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Under The Spell Of Hollywood Part 2

and here it is the greatest advance in
television since color television itself see all color shows in living color once
you’ve adjusted fine tuning regions so there we see that it means that you can
subdue a people you can control the people by secret influence that goes on
to say under charm to subdue by secret power especially by that which pleases
and delights the mind so under charm there it says power to
subdue opposition and gain the affections
but remember in the story of Wizard of Oz how the Wicked Witch was having
difficulties of doing her opponent and finally she said this crystal ball she
spreads her hands across the crystal ball and she creates a lovely poppy
field so beautiful and Dorothy a lion Scarecrow the Tin Man
going across this lovely Pompey field fall to what is it possible that I that’s not just
story is it possible that the crystal ball sits in the living room of every
home practice Lee in America and then it comes from a place called
Hollywood in today’s video I would like to discuss Hollywood and it’s a quote
satanic illuminati and witchcraft booths let’s begin by understanding where the
name Hollywood even came from the mainstream sources to tell us the name
Hollywood land was coined by H Whitley who’s also known as the father of
Hollywood land in the eighteen hundreds it was not until 1902 when filmmakers
started moving to Hollywood land to see the harsh and strict rules and post by
Thomas Edison’s motion picture patents company in New Jersey that Hollywood
have planned began its price to fame and it wasn’t even until 1923 but finally
filmmakers themselves dropped the last four letters of Hollywood land and began
calling it simply Hollywood so in essence Hollywood was actually
coined by the film makers themselves and unknown that we can actually pursue that
Hollywood has a very sinister me and in fact the cult symbology behind
Hollywood’s name has a very interesting and different explanation the Druids
were tree worshipers and the holly tree was their most
simba because it was secret to their mother Holle or hell which is their
Norse goddess of the underworld so we have Holly or Hollywood we also have a
hella would the police of magic it is also very important to note that magic
wands were always made out of the wood of a holly tree
it’s literally made out of Hollywood Hollywood is a dramatic establishment
dice and metaphorically these ones are used to make movies like magic with a
wave of the wand and itself Hollywood actually produces these magical movies
that become so famous throughout the whole world I mean even think of the
Mickey the magician reading his wand and pasty spells on children all throughout
the world this Hollywood industry is literally a bunch of occultus Satanists
and dark magicians and sorcerers so let’s dive in to a few of the symbols
surrounding Hollywood and there and the first thing I really want to
mention is one of the most recognizable symbols of Hollywood and of all the a
beat around the world and that is the red carpet we often see all of these
world leaders and celebrities walking upon a red carpet and this is an old
symbol dating back through the concocted story of Sarah and for us of the time of
the Druids the red carpet is a motive representing the royal blood path or
blood line coming down from the past and running the future this actually
represents the 13th Illuminati bloodlines that we’ve all heard of they
have been rulers of the world for ages and eons the thirteenth bloodlines date
all the way back to all of these world leaders from British and French kings to
Egyptian pharaohs they are basically all of royalty and all the current leaders
of the world are all to a point related there are four prestigious awards that
an artist or actor can win and in order from least important to most important
there are the Golden Globes for recognition in TV and film Grammys for
music and musical and treatments Emmys for television shows and of course the
Oscars which are the most glamorous Awards and are for the biggest movies of
the year so let’s cut to the chase and talk about some symbology in the two of
the highest awards someone can actually obtain in Hollywood so the second most
important are the National Account of Television Arts and Sciences which
are also known as the Emmys and if you pay very close attention to the
abbreviation of the national academy of TV arts and sciences you get the word
not toss which is actually satan backwards my brothers and sisters this
is not a sheer coincidence I believe when a celebrity has achieved
this award it is because their show is obviously and of course very popular
throughout the nation if not the whole world but that does not happen by mere
accident we have heard many greats admit that they feel a spirit come over them
when they are acting or singing and these celebrities say they feel as
though their bodies have been taken over guys the bigger the demon that takes
over the more popular their show becomes there is strong evidence that when an
actor gets an achievement this big and notoriety of that status it is because
they have acted out a specific ritual or have successfully pushed the Antichrist
throughout the media and on to the people which in fact is of course
helping Satan to cause chaos and destruction on to this world whether the
celebrities know what they’re doing or not is a different topic all in itself
but I strongly believe that most are under some type of mind-control weather
MK ULTRA some demonic influence or even both so let’s take a look at the picture
of this emmy-award golden trophy here we could clearly see that the Emmy Award
itself depicts a feminine angel with the wings
that are shaped like lightning bolts and we all know these lightning bolts are
huge huge satanic symbols because for when Lucifer fell from heaven he fell as
lightning and became Satan and we see this feminine angel holding what looks
like a globe or a planet or a star and this is truly blasphemous and satanic
now the coldest believe that Lucifer has a feminine energy to him and that he can
also symbolize Venus which is the morning star and that Lucifer is a light
bearer now it might be very odd to think of Lucifer as a female but any
encyclopedia will surely tell you that occultist and I repeat occultists and
Romans considered Lucifer as Venus which is in fact a very very feminine energy
considered this my sisters Satan often comes as a very
attractive woman to deceive men also we see the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds is not only related to drugs and LSD but it’s also a veiled
reference to Lucifer as Venus or the Sun we have even seen Scarlett Johansson
play in the movie Lucy last year which had very occult and satanic references
Lucy or Lucifer the light bear could then also represent the Columbia
Pictures of logo and the Statue of Liberty which was modeled after the
Colossus of Rhodes which was a statue of the greco-roman Titan Sun God and one of
the biggest tools in the hands of the Masters who run this world is Hollywood
Hollywood is an incredible story I’ve said this and maybe many hearing me now
have heard me say this but I’ll say it again that the white man’s establishment
comes from Europe and in northern southern well all for northeast South in
Western Europe even at the time of the Roman Empire and before that whole
section of Europe that we call the center for the white man’s presence on
the earth was was quite literally ruled over ancient Europe was ruled over by a
priesthood called the Druids and the Druids were very they were the they were
the ministers to the priests the judges the lawyers they were the religious
leaders so there was a priesthood that dominated Europe it still does
Europe is still a druidic country and America is a Julita country unless you
understand the druidic system then you’re never going to figure out what’s
going on in America and England but one of the most important symbols in the
druid a system was a magic one like will in the magician with the magic one and
also the orchestra leaders and conductors always have a magic wand and
you have better play to the tune of the master he directs you to play and he
directs you to stop with the magic wand so you’re dancing to his music okay
magic wands were always made out of the wood of a holly tree it’s made out of
Hollywood and Hollywood is a druidic establishment and the symbols the words
the terms the stories so that people go out on the movie and take in their minds
this is the way you normally would react to a situation the way that the guy in
the movie did and so that’s why today in the Western civilization especially in
the West our our ability to work with each other and live together as humans
is so screwed up because we were watching so much television of so many
movies and so much silliness coming out of Hollywood so much violence and sex
and drugs that all the rest of it that people have no idea in the world how to
live anymore they’ve lost their humanity
and in the process they seek to transform the rest of mankind into
carbon copies of themselves and as the world becomes interconnected
television is used as the Minister instrument for brainwashing the rest of
my time you well it come to life is they’ve now been
it sort of it it is not so surprising for a lot of people that there are
Colvin amongst the very educated class architect with lawyers pleased brokers
and the leisure class these are people who have made pacts with the devil
that’s right they really do the best be more accurately prescribing would be
that they have indulged themselves in the worship of the ghost of the Prince
of the serpent of Satan of Lucifer and they leave perfectly any profit
normalize their jewel merchants they travel there their prominence in their
own way but they do have this indulgence father here’s a part of that I can never
understand well that has never made sense to me and that is if somebody were
to make a pact with the devil but then obviously the implication is if the
devil is there to make pact with them to make a deal to make their life this
short mortal life on earth pleasurable with money or women or travel or more
it’s that whatever it is they want then they are aware of the presence of the
devil and they are obviously aware then of the presence of God as well and they
nevertheless make a conscious stupid short-term blind choice to take what
they can get in this lifetime and I just it see it to embrace one you must
embrace the other it’s not like it’s some wishy-washy person I find out I
know you do it is very not easy to understand except
when you talk with them when they let their hair down and peel grapes as we
say and when they’re there on the way to being cured of what they’re or heals if
the proper words you find that there’s an exhilaration
and a satisfaction which is both sensual and sexual and mental when they’re
really indulgent in Luciferian worship there is a peculiar exhilaration like a
drug then yes you’re doing really well now but didn’t you release this a day
like almost 10 years ago yeah I mean I released a gospel record when I was 15
because I grew up in you know a household where all I ever did was
listen to gospel music and my parents are both traveling ministers and so I
kind of sang about you know what was going on in my life at 15 and that’s how
I got introduced to the music industries I swear I wanted to be like the Amy
Grant of music yeah it didn’t work out and so I sold my soul to the devil when
they’re really indulgent in Luciferian worship there is a peculiar exhilaration
like a drug then yeah if I were the devil if I were the devil if I were the Prince of Darkness I’d
want to engulf the whole world in darkness and I’d have 1/3 of its real
estate and four-fifths of its population but I wouldn’t be happy until I have
seized the rightest Apple on the tree V so I set about however necessary to take
over the United States I’d subvert the churches first I began
with a campaign of whispers with the wisdom of a serpent I would whisper to
you as I whispered to Eve do as you please to the young I would
CRISPR that the Bible is a myth I would convince them that man created God
instead of the other way around I would confide that what’s bad is good
and what’s good is square and the old I would teach to pray after me our Father
in Washington and then I get organized I’d educate authors in how to make lurid
literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting
I threatened TV with dirtier movies and vice versa I peddle narcotics to whom I
could I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction I tranquilized
the rest with pills if I were the devil I’d soon have penalties at war with
themselves churches at war with themselves and nations at war with
genex turn was consumed and with promises of higher ratings
I’d have mesmerizing media if I were the devil I would encourage
schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions
until before you knew it you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal
detectors in every schoolhouse door within a decade
I’d have prisons overflowing I have judges promoting pornography soon
I could evict from the courthouse then from the
schoolhouse and then from the houses of Congress
it is on churches I would substitute all religion and deify science I would
nor priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money if I
were the devil I’d make the symbol of Easter and egg and the symbol of
Christmas a bauble if I were the devil I’d take from those
who have and give to those who want it until I had killed the incentive of the
ambitious I couldn’t get whole states to promote
gambling as a way to get rich
I would caution against extremes and hard work and patriotism and I would convince the young that marriage
is old-fashioned that swinging is more fun
that what you see on TV there’s the way to be
and thus I could undress you in public are you into bed with diseases for which
there is no cure in other words if I were the devil I
just keep right on doing what he’s doing well hello everyone
I’m taking a walk today in the Hollywood Hills am I in the United States of
America I hear you ask no I’m just on the outskirts of Rome these are the
Hollywood Hills no joke this place is called nemi which in latin is Nemus or
the holy would you see how all the trees in the hills are very very ironically
similar to the United States Hollywood in California I think you could pretty
much just insert the American Hollywood sign right in the middle of that Grove
and it wouldn’t look much different to what we see on television also that lake
right in the center that’s called Diana’s mirror which Emperor’s used to
