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Unboxing the PowerLynx – Add a Powered Zoom to your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera!

Hi everybody, Bohus here for,
and in this video we’re going to do an unboxing of one of our most hotly anticipated releases
yet. It is the PowerLynx Kit, which includes the B4 Magic lens adapter. So, what’s so special
about this lens adapter, I mean, we’ve got a kerjillion lens adpters, right? Well what
makes this one interesting is what it let’s you do with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
It is an adapter expressly designed for this camera, and what it lets you do is attach
one of these honkin’ B4 lenses onto this camera. These are ENG lenses, electronic news gathering
lenses, but that’s a fancy way of saying it has a powered zoom. You can use photographic
zooms on these little Blackmagic cameras, the thing is when you do the zooming you’re
going to change the aperture, so you can’t make that zoom part of your shot. And also
there’s no motor so it’s hard to get that to be a nice smooth movement. Well, we had
this idea that these lenses that use the B4 mounting standard, the cameras that use these
have a sensor that’s very similar in size to what’s in the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema.
So we figured, hey, we could make an adapter, put some optics in there, that way you can
attach this camera to this lens. Plus, we can give you what you need to power this lens
and get that powered zoom action back and get lots of versatility and lots of creativity
back just by using these very inexpensive lenses you can get second hand. And these
you can find for like, a hundred bucks, two hundred bucks on eBay. Frequently there’s
a camera attached to it, you just, you know, take the camera off and throw it away, and
then you get out your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and the PowerLynx Kit! So let’s get
that out right now and let’s see everything that comes in the box. So here’s what it looks
like, delivered to you in a plain brown wrapper. Let’s get rid of this, and you get this nice
carrying case with a handle, making it easy to carry around all the pieces that you need
when you go on location. Alright, let’s see everything that comes in the case. As you
open it up you’ve got a mesh pocket, that’s good for cables and all the spare little doodads
you need on any shoot. Here’s the B4 Magic adapter right in there in its own fitted compartment,
and we lift this flap and you get all the cables you need, including the all important
cable that goes between this power pack and the camera itself, that’s what lets you use
the zoom again. Let’s just start with the adapter. Okay, let’s pull this guy out. Now the adapter is made of brass just like all of our high-end adapters here at Fotodiox,
you’ve got a body cap and a front cap, and for some reason nobody makes these B4 front
caps, so we made it out of metal and that means thus guy is built to take a pounding.
Also notice something, it’s got its own tripod foot because these lenses are very, very heavy
normally compared to this tiny, tiny camera, so we moved the mounting point a little further
up front, a little easier to balance your camera out especially on a rig or on a tripod.
And this bottom foot is Arca-Swiss compatible, so again, if your rig or your tripod are Arca-Swiss
you can just pin that right in there. So, let’s get the cap off. You just line up these
little points where it says install and then you just slip this over the bayonet mount
of the B4, and just rotate this ring, and that’s going to lock the adapter right onto
your lens, a nice solid hold. We’ll take this plastic cap off the back, and now just grab
the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera… We’re done. So this whole thing now is ready to
roll. You get the flexibility of this lens, plus you get the image quality that the Blackmagic
Pocket Cinema is famous for. A couple things to keep in mind: you’re gonna want to shoot
at an F/5.6 or greater with this lens. These lenses are optimized to shoot at an F/5.6
for maximum clarity, anything lower than that and you’re going to get sort of image artifacting
and soft focus that is not gonna be what you’re looking for. Plus, remember to use the more
forward mounting point, using the one on the camera is kind of asking for trouble. So,
this guy is a little more load baring, just mount it up front and you’ll be ready to go.
Here’s some footage from our Beta testers from all around the world. Everything you’re
seeing was shot with B4 lenses and our B4 Magic lens adapter. We’ve gotten great results
shooting in-studio and shooting on location. Just remember that the adapter’s optics need
light too. You’ll find a reduction of the light hitting your sensor of one stop. That’s
just something to keep in mind when you’re planning your next shoot. So, we could shoot like this, but we want to power the motor that’s inside the lens, so let’s get out the
battery pack and the adapter cable. So we need these two guys: we need the battery
pack in it’s case and we need the cable. Now the cable comes in a 6 pin configuration and
a 12 pin configuration. make sure you get the one that matches up with your B4 lens.
Let’s make some more room here. Okay, we’re going to zip out the power pack. Now this
is the Fotodiox Turbopack 9000. It’s a very powerful power pack and what’s important is
it does not have a sleep mode, okay, like, if you were to use just an off the shelf power
pack that you use to recharge a phone or something like that it’s not going to have
the right kind of output connector and it might go to sleep on you. So we custom developed
this guy to make sure that it pumps out power consistently. And what’s nice is the motor
inside the zoom lens of the B4, it barely uses any power, like, this will power that
lens for days. We had one of these systems as a demo in Las Vegas and for three days
people were just zooming in and out all day long, and we might have gone down to half
of what this battery pack’s capacity is. We give you the charger in the kit and all you
have to do to turn on the battery pack is just plug in the cable, and you can see
we’ve got this little fuel gauge here that tells you how much juice is left. Also, before
you hook it up to your lens, choose whether you’re pumping out 12 volts, 16 volts or 19
volts depending on what your lens needs. Okay, oh, and notice the battery pack has a little
USB port, that’s an output port so you can power any USB accessories, you could recharge
your phone or you tablet. We actually used this pack to run a GoPro for like 12 hours,
you can see the video right here if you’d like. But, let’s stick with this guy. Now, don’t
forget that these cables come in two different configurations: a 12 pin and a 6 pin, so make sure to order
the one that fits your camera. I’ve got a 12 pin right here. And there we go. So now
that we have it hooked up, let’s grab the lens and we’re ready to go right? Hey, wait
a minute! It’s not working! Here’s why: a lot of times these lenses have a switch that
will go between manual zoom and servo zoom, or motorized zoom. So I’ve got it in manual
right now, which is great if you’re doing like quicky zooms, but we’ll flip it to servo,
ahh, there you go! And remember, this is variable speed, so you can do a really slow creep if
you want. And depending on the lens you pick, like my lens actually has even more control
over the speed, you can actually set it’s top speed. so even if you’re cranked down
all the way on the button it will only go very very slowly, that’s why it pays to shop
around when you’re getting these old lenses. There’s a lot of life still left in these
old lenses, and plenty of them still resolve out to high def resolution, so it’s really
a deal. You pick up one of these lenses for a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks, you
know that the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema is very inexpensive, and our kit is a deal too
because it includes everything, it’s got the adapter, it’s got the power pack, it’s got
the cable…I didn’t show you the coolest feature of the power pack! Here. The pouch,
it’s got this elastic, pop it under there, it’s got two zippers so that you can leave
the cable sticking out, and that means you can use this Velcro strap and either put it
on your belt or sometimes I’ll actually strap it onto the hand strap right here or strap
it onto my rig, so really it’s a very versatile kit. The PowerLynx does include everything
that you need, you pretty much open up the box, hook it up to your lens, and you’re ready
to roll. And remember you’ll need a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera because that is what
the adapter is designed for. Now I know you’re anxious to run out and start shooting but
before you do you’re going to want to adjust the back focus of your lens. It’s a little
bit of an arcane procedure, we made a video about how to do it right here, it doesn’t
take too long, but that will ensure that you get nice, reliable focus throughout the entire
zoom range of your lens. Okay, now you’re ready to roll. So just click on one of the
links down below this video, you’ll be taken to a catalog page with even more details about
the PowerLynx Kit and the B4 magic Adapter, and you can order either of them starting
today. And don’t forget to click right here to subscribe. You’ll get special subscriber
only deals, how-to videos and unboxing videos just like this one. My name is Bohus, thanks
for watching.


