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Varys Actor Frustrated By Being Sidelined In GoT

Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones isn’t a series
known for its happy endings. And fans certainly aren’t getting many in
the show’s final season. Several major characters met their end in
the fifth episode of season 8, and now the actor who played Varys has revealed that he
wasn’t thrilled with how his story ended. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Conleth
Hill opened up about the experience of seeing his character burned to death by the Mad Queen
Daenerys, saying he took it “very personally.” There was some bright side for Hill, though,
as he felt Varys died a “noble” death after the Master of Whispers revealed to the world
the true parentage of Jon Snow in an attempt to make sure Westeros had a better ruler than
the vengeful and sadistic Daenerys. “If he dislikes one monarch, he conspires
to crown the next one. What kind of servant is that?” “The kind the realm needs. Incompetence should not be rewarded with blind
loyalty.” Hill continued, Still, the death stings, especially considering
how little Varys has been given to do over the past two seasons. If you were frustrated by that, well, you’re
not alone, as Hill revealed he wasn’t too happy with his character’s arc either. Hill also said that he felt like Varys was
acting out of character in those two seasons, as the master spy suddenly seemed to have
no idea what was going on, and exerted no influence over events. Overall, though, Hill stressed that his experience
on Game of Thrones has been “brilliant.” And he doesn’t think fans will be disappointed
with the series finale. Well…all except one, anyway. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Game of
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  1. Melissa Faye Author

    This was most anti climatic, dull, wtf, series finale I've ever fucking seen. Bran is obviously evil. The end literally made no sense, and I feel hollow. How tf are they going to fix this? Jon went North, Arya went West, Drogon went East, and the entire fucking show went South.

  2. Niki Mitchell Author

    One of my favourite characters, at the begining like everyone we thought he was sneaky and devious but he showed he was a survivalist who cares about protecting the people, rather than power and wealth.

  3. Mem Ry Author

    “Felt like Varys acting out of character”.
    Well, since Varys was an intelligent, cunning, complex, mysterious master of spies; and the writers of Season 8 were obviously dullards – guess difficult for writers to write him in character.
    Of course, that goes for every character in the show.
    The only brilliant dialogue in ep6 was Jamie’s and Cersei’s. 😏

  4. Rosani Lebron Author

    Varys and Tyrion, both characters, were taken out of their true personas. Varys was always careful to extremes, that was his strength and most important trait: for people to never know his true intentions. And all of a sudden he was very vulnerable and predictable. I can understand the actor.

  5. Steffen Ljosheim Author

    Varys was the only likeable character left. Jon and Tyrion turned to simps for Khaleesi, but Varys was still rational and true to his principles.

  6. nala beans Author

    YET the outcome of his final "noble" act was NEVER addressed. did he even send them? did anyone read them? did anyone care? what's the point?
    nah let's just skip over all of that…what's another dead end plot line in a season filled with holes…

    but props to the actor for speaking out (even if in the most diplomatic way possible) on the uncharacteristically lame turn of his character, at least he's not alone in that boat.

  7. Fahrrad Mittelfranken Author

    Remember kids, you can complain all you want, but if you watch Disney Star Wars by D&D at the theater, then you might as well just shut up now.

  8. YouCanCallMeReTro Author

    IMO Varys should have survived and Tyrion should have died. Tyrion made so many mistakes and yet he survived. One of the central themes of the show was that mistakes ended up costing you your life, yet Tyrion made more mistakes than anyone and didn't just survive, he became hand of the king. Meanwhile Varys has always been a shadowy figure who has done well to keep himself pulling the strings in the background. Instead they make Varys do something out of character and approach Jon on the beach in broad daylight to speak of treason. Then they make Tyrion, his longtime friend, rat on him. Both of these things were pretty uncharacteristic of them. Varys made one mistake and dies, Tyrion makes a mistake every episode and becomes the second most powerful person in westeros (or arguably the most powerful). These characters were handled poorly for the sake of narrative.

  9. Jaguer91 Author

    They destroyed every damn character development these actors had been working so hard for, Daenerys' journey to become the queen of the people, Jon's heritage was good for shit when he ends up in the same place he started, same with Jaime, he ends up in the same place he started, all that character development to end like that… etc…

  10. Based Brooklyn Author

    just realized him writing those notes about jons heritage meant absolutely nothing. literally a plot element that just vanished into nothing in the span of 2 episodes

  11. martin lemay Author

    Conleth Hill, dont worry, everyone is disappointed with the death of your character. You were the most mysterious and intriguing character of the whole series, as an actor, you didnt let the character down, but you made it even better! All of my respects goes to you! Thank you for bringing such depth to the series! The lack of skills from the script writers isnt your fault!

  12. Robin MXZ Author

    Stop watching GoT after season 4. It's just trash from then on. But the first half of the show with the 4 first seasons is an amazing show.

  13. Bumpy Author

    Varys was one of my favorite characters leading up to this disaster season. I felt they just threw his character completely away.

  14. saxonsoldier67 Author

    At least he had a scene dedicated to his personal end. Think of the injustice for everyone burnt alive at the Sept of Baelor. Mass ending to some great characters.

  15. Master Debater Author

    it definitely shouldnt have ended the way it did. this is what happens when you attempt to end the series in only 6 episodes. horrible end to a great series

  16. xxTaKe2xx Author

    Damn I feel you Conleth.
    After Littlefinger's death Varys was the only character left in the show that intrigued me. And then D&D just forgot him. His arc's end was ridiculous.