sail into to assert themselves as stars you would not believe just how many
roads lead to Rome it really makes you think I mean the
whole thing is a bit like a net isn’t it it’s like a trap as a snare that they
would sail into these waters and then unbeknown to them with they’re actually
beings of lured in by its beauty and they were to be sacrificed in the temple
of diana sounds a little familiar doesn’t it with the hollywood of today
that it kind of laws us in with its impressiveness and its beauty and that
really it’s Jezebel’s net and people are being sacrificed into it people give
their all to be in it and people get brainwashed by it and they lose
themselves to it and people sacrifice so much so much to
their time so much of their life to Hollywood it’s exactly the same thing
the amount the sheer amount that Hollywood in the mainstream media have
changed people have distracted people have changed their lives have made
people more self engrossed encouraged self worship they have it’s amazing how
much television has changed this world has changed so many cultures and
corrupted so many cultures across the whole world all from that one place
casting its spell over the viewers and sure enough just off the coast of
the water the Temple of Diana where they used to sacrifice the people that came
into this water so it’s clear that the mother goddess worship was very
prevalent in this area the holy would the worship of the Huntress you can see
the bow and arrow symbolism everywhere but no talons what people used to do
here they quite literally used to sacrifice those people in this temple of
Diana of course this is thousands of years old
now you can vividly picture really how evil this pagan worship actually is is
absolutely satanic look at the fruits of it now still this is the mistake that
some make they think that this is all completely vanished and this this
doesn’t happen anymore well the Luciferians they are pantheistic they
worship many gods and it there’s nothing new Under the Sun this old age of gods
and goddess worship is still the new age religion is still part of the same thing
it’s it’s not disappeared at all we’ve been very blessed the Christian values
spread across this world but you can see where it will end up when if people fall
away from true biblical Christian values of love and loving one another and
loving Jesus and loving your neighbor and do not murder
you know you can you can see where the world will go is not evolving is it it’s
devolving back into the old age lies but they’re just calling it new so it can’t
be good when you look back at the past and see that this is still part of the
same Luciferian religion it can’t be going anywhere good can it because look
at what used to happen do we want that again our so many of Hollywood’s most famous
actors and actresses able to be so amazingly effective and convincing in
their performances what’s so that it came they can move us to laughter tears
or anger at the drop of a hat are they truly gifted with natural talent as many
suggest you see this new just you’re dazzled by their talent do they possess
a creative streak of genius that is unknown to most men or unknown to most
men are they in fact possessed is it possible that these actors and actresses
are possessed by demonic spirits who have a specific agenda to fulfill our
award-winning actor Denzel Washington told 60 minutes exactly how he brings
forth his best performances basically what I did was got on my knees and sort
of communicated with the spirits and when I came out I was in charge powerful
soon powerful scene it would I couldn’t have acted that I couldn’t have written
that down and made a decision to play that what are you gonna smoke that no
you are Jesus the one-woman entertainment Empire known as Oprah how
strong affiliations with the demonic realm the most familiar face on
television says you cannot only use your body in physical self this is how I see
acting I asked my body to be the carrier for the spirits of those who have come
before me in a way that is most meaningful to the character just become
the vehicle for that character calling out for these entities to take her over
so that she may become a sparkling puppet Oprah admits of her work before
the camera I tried to empty myself and let the spirit inhabit me with her
global influence her shows have become a smorgasbord for the new age you know it’s pretty interesting isn’t
it that this place is called Diana’s mirror and when Hollywood is all about
self-obsession self-worship it’s very interesting you can see the
same fruits in Hollywood today holy wood today as we walk around this place which
is called nemi which in latin means holy wood Diana and her holy wood the lake is
called Diana’s mirror so really when you think about it Hollywood is just an
extension an artificial plastic version of what is already here it’s just a
modern-day replica of what is already on the outskirts of Rome all roads lead to
Rome so really the one in the United States
is like a pseudo modern mock-up version of channeling the same thing the worship
and cult of Diana that the temple of the great goddess
Diana should be despised and her magnificence should be destroyed whom
all Asia in the world worship it and when they heard these things they were
full of Wrath and cried out saying great is Diana of the Ephesians I’m making my
way up to the town of nemi itself notice the male-female symbolism sex magic of
the gate right in the center of the town Wow look at the top the moon goddess a
crescent moon with a crown so obvious Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me and
he says the things that I don’t want to say he was born of you know just a few
months ago I think he was born out of rage he was conceived in rage so he
bashes everyone he threatens to beat people and it’s violent he wants to be
blamed I don’t want to blame him like I asked him to leave but he can’t he’s
here for a reason people have brought him out people conjured him up now he
won’t leave oh boy the foundation of the shrine is clearly
the Vatican the Jesuit Illuminati secret societies guys there is the sculpture of Diana the
Huntress remember also the symbolism we’ve looked into before with the wilds
hunt the European folklore of Europa you know the goddess the Wild Hunt Nimrod
was the first one to bring together a coordinated effort of all mankind to
come against the truth of the revealed Word of God nimrod the bible said was a
hunter for souls my friend he was a hunter before the Lord and what he
hunted was not deer and elk he was hunting the souls of man and how
ultimately it refers to the hunting of Christians and how Hollywood is being
used as propaganda to gear you know to prepare the world for that to prepare
the world and to undermine the Bible and anti-christian media so this is all
linking to the wild hunt and actually the folklore European folklore of the
wilds um it comes from another dimension then I’ll tell you where the
entertainment is coming from whose agenda is being pushed through the
mainstream media our thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer
son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the
nation’s for thou hast said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will
exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the Mount of the
congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the
clouds I will be like the Most High yet thou shalt be brought down to him to the
sides of the pit they that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee and
consider thee saying is this the man that made the earth to tremble that did
shake kingdoms yes it’s a peculiar exhilaration and of
course the the the godly instincts in us all the angelic you know all because we
all or something angelic and something godly besides everything is a lot of
other negative things that is quenched and you find in them a horror a horror
of anything or we call sacred and holy sacrosanct or the idea of the the idea
of the a of the sacred or being awesome Beyonce is the hottest artist on the
world stage in 2013 she followed up her lip-syncing scandal at President Barack
Obama’s inauguration with a spellbinding performance at the 2013 Super Bowl
during Beyonce’s Super Bowl appearance the Twitter universe lit up with people
claiming that Beyonce was flashing the Illuminati or Devils triangle the
concern was so great that mainstream media outlets tried to explain it away
as simply a reference to her husband jay-z’s record company of course the
simplistic approach ignored the fact that jay-z and Beyonce are aware that
the symbol has a layered meaning and occultic or Luciferian connotations in
fact they are not only aware of this but as you can see Beyonce’s husband jay-z
promotes the occult aspect of the eye Horus and the triangle through his
Rocawear apparel sadly countless young people are wearing the eye of horus and
have been introduced to the darkest of occult symbology through jay-z
has Rocawear empire here we see a shot of a ritual of the order of the temple
of Astarte a chartered Crowley an organization which admittedly contacts
demons in their rituals he’s the same symbol that jay-z Beyonce’s so many
others are using here we also see Satanist Anton LaVey
who wrote The Satanic Bible and started the Church of Satan using the Eye of
Horus or the triangle symbol in his satanic rituals here we see Satanists
Aleister Crowley who promoted the sacrifice of innocent children and who
signed his name the Beast 666 wearing the eye of horus and the triangle one of
the main symbols for the age of Horus and the coming reign of Antichrist
Crowley’s favorite Antichrist Maxim was do what thou wilt shall be the whole of
the law do what thou wilt as opposed to doing God’s will became the backbone of
Crowley anity here we see jay-z with do what thou wilt
emblazoned across one of his shirts those also next to Aleister Crowley is a
book with a circle and a pentagram on the front cover one of the most basic
symbols using the occult and Satanism to contact demonic beings as a sphere of
receptivity to Satan and demonic forces often resulted in demonic possession
jay-z Beyonce’s husband knows what it means to be possessed by spirits as he
admits here claiming that he’s a modern-day Frank Sinatra and that he is
possessed by spirits by the spirits I get possessed by the spirits when we
understand how the circular pentagram are used at times in the occult and
Satanism and take a closer look at Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance it
becomes even more chilling there the beginning of her performance we see
Beyonce fall to the ground into what becomes a circle of light it’s
interesting that after Beyonce lies down in the circle we then see appear an
inverted pentagram the inverted pentagram of Satanism often signifies
the goat head of the pics of Satan himself and here we see Beyonce with the
inverted pentagram with the goat headed Baphomet when she introduced the spirit
of Sasha Fierce who she claimed possessed her here we see the goat
headed satanic Baphomet on Beyonce’s ring and here we see at Beyonce’s Super
Bowl appearance one of her dancers adorned with an upside-down pentagram
worked into her apparel Beyonce entering the circle with the inverted pentagram
appears to be her way of signaling that she’s allowing the spirit named Sasha
Fierce the entity that she claimed possesses her and channel sword during
performances to take control of her body Beyonce has even worked Sasha Fierce
into her wardrobe the Daily Mail described her Super Bowl
outfit as quote fierce and sexy which was fitting for the Antony Sasha Fierce
the man behind the design Rubin singer says his creation of Beyonce was
inspired by female warrior gods in Norse mythology incredibly you can see what
appears to be the goat headed satanic Baphomet worked in to Beyonce’s bizarre
tire later Beyonce Super Bowl performance we see Beyonce represented
by the Hindu goddess Kali Kali is often associated with darkness of death and
depicting with the bloody heads on a necklace of her slain Kali is a fitting
image for Sasha Fierce as she is a counterpart of Shiva the god of
destruction Beyonce also employed the Gemini twins
seen taking up a huge part of the stage in Babylonian mythology the Gemini twins
represented quote the god of plague and pestilence who was king of the
underworld end quote it may be that what beyonce is depicting
in the Gemini symbols which resemble her as a spiritual synthesis with Sasha
Fierce which would signify full-blown demonic possession beyonce has admitted
in the past that she looked forward to the time when her and Sasha Fierce would
be indistinguishable beyonce has expressed her desire to communicate the
vibe of spirit possession and her music she claims that she even wants a whole
video to feel possessed Beyonce may have found more than she bargained for
and nfk possessed by a spirit Rolling Stone stated in one article on beyonce
quote a woman possessed beyonce is gripped by a spirit so powerful it even
has a name Sasha and quote Beyonce said in an extra energy you quote I think
Sasha Fierce is part of me that’s why the name of the album was I am Sasha
Fierce she goes on to say she lives within me
I think Sasha Fierce is a part of me that’s why the name of the album was I
am Sasha Fierce it because it’s all the same she lives with him Beyonce claims
that she is typically more reserved and cannot sing with as much power but when
this spirit entity possessed her body it energized her vocal ability and caused
her performances to skyrocket I’m really kind of shy and not really shy but more
reserved and nothing like Sasha but I guess I wouldn’t be very
entertaining on the stage so Sasha comes out and she’s fearless you know she can
she can do things that I cannot do when I’m in rehearsal I mean I can try but
then it just doesn’t happen I can sing notes and sing strong and do
all these things that when I’m just by myself I can’t do and I remember right
before I performed I raised my hands up and it was kind of the first time I felt
something else come into me felt something else come into me
strangely be honest in the past is to pick yourself on stage as picking up a
coin with the image of her face on one side of the image of Sasha Fierce on the
other when flipping the coin if it comes up Sasha Fierce she then allows the
spirit entity of Sasha to take control of her body
Beyonce appears to be possessed by an evil and perverted spirit of harlotry
apparently the spirit entity Sasha Fierce leads her into perverse and
raunchy sexual behavior that Beyonce would never do if not under Sasha Fierce
a diabolical influence gaussians admitted quote when I see a video of
myself on stage or TV I’m like who is that girl That’s not me
