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Valkyria Chronicles Theater #1 – A Day at the Beach [EngSub]

SenVal Theater: A Day at the Beach Buuhi~ It’s the sea! We’ve come~! Great weather! We came during such great weather! Sometimes, the commander takes good care of us. Rosie, “sometimes” was an unnecessary word. What!? Ok that’s enough, both of you. It’s so embarrassing to wear a swimsuit. Hey, Susie. Are you dissatisfied with my pick? E-Edy, I-I didn’t m-mean it like t-that… I’m embarrassed too. Geez, even you Marina? Both of you look good in those. That’s right! Susie, Marina, both of you look cute! Let’s enjoy ourselves today! Yeah, we should. It’s a rare opportunity. Everyone, we must play beach volleyball at the beach! That’s fine with me. I won’t lose! Beach volleyball. Now, let’s go! Here I… …go! You’re just a newbie. This is embarrassing! Come on Susie, this way! W-Wa-Wait a minute, Alicia! Dolphin! It’s done. This is incredible! The waves today aren’t too shabby. Susie, there! Edy! It was fun! I enjoyed it very much! Look, the sunset is so pretty! Your Highness… When will you be able to come?


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