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TOP THEATRE BLOOPERS PT 2 | Theater Falls & Mishaps

Welcome to TPM Vids! Today, We’re gonna be looking at more of the best theatre bloopers and fails. From amateur theatre productions All the way to the bright lights on Broadway. So let’s kick things off with some falls on stage NANNY? -sanic sped- (prepare yourself) OOF (i have no idea what they’re saying) I think you broke mY hAiR We need a fix that. (ObViOuSlY) -slams face- Let ME try wink wonk wink wonk Oh s- Wheres you going to this time mate? (when depression hits) Yea, it certainly helps with my naughty attitude OOo -laughing- You know whats worse then falling on stage? its falling OFF of it tun tun tun Oh Meh God Oh mY g- yEaH These are the wardrobe malfunctions YoUr NoT a LiOn?!? (Dorothy’s face) T R I G G E R E D A secretary’s… Sometimes the show’s going gReAt! Until something breaks. Then your left with a blooper Just note that the glass bottle she is holding is a real glass bottle. Play the clip (rest in peace) Even Broadway has some bloopers. I would like to. SoN Of A- AgHH eheh sorry I’m so excited I lost my (?) Was it something I said? Ill give something in return! oh well some better glue And sometimes the set falls right over To EGHHH And no show’s complete without a finale. If you have a video or a fail you’d like to share with us Follow the link in the description below! Thanks A lot for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel And check out some of these other videos which we’re sure you’ll like -jazzy music-


  1. MasterGaming Author

    So in middle school drama, while rehearsing we could go through the lines without any pause or mess up…but on the performance day, we got about halfway through the play and someone forgot their line so people were just awkwardly saying lines trying to get it going and I just hid my face behind a computer and laughed😂😂

  2. Chelsea Lomez Author

    The second I saw them in point all I could think is “please don’t break an ankle” that could’ve gone so much worse and I’m so glad it didn’t

  3. Dwight the beet King Author

    I do set/stage crew at my school and we usually don’t have shoes on unless we’re using saws and such so once during LMJ my friend left her black/lime green slides on a set opening night and they glowed in the black light

  4. Camila Valencia Author

    In my Annie show the dog scout
    Could not do what’s Annie say
    She said here Sandy but the dog look the other way instead of Annie

  5. Sparrow99 Author

    1:42 ahhh it’s the Metrognomes. I feel nostalgic. I loved those as a kid, especially the chef hat one. They still do their shows in the metrocentre which is pretty cool.

  6. King CleCle Author

    Last time I went on stage (it was last june) the whole show was about me (the main character) dreaming and so at the beginning of the play I had to go to bed… When I sat on the bed, it broke 😱😂 I kept acting as if it was normal but damn it was so terrifying 😭😂😂

  7. BigSis Gymnast Author

    My mom had to play Peter Pan in high school because the kid got sick. They flew her into the light set and had to color a hole in her tights with a green marker.

  8. Sarah Thomason Author

    I did Seussical this summer and there’s a part where a song talks about fishes swimming so they added people to dress like fish and dance. So I was one and they gave us streamers and I jumped up on a box like I’m supposed to, but I accidentally stepped on my streamer so I just had to keep going like nothing happened and pick it up when I could. It’s show biz baby

  9. hathats Author

    when talia saskauer went on for Chloe in DYWH from BMC the bed didn't come out so she literally did the whole slutty choreography on the floor

  10. Delaney Leary Author

    omg i played the head drummer in mulan for my school play and on opening night, it was the beginning of the parade, and i had to hit the drumsticks together over my head and the first one i did… one of the drumsticks snapped in half and flew into the audience and i had to keep going for the next 7 minutes with 1 1/2 drumsticks and like 4 minutes later one of the lantern girls picked it up and handed it to me on stage 😂

  11. Kitten Toes Author

    This happened when I was Banzai in lion king. During the scene where Sarabi is facing off Scar, Scar falls off "pride rock" (it was like 6 ft or something) there was paper around the rock to make it look like a rock, and he fill inside of pride rock. I improved by going "somebody should.. ah.. go check on him" and proceeded to laugh with the other hyenas. Scar gets back up (pride rock is ripped) and shouts, "quiet you fools!" And then the scene goes on. It was great 🙂

  12. BluueeJay Author

    The genie has to be one of the best here, the level of improv throughout the multiple scenes and changes is just so great. One of the few to make me cackle aloud lmao

  13. Scarlet_Widow Author

    Theater kid of 13 years here, minoring in it in college-worst that’s happened to me was either when the curtain didn’t close after a scene in my fair lady (we kept going but it STILL DIDN’T CLOSE and there was a very awkward pause until someone figured it out), or during Fantines death scene in Les Mis-I asked for a blanket, and then realized that it hadn’t been set up. He improvised and added a line tho-it happens!

