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U Turn (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Samantha, Aadhi Pinisetty, Bhumika Chawla

Did you check the price of vegetables? It’s on the rise just like
the demands of the household maid. We won’t be able to even
smell them after some time. Veggies have become
more expensive than gold. I’m planning to buy veggies
instead of gold for your wedding. Mom, I’ve told you several
times not to spoil my mood.. discussing the topic of marriage. It’s normal for you to get bored. Nobody worries about
their mom after they grow up. Oh no, mom! Why do you’ve to
discuss such unpleasant topics now? Why don’t you stay happy?
Why are you spoiling my mood? Chiki has got marries and so has Miki. Savita has grandkids too. Is it a crime to think of your marriage? Do you want me to keep
you home as a spinster? Mom, you may say anything,
but I won’t change my decision. Why will you change your decision? Look at our neighbor
Lallan’s daughter Lali. She’s younger to you by three days. She got married last month. She went to Washing
machine with her husband. Mom, it’s Washington
and not washing machine. Both are same for me. I’m destined to stay
happy with washing machine. I was filled with envy when
I saw her jovial photos on social media. Illiterate. She never went out of home
and now she’s honeymooning abroad. Look at her photos on social media. Mom, going abroad for
honeymoon after marriage.. ..and uploading photos on social
media is not a great job. Okay? It’s better to focus on one’s
career and achieve something in life. Yes. you’re the only
intelligent one in the world. If you don’t study the
world will be in a mess. My desires don’t matter to you. Mom, you’re so narrow-minded. You always come back to the same topic.
Marriage and only marriage. Brother, are you married?
– No. I’m a bachelor. Look at me. Am I not beautiful? What do I say?
– Do you want to marry him? Stop the auto at some
temple and we’ll get married. Only then she’ll be at peace. Stop your nonsense. Look ahead and drive.
– Don’t worry. I’m in a relationship. I’ve already chosen my life partner. I’ll marry next month
and settled own at Bhandup. Did you hear him?
Everybody is getting married except you. I wish you get married soon. Stop dreaming.
I won’t get married very soon. Rachu, listen to me carefully. Nobody will be interested
in you when your age increases. I’ll talk to a matchmaker. He has information of
good matrimonial matches. He has details of guys settled
in the country as well as abroad. Mom, you’ve been talking about
marriage since the time we sat here. If you talk about marriage again,
I’ll jump out of the auto and run away. Jump. C’mon jump. Who’s going to stop you? All problems will be
over if you jump and go. Will you eat ‘dhokla’? No, it has lot of soda in it. Why are you trying to divert the topic? Your bus won’t stop anywhere. Eat something now or you’ll stay hungry. Stop worrying about me
and think about your marriage. Tell dad to have less sugar
in tea and add more tea leaves. It’ll help your brain function better. Don’t talk about him. I’m in this problem only because of him. Oh no! I told him several
times that I wanted a son. But, he always refused
only because of you. Mom, I’ve heard this several time. Please don’t bore me anymore. I’ve all my life to get married.
– Right. Please imagine that I’m married. Rachu , why didn’t you share
this good news with me before? I was longing to hear this news? Mom, please stop watching
the family drams on television. Can’t you live a normal life sans drama? Oh no! I missed the bus because
of your marriage discussions. The bus hasn’t left.
We’re half an hour before time. Auntie, the fare. Rachu, give him the money.
He speaks a lot. Mom, let me get all the bags down. Check if you’ve taken all the bags. Mom, we’ve only two bags. How much is the fare? Its 70 rupees but give me 100 rupees.
– Why? You had luggage with you. I’ll have to go back without
any passenger from here. Did you carry the bags on your head? I’m asking for only 30 bucks extra.
It’s not a big deal. If you speak too much I’ll hit you hard. You can’t hit me. We’ve a union.
– Don’t argue with these petty people. Check your account. You’ve got 70 rupees. Right? Not go. Auntie, I’ll never marry your daughter. She doesn’t listen to you.
So, she’ll never listen to me. Get lost.
– Okay. Why did you quarrel
with him for thirty rupees? Is it easy to earn money? Hi Divya!
– Hi! You’re coming to office
when it’s time to leave. Did you meet any admirer on the way? Forget it and give me some food.
I’m dying of hunger. I went to drop mom.
I didn’t eat anything. What’s this? Obviously not your wedding card.
Read it. Now you don’t start
talking about wedding. Party Night.
It’s the annual party. I’ll sleep at home that night. Madam, the boss is calling you.
It’s urgent. Hello. Sir, Sundar speaking from CO’s office. Sir, I’ve done the work. Have you filed the returns? Yes, I have. Idiot!
– What happened, sir? What about the 10 crore
gift of the minister? Oh I forgot.
I’ll do it tomorrow morning. Don’t wait till tomorrow.
Get it done today. The minister is angry. If the income tax department raids him.. ..his political career will be ruined. We all will be put
behind the bars with him. Sir, it won’t happen.
– Yes, it will. Tell me something. Are you in office right now? No. I’m going home. Take a u-turn.
Go to office and finish the job. Okay. I’ll go back, sir. I’ll get the job done tonight. Sir, just a minute. There’s a courier for you. Sorry. If you practice.. Yeah! Dad is home. Kartik! Hey! Dad!
– How is my son? What did you do in school today? I was asked to be a cock today.
– Again? How many eggs did you lay? Cocks don’t lay eggs. Great! you’ve become smart. A hen lays eggs. Achala, serve food. You’ve become very naughty. After all I’m your son. Kartik, stop doing it
and finish your food first. No. I’ve found a nice daycare for Kartik. We’ll send him there from next week. Can’t you understand what I say? We won’t send him to a day care. What’s your problem
in sending him to a daycare? How long will I stay
at home and not go to work? Do you’ve dearth of money? I’m earning a lot. I had a career before Kartik was born. I don’t like to leave
everything and sit at home. It’ll be better if you sit
at home and I’ll go to work and earn. Don’t try to stop me.
– I’m already in bad mood. Let me eat peacefully. If you wanted to have a career
then why did you get married.. ..and have a kid. You said that I could go
back to work after few years. Kartik, isn’t he your friend?
– Yes, he’s Santosh. He has gone for a
vacation with his parents. They’ve uploaded photos on social media.
Aren’t they lovely? Enough of all this.
– No! Come inside.
– No, I don’t want to go inside. Come on. Achala! Achala! Achala, open the door. Please Please open the door. She’s a troublemaker. Always nagging. I’ve heard that the rainfall
has made the weather pleasant. Have you impressed anyone? You must be enjoying a lot? Yes. why not? Your boyfriend is with me.
– Oh really? I’m having fun with him.
Didn’t he tell you? You liar! What about your office crush? Did anything positive happen? No, there’s no hope there. He becomes speechless when he sees me. I don’t understand how
he manages crime reporting. You can propose him. That won’t help. You always think negative. Listen to me. There’s a
red colour top in the cupboard. It’s a lucky one. Wear it to office today
and you’ll win a lottery. Lottery? How? Do you trust me? If you follow what I say
you’ll get married and have kids. Hello. Rachna, what happened?
Why are you quiet? I’ve already started
thinking names for my kids. That’s great! You’re faster than me. You’re very smart. Keep me updated. Okay. Bye.
– Don’t forget to wear the red top. Okay. Bye. Brother.. Brother.. Have you noted the numbers? Take this. Hi Rachna! How come you’re early today? Is there any fancy dress today?
– Why? Don’t I look good in this? Idiots! Hello.
– Hello. Tell me. Note down this number quickly.
– Yes, tell me. TS21..
– TS21.. CD
– CD 7785
– 7785 I’ve noted it down.
