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Unboxing Horror: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hello and welcome to Unboxing Horror! Each month we’ll be unboxing a different horror film on Blu-ray. We’ll take a look at the packaging, discs, inserts and even navigate the menus of each film we review. Our goal is to overload you with so much unboxing goodness, that your eyes’ will explode. So if you’re still sitting on the fence about adding a new film to your collection, or upgrading to Blu-ray… we are here to help. The victim of this episode is The 35th Anniversary Edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, released nationwide on October 19, 2010 by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Jim Sharman and released theatrically in 1975, Rocky Horror is a film adaptation of the musical stage production The Rocky Horror Show. Written by Richard O’Brien, who also wrote the screenplay for this film. The movie follows Brad and Janet, two average American kids who accidentally stumble upon a very unusual celebration, at a mysterious castle hosted by the bizarre Dr. Frank N. Furter. What’s unique about this film is that it originally bombed during its initial theatrical release, but soon gained notoriety as a midnight movie when fans in the audience began to react and particiapte with the actors on screen. Thanks to the film’s cult following, Rock Horror is still being screened all over the country, and the world, since its release in 1975. And currently holds the record for longest theatrical release in film history. There’s a lot to cover with this Blu-ray release, so let’s check out the packaging. The 35th Anniversary Edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show comes packaged in a digibook case. and as you guys may know, digibook cases are often taller… wider… and even just a little bit thicker than your standard Blu-ray case. As for the cover of the set… Here we have the spine. And here is the back. As we open up the digibook, we are greeted with a photo of Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter. We also get a little insert that contains a message by the President of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club, Sal Piro, just welcoming fans to this special edition release of the film. As we open up the digibook, we also get a message from the Executive Producer the film, Lou Adler, just talking about the film’s legacy, and the production of the movie. The rest of the digibook is dedicated to the photos of Mick Rock, who was the only photographer allowed on set during the filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So I’ll just quickly just skim through… all the different photos in here. Pretty neat stuff. Each of the photos is on a glossy page, so it looks pretty attractive. On the final page we have the disc. And right behind it, another photo of Tim Curry. So with the packaging out of the way… let’s check out the menus. At the start of the menu, you can select to watch the US or UK version of the film. The only difference between the two versions, is that the musical number “Super Heroes” was cut from the US film, because it was deemed too depressing for American audiences. So I always choose to watch the UK version. Now from the menu, we have the famous lips from the opening credits rocking back-and-forth in front of theater curtains as fake movie posters fly on-and-off screen to the music of “Science Fiction-Double Feature.” But because of rights issues, I will not be
playing music. At the bottom we have our navigation. Selecting “Play” will obviously play the version of the film you selected from the main menu. “Set Up” will allow you to configure the audio and subtitle features. “Search” will pull up the chapter selection and bookmarks. And “Extras” will let us dig into the good stuff. For example, we have the option to watch the film with the alternate black and white opening. We can swtich between the two different versions of the film. And from “The Midnight Experience…” we can check out four featurettes that play during the film including a “Trivia Track,” a “Vintage Callback Track,” which is just an audio track with an audience shouting back lines at the screen, a “Prob Box” which gives us the option to use virtual props during the film, and “The Late Night, Double Feature, Picture-in-Picture Show” which is a picture-in-picture shadow cast performance of the film made specifically for this release. But wait! There’s more… We also have the “Rocky-oke! Sing It!,” which is a karaoke of every song in the film, we get a commentary track by Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn, we also get “The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast,” which is a two-part doucmentary that looks at the audition process for The Rocky Horror Shadowcast that took place in Los Angeles, New York City and London. Part One is 30-minutes long and part two is 28-minutes long. We have “Mick Rock (A Photographer),” which is a four-minute documentary about the only photographer allowed on set during the filming of Rocky Horror. We have “Mick Rock’s Picture Show,” which is a gallery that just contains 45 pics by Mick Rock. And hold on! There’s even more! We have “A Few From the Vault…,” which let’s us check out featurettes released on previous editions of Rocky Horror. They include “Deleted Musical Scenes,” which is “Once in a While” and “Super Heroes.” We have “Outtakes,” which is just 10-minutes of nothing really special or funny. We have the “Alternate Credit Ending.” We have the “Misprint Ending.” We “Rocky Horror Double Feature Video Show,” which is a 37-minute documentary from 1995 about the making of the film and its legacy. We have the “Beacon Theater, New York City (10th Anniversary),” which is a six-minute documentary that takes a brief look at the fan’s and the film’s audience participation. We have “Time Warp Music Video” from the 15th anniversary VHS release, which is a five-minute music video that contains clips from the audience participation. We also have the theatrical trailers, a “Pressbook Gallery,” and a “Poster Gallery,” which just contains four movie posters. So, with the menus out of the way, let’s see if this film is worth the money. After unboxing The Rocky Horror Picture
Show on Blu-ray, this film comes… RecommenDEAD! I mean what’s not to love? The picture and sound quality is a BIG improvement over previous DVD releases. The film has undergone a 2K/4K image transfer from the original camera negatives, and there’s an added 7.1 surround sound mix. In addition to the great picture and audio, we also receive a plethora special features. Some new, and some old. Although not all of the special features have been ported over from previous home video releases, which is a bummer… We still receive an eyeful that will keep us busy for several hours. And to top it all of, the disc comes packaged inside an attractive digibook, that contains several glossy pages dedicated to the photography of Mick Rock. So if you’re a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this release will not disappoint. That wraps up this unboxing. If you have any questions or comments regarding The Rocky Horror Picture Show, feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you. And if you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to subscribe and check out our channel to catch past episodes and original films by Grim’s World Productions. And remember you can catch new episodes of Unboxing Horror the first Tuesday of each month. Thank you for watching. And until next time… stay horrified!


  1. Ayla Pupo Author

    Thank you very much for this video. I wanted so badly to buy this blu-ray, but I didn't know if it worth it. Now I see it does. The only problem now is to have money to buy it, since it's not sold here in Brazil and I'm going to have to import it.


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