I wouldn’t dare do that and I wouldn’t like Sasha if I met her offstage end
quote hey everybody welcome back to hacking the headlines I hope you all are
doing well out there I wanted to cover the latest music video by Kesha called
him I don’t do a whole lot of these Illuminati expose videos but sometimes I
just see something that gets under my skin so bad that I have to cover it so
this was definitely one of those times now as most of us know Kesha is one of
the most satanic and disturbing musicians in the industry and I’ll go
over all of that here in just a minute but this but this latest music video
comes off of her album rainbow which I have mentioned before and many other
people have talked about how the occultists and sage and s love the
symbol of the rainbow has a way of mocking God and mocking Christ and
mocking his followers because in Genesis we are told that God actually gave
the rainbow has a promise to never flood the earth again so they’re constantly
rubbing that in our faces how they can sin all the time and seemingly get away
with it at least for now but this latest music video is just so blasphemous and
Antichrist in nature but it’s just more of the same from Ke$ha so it should be
no surprise really but it starts out with her driving through the desert and
the desert is another symbol they love to use for multiple reasons
it has a lot of spiritual significance but of course we have Moses who wandered
the desert for 40 years and it was in the desert that Jesus was tempted by
Satan so we can see this time and time again in different music videos we have
Britney Spears in the desert on on an upside-down pyramid
I think this music video was done with the Spice Girls or something
and we have Rihanna in another music video in the desert of course doing the
one I symbolism we see so much representing of course the all-seeing
eye of Lucifer and here again we have Taylor Swift again in the desert there’s
so many examples of it but those are just a few just to get into the lyrics
here from this music video and you can see how blasphemous and Antichrist it
really is she says this is a hymn for the hem list kids with no religion yeah
we keep on sinning yeah we keep on singing flying down the highway backseat
of the Hyundai pull it out to the front let it run we don’t valet I mean I’m
just I’m not even going to get into the stupidity and lack of creativity in
those lyrics but the fact that it says this is a hymn for the hem list I mean
of course that’s a play on words like they are hymn list they are godless and
then it says kids with no religion yeah we keep on sinning yeah we keep on
singing this is what Ke$ha is all about and all of your lyrics you know
encouraging kids to live a sinful lifestyle that’s going to cause them
nothing but misery and I don’t want to hear it from people that she’s fought
back against the Illuminati because no she hasn’t if she were to fight back
against them she would tell us about all the Sikh ritual she’s been
a part of in order to get where she is and she would expose these people for
what they are you know the world is a stage that was all her playing her part
and being the good little puppet that she is and then the lyrics go on to say
him for the homeless don’t need no forgiveness because if there’s a heaven
don’t care if we get in so saying that we don’t need forgiveness we don’t need
a redeemer we don’t need Christ and if there’s a heaven we don’t care if we get
in and these people the the spirits especially working behind these people
they know there’s a heaven they know there’s a hell and they know that that’s
where they’re going to end up so their goal is to drag you right along with
them there are salmon
I saw myself for you now figure that out tell my dad Sam I saw I saw my soul for
you for all you know here has asked me last time I saw I don’t know yeah I
think I saw my soul no coming right with me getting dummies and that is exactly
right you don’t get put in that type of position without selling your soul first
and you will be going right along with them unless you see what’s going on here
so people like Kesha and lo Lucifer and all these other celebrities they’re only
put there because they’ve already signed their name in blood and they have turned
their back on God and their only goal is to get you to do the same and that’s why
they make songs like hem lists so just to move on to the next part of the music
video there’s just suddenly a random guy in a bathtub has usual I mean I don’t
know how many times me and others have to point out the symbol of the bathtub
and how it’s used time and time at time again has a way to represent the Satanic
baptism these people go through I mean just take a look at this
we have Katy Perry in a bathtub Taylor Swift in her latest music video in a
bathtub also with the diamonds we see that a lot or the jewelry we have Eminem
in a bathtub not only once but twice and once in a blood bath nonetheless for his
song 3 a.m. we have Tina Fey in a bathtub with the Masonic checkerboard
tiles that of course represent the esoteric belief of house above so below
and you can do good you can do bad it all balances out then we have a very
famous picture of Tupac I know it’s a little graphic but of him in a bathtub
which with a bunch of jewelry and then we have Nicki Minaj and one of her music
videos in a bathtub Drake in a bathtub let’s see here Machine Gun Kelly in a
bathtub and then we have the milk bath which is representative of the same
thing but even more significant because they show the milk which represents the
bodily fluids among other things that these sick people use to back
themselves in so here we have Fergie in a milk bath in her music video milfs we
have Rihanna in the milk bath and then this was a very famous picture taken by
Annie Leibovitz satanic Hollywood photographer of Whoopi Goldberg in a
milk bath so you can really start to see the pattern there and then after the
bathtub scene the video goes on to show this very masculine woman while Ke$ha is
singing in the background this is a him him him this is a hem hem hem and this
is a great example of neuro linguistic programming and that’s something they
use to slowly condition the masses into accepting these perverted agendas and
I’m not saying perverted to be mean but when you take a woman and you try to
make it into something else it’s perverting its original purpose so
that’s what transgenderism does and it’s no coincidence that Satanist worship a
transgender goat or otherwise known has the Baphomet which is represented
through the pentagram which most people are very familiar with that symbol that
represents a transgendered goat so it’s no coincidence we suddenly see the
transgender agenda being pushed through like crazy and this is just one of the
subtle ways they they do it and then just to get into the lyrics a little bit
more after that it says after all we’ve been through no we won’t stand and
salute she’s saying no we won’t stand and salute to God we won’t worship God
we won’t bow down to God we reject God and then at the end it says this is just
the way we’re made you know what I mean you on the team so just like little
Lucifer was saying that you’re on the team whether you know it or not if
you’re following these type of agendas and these type of musicians and
Illuminati puppets if you’re eating up what they’re feeding you you’re on the
team you’ve chosen Satan and that’s what she’s saying here just like the rapper
lil Lucifer was saying and then the next part of the video shows a falling star
kind of illuminating the sky and illuminating everyone and that is
because Lucifer is commonly referred to in the Bible has a star
or the Morningstar so here we have it says how you have fallen from heaven Oh
Morningstar son of the dawn you have been cast down to the earth you who once
laid low the nations so in the sketch a video it’s showing the falling star or
Satan falling down from heaven just like it also says in Revelation 12 for his
tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them down to earth
that is referring to the 33% of the fallen angels who chose Lucifer over God
and they were cast down to earth because of it and that’s what that shooting star
in Cash’s video represents um and then again with the illumination we see a car
pulling up illuminating a crowd of people that’s why we constantly see the
Rays around the all-seeing eye it’s even on the back of our dollar bill this
represents the Gnostic or the or that are the gnosis the knowledge that these
people think they get when they start worshipping Lucifer and they get to eat
of the tree of good and evil just like Eve in in the garden and that’s what
this illumination that we see again and again and again in music videos that’s
what it means and that’s why they’re called the Illuminati because they think
they’re illuminated by Lucifer’s light or his knowledge and then at the end of
the music video we have the UFO propaganda brainwash programming that we
see everywhere these days and that is because they are preparing people to
accept the alien deception and aliens are nothing more than demons in disguise
but I made another video about that that I go into much more detail about called
the great deception of the end days has arrived so I will be leaving that linked
up in the description description if you haven’t seen it make sure to check it
out but yeah at this point of the music video is just Kesha and a bunch of other
people standing under a giant UFO while being illuminated by its light and
they’re all kind of standing around worshipping it just like they plan to do
soon when they give demons the physical form they’ve wanted for so long and
they’re just gonna call them aliens and people won’t even question it because of
all the program programming they’ve had for years and years and years too
except these alien things which are really demons in disguise like I said
before and the car is getting like sucked up into it and you can see the
license plate on the car it says k15 nal 1 3 n which I thought
kind of looks like K is an alien or Kesha is an alien so again with alien
propaganda the ly end the lie is right there in the middle of the word but I
don’t know what this thing is I don’t know what Kesha is I know a lot of
people say it’s a male to female transgender and I don’t know about that
but I see their point but I do know she should or it should probably lay off the
plastic surgery because it’s starting to look almost non-human at this point but
that’s what we see a lot of these celebrities go through and that’s really
neither here nor there but just to show you a few more examples of how satanic
this thing really is I mean she has a song called cannibal and in a Glamour
magazine interview she said that she eats men that she has sex with him and
then she eats them she also said in the same interview that she has collected
teeth from her fans and has made it into a bra and headdresses and earrings and n
necklaces so that’s obviously some kind of weird satanic ceremony there or
ritual she also has a song called dancing with the devil and in that song
the lyrics go I keep on dancing with the devil I sold my soul to death and glow
there ain’t no turning back I keep on dancing with the devil so this
is her telling you telling you who she is and what she’s about who she worships
and that is part of the Satanic law if you will they have to tell you to your
face what they’re about and and who they work for and then it’s your choice to
either accept it or reject it but yeah then we have her doing the all-seeing
eye again and again of course we see that with almost every one of these
Illuminati puppets she wears all-seeing eye jewelry I mean
she dances on stage with giant pyramids and all-seeing eyes and then there was a
video of her drinking her own urine which is a very common satanic ritual
for those of you who don’t know they will drink their own bodily fluids has a
has a rite of passage or a part of a ritual to summon demons and then we have
her on stage multiple times not once but twice that I could find her pretending
to drink blood out of a human heart or at least she says it’s pretend but you
can see her here drinking it and she’s just covered in blood on stage just
really gross and disturbing stuff so yeah I mean she’s definitely not hiding
who she is and this latest song is just more of the same from her more blessed
more blasphemy more Antichrist lyrics you know more indoctrinating people to
turn their back on God and to live that do what that well mindset so it’s really
no surprise with any of it but I would love to hear your thoughts on it please
let me know what you think in the comment section below so there’s been a
lot of talk recently about the death of Anthony Bourdain many people have been
looking into this and finding a lot of fantastic information I say fantastic
because once again it proves this connection with the entertainment
industry and Satanism of the occult you may say the Illuminati so this story
just came out over the last week Darren Aronofsky reflects on filming death
ritual with Anthony Bourdain for parts unknown finale now this was filmed just
weeks before Anthony Bourdain was filmed dead so one of my favorite quotes comes
from Confucius and he says this world is not ruled by rules nor laws but by signs
and symbols and keeping that in mind if you want to find satanic symbolism
around Asia Argento which is Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend there is tons and
tons of images to find so I’m not going to go through and show all the images
once again you can find this for yourself I only needed a few when we see
these images we see these people putting out the same symbolism over and over
again there’s only one conclusion you can draw they are a part of that satanic
system they’ve either sold out to it or they
were sold into it and there’s also the idea that as human beings we could be
used as puppets for the spirits if you don’t have the protection of the holy
spirit you can be used by these wicked forces and many times you don’t even
realize you’re being used Dario Argento is the father of Asia Argento and Dario
is a well known Italian filmmaker producer and director
so we judge a tree by its fruit and in doing so in looking at the catalog of
Dario Argento’s work we find common themes Satanism and witchcraft for the
most part every one of those films have to do with one of these subjects you can
go do any kind of an image search just put in Dario Argento or films of Dario
Argento and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about it’s also interesting that
all of the symbolism the satanic and Illuminati style symbolism that we
discuss here on the channel and other people out there discussed as well can