– When will you give me the address? When do you need it?
– As soon as possible. Madam, I’m busy today. I’ll send you the address
as soon as I get time. Okay. I’ll hang up now. Bye.
– Okay. Bye. Hi! Are you busy?
– Hi! No. Come in. The chair is empty. How is your work going on? Just dragging through. The same old thefts,
robbery and murders. There’s nothing new in crime. I just remembered something.
You asked for a material. Just a minute. It was here. I kept it here. Where did it vanish? I’ll give it to you later.
– It’s okay. Did you get any information
from my articles. I mean..
– Of course. I read all your articles. For example ‘Skull’, ‘Hanging corpse’. They’ve helped me a lot.
– Great! I never imagined that a girl
would be interested in these articles. Aditya, I want a favour from you.
– Okay. How can I help? Since the last few days a
lot of accidents are taking place.. ..on RK Puram flyover. Do you’ve records of those accidents? Actually, I travel through
RK Puram flyover every day. What will you do with the records? I’m writing a story on that flyover. Okay. As soon as I get time,
I’ll take out the details from database. Is it okay if I give
it to you in a couple of days? Okay.
– Okay. Okay. See you.
– Okay. Bye. Rachna! Rach.. where did she go? Rachna! Rachna! Stop! What happened? Look what I’ve got for you. Your phone.
You forgot it inside. I’m sorry. I always forget my phone. Eat almonds.
– Sorry for the trouble. Shall we go out for
coffee if you’re free? I would’ve gone with you
but I need to finish an article. Of course. Work comes before everything. Okay. See you.
– Sorry. What’s wrong with her? Sir, coffee.
– Thanks. Here’s your coffee.
– Thank you. Are you from Vadodara?
– No, from Mumbai. I shifted here six months back. Which school does your kid go to?
– What? Really? Do I look like a married woman?
– No. You look cultured. So,
I thought you must be married by now. So..
– I got it. You want to know if I’m married or not.
– No.. Nothing like that. I was just..
– Okay. In which standard does
your third child study? Do I look like a father of three kids?
– Of course. You say anything. Well, I want to start a family. But I haven’t found the person
with whom I can spend my life. One who doesn’t get married
repents the decision all his life. I liked a girl but she was engaged.
– Oh! I couldn’t do anything. Since then it’s been
me and my loneliness. Interesting! What was the problem
with your ex-boyfriend? Did he have bad mouth odor? I was never in a relationship.
– Really? There’s a guy I like but I
never confessed my feelings to him yet. Okay. What are you scared of?
Propose him. Aditya, I’m a girl and I’m
not stupid enough to propose him. You demand equal rights
in job and salary.. ..and now when it’s time to propose
you’re giving the excuse of being a girl. Who? I?
– Yes. Okay. If you think so then
I’ll definitely propose him. It’s a message from the editor.
I’ve lot of work. Can we meet later?
– Yes, sure. It’s okay. Rachna..
– Hmm.. Excuse me. My editor has given me two
movie tickets for a film review. If your friend wants to
join me then I can take her along. You work for crime department. Right? Then why have you been
asked to do a movie review? It’s a crime movie.
– Okay. If I say that I would like to join you.. ..I’m sure you would’ve no problem. Absolutely not.
– Okay, bye. She’s very fast.
She’s smarter than me. Your dress is really lucky. Hello.
– Write the details. His name is Sundar.
The vehicle is a motorbike. His flat number is..
– Just a second. Tell me. What’s the time?
– 11:30. Where’s Sundar’s flat? Go straight, take right from the garden. Your phone is ringing. Sorry. Aditya, next time we’ll watch
a Hindi and not Telegu movie. At least we won’t have
to watch it with subtitles. The meaning of the movie
got lost in subtitles. I would’ve fallen
asleep if I had a pillow. Horror movies are far better. I think you love horror movies.
– Of course. Don’t you like them? I don’t know. What do you mean? I mean we don’t even know if the ghosts,
spirits shown in films.. ..exists in reality or not. I think they exist. There’s day as well as night. There’s good and evil. Similarly negative energy
exists with positive energy. We call them ghosts or spirits. Since a journalist thinks they
exist there must be some truth to them. So, you also believe
in supernatural powers. No. I neither say that they don’t exist
nor do I assert that I believe in them. Aditya, look ahead. Where?
– There’s a lady in white sari. Her hair is open,
she’s holding a candle. He coming towards us. Yes, I spotted her.
She’s beautiful. I suggest that you get
down so that I can give her lift. Aditya, you’re trying
to flirt like other guys. What do you mean? You started applying frequent brakes
the moment a girl sat behind you.. that she gets closer to you. Oh hello! No bike will
stop without applying brake. This bike belongs to my brother. So, you’ve inherited it.
– What? Thanks for the movie.
I had a really boring time. I wanted to ask you something.
Is it your birthday today? No. it’s not my birthday.
Why did you ask? You’ve dressed so nicely
and have taken bath and decked up. Do you think I don’t bathe every day? Actually,
you look beautiful today, Rachna. It means you observe me every day. I can’t help it as I’m
a crime reporter by profession. It means you stare at everybody.
– No. I only look at those
people who make me happy. Okay. Let’s put a brake to this.
Meet you in office tomorrow. Bye.
– Bye. Hello, madam! Come here. Where’s flat B2 in A wing? That’s my flat.
– Oh! Please wait here. Sir, she’s the girl we were looking for. Are you Rachna? Yes, I’m Rachna.
What’s the matter? I called you an hour ago. Why didn’t you take the call?
– Oh! so, you called me. Why didn’t you take my call? I was in the movie theatre. Movie? Who’s the person who dropped you? Sir, what’s the matter?
Why are you asking me these questions? I want to know who he is.
– He’s my friend. Friend or boyfriend? Sorry. I won’t answer you.
What’s going on? Sit in the car. I’ll explain
everything at the police station. Sir, why shall I go with you? You’ve come at the wrong address.
Please check it. Have we come at the wrong address? Isn’t this your number? Yes, it’s my number. Sit in the car quietly.
Don’t create a scene. Or people will record a
video and upload it on internet. Do you want that to happen? We will discuss the
rest at the police station? Get in. put her in the car.
– Okay, sir. Come on, get in.
– Sir.. Don’t at smart. Get in.
– Please listen to me. You’re mistaken. Sir, please let me go.
– You’ll soon find out everything. Tell sir that I’ve found the girl. We’re going towards the station. Why didn’t you take her phone?
Take her phone. – Hello. Sir, please.. why are you doing this? Aditya office.
So, he’s your boyfriend. Right? There’s problem at Verma Wines.
Send force there. The number you’re trying
to reach is currently switched off. Actually last night
we quarreled last night. Quarrel? For what? Did you quarrel every day? Did you husband get drunk
and physically abuse you? No, nothing like that.
– Then what happened? When he came home from office
yesterday and sat down for dinner.. ..I told him that I
wanted to apply for job. We started fighting on this topic. He was very angry. I locked myself in the bedroom. Job? What kind of job? Where did you apply for job? I haven’t planned anything yet. Sir, I just told him that
I wanted to apply for a job. And in the mean time..
the accident happened. Please control yourself.
We’re with you. Kamla, get a glass of water for her.
– Okay, sir. Water.
– Drink water. The senior inspector
has called you inside. C’mon hurry up. Sir.
– Is sir inside? – Yes, sir. Get the files. Drink it slowly. Sir, she’s Rachna. Her sign was there at
the entry gate register . What’s going on?
Why have I been summoned here? Sir, she’s the girl
who went to meet Sundar. Please don’t mind my words. Did your husband have any affair? Please share it with
us if he had an affair. Why are you asking this question? Did you see this girl before? Do you know her?
