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Top 5 school fight scenes in movies

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  1. Toxic Scorpio Author

    Tbh I don't think there's any reason for me to choose who wins any of these fights. From the second one I saw one guy was holding his nose so whoever punched him must've packed a powerful punch! But if I was in a situation where somebody started being an asshole, I'd start punching until I can't punch anymore. If anybody hits me, I'm going to punch that person back. Nobody should mess with me

  2. L•C_ Gacha Author

    I know he’s an adult now but does no one else think karate kid as a younger wasssss sooooooo peng XD like why no one in meh school lookin like that xD

  3. Allie Earps Author

    Why is it that all the “cool kids” have goons or whatever to beat up the other kid when the supposed leader is down. Is the “leader” to wake to handle a fight on his own?

  4. Jungelosin Author

    You forgot to get my Fighting scene into this Video 😀
    i was fighting with the boy of my Class He is just 13 years old and i am 12 years old 😀

  5. Delara Delara Author

    I liked 13 reasons why it’s was like a war zone especially the part where goods guys were loosing then a group of people came in like LETS GOOOOOOOO


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