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Uconnect Theater

No more racing to call “shotgun” when
Uconnect Theater gives your second-row passengers the best seats in the house. Whatever their age, Uconnect Theater makes
it easy for them to watch movies or play games… all from a personalized, high-definition,
10.1 inch touchscreen. Second-row passengers will love being able
to watch, play and listen with their own individual touchscreens. No more arguments over princess movies versus
pirate movies. And, no need to decide between video games
or puzzles. With two Uconnect Theater screens, everybody’s
happy. And the options are endless. Connect to your portable device or gaming
console. Play a Blu-Ray disc or use the USB. Uconnect Theater does it all. But won’t it get noisy, with two different
screens playing at once? Well, probably. That’s where our wireless headphones come
into play. You can also bring along your favorite set. Want to enjoy some music? You got it, with a robust audio-only mode. Want to play a game instead? Simply plug compatible devices into the HDMI
port. Use our Bluetooth remote to explore the built-in
game options. Or swipe and tap your way thru the touchscreen
menu. Your passengers will enjoy a variety of games
from educational to interactive. Brush up on math, go head-to-head in a game
of Checkers or choose Back Seat Bingo. Be sure to check out the License Plate Game
and make the world outside your window a part of the fun. “Are we there yet?” You’ll never hear that again, thanks to
the animated “Are We There Yet” screen. Your passengers will enjoy having the distance
remaining to your destination and estimated arrival time right at their fingertips. Passengers can control the temperature directly
from the touchscreen, so complaints about it being too hot or too cold are a thing of
the past. So now, with all of this entertainment, think
you might need a parent in the back seat? Well… we can’t clone you, but we can provide
parental controls. You’ll be able to mute, lock or override
control of the system right from the front seat. Uconnect Theater truly does make each drive
unique. So, all you have to do is sit back… and
enjoy the ride. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. Please refer to the instruction manuals on
the Owner’s Information DVD or for complete details and other important safety

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