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TV Roles That Actors Never Fully Mentally Recovered From

The best actors often infuse their characters
with facets of their own personalities. Sure, that can lead to better performances
overall – but it can also lead to emotionally draining scenes and, in some cases, identity
crises for actors who dove a little too deep into their characters. “Jake, I don’t know who I am anymore!” Justice Smith in The Get Down The Get Down might have fallen victim to its
own massive budget and co-creator Baz Luhrmann’s busy schedule, but the show’s portrayal of
the birth of hip-hop – and its depiction of a mythical New York City – was a delight while
it lasted. The show’s intense commitment to world-building
was also reflected in the actors, who practiced choreography on set in a reconstructed Queens
neighborhood, and even involved some of the actors wearing period-appropriate underwear. “Yeah. You can go too, if you need to, man.” “No. No. If I’m gonna rhyme, I need a beat. One that don’t retire just ’cause Ma’s making
Rice-a-Roni with the real cheese and the chili ground meat.” As series lead Ezekiel Brown, actor Justice
Smith committed to the role with gusto for the long hours of filming. Unfortunately, that dedication to craft ended
up taking an emotional toll on the young actor when his method acting techniques started
to erase the distinction between himself and the character he was playing. Smith told Vulture: “The lines get blurred and you’re like, ‘What
is me and what is the character? Am I really like this or is that just him?’ My biggest fear was, ‘What if I don’t come
back? What if I don’t return to who I am?'” Dean Norris in Breaking Bad In season 3 of AMC’s dark drama Breaking Bad,
Walter White’s DEA brother-in-law Hank is nearly shot to death, and he winds up crippled
for part of the next season. The character’s former upbeat attitude and
macho dialogue is replaced with sullen glares, moody silences, and a frankly stank outlook. “Hank.” “I leave this hospital when I walk outta here,
you understand? And not before.” This continues episode after episode. Oh – and that mineral collection… GOD that mineral collection… Actor Dean Norris found himself increasingly
enveloped in the newly grim outlook of his character, which necessitated weeks of filming
for the arc. According to Entertainment Weekly, Norris
admitted: “You are constantly dark for 15‑hour days,
being just depressed as a character and being mean to my [onscreen] wife. I was just constantly in this kind of pissed-off
mood. [The] whole Season 4 for me was not pleasant.” Still, Norris’ dedication to his craft paid
off in the long run. Afterall, if Hank never took time off to recover
from his injuries, we wouldn’t have comedic gems like this. “Did you check them for damage?” “They’re rocks, Hank.” “No, they’re minerals. Jesus, Marie. I got some geodes coming that are very delicate,
alright?” Laverne Cox in Orange Is the New Black While Orange Is the New Black might have its
comedic moments, it’s also never shied away from the deeply unpleasant realities of imprisonment
and sexism. Following a group of women imprisoned in a
women’s correctional facility, the show features the various intersections between race, class,
gender, and sexuality. In season 3, a feud finds Sophia, a trans
woman, sent to solitary confinement ostensibly for her own protection after a violent attack. “Jesus, Burset. Why do you have to make everything so hard?” “No offense, but f— you. Sir.” Actress Laverne Cox, herself transgender,
admitted that although the storyline was important to showcase, it was deeply upsetting to film. She told Vulture: “When I read this episode, I was just in tears. I bawled reading it because it was deeply
triggering for me […] As trans people of color, there’s so many different layers of
that. So the trauma of that was just very real and
raw for me.” Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones There are plenty of loathsome villains in
the history of television, but very few have been quite as young and quite as twisted as
King Joffrey on Game of Thrones. Even among a cast full of violent monsters,
the young king stood out as a truly repugnant and sadistic character. “I won’t hurt him. Much.” Actor Jack Gleeson seems to be as kind-hearted
as his character is not, since he’s gone on record as feeling very conflicted over the
violent acts committed in the show. As Gleeson said in an interview with Rolling
Stone: “You tend to abstract yourself from the creepiness
of it when you’re playing it, but when you see it on television, it sends shivers down
my spine […] I would like to try and defend him, but I would have a pretty hard job doing
it.” Gleeson even retired from acting after his
time on the show ended – and while we’re sad to see the young and promising actor fade
from the field, we never get tired of watching his character’s “retirement.” Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones While Krysten Ritter’s got a bit of a knack
for playing self-destructive characters like Chloe on Don’t Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment
23 or Jane in Breaking Bad, her performance in Marvel’s Jessica Jones is arguably one
of her best. The show follows the titular superpowered
private detective as she struggles with trauma in a world of unbreakable men and manipulative
monsters. Playing a character that deals with such dark
experiences required Ritter to really invest herself in Jessica Jones’ loneliness, which
involved a difficult transition. Ritter told the Los Angeles Times: “It definitely takes a toll because I’m more
bubbly and alive and zestful and I like to have a good time. So after a while, you’re like, ‘Oh my God,
I’m getting really depressed. And I just had to move across the country,
so I’m in an apartment that doesn’t have my furniture. I’m not around my friends. I spent a lot of time walking around doing
the scenes by myself in my apartment.” Yeah, that sounds like a real bummer – but,
hey, if Ritter’s self-imposed isolation led to her performance as the ever-badass Jessica
Jones, then it may have all been worth it in the end. “Smile.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Julian Smit Author

    I always thought one of the reasons Jack Gleeson quit acting was because people couldn’t see him out of character in real life and still hated him (as in Joffrey) but also the actor

  2. RachetHoe3000 the 2nd Author

    I feel bad for actors who play villions.
    People dont understand that they are ACTING and bash them instead of thanking them for amazing acting.

