion.

    There is a fine line between Heaven and Hell.

    In Heaven you are at peace to have nothing.

    In Hell you crave and desire, yet nothing can forfill that whole in the heart.

    It truly doesn't matter if this is all in my head or not, because regardless both experiences were very real to me.

  23. Mchael Ryan Author

    Hey….the picture of the mother …children & grandmother in the dining room with the figure hanging down is not photo opt….they could do that in 50's 60' 70's…if u had camera experience like developing film…you might b able to double exposure film…

  24. PYROMANCER YT Author

    Do you think there are cavemen ghost? Could you think of laying in your bed then all you here is Ooga Booga in the hallway……

    (I know this is late… fight me)

  25. Demon Queen Author

    Ok so i asked my dad who is a firefighter about spontaneous combustion, and he says if the conditions are just right, people just, burn up. Its caused by a small fire that burns just hot enough to liquefy the fat in the body.

  26. Lornx 545 Author

    The No. 2 image is just actually an illusion of light bended because of air and distance, for example, In those movies where the setting is deserts, do you see those water like illusions?

  27. Alfredo De Anda Author

    My aunt got married to an abusive man, her husband drove a truck and always drank, one day a couple months after she had just had a baby, he was to drunk to drive, so he forced her to drive his semi while he was in the back she was very frail from the baby just being born and always getting hit, she soon after lost control and crashed, she said she woke up in heaven, saying she saw flowers that she had never seen before, and that they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen, she also said she saw other plants and animals that we unexplainably pretty, she was enjoying them when all she heard was her name called out and the voice said it’s not your time, she says that she started yelling telling Jesus she wanted to stay, when she felt something grave her shoulders and push her down, when she woke up her husband and baby were dead. She never did drugs or drank due to her husbands behavior so drugs could not have had anything to do with her seeing these things, and she didn’t believe in Jesus at the time because she thought if there is a God he wouldn’t let this happen to me, so there is no way her “beliefs” or “religion” that she had made her see this.


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