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Toy Story | Cinema Secrets

Hi I’m Jamie, and today we’re going to look
at the cinema secrets of TOY STORY. Toy Story was the first feature length computer
animated film in history. It actually began life as a sequel to Pixar’s short film, Tin
Toy. In fact, the books behind Woody have the titles of Pixar’s early short films on
them, and the names of crew members. In the same scene, you can see an early design of
Lotso from Toy Story 3 – he was meant to be the villain from the start but back in 1995,
the animators couldn’t get the fur right. But it almost never got made – Disney was
quite controlling of the story, and the first draft of the script was so bad that Disney
execs halted production. Then they realised that if they left Pixar to their own devices,
they could make a good film. And they did! If Toy Story was Homeward Bound with toys,
and Toy Story 2 was a rescue mission, then the third film is a prison break movie. It’s
got all the tropes of a prison movie, including the harmonica, allusions to rape, and this
scene is lifted straight from Cool Hand Luke. The trilogy is full of references to classic
films. In Sid’s house, the carpet’s design is lifted straight from The Shining. And they’re obsessed with Star Wars. Montage! ‘Where are your rebel friends now?’
‘Noooo!’ The second film has yet more cameos.
The cleaner is Geri from another Pixar short, Geri’s Game. And here’s Heimlich from A Bug’s Life. Ouch. Zurg is voiced by Andrew Stanton, who directed
Finding Nemo. The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots are voiced by directors John Lasseter and
Lee Unkrich. Unkrich also had one line in Toy Story 3. Toy Story 2 was originally going to be a TV
movie made by another company, but the script was so good Pixar took it over and turned
it into a full film. Still, we nearly never saw it. A Pixar staff
member accidentally deleted nearly the entire film. Luckily, one of the technical supervisors
had just had a baby and made a copy of the film to work from home. So it was saved! Barbie’s in Toy Story 2. She was meant to
be in the first film but Mattel didn’t think the film would be a hit, so refused. Barbie’s
role was filled by Bo Peep. She was cut from the third film simply because Pixar didn’t
think she could survive the incinerator scene, because she’s made of porcelain. So instead
they made us all think she was just landfill. Toy Story 4 is on the way and will add a new
genre to the series – a love story. Awww. So maybe Bo Peep will be back. Maybe.
‘And remember, I’m just a few blocks away.’ What’s your favourite Toy Story moment? Which
is your favorite Toy Story MOVIE? Comment below! Thanks for watching. Check out
up of Toy Story and
The Shawshank Redemption!


  1. Luke Hallett Author

    Disney didn't just let Pixar do what they want because the first draft was bad, instead Disney decided to bring in Joss Whedon to rewrite the film and make it work, which he did brilliantly. So, you know, you kinda got that wrong…

  2. Tony McModeNut Author

    I really wish these kinds of channels would stop asking those moronic questions at the end of each and every video. "What do YOU think!!!??!!!". As if they actually care and are not just trying to bump stats and drive traffic. It feels disingenuous. Or at least really insincere.

    Eh, whatever… Maybe I'm just old and cynical… =P

  3. thecheaterkid Author

    Didn't understand that stuff about Bopip not resisting the incinerate scene. Porcelain, as a ceramic, should tolerate high temperatures. maybe I didn't understand it tho

  4. sean Author

    Actually another reason Barbie wasn't in Toy Story was BC they didn't want Barbie to have a personality, so that the girls that played with her could give her their own.

  5. Jedi Mark Author

    The first time I cried to a movie scene was Andy saying goodbye to the toys at the end of TS3.. In a way I was saying goodbye to my toys and childhood too, it was my first year of college. Nostalgia at best.

  6. Andrey Ivanov Author

    OMG! If you pause exactly at 0:58 / 0:59 , you can see how at the very left part of the shot, the basket's rim literally "clips" into the shelf — a possible graphical glitch the producers made lol…

  7. Andrew Flores Author

    i never comment on anything. but the end of this video was just too awesome. The narrator, although no Morgan Freeman, seems to really enjoy this and i loved that. i am now a fan of all "all times." good on ya!

  8. Evelina M Author

    My favourite is 3, but I'm really not looking forward to 4… The trilogy had a perfect ending, the story came full circle, another sequel is simply unnecessary. It's like if the studios made Lord Of The Rings 4: Frodo's adventures in the Undying Lands. I'm sure it would be interesting, but the ending was so perfect we don't need to know what happens next, our time in that world is over. Yeah it's a huge example, but you get the point.

  9. balf1111117373 Author

    When I was a kid I used to love an Australian program called Johnson and friends, it was toys that came alive when the owner walked out his room, I'm convinced Toy Story idea was taken from that

  10. TheWyman55 Author

    heres something else you probably didnt know about toy story, bo peep is voiced by annie potts, or janine melnitz! also bo peep will be in toy story 4 because if you look at annie potts imdb it says Toy story 4 bo peep 2017

  11. jerel Author

    Toy Story is a great movie, I didn't care about it being the first full length computer animated movie. I watched it for the characters and the storyline, like who the hell wouldn't want to be a cowboy doll that gets played with by a little boy in his bedroom every single day ? then have to be replaced by a space man who's not even aware of his existence as a toy ? It's hilarious..

  12. Fishhunter2014 Author

    Has anyone else seen A Pixar Story? It's a documentary that was on netflix awhile ago but got taken off for some reason. I'd really recommend it

  13. apollonia Author

    Looking forward to TS4 but sincerely hope that there is no romance, no Barbie and no Ken.
    Just the toys we love : Slinky, Hamm, Mr and Mrs Potatohead, Bullseye but not a lot of Jessie (her voice is shrill and becomes annoying). As for Bo Peep well, just stay out of the film altogether !

  14. Alstot Geler Author

    Hola hola yo quiero hacer el amor Ángel deshacer todos todos todos y ahora los redondos y otra vez así que le voy a dar y así que la moleste pero y Miguel Ángel molinero rural y los amigos a laburar

  15. Captain Jakemerica Author

    Damn one of the my favorite movies from my childhood that I loved then and still love to this day!!!! Toy Story is awesome along with Toy Story 2 and 3!!!!


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