be found in these films somewhere around 40 years ago Dario Argento made this
film Suspiria and again this film was chock-full of satanic and Illuminati
symbolism we even see here the red black and white the colors of the Satanic
church you also have the checkerboard floor you have the black and the light
the duality as above so below so here’s another recent story that just came out
Asia Argento Dawn’s denim shorts they say epic loser before he’s stripping off
and flipping the bird as she shares a bizarre mix of messages to Instagram in
the aftermath a boyfriend Anthony Bourdain suicide this is one of the
posts she put up she’s wearing the shorts as they said epic loser but she
also put the message on top there f you all so here’s another one of the images
that she recently put up and of course you see her flashing the devil horns and
underneath saying I love you so I’ve covered this a lot throughout the years
many people try to say the devil horns mean I love you so that hand-signed for
I love you was originally introduced to us by Helen Keller
I find it a very weak veil for these people to try to cover up with their
real intention is and I’ve seen the same argument for years we’ll see these
celebrities who we know have sold out to the satanic system flashing the horns
and you’ll always see people trying to defend them saying oh no no that they’re
just saying I love you this is just another part of that grand deception so
she’s also a singer and a musician in one of the most recent posts she put up
was of her with artist and singer Nicola circus so in doing an image search for
Nicola circus of course we find him doing the same symbolism we see time and
time again even here we see him doing the famous Shh hush sign that keep the
secret sign another very common symbol we see with a lot of these so called
Illuminati artists and of course right here he is again but we see him doing
the horns flashing the horn sign right I guess that means I love you and of
course we find him draped in the rainbow flag the rainbow itself as a symbol was
a promise from God originally so of course this beast system takes all of
these symbols and these ideas that had an innocent origin and they perverted
they distort it again this is that as above so below it’s flipping everything
around it’s a mockery to God so once again we follow the symbols we look
below the surface and this is what we find these Satanists can no longer hide
in the shadows these witches can no longer hide in the shadows everything’s
coming out this demonic entities more than some alter ego but a spirit that
possesses beyond his body fact Beyonce seems to black out and be unconscious of
her body when this evil spirit take control she
describes it this way quote I am out-of-body experiences if I cut my leg
if I fall I don’t even feel it I’m so fearless I’m not aware of my face or my
body end quote Godsey says quote it’s like a
blackout when I’m onstage I don’t know what the blank happens I am gone
and quote just said recently quote I’m more powerful than my mind can even
digest and understand and quote notice and Beyonce Super Bowl appearance that
as she’s emerging from the circle with the inverted pentagram her face becomes
distorted as though she has now given her body over to the spirit which
identified elsewhere as Sasha Fierce here we see that the normally sweet
appearing Beyonce now looks like a different person more like a man than a
woman throughout the rest of her Super Bowl performance Sasha Fierce is mean
man face will appear as much as Beyonce’s Beyonce has admitted that the
Spirit is not a friendly spirit hence the name fierce of course God’s Word the
Bible reveals that when it comes to fallen angels only demonic entities
possess human beings from the time she enters the circle with the pentagram
Beyonce’s face morphs repeatedly into a demonic and evil sneer so horrific were
many of the faces that Beyonce manifested that her publicist told
BuzzFeed that they wanted them to remove pictures that they considered
unflattering to Beyonce some of which you are seen here say his
desire has always been to be worshiped in place of God the Creator in Isaiah
chapter 14 we read that Satan wanted to be like the Most High God why the exalt
his throne above the stars of God in Matthew chapter 4 Satan asked Jesus to
bow down and worship Him Jesus responded and said get behind me Satan it is
written thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and serve him only sadly this is
ultimately what Satan and the demonic realm want
here we see Beyonce or Sasha Fierce give the creepy request of asking the crowd
to reach out to her so she can feel their energy tragically the crowd is clueless as to
who they are praising may God help us to wake up to the fact that His Word
declares that we are not wrestling against mere flesh and blood but against
Satan and the demonic spirit hierarchy that are hell-bent on bringing as many
people lake of fire with them as they can yes it’s a peculiar exhilaration and
of course the the godly instincts in us all the angelic you know all because we
all are something angelic and something godly besides everything is a lot of
other negative things that is quenched and you find in them a horror a horror
of anything or we call sacred and holy sacrosanct or the idea of the the idea
of the earthly of the sacred of the awesome that’s how I got introduced to the music
industry and I swear I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music yeah it didn’t
work out so the devil I think he was born out of rage he was
conceived in rage bashes everyone he threatens to beat people I raised my hands up and it was kind of
the first time I felt something else come into me that Shh sign or that secret sign is one
among many and no it’s not just a coincidence so as I was saying some
people are born into this there are generations upon generations of families
that have sold themselves out to Satan you know the curse carries from
generation to generation so future generations are literally born in to
this satanic system born in to the witchcraft born in to the Illuminati Aronofsky is a filmmaker and a writer
he’s made several movies a Black Swan the fountain right here he was working
on Noah so if you’ve seen Noah and you were trying to figure out what was going
on it helps if you understand a bit about Gnosticism noah was a very gnostic
film it was also very blasphemous he also made the movie mother which came
out about a year ago and this film too was highly blasphemous there is
something else very interesting about this though Darren Aronofsky is dating
Jennifer Lawrence or at least he was at the time of the filming of mother
Jennifer Lawrence went out and was doing press she’s doing different talk shows
and whatnot for the film and I did a video on mother about a year ago and I
showed images of her on the Jimmy Fallon show wearing earrings that Rupp side
down crosses it’s also very interesting to note that that video just a few
months ago was blocked worldwide from YouTube I still haven’t put it up on the
website but I will the point is I don’t think they wanted that imagery out there
because again it shows what we’re dealing with witches sorcerers Satanists
occultists these are the people who entertain you
that being said it turns out I got lucky I actually found a really solid image
from that interview and you can see clearly right there hanging from her ear
an upside-down cross once again it blows my mind this is right in front of
people’s faces millions and millions of Americans watch this show every night
and how bold it was really for her just to put these on and get out there in
front of again millions and millions of people but so few people see those who
do their work in the darkness think they’re safe but we’re living at a time
where everything is being exposed before the end comes all of this darkness is
going to come out into the light and they will scurry like cockroaches we got
a glimpse into the Hollywood witches from Twitter this is Amber Tamblyn an
actress says witches please prepare the strongest protection spell you have for
our sister Asia Argento today please lift her up with all the love and light
you’re conjuring is capable of casting so a few more things about Amber Tamblyn
she’s married to comedian David Cross David Cross is a very outspoken atheist
so isn’t that interesting we see an atheist married to a witch but is he
really an atheist this goes back to that connection between atheism and Satanism
because there is a solid connection there I fill a lot of time it’s easier
for some of these people to just say hey I’m an atheist as opposed to hey I
worship the devil but that’s just me there’s something else I want to show
you about amber tamblyn I found very interesting so here’s a bit of a
head-scratcher so we have amber tamblyn talking about the witches with her
connection to the hollywood witch coven they recently had a child here in David
Cross so isn’t it interesting that she actually had a letter sent to her about
the birth of a new child from none other than Hillary Clinton says happy birthday
your birth has been a source of great joy for your parents amber and David in
your vast community of admirers and champions I send my best wishes to you
for a lifetime of amazing accomplishments and adventures full of
love learning and friendship with warm regards I am ten minute Sincerely Yours
Hillary Clinton but of course there’s the I M WikiLeaks exposed a lot about
Hillary Clinton you can do a little bit of research on Clinton see her
connection to the occult I also find this a very interesting connection once
again being that Amber Tamblyn is connected with the Hollywood witches now
we have Hillary Clinton of all people writing her a letter a personal letter
about her newborn child it’s also interesting how she wrote with warm
regards , and then I am I am many of you will know is considered the name of God
in the Bible so here’s a classic example of what I’m talking about a lot of times
these celebrities say they’re agnostic or they’re atheist but we find them
pushing out a lot of the satanic symbolism satanic ideas Illuminati
symbolism and what-have-you if you look at the bottom right there
this is where Will Ferrell states that he’s an atheist I found this in a lot of
other sources as well most of you watching my videos are well aware of
Marina Abramovic major Hollywood which there’s plenty of
connections between her and Hillary Clinton going back with that a lot of
WikiLeaks release of some of this and she’s really connected to a lot of
celebrities and politicians she’s also well known for performing a
lot of really bizarre rituals a spirit cooking so it’s interesting that we find
Will Ferrell at one of these events the atheist now here’s an image of Will
Ferrell from a show that he produces called the Chris Gethard show and this
is him performing a mock Illuminati ritual or a mock satanic ritual onstage
but once again he’s an atheist right he doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff
as I said earlier I do feel this is one of two things typically one is that it’s
easier to hide behind atheism for a lot of these Hollywood Satanists and the
other side is there really are people out there I believe that are full-on
atheist agnostic don’t believe in any of this stuff they think it’s ridiculous at
the same time they don’t even realize that they are being used as little
puppets the spirits can use you as a puppet if you’re not filled with the
Holy Spirit so speaking of that I want you to check out this next clip this is
from an actual Satanist and it very much details everything I’m trying to explain
here like metaphorical litter and constructor
Satan so symbol for rebellion symbol for human
nature so the idea that we you know don’t have supernatural feature to our
faith doesn’t mean that we are any less nor does it you know we should not have
the same privileges it’s controversial there’s no way around
it I mean that’s the has always been kind
it’s been constructed to be people who have been outbreaks society
who had the rule of authority of awesome and
labeled state an we hope that by performing a same-sex
marriage and then if it’s not to challenge that based on religious
grounds with the women’s rights campaign everything we just did with you know
they informed one that lives we receive anybody your faith and what you’re doing is
really amazing and I want to stand with you because it’s one area in my nightly
system that we’re here too and be involved in our community and not
to that’s you create stereo part of what I
do with my work here on YouTube is I research a lot and I do my show KJ’s
what happened once a week typically and that’s where I show you a lot of what I
thank I also find a lot of common themes I find a lot of stories that match up
with each other and one thing I’ve seen a rise in over the last two to three
years has been satanic crime occult crimes crimes connected to witchcraft I
want to show you another clip here in a second it was really hard for me to find
a news clip of the people actually talking about the witch connection to
this particular story Westlake businessman killed by deputy
told cops he was being chased by three witches cell phone video shows the
moments before the shooting along i-90 around 7:30 Thursday night a Cuyahoga
County sheriff’s deputy repeatedly using his taser on 33 year old Brett luego who
refuses to comply with commands witnesses say it started when luang go
crashed into a wall near West Boulevard good Samaritans who stopped to help say
he started attacking them I was one of the first people here and I just saw a
guy sitting on the side of the road as heads was gushing blood as soon as the
cop got close enough the guy grabbed for his gun
the video shows luang go charging at and punching the deputy who fatally shot him
in the chest I was shocked I was shocked I couldn’t believe it was him
Westlake mayor Dennis cloth officiated Luongo’s wedding and saw him last week
he says Luongo was active in the community establishing a sister city for
Westlake traveling with city leaders to Ireland Louie Wingo even planted a
flower bed outside City Hall it’s very out of character I mean he he was very
much involved in the community and he always gave back to the community very
smart intelligent person it really doesn’t make sense
Luongo served as CEO of his family’s West Lake construction firm
constructability the family releasing a statement thanking the Good Samaritans
and first responders Thursday saying his behavior was completely out of character
for Brett and the family has as many questions as everyone else
this incident by no means defines the way in which Brett lived his life which
has sadly come to an untimely end he gets a great guy and it’s a terrible
