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Top 10 Upcoming Disney Live Action Movies

Hey movie lovers, i’m your host joce welcome
back to top 10 beyond the screen. Make sure you’re following the BTS team
on social media, all of our links are down below. And before we jump into today’s list, I
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we will be announcing our winners on on Friday, September 13th. Am I allowed to tag myself? And my dog? Cause I need this. 10) Starting off the list at number 10 is
Rose Red. Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth
that is since it’s not one of our classic Disney titles. It’s actually an up-coming live action fantasy
film that tells the story of Snow White’s sister: Rose Red. The story itself is inspired from the 1937
animated classic. The Rose Red character comes from Brother
Grimm’s Snow White and Rose-Red; the best way to sum this up for you is that the Snow
White in the original story is not the same character as the one in Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs, which we are all very used to. No real details of the plot have been given
just that the movie is said to pick up in the moments after Snow White bites the poisoned
apple. That’s when her sister embarks on this adventure
with the Seven Dwarfs to find a cure. As for cast, the only thing that was announced
was that Disney has eye on Brie Larson for the lead role. Our Captain Marvel might be the hero in a
different story. 9) Up next at number 9 is Peter Pan. We’ve seen this one done before let’s
be honest; it has been brought to life a variety of times, but Disney is set to remake the
1953 animated film. We’ve seen different tv shows and movies
based on the characters but the Director, David Lowry is going to set his sights on
re-imagining Peter Pan’s story. Back in 2016 he spoke about his vision with
Collider and said that he’s a big fan of the movie and wants to put his own spin on
the original material. He said: it made a huge impact on how I grew
up. I love the cartoon. I love the 2003 version. I didn’t know how I would do it better. Then I started thinking, well, how would I
do it, not better, but differently? No date has been announced for the release,
but I am personally excited to see what he does differently for this one. I’m never sick of Peter Pan, it’s such
a good classic story. 8) Swiping the number 8 spot is Lilo & Stitch. This one had Disney fans pumped when it announced
that it will be returning as a live-action movie, with some help from CGI, of course. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who were the
producers of the Aladdin remake, are working on this one next. They hired Mike Van Waes to be the project’s
screenwriter, who is best known for his work in the horror genre, so this should be interesting. Images actually started surfacing of a live-action
Stitch character and fans were thinking it was for the upcoming movie. And since our screenwriter is known for his
scary stuff, it made sense, because the images were horrifying. Turns out, it was confirmed that they are
NOT connected to Disney’s upcoming production and it was actually just fan art created by
an artist named Boris Kiselicki. And thank god, because I think the children
would be scared. No information has really come out yet, we
still aren’t sure if it’s going to be in theatres or will just be released for Disney’s
upcoming streaming service Disney plus. Here’s hoping for the big screen. 7) Coming into number 7 is The Hunchback of
Notre Dame. This Disney classic remake was announced more
recently in January of 2019. Because of it being more recent there isn’t
too much info for us to get excited about, just that we can expect to see it as a live-action. It will keep the same original title and will
be a new adaptation of the novel written by Victor Hugo. It’s been reported that it will be re-done
as a full on musical and Josh Gad, who did Frozen, is on board to produce it. I’m on board with anything that is going
to be a full on musical. Yes. No cast has been announced yet since it’s
still in the early stages of development, which just means that I still have a chance
at getting a role. 6) In at number 6 is The Sword in the Stone. I feel like this movie has always been under
appreciated. As a kid it may have seemed a little more
boring compared to some of the other storylines, since it follows the story of a young King
Arthur. But nonetheless, Disney is remaking the 1963
story which follows King Arthur and his lessons with the epic Wizard Merlin. The remake will be written by the Game of
Thrones writer and producer, Bryan Cogman, so we know it won’t disappoint. Let’s hope he saved a shield or two from
his work on Game of Thrones, in case true fans aren’t impressed. No other information about the plot or cast
has been leaked yet but we do know that it won’t be in theatres, it will debut on Disney
plus. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 is
The Little Mermaid. It was first reported back in 2016 that the
live-action remake was on its way. For a while we thought it was fake news because