Look at her carefully and tell me. No, sir. She went to your house in the afternoon. Don’t you know her? Who are you? Why did you go to my house?
– Who is she, sir? What’s going on? I’m confused. You want to say that he
had an affair with this girl. Oh god! Please don’t cry. You can go home now. We’ll get detailed
information by morning. Kamla, please tell somebody
to drop her home.- Okay, sir. Prabhakar, take her inside.
– Come. Come on. Please control yourself. Come inside. No, not there. Sit here. Prabhakar, who is she? Suspect in Sundar’s case. Oh! Sir.
– What are you doing? Getting the case file ready. Leave it and come with me.
– But, sir.. Sir, I’m sure you’re mistaken. Answer my questions. Why did you go to Sundar’s place? Who is Sundar? Prabhakar, give me the register. Isn’t this your name and phone number? Yes. Why did you go to his place at 11:30 am? Sir, I went there but I don’t know him. Why are you asking these questions? How can you question us after
committing such a heinous crime? Don’t’ act innocent.
Give the photo. Look at this. We found him in this
condition in the evening. C’mon speak up. Why did you kill him? Sir, I didn’t kill him. I went to his house
and rang the door bell. When nobody answered it, I came back.
That’s it. If you didn’t kill
him then who killed him? I don’t know who killed him.
– We want to know who killed him. Sir.. please believe me. I’m not involved in this case. Why did you go to meet him? Sir, I’m a reporter doing
internship for Times of India. I’m working on an article. I went to meet Sundar for the story.
– What kind of story? How is Sundar related to it? I don’t know how to explain myself.
– Speak up. Sir, I’m writing an
article on RK Puram flyover. There are divider
blocks on that flyover. In order to avoid traffic jam,
people remove the divider blocks.. ..and take u-turn from there. After they leave the
blocks are left as it is.. ..and it’s dangerous for the
people coming from opposite direction. How is Sundar’s death related to this? I just wanted to find the people
who remove the divider blocks.. ..and interview them. that’s it, sir. So, Sundar removed the divider blocks.. ..and you went to interview him. Right? Yes, sir. How do you know it was Sundar
who removed the divider blocks? There’s a dwarf who begs there. He notes down the number
of the vehicles of the people.. ..who remove the divider
blocks and he gives it to me. He gave me Sundar’s number. Tell us stories that we can believe. We’re not kids who can be
easily convinced by your tales. It’s not a story, sir.
– Then what it is? Oaky. I accept that Sundar
removed the divider blocks. Will you kill him for such
a petty reason? Is it a joke? Sir, I went to his house
that day to interview him. I’ve already told you. Removing divider blocks
is not winning a medal that..’ll interview that person. Sir, is it right to stop a
vehicle mid-way and remove blocks.. such a way that
can be fatal to others? What kind of people
can do such things, sir? Aren’t civic sense and
traffic rules important? I want to interview these
people to understand that thoughts. Hello. Sir, I’m investigating the case. I know that there’s political pressure. But, we need time to
carry out the investigation. The media is asking questions.
Do you understand? Yes, sir. I do understand. How much time do you need? Please give us time
till tomorrow morning. Try to finish the investigation tonight.
– We’ll do something. Sir..
– Naik, come with me. Yes, sir. Sir, please.. Kashi, take out the car.
– Take out the car. Kumar, get my bag.
– Okay, sir. Naik..
– Yes, sir. It’s late and it’s
been raining non-stop. Send the girl to
remand home immediately. We’ll interrogate her further
after we get the post-mortem report. Why send her to the remand home? Let’s send her home. We could’ve send her
if it was an ordinary case. But Sundar who died
was the CA of a politician. He was taking care of all his accounts. Therefore, we are under pressure . Prabahkar, do something.
– Yes, sir. Check the CCTV footage
of the building minutely. Get call details of Sundar.
– Alright, sir. I need everything ready by morning.
– I’ll do it, sir. My family troubles me a lot. Don’t worry, sir.
I’ll handle it. Please come. Why are you repeatedly calling me? I told you that I’m coming.
– Sir! I’m not sitting idle.
– Sir, I’m sitting idle. Please take me with you. Yes, okay. I’m coming. Come. Naik..
– Yes, sir. What do you’ve to say
about the girl’s statement? I think she’s speaking the truth. She went to Sundar’s house when he died. It maybe a coincidence. We must find out if
it’s a coincidence or not. This case shouldn’t go to
the CID under any circumstance. Okay, sir.
– The minister has given me direct orders. Shift her to the remand home.
We’ll meet in the morning. Good night, sir. Kamla..
– Yes, sir. Call the remand home and
tell them to get the papers ready. She’ll stay there tonight.
– Sir.. right now.. Sir, why are you sending
me to the remand home? Sir, please let me go.
– Shut up! Kamla, please go. Sir, it’s late and
it’s been raining heavily. I know. But, we’re helpless.
Do as you’ve been instructed. Okay, sir. Sir, why are you doing this to me? Please believe me. Sit down. The investigation is still on and as
per rules we can’t keep you in custody. If I had planned to kill him
then why would I’ve written down.. original name and
address in the register. As per the evidence we suspect you. It’ll be better if you cooperate.
– Sir, I’m sure you’re mistaken. Sir, I not only have Sundar’s address
but the addresses of many other people. I didn’t get you. Wait, let me show you. Here are the address of
all the people who took u-turn. The dwarf beggar
gave me all the numbers. If I wanted to kill them
I would’ve killed all of them.. ..and why just Sundar? Please try to understand, sir.
I’m speaking the truth. I didn’t kill Sundar.
– Wait. There’s confusion. There was a beggar on that flyover. Who is he?
Why does he give you the numbers? Whenever I pass by I see him there. I give him hundred rupees
for every vehicle number.. ..that takes a u-turn. That’s it. It means he gave you all the numbers.
– Yes, sir. Did you interview all of them?
– No, sir. Sundar was the first person I visited. You’ve noted down the address
of a person named Rajesh.. ..last month before noting
down Sundar’s address. I mean why Sundar? Why didn’t you interview Rajesh?
– This one? C’mon, tell me. Actually last month
my mom came to stay with me. I was busy and so I couldn’t
interview him. That’s it. Can you take me to the
beggar who lives on the flyover? Of course, sir.
He begs on the corner of the flyover. Okay. Stay here. Sir, did you call me?
– Yes. Here are the details of some vehicles. Find out if there are
police complaints against them. Okay, sir.
– Do it fast. I’ll check.
– Thanks. Shakti..
– Sir. I want the details of Sundar’s
post-mortem as soon as possible. But, please make it fast.
– Okay. Prabhakar..
– Sir.. Go to RK Puram flyover
with Rachna right now. She’ll introduce you to somebody.
Bring the person here. Sir, it’s raining heavily. Let’s take her to remand
home as suggested by sir. Prabhakar,
you know what happens in remand home. The poor lady is in distress.
Let’s help her. We don’t’ have time. hurry up.
– Okay, sir. Narayana, take out the car.
– Okay, sir. C’mon, sit inside. AP05EA2162. Check the number and see if
there’s a case registered against it. I know it’ll take you time
to write down the official report. But, how long, doctor? Doctor, will we get the report today? Thank you, sir. Where is he?
– Over there, sir. Kashi, go and check. There’s nobody here. There’s nobody here.
You said that we’ll find him here. He met me here everyday. I’ll check her social media page. It might help me gather
some information about Rachna. Whose call is it? Hello.
– Sir, we’ve reached here . There’s nobody here.
The girl is lying. Check the nearby area properly.
