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Valkyria Chronicles Theater #9 – Eternal Oath [Series Epilogue]

Dear Members of the 7th Platoon Have you been well? Bruhl is still recovering
from the trauma of war, and we are making joint
efforts to rebuild our homes. Our lives have gradually
became more peaceful. We are now determined to take
the next step towards our future. That is why Welkin and I
decided to get married. But Welkin is making plans
to return to the university, and I’m working hard to
become a qualified baker. This would put the wedding
itself a long way off, so we decided not to hold
a wedding ceremony. We’ll try our best to keep in touch, Alicia. Eternal Oath Maybe I shouldn’t have
sent out those letters… Shouldn’t have? Why? Now I’m bit ashamed of it. Don’t be, they are our friends. Come on! It wasn’t written by you,
of course you don’t care! That’s right… You’re not listening to me at all! That’s not true! I’m going to confiscate your notebook! Sorry. My bad. No!
This is for not listening to me! Alicia… Oh, what have we here? Good heavens, just looking at them is making me embarrassed. Oh no! We were just… Hi there Largo and Rosie! Long time no see! Wait a minute, Welkin… How can you greet them so casually? Jeez… Anyway… What are you two doing here? You didn’t send word that
you were coming to Bruhl. We were hoping to surprise you. Surprise? Well, come with us for a bit… Everyone… Why are you all here? When I read about the wedding
I got really excited, and called everyone together. Although you might be fine with not having
a wedding ceremony but we are not. What you wrote in the letter was quite a surprise. So we decided to come together
and celebrate it. Right, brother? Naturally, this is an important event. I know, my singing will be
the blessing on your marriage! Then shouldn’t I sing as well? No, Edy-san, you better not… I…I’ll sing, then! Aisha too! Aisha too! May the both of you be happy! Congratulations, Commander and Alicia! Congratulations! Thank you everyone! Come now,
such a cute girl should not cry! Smile! Smile! Well then everyone! Shall we begin? Let’s lighten up the mood! Yeah! It looks good on you. I made this especially for you, Alicia-san! It’s beautiful… And this goes with it. This is really…so beautiful… Thank you…everyone… Right now, this is the only ring I can give you… We are now a family, Alicia! Do not worry.
I’ll definitely make you happy! You’ll really have to
do your best, you know… It’ll be very difficult to make me happy!


  1. linkmaster220 Author

    @MokonaBuny Yeah i preferred the game ending more than the anime ending. The last 4 or 5 six episodes felt like they skipped a lot from the game for me.

  2. zelos660 Author

    Squad 7……squad G ………did the makers do that on accident or was it something else ……'s all a conspiracy!!!!!!!^_^

  3. snipdwitha50cal Author

    such a beautiful series… war is a time not only where people fight but where people bond closer togehter, from a mere salutations to a holy matrimony

  4. 20tigerman20 Author

    I find it a fun anime serie to watch but I thought they were exagerating a bit with the strength of sqaud 7 and especially their tank edelweis which could drive like a rallycar and had superior armor and even go underwater :S

  5. youitsu okami Author

    THIS IS BAD, TOO BAD…. really…. this one is the most touching ever, i can't stop crying….


  6. UNIT 0918 Author

    OMG, that wedding dress is a reference to the one used in Valkyria Chronicles's conceptual phase (which is in the Valkyria Chronicles Design Archives)!

  7. Trent Gomez Author

    AHHHH! Just finished Valkyria Chronicles the anime and loved it! Hate that it was only 26 episodes. But i loved it nonetheless 🙂 Thanks for posting this!!! I keep smiling whenever i think of the ending. :)))

  8. fuzzybunny8286 Author

    That was really, really, REALLY touching! I think I'm about to cry… This is really one of THE best endings ever. So sweet and it was, I don't know how to express it in words, just, worth it. Seeing the happy yet sad ending that just reflects on all of the funny, happy, and sad moments in the anime… They did an amazing job

  9. Mizaninlol Author

    the ending was soooo perfect.                                                             Until Welkin's turtleneck came into the picture

  10. TheLordofComments Author

    What a great closure for a great series…
    Sadly, having a good and definite ending is kinda rare for an Anime nowadays…


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