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Types of People in Horror Movies


  1. IISuperwomanII Author

    WHY YOU RUNNING UPSTAIRS FOOL?! Don't make me climb into my screen and knock some sense into you!! Thanks for watching #TeamSuper!! #SuperSixty starts right now which means I'll be responding to comments for the next 60 minutes! Go go go!!! xo

  2. Emmie Winterson Author

    Why do people in horror movies always ask who’s there? It’s not like they’re going to answer, oh yeah umm it’s just me, my names dave and I’m gonna kill you tonight

  3. Corundum-voidless M Author


    Papyrus: blonde girl
    Undyne: Ben (guy with gun)
    Sans: Jamal (paper cut guy)
    Chara: Killer
    Flowey: ll Superwoman ll

    I’m like rlly sorry xDDDDDD

  4. xxsoqhia Author

    what the f is wrong with you face ahahahaha Can you do that scream thing again? AHHHHHahhhhhahhhHHHHHHAHAHAHAHaahhhh ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD

  5. JOSE ORNELAS Author

    I'm most likely the weird guy in the beginning that the main characters don't trust, and it shows me at the end walking into the house to see that someone slaughtered them all…

  6. 《Gachagram by Sarah》 Author

    Legit I could never watch a horror movie because I overthink everything and I would literally not sleep for a month because there would be a demon on my bookshelf

  7. Rena Stone Author

    I'm not a brown person, but I'm a German student in the USA and I know what racism is….
    So you should add immigrants in general. 😂😅

  8. Geirgi Ceirgi Author

    Number 5: the scary ghost
    ‘The ghost thats lurking around’
    ‘As soon as you see it it becomes a comedy’

    THATS whY birDbOx haS A VillIaN YoU cAnT sEE

  9. Janelle Hundley Author

    Ring girl:" is like a Jamal or something there?"

    Bob: "uhhh.. yeah he's in the washroom ."

    Ring girl: "I'll call back in 5 min!!!!!"


  10. Bruce Yazzie Author

    Only lilly not superwoman would make horror into funny or weird cringey stuff, sorry bye ❤❤😘 [IN A FAN FRIENDLY WAY KISS 2 U AND UR WAY OLDER THAN ME].

  11. Janelle Hundley Author

    Ring girl:"who is this?"

    Kimberly:"this is Kimberley."

    Ring girl: "oh! Well… Is somebody else there?"

    Kimberley:*passes the phone to Bob*

    Bob:" this is Bob"

    Ring girl :" is like a Jamal or something there?"

    Bob:*pauses* um…. Yeah he's in the washroom"

    Ring girl" I'll call back in five minutes"


  12. Haniyyah Turner Author

    I don't want no scrub scrub is China and get some love from me hang on a passenger side on my best friend's dad trying to holler at me I don't want no scrub scrub the song can't get no love from me hanging on the passenger side trying to holla at me I really love that song


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