He must be around. Okay, sir. You haven’t finished the work yet.
Send it quickly. Sir, there he is. Come. Go and sit there. Kamala, what happened? Sir..
– Did you find him? Yes, sir. He’s the man who helped her. Rachna, is he the man
who gave you the numbers? – Yes, sir. Prabhakar,
take him to interrogation room. Come on.
– Rachna, go with them. What information have you collected? Sir, I spoke to the doctor on duty.
– Okay. He said that there are neither scratch
marks nor wounds on Sundar’s body. When did he die? According to him Sundar died at 2 am. But that’s not confirmed yet. 2 am. Okay, Shakti. You may go.
Thank you. Okay, sir. Shakti, get a cup of coffee for me.
– I’ll get it, sir. Sir, we’ve checked the CCTV
footage of the building properly. After Sundar’s wife left, this girl
was the only one who went to meet him. There’s a gap of around
10 hours between Sundar’s death.. ..and Rachna’s arrival at the scene. Right, sir.
– What do you think? Any connection? Sir, I was also
wondering about the same. We neither have any evidence of
connection between Sundar and Rachna.. ..nor do we’ve any history
of their interaction. I think the girl is speaking the truth.
She’s innocent. Nonsense!
A man takes a u-turn from there and.. ..a mad man notes down
his vehicle’s number. This girl goes and
takes the number from him. Do the youngsters think we’re fools? Sir..
– Yes. come in. I’ve taken out the details
of the vehicle numbers you gave me. Prabhakar, check this. Hey! Get up. C’mon, get up. Sir, where are you taking him?
– Take her away. Sit down. Move.
– Sit down. Sir, please leave him.
– Sit down. I said, sit down. I said, sit down. He gave you the number
of ten vehicles. Right? Yes, sir. Did you give the numbers
to somebody else? No, sir. Who provides you with the
address of the vehicle owners? I’ve a friend who works in RTO. I give him the number of the
vehicles and he gives me their address. That’s it, sir. What’s wrong now, sir? All the people whose vehicle numbers
are noted in your diary are dead. All of them are dead. The reports suggest that
all of them committed suicide. Rachna, you’re hiding something from me. If you lie I won’t be able to help you. I’m speaking the truth, sir.
I’ve no knowledge about this. I know nothing about them except
the vehicle numbers and addresses. Please believe me, sir. Why did you write down
dates on the address? These dates are of the days
on which they removed the blocks.. ..and took a u-turn. These are the same dates. The dates mentioned in your
diary matches with the dates.. ..on which they committed
suicide according to police reports. How do you explain this? How do they die on the
dates you mentioned in the diary? What does this mean? He isn’t saying anything. I think he’s mute. I don’t’ think we’ll
get any information from him. What to do, sir?
– We’ve no other witness besides him. Sir, we got this notepad
from his pocket mentioning.. .. the number of vehicles. Whose number is this?
– I don’t know. Rachna, please look
at it carefully and tell us. I think it belongs to the
person who removed the blocks today. The beggar must’ve noted
down this number for me.. that he would give it
to me on my way to office next day. I know nothing except this. Would you write down the date
if he gave you the number tomorrow? Yes, sir. Which date would you note down?
– Today’s date. Ramesh, give me a pen.
– Sir. Take out the address of this vehicle
and inform me as soon as possible. And make it fast.
– I’ll do it, sir. Prabhakar..
– Sir. Open the cell.
– Okay, sir. Sir.. sir.. sir. Let’s try again.
– He’s too smart. Will you speak up or not? It’s important to make him speak. Will you speak up? Whose number is this? Let’s go. Shakti, handle him.
– Okay. Thrash him badly. Prabhakar..
– Sir. Go to traffic control room and
check in the CCTV footage.. ..if this vehicle took a u-turn. Check and inform me as soon as possible. Sir.. the person whose
address you asked for.. ..lives in the neighbourhood. Take out the car.
– Okay, sir. Has Prabhakar left?
– Yes, a long time back. Call me if there’s anything urgent. Let’s go.
– Okay, sir. Who’s Malik?
– Sir, he’s over there . Thank you. Malik.
– Yes, sir, tell me. Naik sir told me to meet you. He called me. What information do you need?
– Okay. Malik, this vehicle took
a u-turn from RK Puram flyover. Please get details of this number.
– Sure, sir. I’ll check. Please be seated.
– Thanks. Rachna. Sir, please come. Flat number?
– 1504, sir. This is the flat. What are you doing? Is this the way to ring the bell? Did you check the name plate?
– Sorry, sir. I didn’t see it. What do you want?
– Are you Sharat Kumar? Who is it? Who is ringing the bell? The baby was sleeping
and they woke him up. Don’t you have any common sense? Who’ll stop the baby from crying?
– Is it your vehicle downstairs? TS21BC2120. Why should I tell you?
What’s the matter? Is it your car or not?
– Yes, it’s my car. So what? Did you ever see this girl? Who is she? Rachna, did you ever meet him?
– No, sir. Did you take u-turn on RK Puram flyover? Yes. So what?
Have you come to arrest me? Has she complained against me? Do you’ve a warrant? What happened? Any problem?
– Nothing. Go inside and sleep. Go. Who else is there in your family? Why should I tell you? Do you’ve a complaint
or warrant against me? Hello! I’m a lawyer
and not any ordinary person. I know the law very well.
Do you’ve documents? Hello! Hey! Can’t you hear me? Why are you going inside? Hello! Do you’ve search warrant?
You’ll be in trouble in court. Please try to explain it to him. Tell him to come out. Can’t you hear me? You don’t know me. Hello. Come out. She’s my wife. I’m sorry. Hello! What are you looking at?
Come out. You didn’t get anything. Right? Come to the police station
and file a complaint. But, keep your doors locked
in the mean time. Come, Rachna. Okay, I’ll be there in the morning. I’m not scared of you.
You’ll know who I am in the court. Challenging me will cost you dearly. Listen Ramesh..
– Yes, sir. Stay here till morning.
– Do I’ve to stay here? Why? Any problem?
– No, sir. Call me if there’s any problem.
– Okay, sir. Let’s go, Rachna. Calm down the baby.
Can’t you hear me? Are you deaf? Sit in the front seat. I’ve to work as their
slave after joining police. Hello. The vehicle had taken
a u-turn from the flyover. The cameras have recorded it clearly. Is he a lawyer?
– I’m not sure. But his black coat
is like that of a lawyer. Check all the vehicle
numbers mentioned in the diary. We’re checking them.
It’ll take some time. Okay. Send me a message. Absolutely , sir.
– Thanks. Malik, let’s check
the other vehicle numbers. Rachna, this lawyer took a u-turn. It’s recorded in CCTV footage and that’s
why the dwarf noted down his number. It’s strange! I’m sure there’s
some connection between u-turn and.. ..the deaths of Sundar and the rest. Rachna, is there something
you forgot to mention? Please try to recall and tell me. It’ll help us.
– Sir, I told you whatever I knew. Don’t come out. Sharat! Sharat! Sir.. sir..
– Yes. Did you get the details?
– Yes, sir. What about the numbers
mentioned in the diary? You’ll get all the information
you wanted from here. Okay. Thank you.
– Thank you, sir. Sir, it’s not like that. Please listen to me. I’m busy solving the minister’s
case when this happened. Yes, sir. The situation is quite complex. Good morning, sir. Yes, sir. I know that the union members of the lawyer
who fell on the police jeep and died.. ..have approached you. Please delay the press
conference with the lawyers. Please.. for me. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. I told you to do something
but you got involved in something else. I’m investigating the case, sir. I told you to send the girl to remand home.