it just seemed too good to be true, but it’s legit. Casting for the lead role of Ariel was announced
and Halle Bailey will be taking the part. You probably know her best as one of the members
in the R&B group Chloe X Halle. It caused a bunch of controversy because some
fans weren’t thrilled that Ariel would be played by a black actress. But tons of people came to her defense, including
Jodi Benson, the actress who voiced Ariel in the original movie. It was reported that Melissa McCarthy will
take on the role of Ursula, which in my opinion is a genius choice. And Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina are in talks
to voice Flounder and Scuttle. No release date has been nailed down yet but
we can expect to see it in 2021. 4) Here at number 4 we have Cruella. That’s right, the 101 Dalmatians villain
is getting her own movie title and the person taking on the epic role of Cruella is Emma
Stone. Other cast members have also been announced
and we can look forward to seeing Emma Thompson, Paul Hauser, and Joel Fry. The movie is currently in production and we’ve
been able to see some behind the scene photos of Emma Stone rocking some bright red hair. But don’t fear, she will still be rocking
the legendary black and white hair and we also got a look at it when Disney showed us
her official look on Twitter. Honestly, I love that they picked Emma Stone
for this part I think that she’s going to kill it. We don’t know much else about the plot but
it’s been described as an 80’s set origin story with a punk vibe. So I’m not really sure what that means. The original release date was December 23rd
2020, which we were hella pumped about, but it’s been pushed back and confirmed as May
28th 2021. So we have to sit back and relax for this
one. 3) Alright guys, at number 3 is Mulan. This one has been highly anticipated since
it’s been delayed on more than one occasion. It was said to be coming out in 2018, then
that changed to 2019, and now it’s 2020. But it’s all set in stone now. The movie will follow the original story and
Disney is hoping that it will engage Chinese audiences in a way that they feel the original
animation failed to do. Chinese American actress Liu Yifei was cast
to play Mulan and it’s been reported that all primary roles in the movie, including
Mulan’s love interest, are Chinese. We will notice one big difference though and
that is that there will be no music. The director of the remake, Niki Caro, announced
that it will not be a musical, which shattered all my hopes and dreams of seeing a live rendition
of I’ll Make a Man Out of You. She told Moviefone: It will be extremely muscular
and thrilling and entertaining and moving. Disney released the first picture of the new
Mulan on August 13th and announced that production on the movie has officially begun.It will
hit theatres on March 27th 2020. 2) In spot number 2 is Lady and The Tramp. If you’ve been on the internet lately you’ve
probably seen the adorable footage of the real dogs being used for the live-action remake. And if not, we got you covered. Disney released the images on Twitter and
shared that the new movie will be released on their new streaming service, Disney Plus. The remake has been described as a live-action/animation
hybrid, but the dogs will be played by these real-life dogs, which is cool. But who’s voicing the characters? Because although we wish it could happen,
we all know that dog’s can’t talk. Justin Theroux will be voicing Tramp and Tessa
Thompson is taking on the voice of Lady. The Disney plus streaming service launches
this fall  and this remake will be released on November 12th 2019, so it looks like we
won’t be getting a theatrical release. 1)Taking the number 1 spot is Maleficent:
Mistress of Evil. The first movie came out 4 years ago and raked
in 758 million dollars at the box office so it only makes sense that a sequel would be
made. Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning are returning
for their roles as Maleficent and Princess Aurora. In the sequel we will see their characters
find new alliances along with enemies as they fight to protect their enchanted kingdom and
everything that lives in it. It’s been said that the story will pick
up several years after the events of the first movie and that princess Aurora is actually
soon to be queen. It has been in development since 2014, but
the filming began last May and we got to see a little behind the scenes fun when Elle posted
a picture of her and Angelina on set. This one we can get excited about because
it’s next in line and will be coming out on October 18th 2019. Well, there you have it. There are 10 upcoming Disney movies you can
get excited about. Tell me down in the comments which one you’re
most excited for and hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video. Before we go, I want to one last shoutout
to Disney for sponsoring today’s video and allowing fans a chance to win the Disney live-action
remake of Aladdin on Blue-Ray DVD. Make sure you head over to our instagram page
to enter the contest- it’s a whole new world over there. Get it? I’m your host joce and i’ll see you next


