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Trailer – MCW 2012 Theater “Tiga Abdul” (Eng Sub)

This story comes from the old folks
It is said that it happens in Isketambola Amongst the thousands of wealthy men
there is one who is outstanding The richman’s name is Ismet Ulam Raja who has three sons Abdul Wahab loves animals so much
that he opens a shop to sell birds Abdul Wahib likes carvings and engravery
that he has opened a shop The youngest son Abdul Wahub is a music lover
and he owns a music shop But the three sons’ brotherhood comes to a test The father’s dead body has been safely buried My brothers Abdul Wahib and Abdul Wahub
I have called you here to distribute all the properties All money, left by father in the bank, will go to Abdul Wahib All estates, factories, houses, stables and race-horses are mine To Abdul Wahub, I give this beautiful house This house which looks like a museum, huh All this is injustice! Sir, your rules are not fair Yes, we are angry! Because you are angry, you will be sold
and all your properties will be confiscated Mr. Advisor.. 20%! Today is your day, tomorrow is mine Abdul Wahuuuubbbbb!!


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