– Yes, sir but.. I was humiliated before the
commissioner and media because of you. She had the numbers of other
vehicles besides Sundar’s vehicle. What’s the connection
between them and my orders? Sir, please take a look. All
the people who took u-turn have died. How is this possible, Naik?
– It’s a fact, sir. All the cases were declared
suicides and were closed. So what next? Sir, I think we should unravel
the mystery behind this case. You think that the girl
is involved in the murders. No question of that. The girl was with us throughout the night.
She has no connection with these murders. She’s innocent. Look at this. This is Sundar’s post-mortem report. It’s a clear case of suicide. Sir, something is definitely wrong. Please allow me to
investigate the case further. Never. Don’t do anything now. Close Sundar’s case. The other cases weren’t
reported in our area. Forget them. Where’s the girl? In the interrogation room, sir. Rachna. Rachna. Come. We interrogated your friend in RTO. Don’t worry, he won’t be in any trouble. We’ve got the post-mortem report. You were right. We didn’t get any evidence to prove that
you were involved in Sundar’s murder. You may go. You’re free to go now. Don’t share the vehicle numbers
and addresses with anybody or..’ll be in trouble
and your life will be ruined. I wish your well-being. Rest the matter here. Do you understand? Naik..
– Sir. Drop her home. Hello. Hello, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. We’ve got the post-mortem report. It’s a suicide case and
so we’re closing the file. Yes. Please inform your investor friend. His account is safe. Okay? Okay, sir. Thank you. Rachna. Rachna. We’ve reached your home. Sorry, sir.
– You must be tired. Go and rest. Sir, do you trust me? I trust you. I assure that you
won’t be in any trouble. Thank you. Yes, Prabhakar.
Did you go to traffic control room? Have you got the CCTV footage? Okay. Send it through Kumar. Okay. Sir, good morning from all three of us. He’s Santa, he’s Banta and I’m Janta. Did you check the post-mortem reports? We prepared the reports, sir. All the reports suggest suicide so.. Sir, we can only tell
you the reason for the deaths. Only you can find out
if it’s murder or suicide. I’m trying to find a
common link in these cases. For example the time
of death or any murder weapon. Any injury that’s similar. Something that’s different and weird. I didn’t find anything
weird in the cases I handled. What about you?
– They conduct the post-mortem. I just pick the dead bodies.
– What do you exactly want to know? Kumar, come in. Prabhakar sir has sent
these documents for you. Thank you.
– Okay, sir. Sir, we’re getting late. You may go. If I need any help I’ll call you.
Thanks for coming. Okay, thank you.
– Thank you, sir. Hi! This is Rachna’s table. Right?
– Yes. But, she hasn’t come to office yet. Oh! Okay. Thanks.
– Okay. Rachna, I was looking for you. You didn’t take my calls.
You’re late today. Are you okay, Rachna? I’m okay. I’m tired. Coffee? Actually I’ve a meeting with the editor.
– Got it. You’ve work. I’ll meet you later. Bye. Okay. Bye. Take care. Excuse me, sir. Are you busy?
– No. tell me. Sir, I found something strange
while handling these cases. Please be seated. Sir, may I see the reports again? Not this one, the other one. Which one? This one?
– Yes. Sir, look at this.
U for umbrella. In this case this mark is
the strange thing that I’ve noticed. Normally people don’t make
an umbrella shape cut when they die. It’s always a straight cut. But this isn’t a straight one. Isn’t this common?
– No. Then? People who commit suicide
are always confused.. ..and don’t know whether
to slit it straight or crooked. There’s no question of
getting an umbrella shaped cut. This is abnormal. In this case he turned the blade and.. How do I explain it to you? It’s like a ‘U’ shape. Right?
– Yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you. Sir, I think you’ve got it.
I’ll leave now. Okay, sir. Thank you.
– Thank you. It’s just a coincidence. We’ve already given
our statement to media. I’ve nothing more to say. Please. Thank you. Sir, actually..
– Naik, stop investigating this case. You’re unnecessarily getting involved. The death of a lawyer after
falling on a police jeep.. ..has become a national level
breaking news just because of you. Sir, I went to save his life. Naik, please don’t say this to anybody. His wife has given the statement
that he had lot of loans. He was scared that his house
and property would be seized. So, he jumped from the
building and committed suicide. This is the statement you must give. But, sir..
– No more questions. Yes, sir. What’s this? I told you that there’s
a connection between.. ..Sundar’s death and
the deaths related to u-turn. Naik, aren’t you
going to mend your ways? I told you that Sundar’s case is closed. There’s no u-turn case.
You may go now. There are lot of pending cases. Go and solve them.
– Okay, sir. Naik, do you’ve Rachna’s phone number? Yes, sir. If you want to talk to her.. Delete her number immediately. Go. What’s the mystery behind the u-shape? Why are the people dying? I’m confused. All of them are dead. Who’s killing them?
I must find out. Brother.. Brother.. Please forgive me. I didn’t know that anything
like this would happen. Please accept this. Please. Hello. Hello.
– Hi, Rachna.. Can you hear me?
– Yes, I can. Is there any problem? No. No problem as such.
Just stressed out due to workload. Rachna, please don’t hide
anything from me. – What? If I said anything wrong
last night then please forgive me. No, Aditya. You’re over-thinking.
Nothing as such. Then let’s go out for dinner tonight. Aditya, I’ll call you back later. Hello.. hello.. Rachna.. hello. What’s wrong with her? He sits at home and plays
PUB G game throughout the day. He’s useless. Why doesn’t he die?
– Calm down. This is a police station. Thrash him badly, sir. Sir.. two more people have
taken u-turn in the flyover. We need to save them. Tell Prabhakar to talk to them.
– Come. Come, I’ll teach you a lesson. Go with them.
– Okay, sir. What’s wrong now? Sir, I was passing
by RK Puram flyover when.. Aditya, I’ll call you back later. Useless fellow,
you can’t even remove a block. It’s heavy.
– Do some exercise with me. Stop! Stop! You can’t take u-turn
from here. Please go straight. Please. Don’t try to teach me. I’ll take u-turn
from here. Don’t interfere. Look, it’s wrong. Mind your own business, traffic guard. Bro, she’s not a traffic guard.
– Then? She’s from a NGO. They always have sermons to give.
Don’t talk on phone while driving. Wear seat belts. Etc..
– Look, I’m not from any NGO. You’ll be in trouble
if you take u-turn from here. Trouble? What kind of trouble?
– Please try to understand. You’re not allowed to take u-turn
from here. I can’t let you do it. What do you mean? Is it your personal property
that you won’t allow us? Bro, don’t be so harsh,
she’ll get scared. Listen, I’ll not take a u-turn.
I’ll go straight. Will you come with me.
– Hello! Get lost. Go and teach rules and
regulations to school kids. Don’t give us lectures. You’ll get a tan if
you stand here in the heat. C’mon, let us go. So, you want to click photos.
Go ahead and do it. Show it to your dad. We’ll marry you. What are you saying?
– We’ll pose for you. Here you go. Upload it on social media.
– Let’s go. You’ll get lot of likes. Tag us too. Sir, please save their lives. I’ve clicked the photos of their bikes.
Take a look. Stop it. How are you
connected with this case? Sir, what are you saying? Every person who takes a
u-turn from the flyover gets killed. Don’t tell me. Are you a detective or a CID? I already told you that you’ll be in
trouble if you get involved in this case. I didn’t do anything wrong.
I was just trying to help you. Sir, please save
the lives of those boys. Sir, do something and save their lives. You don’t have to teach us about our
duty. We know what our job is. Get out. Naik, go and explain your friend. Rachna. Rachna. Please don’t be angry.