  3. Mr. Nobody Author

    The actor that played Curly in The Three Stooges was physically attacked on a daily basis by fans, because they thought their stunts were real.

  4. Doctor Emmett L. Brown Author

    Since everyone is making jokes, let me do one too..
    Hey Looper, didn't you notice that Jessica Jones wasn't in the Endgame?

  5. Giant Spider Productions Author

    This comment section is proof that you can’t do anything anymore and make people happy. People bitch and complain so much now a day and never have anything positive to say.

  6. Zorq Glimmer Author

    Gleeson, the fact that we hated Joffrey so much is proof that you're a good actor. Yeah he was a fucking monster but he was a well acted monster. No one could have done it better and we appreciate you and separate you from that entity.

  7. tony radde Author

    Jack Gleason is awesome…my favorite character in GOT…I love when the bad guy draws emotion from the viewers. Think about it…best movies have the best villians… empire strikes back, infinity wars, the dark knight, TV shows like daredevil and GOT.

  8. green house Author

    Eddie Redmayne played as stephen hawking, he was so in to it that he still haven't recovered even today. you can see it while he is playing fantastic beasts.

  9. Harry Mills Author

    I don't much care for the "intersectionality" bits. We all are the intersection of all the factors of our situation. What makes a character interesting, or better or worse, is not how they can be triggered, one way or another, but how they overcome their triggers or not. Stronger characters handle themselves well in all situations. The weaklings become a study in how fucked-up a person can act when they're controlled by their emotions. Being controlled by your emotions – and I don't CARE what you've been through – is juvenile, and to be pitied or even despised in an adult.

    You don't have to be "woke" to depict an oppressive situation. You don't have to go out of your way to inject drama into a situation. Every character ever was pitted against a mortal existence that ALWAYS ends in tragedy. It's the human condition. The real human condition. Wokeness is just obsessing over a small number of minor variations in lives that, as always throughout human history, have been brutal, dirty, and far too short. People just seem to have to go out of their way to focus on just a few trendy forms, usually to try to fatten their own bottom line, from race-baiters to film and t.v. writers.

  10. PJ Mac Fadden Author

    Woah, a video from looper that didn’t incline an avengers endgame topic. Maybe you could make a video of “actors from endgame who actually believe they are really superhero’s”

  11. Arch Angel Mara-asin Author

    fuck I wanted to see a video that really made them hook their personality in their roles but instead it was just a boring talking voice explaning things through…..don't u agree guys????

  12. Babul Ali Author

    Cersei's and Jamie's death was done so poorly. I mean how can they have Jamie's arc end with an arch falling on his and cersei's head? LMAO

  13. Rob Day Author

    Another Looper video which lacks research. Jack Gleason quit acting of his own accord, it had nothing to do with him not recovering from some mental illness that you've decided to make up for him

  14. Prachi Sharma Author

    Jack Gleeson did a fantastic job at potraying joffrey!♥️ Him, Iwan and Lena should have won an Emmy for their performances!

  15. Sir SwearsAlot Author

    Shouldn't be method acting for TV series. They can go on for a long time and it will lead to some kind of mental disorder. Method acting for movies is fine.

  16. Memez _ Author

    Im actually shocked that its not The actor who played ramsay who needed a break after GoT. I mean that man made having a dinner with joffrey look fun.

  17. V R Author

    “ I know who I am! I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude! You the dude that don’t know what do he is!”
    – Kurt Lazarus

  18. ruben martinez Author

    The Jessica Jones one she can’t complain she was getting paid to be “alone” for a performance, but doesn’t put into consideration that other people live alone all the time without contact from the outside world, and yet you don’t hear them complain, because they don’t have no one to complain to

  19. DMCdaJUICE Author

    Best actors are the ones who invoke a certain emotion from no matter who they go on to play whatever other movie or show they do I will always hate cersei and Joffrey

  20. Daniel McGill Author

    You made this video and forgot to add the only actor this truely affected and that's mr Heath leadger these actors are not even good apart from Joffrey

  21. Van Kroenen Author

    Jack Gleeson deserves every award you can get as an actor.
    Awesome job. Especially when you consider that he's the exact opposite of his role.
    Joffrey is clearly one of my most favorite (not to be confused mit "most beloved") characters in GoT.

  22. wiiownsps3and360 Author

    How is heath ledger not on this list? You know the guy that literally killed himself because of the depression brought on by playing The Joker in the dark knight.

  23. Brittany Moore Author

    In about a year , I feel like the cast of Supernatural will be on the list. Jared already forgets hes not Sam sometimes.

  24. Lunar Galaxy_ Author

    I feel bad for Jack Glesson. He had to take a mental break because of the character he played. But kudos to him to make Joffrey look so evil and annoying that made the whole GoT fandom hate him. Great acting!


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