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Top 10 Surprising Actor First Roles


  1. spoonmerlin Author

    I was expecting Harrison Ford for his start as a bellhop in "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round" to make the list. It was all TV bit parts and a small part in "American Graffiti" before "Star Wars".

  2. Yevgeniya Kononoff Author

    I love Christian Bale in 1987’s Mio in the Land of Faraway. Don’t know if it’s surprising, but it’s definitely not Batman and certainly not the Machinist.

  3. Steel Here Author

    Early in their careers, both Jeff Goldblum and Laurence Fishburne portrayed muggers/rapists in the Charles Bronson movies "Death Wish" and "Death Wish 2."

  4. Laura Streeter Author

    What's the deal here? No women? Women aren't employed as actors? I mean, what the hell? Here's a just few women who suprised a lot of people in early roles.

    Joan Crawford: Rain, 1932
    Bette Davis: Of Human Bondage 1934
    Anne Magnani: Rome, Open City, 1945
    Judy Holliday: Adam's Rib (Almost stole the movie from Tracy and Hepburn)
    Audrey Hepburn: Roman Holliday
    Gene Tierney: Leave Her to Heaven, 1945 (Not really an early role but played a narcissistic killer. Suprise!)
    Meryl Streep: Julia, 1977 (On screen for a memorable 3 minutes… if that long)

    I guess the more subtle, quiet roles women take on are far less significant and of little importance.

    OK, carry on. :-))

  5. Ceares Author

    I always thought everybody knew about Matthew Mack in Dazed and Confused. He was pretty much the standout in that movie and his alright, alright.alright has become his catch phrase. Also, Morgan Freeman….more surprising, at least to his fans at the time was probably his breakthrough film role in Street Smart.

  6. Bruce Coleman Author

    joan crawford as a gypsy girl in silent films? elizabeth taylor as a child star? s epetha merkerson on pee wees playhouse? julianne moore on a soap opera? women? hello?

  7. Dale Maggio Author

    Let's not forget how many top names flew out in 1 movie: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. And it may not have been his first, but nobody noticed Jim Carey (James Carey) in Sudden Impact.

  8. emma7203 Author

    Gerard Butler in the background aboard a submarine James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies. One line. Same year he made "Mrs. Brown" with Billy Connolly.

  9. David Wilby Author

    Jeff and Beau Bridges! Actor. Born Jeffrey Leon Bridges on December 4, 1949, in Los Angeles, California. Bridges was born into a Hollywood family: His father was famed actor Lloyd Bridges, and his mother, Dorothy, was also an actress, which paved the way for both his and big brother Beau's early careers. Bridges made his first big-screen appearance as an infant in The Company She Keeps (1951). His mother and brother also made uncredited appearances in the film.

  10. Marcus Harrison Author

    Samuel L. Jackson had quite a few memorable cameos in 80s films before becoming a star. Coming to America, Do the Right Thing, Goodfellas.

  11. Samantha Sarmiento Author

    Your list is very white male identitifed. I’ve actually noticed that about 98% of your videos. Maybe try branching out, yeah? There are actresses and actors of color. FYI.

  12. rockweedgirl Author

    Clint Eastwood's 1955 Revenge of the Creature, it's pretty funny. He's uncredited but you can't miss him. Then that same year he did Tarantula!. Yep, off to an auspicious start!

  13. rockweedgirl Author

    Also, Mick Jagger. Back in the late 50s he appeared in his father's phys ed instructional tv program "Seeing Sport". And he cut his teeth singing in his church choir!

  14. Rivka Willick Author

    Do you guys just hate women or what? There's a lot of amazing actresses, although they could be included on this list or do another, but instead, you just ignore them, here and most of your other lists.

  15. Rivka Willick Author

    Tom Hanks starred in a sit com, Bosom Buddies in 1980-the same year as He Knows You're Alone-so he was nationally known through TV.