It’s for your well-being. How can you be so negligent? Their lives are in danger. Nothing will happen to them, Rachna.
Believe me. Sir, the lawyer died
right in front of your eyes. How can you forget it?
You saw it with your own eyes. Look, I’ve to follow my senior’s orders.
Please try to understand. Okay, sir. So, follow your senior’s orders. If anything happens to them,
I won’t sit quietly. Let’s go. Don’t you feel ashamed? Why don’t you commit suicide
instead of taking drugs? Rot inside the jail now. Raju, what’s wrong with you? Get up. Are you drugged again?
C’mon get up. Look where I am trapped. Oh no! Sir, this guy wants
to tell us something. Did you get what he wants to say? Sir, which place is this?
Is this safe? There’s a basement under this cell. There’s nothing to worry.
They’ll be safe here. They’ll stay here tonight. Kumar..
– Sir. Switch off the lights of the basement.
– Okay, sir. Let them sleep peacefully. ‘The mobile number you’ve dialed
is currently not reachable.’ Rachna, have tea.
– No sir, thank you. It’s ginger tea. Drink it. Thank you for believing in me. I’m sure they’ll
be safe in your custody. It’s my duty, Rachna. I don’t wish to take any
chance after the lawyer’s death. Sir.. any progress is
the lawyer’s death case ? The investigation is on. He had taken lot of loans. It’s believed that he committed
suicide due to financial stress. Can there be any connection
between taking u-turns and the deaths? We’re investigating the cases.
– Sir, something is wrong. Please come inside.
– What happened, Ramesh? Hold this.
– C’mon, give it to me. Look at this. He stood up suddenly some time ago. And since then he’s
been walking to and fro. I’m scared, sir. What shall we do now, sir? Don’t be sacred. Switch on the lights.
– Okay. I’ll do it. Call Shakti.
– Okay, sir. Hey Raju! Why are you beating me? Sir, did you call me? Shakti, they’re fighting with each other.
– Okay, sir. Go and control them. What’s wrong, scoundrel? You’re hitting your friend? Do you want to kill me?
What have I done? Raju..hey Raju.. Sir, why are they
fighting with each other? I told you not to take u-turn. What are you saying? Who are you? Your death. Prabhakar, hurry up. Come to the surveillance room. I won’t spare you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I won’t spare you. What are you doing?
Why didn’t you open the door yet? Give me the keys. I’ll open the door. What’s wrong, sir?
Why are they fighting? Stay here.
I’ll go and check. Sir, you stay here. I’ll go and check. Are you sure?
– Yes, sir. Be careful. Prabhakar,
go inside quickly and stop them. Yes, sir. We’re unable to open the door. Move. I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you. Break the door if you can’t open it. Come on push the door. Help! Help! Sir, the door is jammed. We’re trying
our best but we can’t open it. Sir, please. Save me! Help me! Sir! Sir! Sir! Rachna, stay here. I’ll be back shortly. Why did you take u-turn? Now you’ll die. What are you doing? You won’t be spared.
You’ll die. I’ll kill you. Just move. Come on.
Shakti, open the gate quickly. Okay, sir. Sir, it’s locked.
They have different keys. Sir, hurry up, we don’t have time. I think he’s unconscious. Break the lock. Rachna, can you hear me? I can’t hear you, Rachna. Answer me. Sir.. hello, sir.. Are you alright? Sir, he’s staring at
me and threatening to kill me. Who’s staring at you? Answer me. Who’s staring at you?
– Sir.. Sir, look behind you. Sir.. sir.. Sir.. Sir, we can’t open the gate.
– Sir, save me. C’mon open the lock. Hurry up. Please do something.
– Get the fire extinguisher. Sir, help me.
– Sir, hurry up. Move. Break the lock quickly. C’mon hurry up.
– Break the lock. Fast. Come on. Give it to me. Sir.. sir.. Sir..sir..
– Nothing will happen to you. Prabhakar, come quickly and hold him.
Pull him out. Hold him tightly. Oh no! I’m feeling scared, sir.
– What is he doing? Go and get the torch quickly.
– Okay, sir. Yes, sir. Here is it, sir. Where are they?
– I can’t see them. Sir, look here. The lock is open. Sir, it’s open. Open it quickly. Come on.
– Yes, sir. Come on.
– Sir, don’t go inside. Sir, please sir.. Sir, I’m scared.
– Shut up, Kumar. Go out then.
– Please don’t go. Come on. He’s scared. Sir.. sir.. please don’t go inside. Stop your nonsense, Kumar.
– Please don’t go, sir. We should get Kumar suspended first.
– Sir, please come out. No, sir.. something is happening inside. Sir, come out.
– Prabhakar, over there. Yes, sir. Sir, please listen to me.
Please come out. Prabhakar. Sir, help me. Sir, don’t go near him. Sir, please listen to me. Sir.. Sir.. please save me.
– Sir, please don’t go. sir.. sir.. Sir, I’m scared. Don’t be scared.
– Please.. please save me. Nothing will happen to you. We’re here to help you.
– Sir, be careful. Prabhakar. Sir! Sir! I feel blessed.
You’re hardly seen these days. Have you finally got time? Guys..
– Yes, sir. Can you please..
– Okay, sir. Rachna.. Hey! What happened to you? Why are you crying? Everything will be fine. I’m sorry, Aditya.
– For what? I’ve been troubling you for many days. For the past one week. You don’t treat me as your own. Therefore,
you’re trying to hide something from me. But remember something. Only people close to you
help you when you’re in trouble. Do you know how worried I was for you? Is anybody troubling you? Is anyone after you? No, I’m okay. Nobody is troubling me. I’ve lot of work load. Okay. Let’s forget it. I’ve a gift to ease your work stress. Have you forgotten? You wanted the reports of
the accidents on RK Puram flyover. This is the report. C’mon, smile now. You’ve got what you wanted. Oh no! Ms.
Prema always gives me some work to do. I need to leave now.
Sorry. You take care. Okay? Hello, Ms. Prema.
I’m at the signal. I’ll reach soon. Pause it. Show me the footage of the other camera. Everybody will die. They fought right before your eyes. He shot himself right before you.
And they died. Three people have died in two
days and that too before policemen. I warned you yesterday
to follow your senior’s orders. Yet you didn’t pay heed to my words. I’m sorry, sir.
Something is definitely wrong. There’s some supernatural
power behind this. Stop it, Naik. There are only two connections
between the three people who died. The first one is you and
the second is your friend Rachna. What were you doing there ? Having fun? An enquiry commission will be set up to
investigate the case about all of you. It’s not anybody’s fault.
I take all the responsibility. Sir.. Go.
– Okay, sir. You’re suspended till
the enquiry gets over. Ritesh..
– Yes. I’m Rachna. I work for Times of India. I want to talk to you.
– About what? I’m writing an article on the accidents
that happened on RK Puram flyover. I want to talk to you
in connection with it. I had a love marriage with Maya. Jharna was our daughter.
She was in first grade. My wife was a working lady. We were happy in life. I would play with Jharna for
hours after coming home every evening. It was a good life. We were happy. Our daughter was our world. But the accident finished everything. I’m sorry, sir. It was Jharna’s birthday. Maya wanted to take
her out for shopping. Jharna was very happy. It was 9th of March. Sir, will you share
the details of the accident. What had exactly happened? Maya! Maya! Maya! Maya! Help! Help! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Police closed the case file
by terming it a case of rash driving. Maya always drove carefully. I knew her. But on the night of the
accident a car passed by. The car was responsible
for the accident. The car’s photo was recorded
in the traffic camera. But, the police didn’t
conduct any investigation. One night.. just a night
and our family was shattered. I’m really sorry, sir. I shouldn’t have forced
you to recall your painful past. It’s okay. It’s not your mistake. Hi Rachna.
