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TRANSFORMERS 6 _ Decepticon Reveal Trailer (2018) Bumblebee, Blockbuster Action Movie HD


  1. Gian Lucas lima Author

    Esse n e o Transformes 6 esse filme conta a história do Bumblebee o filme do Transformers 6 parece q vai ser contando a história de como o planeta deles foi destruído

  2. Vincent Tuminello Author

    16:9, that makes it an automatic pass. What genius thought that 16:9 is better than 21:9 for a movie? A nice big fat middle finger to all us 21:9 ultrawide monitor owners.

  3. Christian Larios Author

    Causa emocion ver esta pelicula a pesar q transformers es una saga y q hagan una q sea de un personaje querido es una maravilla

  4. Stefan Alexandru Author

    no idea why they've done this.. this is so bad what is this robot-human kid love? since the third movie they just descended so badly. in the third they've removed Megan Fox and in the fourth they've changed..everything they removed the main charcter Sam , i'm actually so sad for this R.I.P the first two movies. two of the best of all time

  5. Hugo Farias Author

    Aint a grace,bubblebee killing terrans praticaly the whole movie,it pass to us latinamericans how are the sensation from the americans to kill muslins,asians n american indians,n in a near future,because our amazonic plate n all our potable water,the sensation to kill southamericans.usa sucks.

  6. Grimbert michele Author

    perso j'ai regarder le film "bumblebee" et je le dit c'est un gros navet de merde bons pour les gosse seulement effet spéciaux pas terribles en plus …

  7. JOKER VAN LCt Author

    This isn t transformers 6 , it s an alternative version + we know that bumblebee was there for 2 world war .
    This is not transformers 6 .
    But it s still a grate movie and i hope that they also continue it

  8. benjamin Martinez Author

    Pensé que la película de transformers iba a ser de lujo fantástica pero cuando vi el tráiler dije que fea película la embarcaron que feaaaaaaaaaaa película gas llave


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