loss not only for the family but for this community of West Lake and
everybody who knew him with an investigation now underway Cuyahoga
County officials are commending the actions of the Sargent who’s been with
the department nearly 30 years our safety officers do not come into service
to take lives but to save them and I know our deputy responded appropriately
so before I talk about these films that I wanted to talk about I just want to
cover a few more things these really are clear examples of just how the Beast
system is manifesting more and more before our very eyes most of us
understand that the Vatican the Pope and that whole system is a major part of
this beast system so I’ve noticed this trend I’m going to show you a couple
examples of right here Vatican invited Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental
Meditation so if you didn’t already know Katy Perry
is one of these celebrities that is fully sold out to this satanic system
and she’s used constantly we judge trees by their fruit and this person’s fruit
is foul not only blatantly pushing Satanism satanic ideas but she also
promotes perversion and extreme sexuality to children so don’t we find
this interesting that this particular performer who is completely sold out to
the Satanic system gets to meet with the Pope gets to go to the Vatican and yet
here’s another classic example this is Lady gaga with dare I say one of the
most popular witches in the Hollywood system even the political system Marina
Abramovic if you’re not familiar with Lady Gaga and all of her Illuminati
symbolism and satanic public rituals she’s done on stage for years now you
should look into that and then ask yourself how is it that this particular
performer gets to have an audience with five of our presidents so we can see
through these satanic performers alone these satanic sellouts this connection
with the Vatican now this connection with the presidents I’m hoping this
pictures becoming a lot more clear to you now and speaking of the witches in
Hollywood speaking of familial bonds being born into this kind of a system it
made me think about Mischa Barton the actress so here’s a few images we find
on Mischa Barton and once again we have the all-seeing eye symbolism there this
is a young lady that was caught up in that satanic system the photographer
that took these pictures is named Tyler Shields and I found some interesting
things about him as well so he was also the director of one of Marilyn Manson’s
videos it was a video this anti-trump he’s another one of these famous
photographers that once you start looking into his body at work you’ll
find tons of this again Illuminati satanic symbolism
and here’s just another example of course the red black and white the
colors of the Satanic church checkerboard floor back to the Masonic
orders and it also turns out that he’s really good friends with Kathy Griffin
the actress Kathy Griffin some call her a comedian and that’s right he’s also
the photographer responsible for this now infamous picture so back to Mischa
Barton some of you may remember about a year ago or so she had a bit of a
breakdown in her backyard one of her neighbors filmed this I know
a lot of people out there was saying she was having some kind of an MK ULTRA
breakdown well perhaps perhaps that’s true a lot of this is speculation but
one thing a lot of people missed I think on this is during this quote breakdown
she was having she kept talking about her mother being a witch so again we
find this connection with the witches in Hollywood and the entertainment industry
in general and if her mother is really in fact a witch then this is just
another example of how people are born into this through family bloodlines that
being said let’s take a look at this clip here real quick she was the Oh sees
a 16 year old Marissa Cooper Mischa Barton was the envy of teenagers
everywhere but these images obtained by TMZ last week paint a very different
picture Barton can be seen hanging over her backyard fence in Hollywood wearing
just a dress shirt and ties witnesses saying she was rambling about her mom
being a witch and the world shattering so there’s always there’s these common
themes that pop up with these movies in these TV shows one theme I’m seeing time
and time again here lately are these movies that have to do with cults and
covens worshiping ancient gods so this particular example is a film called The
Endless that recently came out on a sidenote I thought this is a fantastic
film because they do something a lot of these
movies don’t do whenever they’re dealing with witches and covens and ancient gods
most of these movies and TV shows give all the power to the devil all the power
to the witches all the power to evil it’s like there’s nothing can stop it
right and that seems to be the prevailing message in a lot of these
films and and TV shows and I know that’s a part of the predicted programming as
well it’s also latest spread fear that caused people to be afraid of everything
right but nonetheless the endless very interesting movie a really good movie I
thought but also deals with that very subject in the movie the endless you
never really get to see the creature but you do get to see a drawing of the
creature and as you can see right here once again we have the Horned figure the
horned beast the ancient quote God another recent film that deals with this
kind of subject matter is a movie called the ritual now once again purely from a
writing perspective a filming perspective overall story I thought this
film was fantastic however on the other side through our spiritual eyes we see
the message once again these cults these covens welcoming ancient gods worshipped
and gods and it’s very interesting that all of these gods these ancient gods I
find in these films are all horned beasts there’s a deep and rich history
of these horned beasts these horned creatures but as I’ve said before you
know the devil goes by many names but at the end of the day it’s still the devil
I’ll show you another example here’s another recent film just came out a few
weeks back called hereditary some of you may find this boring it’s a real slow
burn kind of a film but that third act really raises the chill factor I’ll say
that it’s a very creepy film but this is another one of those films that deal
with this subject we’re talking about about hereditary Satanism hereditary
occultism hereditary witchcraft this film too is all about a satanic
coven of witches who are trying to find a body for a demonic spirit that they
worship in this particular ancient god or ancient demon that they worship has
named Peyman king Peyman and as you can see here once again we
have the horns the horned figure as I said the devil comes in many forms the
devil goes by many names but at the end of the day it’s still the devil so
here’s a film I really want to dig into I’m going to show you some of the
symbolism from this film it’s called the domestics so again many of you that
follow the kind of work I do or have followed me for a while you get a pretty
good idea of what I’m all about many of you know that I’ve worked in
Hollywood many years ago I went to film school I was always a writer
even as a young guy and typically I would write horror and science fiction
and suspense things like that but then many years ago when I woke up to this
kind of symbolism I woke up to what’s really going on it really changed my
perspective and I went through about a year or two there where I didn’t want to
watch hardly anything and as time went on that changed because I realized how
can I stay away from this kind of stuff when this is where all the information
is the kind of things that I pick up on in quote entertainment so I got back
into it and I still watch some of these films and that’s where I create a lot of
my videos and there’s a side of me that can appreciate these movies for just
what they are action-adventure whatever and then there’s the spiritual side
where I’m seeing through my spiritual eyes and I can see the nasty agendas the
programming that’s taking place in a lot of these movies and there’s tons of
programming that’s been taking place over the last several years that I
believe is preparing us for truly the end of America and we’re talking end of
days type stuff here when I see these kinds of films these post-apocalyptic
films I always picture in my mind is what I’ve seen in the Bible there will
be people in this world that refused to take the mark of the beast
and those people will be hunted though on one side I really enjoyed the film I
mean I like these kinds of movies I like these survival type movies so on that
side I liked it but on the other side this is one of the darkest most
nefarious films I’ve seen in a really long time and the programming is strong
with this one so there’s really not much waiting around with this movie it gets
dark really really fast and it covers a very common New World Order theme and
that’s depopulation and the way they explain it in this movie is it was the
US government turning on its own citizens you can see right here they
launched all these massive bombers that were just laying out black chemtrails
all over the people and killing them you know as I said this is a part of the New
World Order agenda you can go to the Georgia Guidestones you’re essentially
the 10 commandments of the New World Order you’ll find that one of the
tenants there is to maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual
balance with nature and the more you look into the Georgia Guidestones you
realize it’s pagan connections connections to witchcraft itself so once
again we have the witches so in the movie after the government does this the
people that are left in America they start dividing off into different groups
it’s reminded me a lot of the movie the warriors from John Carpenter for many
years ago if you’ve ever seen that it’s very similar there’s different tribes
basically that exists and as I said this film was filled with a loominatee and
occult symbolism so of course right here we go back to the Horned gods again
right and that connection to the devil itself or the New World Order or the
Beast system and again we have the horns we see it all throughout the film this
part was really interesting very symbolic this is the one of the lead
characters and she winds up putting on this jacket now it’s interesting the way
this was filmed because she puts the jacket on it shows her from behind here
she puts the jacket on and then she just stands there and the camera hangs on it
for you know a little bit longer than normally it would when I see that kind
of things and when I see these kinds of things in movies and TV shows I know
that they want us to see this so of course you have the Korean angle
we think of North Korea the world war three but you’ve got the
dragon so when we’re looking into the language of symbols we always need
confirmations and the fact that this film is filled with these satanic and
Illuminati symbols then we can easily draw the conclusion that this right here
means something more connected back to that beast system and all of its symbols
the dragon that the beast this reminds me of the verse in the Bible about the
woman and the Beast here’s another part very interesting she’s going through
some records her and her husband found a kind of a safe house to stay in he went
through him is leaving her little notes before she woke up and here’s when he
left her that he had found one of her favorite albums and of course you can
see the Baphomet right there on the cover here’s one of the symbols of one
of the gangs out there just thought it was interesting you’ve got beheading it
makes me think of course of the beheading the Christians also has a
pentagram on the axe speaking of the Christians they have kind of a Christian
group very much a mockery of true Christianity or God or Christ and they
call themselves the sheets you also can notice right there that podium on the
right hand side that’s a massive Sun symbol right there as well and that’s
not by accident and here’s another picture of that mural and as you can see
it’s no mocking the rapture mocking the holy ghost again right here this is a
mockery a mockery of the Holy Ghost and of Christ here’s a scene with a husband
and wife were captured by a gang and they were forced to have to shoot at
each other in a course in the background we have the horns or the devil watching
and this parts really interesting sometimes they get really creative with
these symbols of course that’s kind of a representation of America and there’s
the dragon on the front but just a little later they blow that truck up and
it flips over upside down and now all those stars become pentagrams so that
concludes what I wanted to share with you guys I’ve been saying it for years
we’re living in really amazing times ten years ago when people were talking about
this kind of stuff I mean immediately we were called all kinds of names laughed
at mocked ridic now ten years later this is mainstream
this is normal now in fact it’s become so normal we’ve become so entrenched
with this beast system with these ideas with these symbols that most people
don’t even see it anymore but it’s important that we see it and that we
understand what it is and see it for what it is and understand that we we
here the escape artists and you can only escape this beast system through your
connection to our Heavenly Father through strength in Christ so I’ll leave
you with that for now thank you so much for checking out the video I really
appreciate you I look forward to seeing your comments below so take care of
yourselves until next time alright I’ll talk to you a little later so now that you know a bit about the
enemies let’s talk about the most celebrated renowned and respected night
in Hollywood which is the Oscars it is show business Vedas night guys it is
where the world recognizes the merits of the most talented artists and honored
them with a golden idol typically over 40 million people tuned in annually to
this ritual and most people get really caught up in the glitz and glamour of it
all and don’t even realize that what they’re actually participating in the
most prominent actors in this whole industry at golden trophies are idols
for their achievements in moviemaking and what’s fascinating about the design
of the Oscar statue is that it is an art deco version of the ancient Egyptian god
called top in Egypt there were two major gods in charge of the picture making
craftsmen and artists and unbelievably one of them was top the ancient scribes
and sculptors who created the best sculptures and pictures of the temples
were granted a statue of the god top from the Pharaoh himself this is crazy
guys this ritual would take place at the capital at the temple of top and a
