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Using U-verse TV Guide & Picture-in-Picture | AT&T U-verse Support

[♪music♪] Watch this video
to learn about the U-verse Program Guide
and Picture-in-Picture. Your U-verse onscreen
Program Guide doesn’t only show you what’s on: It’s mission control
for browsing, viewing, and
recording programs. The guide even
provides you with a schedule of programming
as far out as 14 days. In order to access
the Program Guide just press the GUIDE button on
your U-verse TV remote control. And don’t worry. The
show you’re watching stays on in the background while
you’re viewing the guide. Scroll up and down using
the remote control arrows to move through the channel
selections one at a time, or browse one
page at a time using the Channel Page
Up and Down buttons. Move across the grid to find
the date and time of the shows you want to view using the
left and right arrows. You can also speed
up your search with the Fast Forward button, which allows you to
skip ahead 24 hours to see what’s on tomorrow
or the next day. Press Fast Forward a
second or third time to jump ahead an additional
24 or 48 hours, and so on. Want to go backwards 24 hours
to view past programs? Press the Rewind button. You can select the Info
button at any time to get more details about
a highlighted program, including viewing options
such as “Watch”, “Record”, or see “More showtimes”. You can even get more
information about a program or its cast and crew by pressing
the right arrow button. When you want to
watch a channel, just press the OK button. To record a program, press the Record button
on your remote control. Press the button a second
time to record the series, or press Record a third
time to cancel the recording. To exit the Program Guide and return to the
program you’re watching, press either the
Exit to TV button or the GUIDE button. Picture-in-Picture
browsing, or PIP, lets you see what’s on another channel
without missing the channel you’re currently watching. For a quick look at what’s
playing on another channel without leaving your
current program, scroll either up or
down using the arrows on your U-verse TV
remote control. A browse bar will appear containing the program
title, elapsed time, and live
Picture-in-Picture window for each channel
you scroll through. To view information about
a program in the browse bar, press “Info” on
your remote control. If you would like to
switch to a program you see in the browse bar,
select it and press “OK”. You can also see what
programs are coming up next on the channel you’re currently
watching by scrolling right. The browse bar
will disappear after 10 seconds of inactivity. To get back to it, just
press one of the arrows again. You can also view channel
listings online and get more information
about any of these features. Go to, and enter the keywords
“Program Guide”, “Picture-in-Picture”
or “Channel Listings”. [♪AT&T jingle♪]


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