  16. Faiba Bernard Author

    haha… it's aLmost hard to recognize Mr. Freeman in his young face.
    ever since, as a kid, I've seen him with grey hair.
    I got a List of classic fiLms and in the ones he features, the dude still got grey hair – so #Cinefix, this right here is goLden to me, maen…😁

  17. Cathleen Cooks Author

    Anthony Hopkins first movie was The White Bus 1967. One year later he played Richard the Lion Hearted in The Lion In Winter. Jack Lemmon should definitely have been on this list. His first movie role was an uncredited bit part as a plasterer in The Lady Takes a Sailor directed by Michael Curtiz 1949. In 1954 he played Pete Sheppard in It Should Happen To You directed by George Cukor. One year later he played Ensign Pulver in Mr. Roberts & won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  18. mrpjmoto Author

    Ed Norton pulling off his bizarre twist in "Primal Fear" made him an instant star. Similarly, Brad Pitt exuded such charm in his debut role in "Thelma and Louise" that he made us want to see more of him.

  19. Theresa Ivy Author

    I knew about Morgan Freeman because I actually watched the Electric Company when I was a kid (yeah, I'm old) but you guys may not know that his breakout role was as a vicious pimp. Damn, I can't remember the name of the film. Can someone help me out?

  20. growlinghands Author

    While I love zany Jack Black, "Bernie" (2011) shows he has real acting range. It's just a shame he didn't get any similar type roles after that.

  21. stupiddiary Author

    100% Leonardo DiCaprio in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape … at the premiere people were shocked that he isn't mentally disabled because they didn't think someone could act this way! He deserved an oscar for that role!

  22. Cynthia Edwards Author

    When thinking about Tom Hanks, although I love Big and Saving Privatet Ryan. The movie Mazes and Monsters and the TV show Busom Buddies always come mind.

  23. cristian castro Author

    I dont know if its their first roles ..but there a lot that are most impressive .jeff goldblum should have been here because he takes a role as a criminal in charles bronsons death wish which is opposite to the nerdy scientist i think it is much more impressive than a funny little kid to the grown funny man jack black..also paul ruebens AKA pee wee herman as the waiter in the blues brothers !! ok your rank is good still.!!

  24. echalone Author

    So 5 years on, with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, we now got a woman beater and a creepy predator in the list. Didn't age well…

  25. Sandra Lyn Author

    I was truly hoping that I'd hear Morgan Freemans name on the list. I watched "The Electric Company " every day it was on. I did the same with both "Sesame Street" and "Mister Roger's Neighborhood ". It was years before I realized what I knew him from. I'm a huge fan still of him. And I lllooooovvveeee his voice!!

  26. Mike 7 Author

    Morgan Freeman was a bitch slapping psycho pimp. I think his name was Lester. He smacked the hell out of Superman and scared the shit out of Christopher Reeves in real life. He kept calling everyone "bitch" on and off camera to stay in character.

  27. Joe L Author

    Always loved Morgan Freeman on The Electric Company. I was shocked when I learned Hollywood hadn't considered him a star earlier than they did.

  28. brownhaus815 Author

    Ummmm.. Tom Hanks was a well known Stand-up then he starred on Boosum Buddies tv show. And he made a much bigger Splash in movies with SPLASH – 1984 it was a full 4 years before BIG – 1988 and it did better at the box office too I believe.

    (Come-on Cinefix – check your work)

  29. BoltManiac Author

    How in the hell can Jeff Goldblum as “Freak #1” in Death Wish not be in this list? That was his FIRST role. After #2 I was thinking “Wow, they actually nailed it with Jeff as #1”.

  30. Monmon Castro Author

    How bout a top 10 on bizaare ways actors/actresses were discovered?
    Or top 10 cameos, adlibs, or even bloopers that went on to the final film..

  31. BeastOfTraal Author

    Jodi Foster in an Coppertone ad and Kurt Russell in a toy commercial


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