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Vedalam – Tamil Full Movie | Ajith | Lakshmi Menon | Anirudh Ravichander | Siva

We split into two teams-
Alpha Team and Beta Team. Alpha! Sir! Beta! Sir! Our target is,
French Indo-Cartel Kingpin Brothers. One. Two. And three. We now have intel
on the whereabouts of the eldest brother. He is on a private airfield,
on a jet flight, ready to take off. Aplha Team, you should attack from the front. Beta Team, you should attack from the back. The Operation should be clear and clean.
– Sir! Target in sight.
Waiting for command, sir. Yes, sir! What the hell? What the hell? Alpha, get me a gun. Alpha, what the hell are you doing? Why do you address them
with their code name? Michael. Stephen. Christiano. Edward. David. Traitors! What did he pay to buy you off? I never make offers to get my job done. That’s not my style. I do it by taking. Don’t cry!
Don’t cry, my dear. No!
– Move. A gift for your baby. I’ll blow your head. Calm down! Don’t do that. Please… Don’t shout.
Or we’ll shoot you both. Don’t do that! If you’d had a family,
you’d be holding a gun, too. Not at gunpoint. Whoever punches the maximum number
of bullets into your Leader’s body… I’ll spare your family. Let’s take off. The climate is not working for us. Apart from small things like
the rain, thunder and lightning… Everything else should be in our control. You can kill me now. But a better person than me;
A more righteous person… Will find all of you;
And kill you. You’re wrong. No good man, or honest man
can come anywhere close to me. If there is a bad man;
Someone worse than me… Only he can touch me. Take off. Jump, jump, jump! Left, left, left! Right, right, right! Fast, fast, fast! Brother, the train has arrived. Hand me my lucky knife. Are your weapons ready? Yes, Boss! Don’t miss the target. Brother, this is your 230th murder. Congrats, Brother. Don’t let him get away. Chatterjee! Have you bought the platform ticket?
– Oh, no! I forgot. Darn, you fool! We’ve planned a murder. Want the Officer to catch you
in the platform without a ticket? Ask him to buy it. Go, get it.
– Okay, Brother. Hey, that’s him! Don’t let him go. Guys, come on. Who is that?
Blocking my target with a rusty trunk? Come on. Go on, dear girl. Brother, is this your knife? It’s not? Darn. My lucky knife is gone! Brother, lift this trunk for me? Our Great Kolkata Kali is now his porter? Do you know who I am? I don’t know, Brother. I’m Kolkata Kali! I know the whole of Kolkata city. And all of Kolkata knows me. Wow! Tamizh.
– Who is that? Come soon!
– I’m coming, Brother. Come on! Guys… Brother, please? Tamizh, you were worried about
finding the place in a new city. Our Brother here knows
the whole city, it seems. Brother, please tell me
where to find this address? Tell us, Brother. What is this? Our Target is getting away. Let’s go.
– Oh yes. Just a minute, Brother. What your sister drew was very nice. My sister drew this.
– Who cares? Let’s go. If you just pose steady,
she can draw you! You’re bald, too. It’ll be over in a jiffy. What do I look like to you? You?
You’re just beautiful, Brother. “The whole world seems to spin around me;
My heart is screaming in ecstasy!” “The Jupiter, with folded arms;
Stands before me, reverentially.” “I was just a damaged piece;
Look at the joker playing hero.” “This dry mound of clay gets chiseled…” Brother, where do you need to go? This is the Howrah Bridge. Beautiful! Hail our Lord Ganesha! The Harbringer of good fortune! Brother, this is the address
you had asked for. Thanks a lot, Brother. Brother to brother,
there should be no thanks. Carry on, Ganesh. So long!
– See you. So long! Superb! You were the Killer Kali.
Now he’s turned you into Kind Kali. What happened? Chattarjee..
– What? Even the crow considers it’s
little one to be golden. But even when I was a baby,
my mother sang the lullaby… “You crow-like Kali…
You dark Kali..” Such was my life. But this Brother said
I was “beautiful”. Ganesh?
– Yes, Brother? Come here. I’ll be back.
– Okay, Brother. Great character! Everyone either gets afraid of me,
or stands up against me. But this guy minds his own business. He smiled at me.
He treated me like I’m human. What is it, Brother?
– Give me your phone. Here, Brother. Come, take a selfie with me. A selfie?
– Give me your phone. You’ve got an innocent face.
Make this your screensaver. This will protect you
while you’re in Kolkata. Okay, Brother. So long! Ganesh…
– Brother? Smile for me? Come on, Brother. Bring our car. Hail our Lord Ganesha! The Harbringer of good fortune! Hold and tug, hey-ho! Pull it hard, hey-ho! You’re a Tamilian, hey-ho? I’m Ganesh from Chennai, hey-ho. The man we’ve been expecting,
with his sister? Hey-ho! Where’s the sister? The girl in orange, hey-ho! That’s my daughter, hey-ho! I was about to say,
the girl next to her. Hey-ho! The one in yellow saree is my wife.
Hey-ho! Greetings, hey-ho!