likewise Hollywood’s awards was held in a temple called the Shrine
Auditorium from 1947 to 2000 and is now currently held at the Kodak Theatre
which represents the temple the term Oskar also dates back to the Egyptian
god Osiris and assignments ruled over the underworld in the constellation
O’Brien according to Pyramid Texts the Feres
soul would ascend into Orion to be reborn as a star and to live for an
eternity but there was one significant catch the
Pharaohs soul would have to transform into a spirit to reach a Cyrus and once
the spirit breached the Osiris it was then immortalized and remembered forever
and I find this unbelievably fascinating in parallel that a person has to become
an actor which is transforming your spirit into another in essence to win an
Oscar these stars are then immortalized by placing their names in a stone star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and just like the Pharaoh was worshipped as a God
who became the star our modern cultures do
Union has adopted the scene practiced by worshipping those who become movie stars
brothers and sisters the Webster dictionary definition for worship is an
extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem and
isn’t that exactly what the masses are doing to these famous celebrities dice
the Bible is a very clear and adamant about whom deserves our worship and
Matthew 4:10 states thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou
serve beware of idolatry guys beware of it
Deuteronomy 4 even tells us now the devil has not changed his ways
at all he only changed his tactics what worked in the ancient world to get
people to worship the Stars has not taken a modern form but is still
considered star worship even those in the industry are clearly aware of this
worship connection for example guys at the 2006 Emmys award Stephen Colbert and
Jon Stewart were introducing the award for the best reality show when all of
the sudden Stephen Colbert out of nowhere
alerts out good evening godless sodomites I’m bringing the truth John
we’re in Hollywood the belly of the beast
we’re here to honor achievement in that category by giving you a golden idol to
worship kneel before your God Babylon and he talked about how people can now
worship the reality stars just as a film actors are worshipped
now brothers and sisters please don’t be seduced into watching the world to
worship ceremony but if you guys do watch it with an open and spiritual mind
and eyes so you can decode what is truly going on the only one again who deserves
our worship is the God of heaven and him alone
Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and he should be the one reigning over our
lives guys I want to mention that Babylon was an ancient pagan Empire
prominent in biblical prophetic works as an enemy of God’s people due to their
idolatry and sins and Hollywood is kind of no different I’m not exactly saying
that Hollywood is Babylon but Hollywood is functioning as the propaganda arm of
the Antichrist immediate establishment which is intent on re-engineering our
society into itself chemical opposite and this is unleashing destructive
forces on our culture and this is a leading to the death of our spirituality
guys this is why stories and narratives can continue to emerge of all these
Hollywood scandals sex and murder rituals and occult crimes with the no
puzzle pieces ever be put together from its beginning Hollywood has been in
Empire tragedies full of lost lives drugs and real-life drama
but this lifestyle is enough new to the stage in fact has a long been
the site of tragedy and something much darker much more sinister a part it’s a
part of ritual invocation and this all the way goes back to the ancient Greeks
and Romans for Greece and Rome the stage was sacred with the dramatic
interactions of the gods who are actually a form of magical
invocation that actors don’t the costumes of the gods the playwright
scripting the narrative to indoctrinate all the masses into the appropriate
amounts of state guys Hollywood is about conditioning the state of mind and it’s
all about the control of the mind of an individual rather than innocent
entertainment I just want us to be more aware of what is truly going on behind
the scenes of the entertainment industry and its evils a lot of the mainstream
entertainment includes predictive programming satanic rituals and just
programming in general so we can react how the elites tell us you through all
of these and movies this is all just programming for us to accept the
Antichrist systems there’s ancestors we must stay aware and
very vigilant of the greatest touching that is upon us we must always watch out
for all of these evils and we have to question everything a symbol is anything that is agreed upon
to designate something else the advantage of symbol is that they may
communicate complex concepts while being simple in and of themselves most symbols
are simple drawings that consists of a few pen strokes while other symbols are
objects or actions the diamond on a wedding ring for instance is assembled
imagine all the things that can be inferred about a husband who gives his
wife a wedding ring mounted with a piece of glass or a random temple instead of a
diamond an apple is just a fruit and yet has been commonly associated with
education wisdoms and teachers a wink is in action but also a symbol it is often
used to communicate sexual interest or to convey a hint the symbol whether it’s
a drawing action for objects often conveys a message far more complex than
the symbol itself the foundation of all symbols is agreement when a symbol is
repeatedly used in the same context agreement regarding that symbols meaning
is formed as time progresses the symbols meaning solidifies if symbols are used
randomly with constantly changing meanings and associations they failed to
be symbols at all after all what good is a symbol that means something different
each and every time you see it Illuminati symbolism used in popular
culture such as movies novels and TV shows isn’t used randomly either
believing that all-seeing eyes pyramids and Suns are inserted into random places
in a movie is an easy mistake to make but let’s think about that let me take
you to a backward universe where the meaning of symbols is arbitrary and
random a world where Hospital signs lead to fire stations and elementary schools
a world where the play and pause symbols have no bearing on what the buttons
actually do a world where radiation sides biohazard
symbols don’t walk signs and dollar signs are placed randomly throughout the
city and used interchangeably you get the idea if used randomly and without
repeating context the symbol fails to be a symbol at all
we don’t use symbols randomly we can’t afford to and neither can the Illuminati
the Illuminati is more dependent on symbols than most and the reason is that
it allows for secure communication no matter where the messages are located as
long as the masses are kept outside of that symbols agreed-upon meaning any
message can be hidden in plain sight and as stated earlier not all symbols are
drawings this is so important to remember as we move forward when you go
shopping watch TV read a magazine or walk through the city
how well do you pay attention to the assault of logos that invade your space have you noticed the same symbols that
show up in thousands of logos or have you fallen into a media induced slumber
accustomed to the assault humanity has been conditioned by symbolism and today
we are bombarded by logos the average American is exposed to 600 commercial
messages each day some symbols and messages we
recognize and some we don’t and what we don’t understand can be used against us and don’t think that it stops there
religious organizations government’s astrologists secret societies nonprofits
and health organizations clearly understand the effectiveness of
symbolism to communicate a message political campaigns are using
subliminals and their ad campaigns the entertainment and gaming industries know
that symbols have emotional power and they play on it the question is the you
know you have to understand the secret societies the maternal orders that are
operating within our border and the people who are empowered in this country
are working for our enemies they are using the terms and the symbols and the
words and the catchphrases of the European secret societies they are
working for our enemies this is why no matter what you do nothing is going to
work because the people of this country don’t understand the symbols a symbol
veils our hides a secret and is that which veils certain mysterious forces
these energies would release can have a potent effect Jordan what do they want
why are they doing this there it has to do with with the objectives of some
extraordinarily ancient secret societies fraternal orders that have in mind the
total domination of the human race the symbols are a language that can help
us understand our past as I say goes a picture says a thousand words but which
words Spencer
tell me something about the Sun the Sun the symbol of the light Lucifer the
intellect the gift primordial knowing don’t worship darkness can’t
people see that their symbolism is entirely today with the light so we’re
understanding that the Sun we understand about light when we’re spending the
luciferianism the kind of knowledge is on a need-to-know basis and you open the
powerful people in this world figured you don’t need to know this is the
secret the secret communication among powerful people around the world that
are playing jokes on the working class poor and the working people of the world
have no idea in the world how this stuff is really being played that’s why I’ve
always believed that there is a legitimate did your magical system that
is being used and employed to manipulate the whole human race and we don’t even
see it the secret is simply the fact that certain of their members worship
Lucifer and that they keep that secret from the overwhelming majority of their
own members and certainly the public is never to know this fact if they can help
it and the evidence to support that conclusion is ample but only to one who
cares enough to look for I’ve been looking at this one subject of the
hidden words terms catchphrases symbols that the Illuminati uses around the
world and I am just amazed how it’s right here in America in your face and
people have no idea in the world we have no they were brilliant they’re
brilliant to be able to hide this in plain sight right in front of you we’re
talking about symbol literacy generally in life when it comes to advertisements
you see or media or video games or even symbolism art is very important for
people to realize the subtext subtextual messages that come across and since
people watch a lot of movies and since movies are now in our day and age you
know I’m a million dollar creations in your face it’s actually handy for
people to watch them objectively also like a critic and see some amazing stuff
that’s you know being told to us through the film and I can tell you now that
most of us have been living in fantasy land for all of our lives we don’t even
know anything near with the truth of any matter is we must begin and on a search
now Cyrus has as a symbol and I and that I of course is the Sun and this I
represents the Sun of the underworld quote the Arcana defined as being a
secret or hidden knowledge of the ancient mysteries were never revealed to
the profane defined as those not initiated into the inner mysteries
except through the media of symbols is symbol in the Egyptian was a ball of
light surrounded by radiant rays therefore the Sun was radiating in all
directions lifting up everything that came in
contact with bringing death to life out of the earth that part of the ugly world
where the Sun was above the horizon was the good part the life part night was
the dark part night was darkness mystery and death day was light brightness and
wisdom using the symbols and the words the terms you start breaking it down it
in Hollywood at the movies it then music I’m just I I don’t know you will know
what to say about this it’s just so overwhelmingly obvious their symbolism
is entirely there today with the lights so when we’re understanding about the
Sun we understand about light when we’re spending the luciferianism
I’m a man who saves life in terms of missions misses define the missions
completed I will not allow this country to be made weak again endless enduring dream and a thousand
points of light their symbolism is entirely there today with the lights so
when we’re understanding about the Sun when we understand about light when
we’re extending the luciferianism but the Sun was there as a symbol of order
life resurrection fertility and inwardly of the illumination of the soul in all
time truth has been hidden under symbols wrote Albert Pike and he also wrote this
symbols are nevertheless ingenious veils that cover the truth once the knowledge
was available nothing could put it back again into
secrecy the only answer to this problem was to keep it secret from the beginning
the problem of secrecy was largely in the hands of a philosophical priesthood
or perhaps we might say a great theological structure going on the
people of this earth have no comprehension whatsoever of who’s doing
it and how it’s working and until we do that we’re just going to keep going
further and further in and never realizing who’s doing it to us and how
they’re doing it it’s a very high technology the individual who desired
knowledge and recognized the need of it was placed under certain restrictions
must take obligations must prove through long training and discipline worthiness
to receive knowledge it was the purpose of these ancient teachers to make sure
that nothing important to the advancement of man could be captured and
held by selfishness or ambition or avarice it was necessary therefore to
select the custodians of knowledge the question of just
the ancient mysteries were folks was answered in part by Albert jeez Macke
another 33rd degree Mason these quote each of the pagan gods had besides the
public and open a secret worship paid to him to which none were admitted but
those who had been selected by preparatory ceremonies called initiation
this secret worship was termed the mysteries of the pagan god Horus and his
mother Isis centuries before like can conceal as well as reveal like and blind
and burn you know I’m not the Illuminati you’re calling themselves the man of
light or the princess of knowledge or the Lucifer no reason because they know
how to manipulate and use light as a weapon quote ancient secret doctrine
which is concealed in Masonic allegory and symbolism it was but to preserve
these truths that masonry was perpetuated you you you


