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Top 10 Terrifying Deaths in Disney Movies


  1. INoah Guy Author

    Honestly, Clayton’s death is probably the worst, I mean yeah, Ursula was impaled, but that man in a hysterical frenzy cut his own noose and hung himself. He couldn’t have even died from suffocation, he fell to fast and to hard. He had to have broken his neck. That’s just weird to think about.

  2. Coolphoenix1132 Author

    Number 1 should of been the deleted since of Ziras death from the lion king 2, I know I didn’t make it into the final movie but that was fricking horrible

  3. Réflex_Digits Aran Author

    What happened with the guy who transform himself into some kind of crystal being AND fall itself to shreds in the fans of the engine of his hot air balloon."Atlantis the lost CITY"movie.If its not disney that was a dark way to die.

  4. Helen Lee Author

    I expected the most terrifying death would be the evil queen's, the vultures were going to eat her dead body, but I also agree with Ursula's death

  5. Tiago Rodrigues Author

    The Black Cauldron had two intense death scenes that deserved to be in here honestly. You mentioned a villain getting sucked into hell? That movie's villain was ripped apart, we could see his skeleton and then he went to hell! The second death? Look on youtube for "Gurgi's Sacrifice" to watch an innocent character literally killing himself. Bambi's mom getting shot while she's jumping will forever be in my mind as well.

  6. GreyWolfLeaderTW Author

    I would say the most disturbing Disney death was, by far, the Horned King in the Black Cauldron.
    You literally see the Horned King's flesh melt off his bones as he screams in blood-curling agony while the magic of the Black Cauldron tears his soul from his body and sucks him into its maw.

  7. chance may Author

    what about ursala's sister morgana from the little mermaid 2, morgana gets sealed in ice and sinks to the bottom of the dark ocean, while true its not technically a death the ironic punishment is when it shows a picture of ursala floating down with her giving her view of the sister she was jealous of and hated tormenting her for all of her imprisinment

  8. GachamationsXx Author

    I think claytons death is worse, especially how it's my worse fear
    But, I think a Really scary death would be a villan being buried alive
    Its just my opinion

    Thx for the like! Oh wait thats just me

  9. Valore Dramack Author

    I don't know why people keep saying Clayton, he died instantly. Dr. Facilier was literally dragged to Hell, that's more horrifying than anything you can imagine. Wouldn't you rather be hung instead of having your soul dragged away by demons?

  10. TheRapasc Author

    10. You

    9. Cant

    8. Rank

    7. Them

    6. All

    5. They

    4. Are

    3. All

    2. Creepy

    1. Facilier's Headstone

    (All credit goes to Steph Wilkes, He did the same thing but with Clayton.)

  11. Finn Gumball Author

    Disney: we promise to provide "family-friendly" content to watch so sit back and enjoy/Relax

    Also disney:*Mauls,shoots,drags,pushes,tramples,hangs,stabs,poisons,burns,crushes there characters to death*

  12. Alex Cameron Author

    I never watched Disney as a child. I'm sad because of that but they got it a bit wrong with the mouse detective. It's actually the bell called Big Ben and rats are nicer than you think. My parents used to own some

  13. Bonnie Roberts Author

    My top 3 would probably be

    3. Mother Gothel, because the way she claws at her aging face, twisting about in a screaming fit is just disturbing – then falling out the window as she turns to ash is the cherry on top.
    2. Shadow Man, not only because of the way he was dragged into the shadow realm, his terrified voice, or the way he desperately tried to cling on to anything – but the tombstone. That's what always freaked me out.
    1. And finally, Clayton. Because seeing the hanging silhouette of his body disturbs me even to this day.

    Goddammit what happened to the good ol' dark Disney?


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