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Top 10 Worst Disney Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed

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bell so that you never miss another video. Let’s talk about movie mistakes. No one’s perfect right, everyone makes mistakes,
even a huge company like Disney. No matter how many artists or writers work
on a Disney animation, mistakes and errors are bound to end up in the final cut. Let’s check out some examples with today’s
list of Top 10 Worst Disney Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed. 10) Starting off the list at number 10 comes
from Toy Story. One of the things we have come to love about
the toys in the movie was how clever they were. They all had their own personalities and quirks
but one thing they were all good at was forming ridiculous strategies to solve their problems. At the beginning of the movie we see Sarge
and his army men scouting out Andy’s birthday party. They want to see what new toys Andy got for
his birthday so they can warn all the other toys who is joining his collection. In order to communicate from different rooms,
the army men are seen carrying a baby monitor with them. But there was one major mix-up that you probably
didn’t catch onto. The baby monitor that the army squad is using
is the handheld half, which only acts as a speaker. It doesn’t have a microphone on it, which
means the other toys wouldn’t actually be able to hear what they were saying. The one with the microphone is on Andy’s
bedside table with the other toys. So really, their plan would have been a big
fail, but Disney just went along with it. 9) Our next mistake in spot number 9 is from
Finding Nemo. Now, this one is a little too technical for
me personally to notice. What I’m saying is i’m too dumb to even
know that this was a thing, so if you caught this one, good on you. Pixar made a bit of a mistake when it came
to the laws of physics. It’s in the scene when Nemo’s fish tank
friends make their escape into the Sydney Harbour. We see that they are all floating in little
plastic bags of water. Which might have seemed like a really good
idea at first, but it isn’t once you realize that bags of salt water wouldn’t float above
the Ocean’s surface in perfect spheres. According to the physics side of i, they would
normally sink to match the same level as the oceans body of water. To me, I wouldn’t have ever noticed, and
to be honest, I don’t really care. I totally get the idea they had in mind, and
it’s a Disney movie. Nothing in Disney is realistic. 8) Sliding into number 8 is Monsters Inc. Fans have pointed out a variety of continuum
issues with the movie, but one movie mistake that is a bit more obvious is Boo’s laugh. Mike and Sully spend most of their time trying
to keep track of the little girl, and they soon realize that her laugh is more powerful
than their own Monster screams. It’s so strong that it could actually cause
a massive power outage. However, their inconsistency stands out because
Boo spends most of her time in the movie giggling and laughing away, so why don’t ALL of her
laughs have the same effect? It doesn’t really make sense. The filmmakers have commented on this inconsistency
and explained that it would cause too many challenged if they followed that rule from
beginning to end, so they were forced to just ignore it. But passionate Disney fans will never ignore
a mistake; they will ALWAYS find it. 7) Up next at number 7 comes from Frozen. I love this movie so much that I’m in denial
about it having mistakes, but the reality is that it does. An obvious mistake involves a missing prop. Props are an important part of movies, even
in animated films. You can notice a prop disappear in the scene
when Hans tells Elsa that her sister has been killed by cold magic. While the two of them are out on the ice,
it’s clear he doesn’t have any weapons with him. But just a moment later you can hear the sounds
of a sword being drawn. Just like that a massive sword magically appears
as if it was there with him the whole time. On top of that, he isn’t wearing a sheath
that would have made the sound of a sword being drawn. So either Hans has some magical powers too
or this was a really bad editing mistake. 6) In at number 6 is from the classic Disney
movie Cinderella. One of the most important moments of a Disney
Princess movie is the ending of a love story. Luckily for Cinderella, she gets her Prince
Charming in the end and rides off in a carriage with him after becoming his wife. In reality, a wedding day is wildly special
and well planned out. But the editors didn’t plan out their side
of the wedding scenes because Cinderella has a wardrobe malfunction in the final edit. In the scene where Cinderella and the Prince