  1. Justin Colburn Author

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    As for t,v i only record movies and watch them at night, i've not sat and watched standard t.v for over 2 years now and i think in a totaly different way.

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    Isaiah 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    The "morning star" in your version is translated as his name, Lucifer, in the KJV, NOT MORNING STAR. The reason is, it is in fact JESUS CHRIST who is the Morning star, as stated in the following scripture in BOTH the NIV and King James.
    Revelation 22:16  I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.
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    (Hebrews 9:27 KJV). Those who have not been saved will spend eternity separated from God. "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire" (Revelation 20:15 KJV). The penalty of sin that is passed on to all of mankind is death. Jesus Christ became the atonement for all sin. He took our place and died on a cross. Those who accept this plan, which is made possible only by Jesus, will receive forgiveness for their sins and obtain salvation.

    How do you obtain salvation?

    In order to be saved you must first realise that you are a sinner and that you cannot make it to heaven on your own good merit. "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one" (Romans 3:10 KJV). "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23 KJV). Secondly, you must recognize that salvation is made possible only by the grace of God. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast"

    (Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV). Finally, you must believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins and that he was raised from the dead. In Romans 10:9-10 KJV, Paul gives specific instructions for salvation. "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." In the sixteenth chapter of Acts, the Philippian jailor asked Paul and Silas what he must do in order to be saved. Their response to him still applies today. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16:31 KJV).

    Every Person Must Know That…


    Romans 3:10 – As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

    Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

    I John 1:8 – If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

    Isaish 64:6 – But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

    Ecclesiastes 7:20 – For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

    Romans 5:12 – Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:


    Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Revelation 20:14 – And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

    John 3:36 – He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

    Romans 1:18 – For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
    Ezekiel 18:4b – the soul that sinneth, it shall die.


    Titus 3;5,6 – Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;

    Romans 3:20 – Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

    Ephesians 2:8,9 – For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    Romans 11:6 – And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.

    Galatians 2:16 – Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

    Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    I John 5:11 – And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.


    Hebrews 2:9 – But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

    John 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    I Timothy 2:5 – For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

    Acts 4:12 – Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Hebrews 7:25 – Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

    Hebrews 10:10 – By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

    Hebrews 10:19 – Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,

    I John 1:7 – But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

    John 10:9 – I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

    John 12:46 – I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

    John 8:24 – I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

    John 6:51 – I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.


    Acts 16:31 – And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

    John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    John 3:18 – He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    John 3:36 – He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

    Galatians 3:26 – For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

    John 1:12 – But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

    Romans 10:9 – That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    Romans 3:28 – Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

    …this is the witness of God
    which he hath testified of his Son.

    He that believeth on the Son of God
    hath the witness in himself:
    he that believeth not God hath made him a liar;
    because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.

    And this is the record,
    that God hath given to us eternal life,
    and this life is in his Son.

    He that hath the Son hath life;
    and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

    These things have I written unto you
    that believe on the name of the Son of God;
    that ye may know that ye have eternal life,
    and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
    I John 5:9b-13

    If you have not seen the simplicity in Christ in the above verses by now, I must tell you that you are trying to make your salvation much more difficult than you need to. There are no works such as baptism, church membership, sacraments, walking 'clean', wearing the right clothes, talking the right talk, giving money or thinking clean that will open the door of heaven.

    Contact us at "Eternal Security Defended," facebook…

  22. ROBIN BECKLER Author


  23. The Chosen1 Author


    The lake of Nemi is a volcanic basin, located near the Albani hills, in the area of the Castelli Romani. During the ancient times, the lake already was an amusing place for holidays, chosen by the rich Roman families. Near the lake, there were also an ancient religious building and a holy wood, both dedicated to Diana goddess, protector of hunt. Nemi actually takes its name from Nemus Dianae, the area dedicated to the goddess, where a building dedicated to her was lately built; we are talking about the so called Diana temple, originally situated on the coast of the river, but currently about 100m far from it, because of the reduction of the basin surface. The historical importance of this place is confirmed by the wealth of archaeological remains. After centuries, this place is still characterized by legend and mystery, making it a very trendy attraction you should visit. Are you ready to discover the mystery of the holy wood of Nemi?

    Nemi's wood

    Nemi is a wonderful village situated near Rome, on the hills surrounding the lake in the heart of Castelli Romani. Located in the heart of Colli Albani, more than 500 metres over the sea level, it is the smallest town of Castelli Romani, famous for its strawberries cultivation and festival, taking place every year, on June. The city centre is situated in a panoramic position facing the water, and it is famous also because it was the place where two Caligola's ships were found – stored in the Museo delle Navi Romane, until their destruction in 1944. The etymology of the term Nemi is connected to Nemus Dianae, and at the same time to the Celtic word "nemeton", the term the ancient North-European populations used to talk about holy places. The common matrix of the two words has inspired an investigation about the events and the magic of the place. The incredible beauty of nature around the lake astonishes visitors from centuries, even if not so many people know the mystery of this peaceful place. Surrounded by the wood around the lake, from the very far past, to the Middle Ages, a secret ritual has taken place, taking its origins probably in the ancient pre-Roman culture. An old legend reveals the mystery about the lake and about the road, telling about the daily presence of goddess Diana Nemorensis, who used to mirror herself in the water of the Lake. We don’t know a lot of things about the area dedicated to her: we only know the temple was founded in 495 BC, by Cato the Elder. In the temple, some remains were found, representing the goddess keeping a torch in the right hand. This makes us understanding fire was very important and symbolic. On 13th of August, they used to celebrate a fire festival, similar to the Celtic North-European cultures events, taking place in particular moments of the year. During the ritual the whole wood was lighted by torches mirroring themselves in the lake, and the believers used to live offers in front of the Holy Fire in the temple. During the monarchy, on the other side of Via Sacra, in the Foro Boario in Rome, a resting place dedicated to Diana was built, where the Vestals used to store the permanent Holy Fire. So, we obviously suppose the extraordinary importance her cult had among the Roman people. By the time, Diana absorbed other meanings, such as the wish of abundance and fertility. For this reason, the sanctuary was the destination of thousands of women, going there offering a little torch, hoping the goddess could help them to grant heirs to their husbands.

    The origins of the cult of Diana

    Even today historians have different opinions about the origins of the hand goddess cult: some of them think it is connected to italic peoples; others give it an endemic origin. Some of them think it took its origins from far away, from Crimea, where Artemis was venerated. Despite of the theories about its birth, they most interesting aspect is the one connected to the similarities with the Celtic rituals. The temple was in front of the lake, on two levels, where the Via Sacra directly arrived – demonstration of the very important value of the place. Today, we have really a few remains of this place, except for the altar where the 3 rituals offered to Diana took place, in the place where the king of the wood probably lived. According to the legend, there actually was a tree in the Holy Wood, with a man standing next to it, hanging a sword. The man was a clergyman, but also a king, everyday guarding the Holy tree, by day and by night. The legend also tells the person able to break a branch and kill the king would have taken his position, showing cures similarities to the Celtic mythology. In Northern-European culture the goddess Dana – often named Danu -, mother of the Gods, has the same features of Diana, and the presence of the King-clergyman protecting the tree was connected with the development of the seasons and of the natural cycles of the year, usually background of the Celtics tales. Even the Roman people – that were accustomed to absorb the culture of the people they used to conquer – considered this tree a holy one, so that the vestals used to keep the fire on by oak wood itself. The Celts themselves considered the oak a holy tree, especially when there was mistletoe on the tree: growing up on the highest branches, it in the natural connection between earth and sky, and so between the human and the divine world.

  24. Rose Tanner Author

    All those celebrities will one day be sorry. When they come in to the horrific realization of what they've done. I hope selling their soul was worth it. What would be the price tag to be to buy their soul back; or are all sales final. No wonder some celebrities have meltdowns and lose it; especially child stars. Why would any parent sign over their xhild… like Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears for example….I think those two are perfect examples of child stars growing up and the realization of how their souls we're bargained and negotiated for by their parents…
    Satan's getting desperate and knows his time is short…for example the crazy illusion of fame like collecting 2 souls for one with Mama June and Honey DooDoo…then on Anton LaVeys death bed he screamed in terror, screaming he made a terrible mistake; in regard to his evil worship of Satan. It's scary, there's so many of them out there…another evil one is Katy Perry…scary that young kids listen to this evil crap! Same with those last two videos David Bowie made and released right before the 😈 took him away…Black Star and Lazareth…I would never ever watch those 2 videos ever again. Clearly blackstar is Bowie's last satanic ritual to Satan. After watching blackstar for the first time when it was realeased I felt horrible and couldn't shake it for days. I am no longer a David Bowie fan…just saying

  25. United We Stand Author

    Brett Luego likely had a severe brain concussion from the accident. Luego showed the classic signs and symptoms for a severe concussion and/ or a skull fracture. I've seen it myself.
    People and the police need to be prepared for this type of injury and know how to deal with it rather than to take a life because he didn't know what he was doing or saying at the time.

  26. Dion Paschini Author

    Try this turn your tv from channel to channel as you do this you will be sitting there in some kind of mood be it good bad or what ever. Now your board just like you would be looking for something to watch at least I was. You have thoughts of the day in your head now turn the channel and see what each show do'se to your mind meaning each show will walk you threw thoughts or the title will run your mind through thoughts and they are not fun. You can be feeling something and the titles play with your mind
    Very sick game the tv plays on your mind before you ever pick a show to watch if you can pick one. Please let me know if you have seen or felt this from tv titles. Very mess up if you pay action to it.