  1. mick mills Author

    Disney has went so SJW I stopped watching anything they make a few years ago. Add the way they treat there actors and its a bust to me. I mean the rules they have for kids to be a disney star are out there and make it so they cant even make mistakes that all kids make without losing there job.They are basicaly the slave master and the child actors are the slaves.

  2. Alban COURTY Author

    The disney movies that I would like in live action are:
    For "Pinocchio", I hope so much that there will be this music "Coach To Pleasure Island" 0 : 48 to 2:25 and "Hi Diddle Dee Dee An Actor's Life For Me", and that Monstro will always be a sperm whale or a species of Livyatan melvillei and that in the end it will have a rather Heroic attacking and swallowing the enemies of Pinocchio: Stromboli or the coachman. I would agree that Honest John and Gideon become heroic in the end as Lefou in The Beauty and the Beast of 2017.

    For "The Sword In The Stone" adaptation of the 1963 movie, I would like so much this music and song "Higitus Figitus", the owl Archimedes with the same personality as in the cartoon and able to speak, Madam Mim with the same personality and also comic. I would see Ian McKellen as Merlin where this character is also comical and clumsy.

    I would definitely agree to the Live Action version of "The Aristocats" as long as there is music and the song "Everybody Wants to Be A Cat" played (with musical instruments) and sung by Scat Cat and Alley Cats.

    I wish so much a remake of "The Great Mouse Detective" of 1986 in Live Action as long as there will be this song and this music of "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" as well as the main theme from 0:00 to 0:39.

    For "Atlantis The Lost Empire" in Live Action, I would like so much that there is the scene of the launch of the submarine with this music "Atlantis: The Lost Empire The Submarine" from 0:00 to 0:05, from 0:51 to 1:11 and 2:15 to 3:17 included in the movie, as well as leviathan attack

    with the same music "Atlantis The Lost Empire The Leviathan" .

    I hope so much that for the films "Rose Red" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in Live-Action, there will be the song with the same music "heigh ho" sung by the dwarves from 1:26 from 1:20.

    For the remake of Peter Pan of 1953 in Live Action, I hope it will be told how Peter Pan cut Captain Hook's hand before throwing it at the crocodile, how and where the crocodile swallowed the alarm clock, where does Peter, the lost boys, Captain Hook and the pirates come from before arriving at the Neverland; and also how Hook became captain. I wish that the aspect of Captain Hook, as well as his ship the Jolly Roger are based on those of "Hook" of Steven Spielberg. Although it is not part of Disney, I wish there was this music "Presenting The Hook" of "Hook" of 1991.

  3. sally skellington Author

    I love the idea of a black ariel!! I can't wait for cruella! Shes is literally my everything!! Not the dog abuse and killing but her style and her hair ❤❤❤ her over the top personality! Im glad they are showing younger people what us older people grew up watching and kind of updating it…. Im can say I'm glad they haven't done a Pocahontas since it was a real story…it down play the true events…

  4. Kydra Fraznoir Author

    Want to know which Disney movie I would like to see get a live action remake next The Fox and the Hound, sure it wasn't a hit when it was released and it had a rocky development and was released during the Disney Dark Age but it was a financial success, and it stood out for it's time even today, and it had mixed reviews at the time, and it developed a low cult following, and was nominated 3 rewards, and it has a fan base, and I consider it a Disney cult classic. If Disney ever consider remake this it will most likely be released on the Disney Plus steaming service, and I would like to see some changes like more story, new characters, new songs, and some backstory for Tod, Copper, Vixey, Chief, Widow Tweed. and Amos Slade respectively.


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