are riding off in their carriage, her wedding dress is long sleeved as she waves out the
window. But then in the next shot we see them share
a kiss and her dress is sleeveless. There is no way she did a costume change that
quickly. Apparently there were two different animators
working on it at the time and they are to blame; there is even a slight difference in
the colour of the carriages drapes too throughout the scene. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 comes
from the movie Tangled. Another mistake that was found at the emotional
climax of the movie. Disney lovers were left in shock at the end
of the movie when Eugene made the ultimate sacrifice, cutting off Rapunzel’s magical
hair to keep her from saving his life. It was pretty intense, and maybe that’s
why no one noticed a pretty obvious mistake. Even the animators seemed to be distracted
because in the scene, you can clearly see that he has a metal shackle chained to his
right wrist. But then in the next angle when he raises
his hand to touch Rapunzel’s face one last time, the shackle is magically missing from
his wrist. Not a massive mistake that will destroy the
movie, just something that’s so silly it shouldn’t have even happened. For the people who did spot the mess up, it
takes away from the big, dramatic ending. 4) Here we are at number 4 with one from Toy
Story 2. If fans found a mistake in the first movie
you know they are going to find one in the sequel. This one is only silly because from an editing
point of view, it’s kind of common sense. Maybe my editors can back me up on this. In the hilarious scene where Rex and Ham are
playing with the television remote, flipping through the channels, you might have missed
the slip up when the TV was finally turned off. They are finally able to turn it off after
some chaotic attempts, but when they do, the reflection on the TV doesn’t show the two
of them sitting in front of it. The reflection of the room is on the TV, but
not them. So either the animators forgot to put the
toys’ reflections on the screen or Hex and Ham are actually the ghosts of dead toys. 3) Alright guys, at number 3 comes from Zootopia,
or as some people know it as Zootropolis. The 2016 movie was originally named Zootopia,
but then Disney changed its name to Zootropolis for the UK release. But whatever title you want to go by, the
mistake still remains the same in both. The mess up happens in the scene when Judy
answers the phone with her parents on the other end. When she answers the facetime call we can
see that the time says 8:40pm.Moments later we see the time on the phone says 9:44pm,
but their conversation only lasted a few minutes, so we’re not really sure how that happened. Maybe they meant 8:44 and the conversation
lasted 4 minutes? I don’t know. 2) At number 2 we have a mistake from another
classic Disney movie: The Lion King. I’m just going to come out and say it you
guys, this mistake is a bad one; this one is rough. It’s so ridiculous that no one caught onto
it at some point in time through the editing process. It’s the scene where Timon spins around
and is wearing a flower on his head and a purple boa. We expect nothing less from the crazy guy,
but it’s amazing how he’s not wearing either of the two costume pieces at the start
of the shot. When he’s facing away from the camera, he
doesn’t have them on. But when he turns around, BAM, they are there. It’s easier to forgive continuity issues
when its different shots, but all in one shot? Not so forgiving. 1) Taking the number 1 spot is Pocahontas. This one small mistake has been noticed by
many people who have no problem admitting how much it makes their head hurt. Now, when it comes to the use of shadows in
animated and CG movies, things can be tricky. They have to bend, overlap, move, and distort,
which can be a challenge for the animators. However, there’s no way this should have
made it into the movie. When Pocahontas and Nakoma are walking and
holding hands, their shadows in front of them should be the same mirroring image, but it’s
not. For some reason, their shadows aren’t holding
hands. Their shadows actually don’t look the same
at all; it’s weird. Alright guys, because I’m such a fan of
Disney, I think I can look past these mistakes. We all make mistakes. But let me know down in the comments which
one surprised you the most, and tell me if you caught onto any of them before this list. For now, let’s do some comment shoutouts. Samantha Stuessel says: you should do a top
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awesome, much love to the entire top ten team – – awww much love from all of us to you. Imaginary group hug. Alright, i’m out of here, I got nothing
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