  27. Vic Flores Author

    I'm really worried for our youth, the reality us there are evil forces at hand here. And it is not ok to make that socially acceptable.

  28. colin crisp Author

    Maharishi Mahesh yogi was A demon Watch DAVID WANTS TO FLY   SEX POWER MONEY   Was his goal    TM cost me every thing Ex TM teacher 1 and 2

  29. Suzan Vaughn Author

    At 23:00 onward, Who is that man speaking about Holy Wood in Italy? I think I’ve been unsubscribed to his channel and not getting updates.

  30. little mama Author

    Wow..interesting…you nailed this one..sounds like Nikki Minaj's Roman is his real self…breaking throo the mind is a male..transgendered and mind controlled from early age…in the bloodline…wouldn't be on that red carpet otherwise…and the Oscars..never thought as Satan as feminine…and Venus..all through the ages in any was men who played woman's parts…

  31. little mama Author

    I have statues of that bad??? They just oramants..not like I worship them or that..I threw out Buddha statues I had for years..what about the angel statues?

  32. Jason Deleon Author

    Lucifer is gender-fluid she he has both sexes a hermaphrodite Lucifer was the most beautiful angelic angel of all the angels think about this if God made Man In His Image what image do you think he created the angels they're gender-fluid they have both sexes

  33. Jason Deleon Author

    Here's something to think about after World War II the Japanese leaders came up and said okay we are ready to convert well our generals said well we don't do that we don't convert enforce worship but if you're to watch Japanese animes or their pop culture you'll see occultism everywhere the one eye symbolism the whole 9 people think that the one eye symbolism is hoarse it's not it's for holding see the Egyptians got their gods from the Romans people forget that Romans controlled Egypt and all of the Middle East if you were to compare Roman gods with Egyptian gods you'll find that they have a lot of similarities America secretly are pagans all you have to do is watch the movies cartoons and you'll see what's really going on behind the scenes

  34. Melly Marriott Author

    Wait stop the press. "God" threw Satan to hell. Whose the bad guy here. What if? And here me out. That God is actually the bad guy and has drove his sheep to preach his rules and demands. He Is the one that says the world will be destroyed in this big final battle. Unfortunately I grow up a Roman Catholic, went to Sunday school and find out years later the priests raped 14 boys. Was he or the many other Bible preachers doing the work of God? The devil don't Rape people.

  35. plejaren giants Author

    Jordan Maxwell is an agency payroll shill. Hard to believe? I wouldn't believe it either in the beginning because I didn't understand controlled oppositional strategies used by the CIA (The Media Masters). The same goes for Art Bell, Alex Jones, Linda Howe, John Lear, Stanton Friedman, David Icke, Bo Gritz and all of the other mainstream truth movement, UFO and conspiracy researchers etc. They're all high ranking Freemasonic sell-outs paid off by the agency to keep us all in the dark forever. The only truthers who were legit are already dead. I mean, you can't blame the elites (the powerful who must decide what's best for man's destiny) for being evily clever. You would be forced to do the same things if you were in their positions.

  36. Augusta Porter Author

    I was not interested in tv. I just never sat to watch. Not interested. I’m glad as my daughter and husband don’t hear me when I talk to then while watching tv. When I final get them to hear me they say they are trying to watch the tv. I’m not even important . I’m invisible while they are into the tv.

  37. Marcus-Aerilius Maximus Author

    "For they shall not be able to see, hear or know what righteousness is, for they have been decieved and made to believe in words of deceit."

  38. Jay Carlsen Author

    2 Weeks after I turned 16 yrs old , My best Friend & I hit a Car Broadside doing 65 – 70 mph , and my Friend bounced off the Roof of the vehicle – Breaking His Jaw – left Collarbone – and His left Arm. Since I was riding bitch ( His Bike ) I was catapulted 4100 – 110 feet through the Air – landing on the back of my Helmet – breaking it into 2 pieces. I sustained a Basillar Skull Fracture , broken Neck , 9 broken Ribs , I broke my left Knee , and also the First Digit on my left Foot ( Big Toe ) I was close to Death.

    I was paralyzed on my left Side for the 8 Days that I was in the Coma. 2 weeks after I woke up I was Walking Again ! 2 weeks following I was released too Outpatient Care. (better than the Long Term Care ) After 3 months I started back to High School , I skipped the 10th Grade , and I still Graduated with my Class of 1990. BLAH …. Blah …. blah ……..

    , My Friend had gotten must as I returned to School aside and He apologized to me ( I was not expecting this – Especially from Him ) He told me that He was Sorry that I was Hurt SO Bad. And how He had felt ashamed when He was released that very Night. While I was left in I.C.U hooked up to the Life Support. He even said that if it were Possible ? That He would have Switched me places ……..

    And I took this ALL Wrong. ( Like what are you saying ? That I am Retarded Now ? ) And I snapped back at Him ' What the Fuck are you talking about ? …….. LOOK. I am ALL Better Now ! ……. See ? They have let me out.' (of the Hospital) And it was left at That.

    3 days later my Friend put a 22 caliber rifle in his mouth and ended his own life. ( MAY BE No One told Him that I wouldn't see my Full Recovery until I had turned 27 – 28 years old ? what can ya do ? ) This was when I had turned my Back on my Sunday School Understanding of the Ancient Text. When I ignored all the Prayers said on my behalf when I was in the Hospital. For from this point forward in my life I was a Devout Unbeliever. And I was DAMN GOOD AT IT !

    In 1992 I began working in the Oil Field doing Seismic Survey , mapping underground Formations to tell the Rigs where to Drill. When Sometime in the Month of August 2001 I had the CRAZIEST DREAM I have ever had before in my Life ! And in this Crazy Dream I was MUCH OLDER Than I was at the Time that I had it. I had different aches & Pains that I couldn't explain at the Time ? My Back Hurt ? In this Crazy Dream I am BACK at Work again and I am carrying something Heavy on my Shoulders ? I do not know if it is Equipment ? or a 7 horse Chrysler Backpack Drill ? The only thing I know is that it IS Heavy and that I am sweating rivers as it is very Hot & Humid outside. I am walking down our 'line' and I am walking up into Woods that are not familiar to me , As the Trees are small & scrubby looking – Not like the Hardwood Forest of Northern Michigan. And the ground is very Rocky.

    I can hear people talking back & forth across the Handheld Radio that is clipped to my Belt. But I am only 1/2 assed paying it any Attention ( just in case Someone calls for me ) Since I am bent by this weight on my Shoulders ? My focus is right before my walking Feet. And I am focused on our Equipment , as I am making certain that it is all Laid Out over on the left of our 'line' and it is so. ……. good.

    As I am walking I am keeping track of the flags I walk past ( every 165 feet ) for every other flag I make sure I count the Shot Holes that are all drilled over on the right of 'line' well away from Our Equipment. And everything is in Order …… good. …. Good. [ I am doing my Job ] And I pick my way down a Steep Hillside where at the Bottom a large Clearing in the Forest opens up ahead of me. I can see that our 'line' crosses this field lengthwise , then Climbs another Steep Hill over on the Far Side. 1/2 way up that next Hill is a well shaded Wood Line that is the Perfect Spot to take me a Break ! So I shift the Weight on my Shoulders and I Strike out to cross this Field as Quickly as I can. I am walking through tall Mustard Weeds , the Sun is beating Down , NO WIND. So I assume late in the Summertime ? …………Maybe ? When I reach the Base of this Hill and start my ascent , I glance up into the Woods to see if I can find a good spot that I can set This Down – When 2 Hands Slide INTO My Back & picks me up from the Ground ! ( Doesn't Hurt , but it does feel Disgusting ! Because Nobodies Hand's are suppose to be IN there like that ! ) like by my Shoulder Blades ? When this Voice inside of my Head tells me " It Is Your Time To Go Now , Are You Ready ? " ……….. what ?

    ……. Wait a minute here , I am confused. So I Protest ' Go ? But I can not GO Anywhere ? I am Working right now. I am on the clock ?' And again this Voice inside my Head tell me to

    " Never Mind That Now ! NOW Is Your Time ! Are You Ready ? " And the Thought of 2 Young Children with an Older Child behind begins to pull at my Heart. And I PLEAD ' WHAT ABOUT MY FAMILY ? What about my Friends ? ' And I am Reassured " They (childrens) Are Fine , You Need To Tell Me Now , Are You Ready ? " ………. still ……. I need a moment to Process – There I am – 3 feet above the Ground – Someone has Their Hands IN my Back – Talking to me inside my Head ? And I conclude that THIS has never happened to me before ? So I said ' ok , I am ready ' But I am told to " SPIT THOSE OUT ! HE DOESN'T WANT TO SEE YOU WITH THOSE ! " ………. shit. Busted. Now I am bummed , and I said to myself ' Fucking DAMN IT ! I just paid $1000.00 for those last week ! P'TTUEY ! ' And I spit out my Top Denture – and I reach into my Mouth and Unsnap the Lower denture from the Mounts embedded in my Lower Jaw. I let them fall …………


    And I see my Boots ! And just below them the Ground DIsappears !

    Tree Tops !

    Clouds !

    Then BAM ! There I am standing on top of the Ozone , looking at my Feet. Directly below I can see the Gulf of Mexico , before me I can see the lower part of the North American Continent ( but not Michigan , because i lose it to the Curve of the Earth ) to my far left I can see Mexico , below & behind me I can make out the Coast of South America , and to my right I see a few Islands – then Ocean. The Voice inside of my head Comforts me " It Is Ok , You Are Alright ! You Can Stand On It ……. (Ozone) …….. Like A Table " But even before that I am Startled that my Head Injury IS GONE ! ( JUST LIKE THAT ! Faster than magic !) My Back does not Hurt , my Bones do not Ache , I can breath through my Nose again , All the Teeth are back inside of my Mouth ! ONCE AGAIN I AM WHOLE ! And I said to myself in Disbelief ' WHAT THE FUCK !?! Is This what it is like ??? Not To Have That Head Injury Anymore ?!? ' ………. GONE.

    I Pick my Face up in Awe …… And HEY ! Right Back Over There is the MOON ! Just hanging there above the Planet ! And now that I see it ? It IS Bigger than I thought.

    I look Straight up and I see ALL the Stars in the Sky !

    I glance over my left Shoulder and I see the Sun , Burning there at the center of our Solar System.

    When my attention is called back when it is Announced " ON YOUR KNEES , YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE SON OF MAN " and I fall Flat on my Face , looking down. When at the Sudden – like a Billion Loud , Angry , Disappointed , Terrible , Pissed OFF Voices all said in unison "' WATCH WHAT THEY DO '" ………… and i am watching. When I see Fire jump up from the Ground Below ! Big Billowing Clouds of Fire ! Maryland , Delaware , Virginia , North / South Carolina , Georgia , West Virginia , ohio , Indiana , Illinois , Kentucky , Tennessee , Alabama ! And I scream out in Horror ' WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THAT FOR !?! '

    Then I woke up a Christian. ………Isn't that CRAZY ? Am I Crazy ?

  39. IRFAN ALI Author



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