  1. Vidal Legend Author

    Hi thanks for this Video, Just want to clarify, The ENG lens in the video, is it the SD (J9/ J14) or the HD version (HJ 22 etc.)? If it is the SD version, would this work on the other Blackmagic cameras like the studio or production series? Finally, is there a crop factor when the lens is on?  Thanks

  2. Valid Point Author

    My campus TV station is looking to upgrade our equipment on a budget so we were looking at the Black Magic Studio cameras, but reviews rate it poorly for fast moving events (we are looking to use them for remote sports shoots as well) because of the MTF remote control features on the studio cameras. But utilizing a B4 lens would bypass the MTF. So will this adapter kit work for the Studio Cameras as well?

  3. FocusProduction Author

    For one I need URSA Blackmagic camera connector,
    for optical "Canon YJ12X6.5B4 KRS-A SX12 2/3" Professional Broadcast Video Zoom Lens''
    is there a converter that photographs titles jet qualitative,
    presented during the demonstration that you had wanted to introduce it connector also directly to the camera filming.

  4. Sudeep Mathema Author

    Using this kit Can I use B4 lense without 2x extender in BMD Studio and Micro Studio camera? Does this have optics in the adaptor? what is crop and light factor?

  5. Auf und davon - Ausgewandert auf die Philippinen Author

    Hi !
    I have bought that system for my bmpcc. Great !! In the description you say the auto iris function is not support. can you tell me why? I thought this feature from the lenses will be progress in the lens not in the camera ..or? or is that a power supply problem because the different voltages for the lens ? regards

  6. Götterspeise Film Author

    Hi, I was wondering if you can use the Turbopack to power the BMPCC at the same time as the lens. Would be cool as the BMPCC has the Battery issue.

  7. Choy Wei De Author

    Does this work with Micro Four Thirds camera like GH4? Without engaging 2X zoom on the lens
    From what I know black magic micro cinema camera has S16 sensor with Micro Four Thirds mounts.
    Gh4 has Micro Four Thirds sensors with Micro Four Thirds mounts. S16 is slightly smaller than M43.

  8. Michael Del Rossa Author

    Could someone tell me why someone hasn't made these for full frame? You know for 5D users or BMCC ? I know its smaller but I'm sure someone could figure it out….do I have too?

  9. Drew Media Australia Author

    I’d like to know why I still get Vignette on the right hand side of my picture only, using your B4Magic Pro lens adapter with a Canon YJ18X9B4 KRS SX12 .. with a Black Magic MFT Micro Studio Cam ?

  10. Sammy G Art Author

    Questions, by chance do you know where I can find the specs that say B4 lens lose 1 stop of light via optics? thanks my B4 lens says its 1.8 however in 2x mod, and i'm amusing here it should be 2.2 which would be a full stop, however it reads at 3.4. Just curios if that info is floating around some wheres on the internet. and where to find it.


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