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Top 10 Scenes Where Actors Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face


  1. Lodmot Author

    The one scene I remember vividly this happened was Billy Madison:
    Right at the end there. xD

  2. Shaun Bennett Author

    It's impossible to get everything, but I seriously don't know how you can have this list without placing what happens at the 5:13 mark on this video for Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam"…lol

  3. Travel Hog Author

    Should've included Paul Rudd's inability stop laughing at Will Ferrell's river of ejaculate from Anchorman 2 and/or jingo jango/rub a dub dub from Role Models.

  4. whoopdeedoo Author

    Can I see this again without you talking thru the whole thing? We aren't stupid we can enjoy it without you explaining all the funny away.

  5. Russell Curtis Author

    One of the best ones was when Jim Ignatowski (played by Christopher Lloyd) was applying for his taxi license on the show Taxi. Filling out the application was classic but the ultimate was when he took the test. He asked for help on the first question.

    Jim: What does a yellow light mean?

    Bobby (played by Jeff Connaway): (whispering) Slow down.

    Jim repeats the question slower. Continue the scene until one of the other actors loses it.

  6. Deirdre Caskenette Author

    Thinking about Pierce Brosnan trying not to break out in grins whilst listening to Robin Williams' innuendos in Mrs.Doubtfire.

  7. Perseus King Author

    What? I don't believe it, i just don't believe it. The most infamous scene in the most infamous movie didn't make the list. When Dorothy meets the lion in The Wizard of Oz!! She couldnt couldn't stop giggling and Victor Fleming pulled her to the side and slapped her. Even in the final take, you can see her holding back her laughter.

  8. littlesocialjen Author

    It’s pretty fucking awesome that Robin Williams won his Academy Award for a movie where his most famous scene is improvised

  9. Envectus HD Gaming Author

    what about the scene from Porky's after he puts his penis through the hole into the women's bathroom shower and the woman grabs it and they're interrogating them in the office that was all ad-libbed and that's why everyone was cracking up laughing.

  10. Paul John Longua Author

    Just as I thought, you guys are horrible at commuting timing and you don't know when to start the clip or in the clip or show the clip just talk over it with your stupid dry voice. You always screw up comedy. Always! You never let the scene play through to prove your point. Unbelievable. Thumbs down

  11. Francis Hendershott Author Watch this one, where he asks That's a nice shirt, do they make it for men?

  12. Andy Macedo Author

    Only betrayal is u people betraying your country and moral compass ! I don't betray anyone ! You people are all sell outs ! You sold out for money ! Pathetic ! Take that shit down the street and don't come at me bra !

  13. Lovely Little Pets Author

    You forgot the time ariana grande as Cat Valentine in an episode of victorious when she was ment to be mad was was smiling. I think its cald Cell Block, or something.

  14. Greg Talley Author

    Gene Wilder cracking up Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles should be on the list. "What did you expect? 'Welcome, sonny?' 'Make yourself at home?' 'Marry my daughter?' You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons."

  15. Amy Fisher Author

    Mister Roberts from 1955. Henry Fonda as Mister Roberts and Jack Lemmon as Ensign Pulver are standing nose to nose as Ensign Pulver tells Mister Roberts about the prank he’s planning to pull on the captain, played by James Cagney. Henry Fonda plays his character pretty straight throughout the entire movie (which is a comedy), but he cannot keep a straight face in that particular scene.

  16. Dave Basarich Author

    #1 scene is the bar scene near the end of the return of the Pink Panther Sellers and Catherine Schell " HERE IS LOOKING AT YOU KID."..hands down.  Second is the elevator fart scene in the revenge of the Pink Panther.

  17. Atlas Complex Author

    at 8:31 Obi-wan looked like he was about to roll his eyes lmao, even had to pause to collect himself. I don't get what's so weird about the line but that scene was fucking hilarious xD!!!

  18. Lynda Faye Author

    Wait a minute, is that my favorite female narrator saying " INCIDENTS-es ? It's plural ,, and it s only three syllables no such word my dear! BTW these ARE Ten Top Scenes IN WHICH the actors couldn't Keep a Straight Face. Missed my calling I suppose-but I'm really irritated now-this was one of the best speaking well-enunciated narrators. Fix that you guys-Surely you have a copy editor somewhere ? (Sixth Grade English Grammar book might help?" h a ha ha ha ha good thing the video was really good!!

  19. Balasar Windstriker Author

    Really doubt Ewan McGregor laughed TBH. It would've probably been in the bloopers. I think he was going for a sad/"aw fuck. i can't believe you've done this" expression.

  20. Bbufkinator Author

    I feel like fmj should have got on the list because not only was the grin scene unscripted but so was most of Lee Ermy's dialogue. So it was TWO unscripted moments

  21. Masochistik M. Author

    I can't sit thru a 10 min explanation of why something is supposed to be funny. why can't they just show the clip and let us laugh. It's way overexplained and that ruins it. Give people credit, we'll figure it out.

  22. Schmitty300 Author

    Wayne's World when Garth asks Wayne if he finds Bugs Bunny attractive when he puts on a dress and plays a girl bunny. Mike Myers loses it, and it's kept.

  23. Dw Nl Author

    I just don't understand why there were no clips from Carol Burnett Show. That could have filled the top ten on its own. For that matter, where was Monty Python's Life of Brian's Biggus Dickus scene? That was funnier than most of this list.

  24. Robbie R. Esq. Author

    The AP toilet example is lame. He smiled after relieving himself. Naturally! How is that 'coming out of character'? I'd say it's pretty much in character, no?


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