  17. Nico Stadler Author

    He was a traitor and he didnt keep his promise to dany to tell her if she was failing the people instead he conspired behind her back nothing noble about varys

  18. C x 3 Author

    Danerys' whole arc would have been much more acceptable if KL didn't ring the bells of surrender – and maybe in true Cersei style, Cersei had her soldiers mix in with the innocent population.. Also I think Tyrion should have killed Dany – it makes more sense that he would have been in a rage since his brother (the only person who was good to him as a child) was killed by her arrogant attack. Jon should've gotten the throne and the dragon should have stayed with Jon. Danerys at the end should've become the new "night king" or something – the ending didn't seem to say anything about anything.. There was no point to any of it with the finale they gave us.

  19. CarlyUTube Author

    Was ANY of the Actors satisfied with this season, Does not sound like it. And he died for nothing, not one of his letters got out and everyone else who knew kept their mouth shut in the end.

  20. Thor Odinson Author

    I loved Varys, and I hate what they did to him.

    I loved Bronn, but i still feel like punching Tyrion in the face and pretending that those two had literally nothing to give him felt really out of character. Bronn was his best friend (although paid). Doesn't make much sense to me, especially considering he's been talking about how his side's already lost because dragons.

    Bran only said a few things. You'd think more people would want to talk to the guy who knows everything that's ever happened. But most people just ignore it??

    Anyone that was clever was reduced to stupidity. That's what happens when idiots try to write about something smarter than them.

    I really wish G.R.R.M. was writing the screenplay, but at that rate, we'd still be waiting (though it would be absolutely fantastic)

  21. Gusttafa Author

    season 8 made me feel as the show was cancelled and they were forced to finish it in hurry. Shallow story, shallow endings, shallow feeling, no emotion, no impact, just careless "turn off"

  22. JayTor2112 Author

    Everyone should have lived, with gumdrops and lollipops falling from the skies. Drogon becomes a big regenerating chocolate dragon that everyone eats from after feasts.

  23. Sausthab Bir Singh Tuladhar Author

    Varys: Perfectly plans everything he is going to do even if he is going to take a shit.
    Also Varys: Hey Jon. Let's commit treason.

  24. xxlCortez Author

    That's like Peter Dinklage saying Tyrion isn't as smart as he thought, hiding women and children in the crypt during the white walker invasion.

  25. Simon M Author

    well what happend with littlefinger was even worse- thats why i believed in the return of baelish so much- i just couldn't believe the showrunners take out such a smart character in such a dull way- i was wrong.

  26. JDA Author

    Conleth Hill did an amazing job playing Varys, an amazing character. The writing of the last 2 seasons massively failed him and others. Oh, and Varys was CERTAINLY a fan favorite. I hope he realizes that. One of the most interesting, witty, and precise characters of the entire series.

  27. Ninjas Be Like Author

    Just watched this after watching that documentary episode and when they are doing the table read for season 8 Conleth looked pissed when varys got executed and I immediately searched for a video about him being mad about the ending haha

  28. Lauren Brillante Author

    The WRITING for season 8 was absolute CRAP! The way Varys was written and has been written took this clever character and wrote him in to stupidity and the writing of how it was done was idiotic. This was a man that had saved Tyrion's life and was his best friend in the world. You can tell the SAME STORY and TELL IT WELL… but Dan and Dave COULD NOT BE BOTHERED!

  29. tanyuu Author

    Varys is a very underappreciated character, arguably among the most honorable. He is one of the few in a position of power who is truely dedicated to the people and not using them to advance his career. He specifically climbed to his current position from a childhood as a street urchin to change the world for the better for the lower clases. Jon had other goals in life, but was assigned power because of his negotiatiation and leadership abilities, and he did have to make tough decisions and behalf of the people. Doran Martell also seems to have a good heart and care about protecting the innocence of children in particular.

  30. Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon Author

    Varys' arc deserved better than this. If he failed in spying at least make it look someone really overwhelmed his intellect. I don't know if some will agree but I feel the whole season 8 was just made to leave questions/disappointments to make you curious and buy George R.R. Martin's book to fill that curiosity instead of being as hyped as what we expected.

  31. the2step Author

    So the master of whispers just goes out and basically confronts jon on the beach and speaks completely openly about backing Jon. Seems legit

    -D&D probably

  32. R DG Author

    Varys conspired and died for Jon as the necessary rightful ruler..


    Bran the Broken with the Best Story: Why did you think I came all the way here? – . –

  33. Vivi Author

    Varys was like a dying horse that the writers decided to shoot out of sympathy. His character had been ruined a few seasons ago. He and Baelish were my favorites ones, I can't believe they did them so dirty

  34. The Green Reaper Author

    Its just WRONG how DnD raped the final season. Varys was one of thé most calculating and careful characters: He survived the Mad King, for crying out loud, and now, he would just forget about his discretion all of a sudden? What a load of bollocks… No, Varys shuold have survived, just like he indicated to Tyrion in S2: '….the big fish eat the little fish, and i……just keep on paddling". Would have been a whole lot better end-sceven of the Small Counsil with Varys comeing with some very secret information and Brann then adding up to Varys' findings, commending him on his thouroughness and detail? Conleth Hilll was one of thé best actors in the show imho, Varys was a key-character in may storylines, especially the ones intertwining during the seasons…. to write off such an important and mostly INTELLIGENT character…"Shouts in Septa Onella with a megaphone; "SHAME! SHAME SHAME!"


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