– Hello. I found out about your suspension
from the police station. I’m sorry. You’ve to go through
all this because of me. It’s okay. The investigation is going on.
Everything will be fine. But, I’m feeling very bad. Don’t feel bad. These things are common. What exactly happened there last night? The reports suggested
that they were drugged. Maybe it was an effect of it. Sir, I met a man named Ritesh today. He lost his family in an accident
that took place on the flyover. You can’t get out of the flyover thing. Just a minute. Look at this. Ritesh’s wife and daughter
were killed in a road accident. He lives alone. His story was strange. You must investigate the case.
– Rachna, enough of this. There’s nothing in
this case as you suspect. Sir, you know very well
that the deaths are connected. Do you know that you’re
the only suspect in the deaths.. ..of Sundar, lawyer and the two bikers? I’m not involved in their deaths.
– I know it. But, the others don’t know it.
You’ll be trapped. You’ll be doing the rounds
of police station and court. Finally you’ll be
convicted of the murders. Sir, only the people who
take u-turn on the flyover die. Do you think I should keep quiet? Rachna, I’ve witnessed many deaths. Nothing turns out of them. You should also accept it. Hello, Prabhakar. Some answers can be fatal for you. I’ve stopped investigating the case.
I can’t help you. Sir, this is the complete
file of u-turn case. Thank you, Prabhakar. Sir, I think you’re
doing the right thing. Well, at least you’ve faith in me. What happened, dear? Why did you
call at this hour in the night? Everything okay?
– Yes, mom. Did you find the guy whom you will
marry? Or are you still looking for him? Don’t start the same drama again. Did you have dinner?
– I’ll eat heartily only on your wedding. How is dad?
– He’s sleeping beside me. I’m tired of his snoring. Talk to me properly or I’ll hang up. Your dad is fine and so am I.
everybody is fine. Anything else? Mom, I’m feeling scared. Rachu, anything wrong? What happened? Hello. Answer me. I was feeling alone and so I called you. Therefore I always
tell you to get married. You won’t feel alone
after you get married. But, you never listen to me. Where are you at the moment? Mom, there’s a guy in office.. Great! I’ll go there
tomorrow to meet him. Send me the number of his parents.
I’ll talk to them tomorrow. Mom.. the matter isn’t that serious yet.
– Then how is it going? I like him and he also likes me. What’s the problem? You’re educated and beautiful.
Nobody will refuse you. They won’t find a girl
like you even if they try. Mom, enough. Stop your lectures.
I’ll hang up now. Bye. Hey Rachu. Please give his number. I.. You’ll die today. Jharna, please eat.
– No, mom. Please.
– No. I don’t want to eat. Please eat. You didn’t
eat anything since last evening. I don’t want apple. I want orange. How will I get oranges at this hour? I don’t want to eat. Just one piece.
– No, mom. Please. My child.. this is good for you. Please eat. Mom, please listen to me.
I don’t want to eat. Don’t be stubborn.
– No, mom. Please. Jharna, your mom will
be angry if you don’t eat. Eat it quickly. Mom, have you got balloons for me?
– Yes. I’ve kept it somewhere. Go and find it. Come back quickly. You’ll have to finish
after you come back. Don’t fall down.
– Okay, mom. So, you’re the reason
for my daughter’s death. No. You’re the one who removed the
divider blocks on the flyover today. I saw you. I didn’t do anything. I saw you remove the
blocks with my own eyes. You were in such hurry that you didn’t
realize that you can kill somebody. You killed my daughter Jharna. I won’t spare you. Why did you kill my daughter?
– I didn’t kill her. Don’t lie. I removed the blocks to
find out what was happening. But, I didn’t remove the divider
blocks on the day of accident. I’m speaking the truth. Whoever I ask gives me the same
answer that he didn’t remove the blocks. But, that night Jharna and I
were riding comfortably on the flyover. Jharna, I hope you’re not feeling sleepy.
– No, mom. You removed the blocks
and we met with an accident. I didn’t remove them. And when I regained consciousness
I found myself in the ambulance. It would’ve been better if she was brought
here immediately after the accident. She has lost lot of blood. There was a child with her. But, she died on spot. It was very unfortunate. Has her body been sent for post-mortem?
– Yes. Jharna..
– Bye. Let us go. Jharna.. Mom.
– Come to me, my child. My child was only five years old. She didn’t even know what death was. And it was her birthday that day. It became the last day of her life. Mom.. are you crying? Hey! Why did you make mom cry? No.. auntie didn’t do anything. Something went in mom’s eyes.
– Mom, will you tell me a story? Go and lie on the bed,
I’ll soon go there. And then I’ll tell you story.
– Okay, mom. Goodnight, Jharna. No.. Please.. Please leave me. I’m speaking the truth.
I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. Please leave me. Please leave me, I didn’t do anything. I’ll find out who removed the
divider blocks that day and killed you. I promise you that I’ll definitely
find out the person who did it. Please leave me. Please. Please believe me. One day I noticed the
road blocks were removed. I put them back in place. I didn’t kill your daughter. I’m speaking the truth. Okay, I believe you. I’ll give you one chance. You should tell me by tomorrow
who killed my daughter. If we investigate for one week.. Sorry.
– No issues. Hi, Rachna.
– Hello Aditya.. I’m in a meeting. Call back later. Aditya, please listen to me.
– Please try to understand. I’m in a meeting. Okay? ‘I give you one chance.’ I should know by tomorrow
who killed my daughter. I saw her. Rachna.. She wanted to cut my nerves.. Enough, Rachna. It’s your misconception. Stop thinking about it. Everything will be fine. No.. no, sir.. I must find the person who removed
the blocks that day at any cost. Rachna, please try to understand. Sir, if you can’t help me it’s okay.
I’ll help myself. Did you eat anything? Rachna, eat it. I’ll go and freshen up. If you didn’t believe me,
you wouldn’t have done all this. I’ve checked the photos and details of the
people who were mentioned in your diary. They’ve one thing in common. A u-shape. Sundar, Srinivasan and the
two boys who died in the basement. Look at this. This is not a coincidence. Rachna, did you recently
see any u-sign anywhere. I can’t recall. Think about it. try to recall. Any pattern or object
that matches with this. I didn’t pay attention
to anything like that. Okay. Let’s go. Mom! Hi Malik!
– Hello. Sir, you’re here? Anything important? Yes. An accident took place
on RK Puram flyover on 9th March. I want to check the footage.
– Yes, sir. Just a minute. There’s nothing here. Are you talking about the accident
in which the mother and daughter died? Yes, sir. The child fell down from the
flyover on the railway track and died. It’s the same case.
– Sorry, sir. There was no camera on the flyover
at that time. There was no camera there?
How’s that possible? The cameras were installed
after the accident. Sir, the accident took place
because the divider blocks were removed. We’re finding the person who did it. Madam, when there was
no camera how can we find it. There are cameras at the beginning
and end of the flyover. Right? Yes, sir.
– I want their footage. This traffic footage is of 9th March. What’s the number of the vehicle? We’ll check if it
went passed the flyover. We’re looking for that vehicle. If you don’t give us any number,
how will we find it? If anybody returns soon
after going up the flyover.. means he took a u-turn. Right? Yes, sir. That’s possible.
– Superb! It takes at least 10-12 minutes
to ride up the flyover and return. The one who took the shortest time
must’ve removed the blocks. Right? You’re right. We can see who removed the
blocks from the flyover entry footage. Malik, can I see the footage?