  14. good mythical maddie Author

    my school did music man back in march and im super glad this happened in rehearsal and not the actual show but i was in ensemble and my dress was too long and during wells fargo i was literally just walking across the stage and i stepped on my dress and faceplanted and ripped my dress

  15. Da Amazing Panda Wanda Author

    Dis is all WRONG THE BEST BLOoper was in my play beauty and the beast I was chip anyways they got the wrong dress on bell (we had two casts) so it wouldnt zip so she was walking backwards the entire t8me in the song everyone was laughing also in the final song they wouldn’t start the music so we all where go like yea 8 missed you then they started it and it was a scramble in get in place 🤣

  16. LizMarie Diaz Author

    I’ve had my fair share of mishaps on stage. At least three that I can fully remember being part of. First one was in the Scottish Play. I was the third witch and I miscalculated a running jump I had to take for an entrance in a scene we choreographed. Almost fell through a hole in the ground (over 40 year old stage with barely any management). Second, Romeo and Juliet, I played Boy Capulet and Lady Capulet, my friend misheard a cue and came in to early during a scene and I had to go in with him to try and improvise the scene. Third, also Romeo and Juliet, the stage is a death trap that is very uneven and I ended up falling from the “tower” in the beginning of the show almost breaking my ribs and hip and head on my way down but I got up and kept on acting all night long cuz the show must always go on.

  17. Ameils Author

    In my schools production of the wizard of oz, the toy we used for Toto lost its head during the show and one of the cast members goes, “don’t worry we will take him to the vet”

  18. Valeria Alessandra GARCIA FELIX Author

    I was the lead in my school musical and my shoe came off and I fell on my face. Everyone started laughing, including me. It was during the climax.

  19. Mia Pirichy Author

    In a show I was in we had this massive decorative should wood door and frame. It opened in 4 separate parts. On opening night the doors fell down and thankfully they didn't hit the person behind them. Everyone played it off really well though.

  20. Ellen Spear Author

    Surely amateurs should not be looked at here. They're never well rehearsed, largely untrained and the potential for errors, miscalculations and disasters abound. We who do amateur theatre realize we're in a different class than the professionals.

  21. Jacey McKenna Author

    Lol I did a show once where I had to wear these shoes that were a size too big for me and I tripped and almost fell every single night when we were running up for bows😂

  22. Minecraft_Chick_1001 Author

    I was in a play once. These guys were dressing up as girls and I was a makeup artist for them. I had on a bracelet and it accidentally attached to one of their wigs and I pulled on it and I accidentally snatched it off. Oops 🙊

  23. IslesGirl3 Author

    2 stories

    1. When I was Sandy in Grease I had to change into the black outfit super fast and it was super tight and I was sweating bullets!! My second performance I actually missed going on, but my cast mates did incredible improv to give me more time like, "Sandy is on her way and trust me there's more to her than you believed." Never been more grateful for such incredible cast mates!

    2. During Sweeney Todd, in the market scene when you meet Pirelli I had to come on and pretend to sell something in my hands. Right before I went on my friend dumped raisins in my hand and pushed me out. So I had a hand full of raisins and pretended to sell them. The guys I went up to were shocked and I saw them trying not to laugh as was I. I had to move my hands and sing soon and I didn't know what to do so I hid behind my other cast mates and shoved them all in my mouth and quickly ate them. During the Pirelli shave contest as he's singing the song, his mustache started to come off! I was trying to not laugh so hard and the stage crew behind me was laughing so it made me want to laugh even more!

  24. Twitching Sparrow Author

    During my first major play with my theatre, I played Helena in Midsummer Nights Dream. Well, I think it was the second night (the evening show) and when I had to grab Demetrius's cape his actress just straight up fell. We kept the scene going, but then her sword also fell, so, in a great moment of improv, she pointed at me as she left saying "I ALONE will go"

  25. Things And Stuff 101 Author

    For my eighth grade play a seventh grader didn’t start his que because “I wasn’t looking” in his direction so he though I wasn’t ready. So he decided to not go out at all. It was an important scene in which we had to re improvise In. Super bad. Lol was funny though


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