– Yes. I’ll show you. Sir, on this side of the screen
we’ve the people going up the flyover. And on the other side we’ve
the footage of the people coming down. The first man to have removed
the blocks to take a u-turn will.. visible on both
sides of the screen. Very good, Malik. Play the footage.
– Please see it carefully. Tell me if you doubt anybody. Sir, the red jacket. Rewind it. Pause. Stop, Malik. It seems he is the one who
didn’t cross the entire flyover. He took a u-turn from the middle. Malik, get the vehicle’s number. I want its details.
– Okay, sir. Rachna, go and sit in the car.
I’ll soon be there. Sir, the bike doesn’t
have a number plate in front. It has a number plate
at the back. Zoom it. There’s one thing in common.
The u-shape. Have you seen a u-sign
anywhere recently? Rachna, I’ve got the name
and address of the bike owner. What happened?
Everything okay? Rachna, stop! Rachna! Mom, balloon. Hello. Hello, Ramesh. No, this is his brother speaking.
Who is this? Hold on.
Rachna, it is you. Right? How did you get my brother’s number? What do you want to speak to him about? Hello.. Hello, Rachna.. hello.. Is this your brother’s number?
– Yes. He shifted here two years back. The bank OTPs come at this
number so he didn’t change it. How did you get the number? Rachna, hello.. This is my brother’s bike. I pass by the RK Puram flyover daily. Malik, what’s the matter? Sir, I want to show you something. What is it? Any problem?
– Come with me. Rachna, there’s a limit to everything.
Will you please tell me what has happened? Where are you? You did it.
– What? You removed blocks from RK
Puram flyover and took a u-turn. The child died because of you. You killed her. Which accident? Which child?
I know nothing. You crossed the flyover wearing a red
jacket and riding your brother’s bike. I saw it in traffic camera. But, I never imagined
it could be you. Never. Rachna, I’ve been using
the flyover for years.. ..but I never removed any divider. Sir, notice this bike carefully. Yes, the one in red jacket. Look at the bike returning
from the other lane after some time. Look at it carefully. Did you spot me removing the divider? No, I didn’t. Then how can you say that I did it. Thousands of people
use the flyover daily. The bike that went up and
the one coming down is different. I had to give brother’s
bike for servicing that day. I didn’t have time.
So, I couldn’t go to the garage. I called the mechanic on
the flyover to pick the bike. When I watched the footage I noticed it. Same vehicle, same colour, same model. But the registration
number is different. The engine is making a lot of noise.
Please check it. – Okay. Message me. We exchanged our bikes. I took his bike and
he left with brother’s bike. This is what had happened. So, you didn’t remove
the divider blocks? Why will I remove it? I’m an honest and simple person, Rachna. I don’t take u-turn. I give you one chance. I should get to know by
tomorrow who killed my daughter. Sir.. sir.. the red jacket.. O my god! What have I done? Rachna, can you hear me?
– Aditya, where are you? I’m at home. Why? Just a minute. Please hold.
There’s somebody at the door. Aditya, please don’t open the door.
Don’t open the door. Aditya! Who is it? Auto.. auto.. Take me to Vimal apartment quickly.
– Okay, ma’am. Hello.. hello, Rachna. Hello.. hello.. Hello. Rachna, the address
I gave you was wrong. The man in red jacket
didn’t remove the blocks. Sir, I know that he’s not the one.
– How do you know? The man in red jacket is my friend. We work in the same office. O my god! Sir, I need your help. Rachna, what’s the matter? What’s wrong? Sir, you won’t believe me.. ..but my friend’s life is in danger. She’ll kill him.
Please help me. Don’t worry, I’ll reach there soon. Take left. Ritesh..
– Yes. Who is it? We are supposed to take left. Hello. Who’s in the house? Answer me. Rachna, Ritesh is with me. I’m coming there. Bye. Will you please tell
me what has happened? Somebody had removed
the divider on the flyover.. ..the day your daughter
and wife met with an accident. What do you mean? The vehicle owner who removed
the blocks didn’t put them back. As a result your wife
and child met with an accident. That’s what we think, Ritesh. Yes, Malik. Tell me. I’ve got the number of
the vehicle that took u-turn. Are you sure?
– Absolutely. Send me his name and address. Okay, sir. I’ll send it. Ritesh, come. Which floor?
– 13th. Ritesh, I saw your wife and
daughter at my home last night. I’ll take revenge of
my daughter Jharna’s death. I won’t spare anybody. I’ve killed them and I’ll also kill you. Aditya.. Aditya.. Sir.. Aditya.. Aditya.. Ritesh.. Hold him tightly. Hold tightly. Rachna, get the knife. Rachna, be quick.
Go and get the knife. Hurry up.
Ritesh, hold him tightly. Hurry up, Rachna. Hurry up. Ritesh, hold him tightly. Carefully. Be careful. Aditya.. C’mon, breathe.
– Aditya, are you okay? Aditya, are you okay?
– Aditya, don’t worry. Aditya, you are fine. Keep breathing. She’s here. Keep quiet, Rachna. She’s here. Let’s get out of here quickly.
– What are you saying, Rachna? She’s here. Be careful, Ritesh. Carefully. Aditya, nothing will happen to you. Papa.. Ritesh.. Ritesh.. Jharna.. Jharna.. Jharna.. Jharna, my daughter. Where did you go? I was so disturbed.
– I didn’t go anywhere. You left me alone. I didn’t go anywhere. I was waiting for you here. Now that you’ve come
back I won’t go anywhere. I can’t live without you. Where’s your mom? Maya, you’ve come back? What are you doing here? Why did you save his life? Maya, how are you? He killed Jharna. I won’t spare him. Carefully. Aditya, sit here. Rachna, take care of Aditya.
I’ll call the ambulance. Aditya.. Aditya.. speak to me. Maya, I was returning home
on the day of the accident. Hello.
– Hello, dad. Happy birthday, darling. Where are you? Why didn’t you come home yet? I’m on the way. It’s raining heavily. There’s lot of traffic. Dad, have you brought a gift for me. Oh! I forgot.
Give the phone to your mom. Mom, it’s dad. Where are you? Maya, I forgot Jharna’s gift at office. Do the rest of the shopping.
I’ll take the gift and reach home. Okay. Come home quickly. I’m sorry, Maya. I never realized that my
mistake would kill my family. Carefully. Carefully. O my god! Aditya, take in deep breaths. It was nobody but Ritesh
who removed the blocks. Sir.. Maya, I’m really very sorry. Please don’t touch me. Maya.. Maya.. Stay away from me. Sir.. You killed my daughter Jharna..
– Maya.. You shattered my world,
my dreams associated with Jharna. Maya..
– You killed Jharna. Mom! Jharna.. My child.. Please don’t kill dad. I’m sorry, my dear. I’m sorry. Dad didn’t do anything. I won’t hurt him. Please don’t cry. I won’t do anything. I’ll only do what makes you happy. My child, I won’t harm him. Ritesh! Ritesh, don’t do it. Don’t jump, Ritesh.
– Dad! Ritesh! Maya.. Maya.. Maya.. Maya.. Maya.. Help! Help! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! A train is coming. Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna! Jharna misses you a lot. She doesn’t even know that she’s dead. She always talks about her daddy.
I always give her excuses. She doesn’t know
that her dad killed her. Your punishment will
be to live with this pain. No.. Maya, please don’t leave me and go. Maya.. Please don’t go, Maya. Please, Maya. Please don’t leave me and go. Maya.. Maya.. Maya.. Jharna.. Jharna.. Jharna, please don’t
leave your dad and go. Jharna, please stop. Jharna! Jharna.. Mom, won’t dad come with us? He has lot of work.
He’ll come later.


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