– Hey-ho! Hold and tug, hey-ho!
– Hey-ho! Heard you were coming from Chennai.
So I cleared the top floor for you. So what brings you to Kolkata? I wanted to put my sister
in the College of Arts and Designs. Really?
– Yes, sir. Bless me, Lord. So, Ganesh?
Do you like the house? I like it, Brother.
It’s superb. We like it, sir. So sister’s choice is your choice? We’ll sit on a huge couch here!
– Superb. We’ll sit on the couch,
hang a huge T.V on the wall there. What say? Sir, you’re blocking the T.V!
Move away. Move away! A 65 inch LED TV.
– We’ll buy one. Tamizh, where do we keep the
double door refrigerator? Over here, Brother. Ganesh! You forgot the A.C. Superb idea, Brother. Yes! We’ll buy a 2.5 tonne A.C
for the living room! Brother, we’ll buy four A.Cs. Come on, Auntie.
Show us around the house. You bring our bags. A washing machine here. And a wall clock over there.
– We’ll buy it all. You get ready for college.
– Okay, Brother. Ganesh, you’ve got a long shopping list. Is this trunk filled with cash? My sister wants it. I will earn the money. You WILL earn it? So you don’t have a job? I’ll find one. You’ll find one? You speak the local Bengali language? I’ll learn it.
– You’ll learn it? Ganesh, you’ve moved to Kolkata city
with your sister and empty pockets. You don’t have a plan. Right? Brother, a man with a plan
is a man on his own. A man without a plan
has God for company. Careful. Thanks, sir.
– Thank you. Everyone looks all shiny and rich. Talent does not lie in form or attire. It’s right here. Come. Your painting talent is unique.
You’re selected. She’s really talented. I know that my sister is talented. Isn’t this the top college
for this course? Yes, why do you ask? I will give my sister only the best. You can fill in the form.
– Okay, sir. You can make the payment. You have a great talent. Most importantly, you have a brother
who appreciates this talent. You’re really blessed. Give it to me.
I’ll hold it. Hello? I was just about to call you. Sister has got an admit in the college! That’s great news. Looks like you might get a driver’s job
at the place where I work. The interview is tomorrow. I’ll be there. Ganesh, my Boss is a strict guy.
Answer carefully at the interview. Okay, Brother.
– That’s Boss. Hello, son-in-law. Mom-in-law…
– Son-in-law? Why is the mother-in-law
so respectful to her son-in-law? My Boss, Mr. Lakshmi Das. He started off as a cleaner here. But seeing his Mr. Clean heart,
she made him the boss. Dear, I am reach office. Sorry. You are deep sleeping.
So I didn’t want to disturb you. Drink some juice.
Eat your food. Health is important.
My dear… I want to sneeze. May I? Go ahead and sneeze, dear.
– Thank you, dear. Mom-in-Law? Why do your eyes tear up
when I sneeze? Sneezing is the one thing
in the world that comes without consent. But you ask for my daughter’s consent
even to sneeze? You’re more than a son-in-law!
You’re my son! Mom-in-law! Your daughter is not my wife. She’s my whole life. Salute him! Dear, I will come at 8 ‘o clock.
– Son-in-law… Sit down.
– Mom-in-law’s affection! Awesome. I’ll take a leave.
– Please. Thank you. Take care.
– Okay, Mummy. Take your seat. The boy told me all about you. Boy? Who? The Boss meant me. I will seem scary at first. But as time goes by…
– You’ll grow affectionate? You’ll grow accustomed. To work here,
you need the 3-D. Sir? You need these 3-D qualities. Driving. Discipline. And Decency. Do you know to drive the car? Awesome. Have it. What is this? Alcohol. So you don’t drink. Not at all, sir. Because, a man who drinks… Would put it down wistfully. But you thrust it down.
I am correct? Correct, sir. Awesome! You don’t have a smoking habit, either. How did you..? When you entered my office
and crossed camera number 4… One of my men blew smoke
on your face. I saw your face shrivel. Okay? Now, let’s test your decency. Are you on Facebook?
– No, sir. So you wouldn’t upload a picture
and stress over the number of ‘Like’. Are you on WhatsApp?
– No, sir. Good. So you won’t form chat groups
and relish gossips. Are you on Twitter?
– No, sir. So you won’t post your “opinions”
and hurt people’s feelings. No, sir.
He’s correct. So.. You haven’t fallen prey to the
social pressures. That’s why your smile is still fresh. Thank you, sir. Any doubts? Ask me. Go on, ask him.
– No, I shouldn’t. May I?
– Proceed. Why do you wear a women’s garment? This is not!
These are designer wear for men. Sorry, sir.
– He is an innocent lad. You are innocent. I like you. Yes. You are appointed. Thank you, Boss. Are you serious?
You got the job? Yes, Tamizh. I’ve got the keys. That’s great, Brother. Hope your first passenger is a good one! I hope so. TAXI! Stop. Stop!
Taxi! Taxi! Driver, fix the car and take it home.
– Okay, Madam. What are you waiting for, cabbie?
Go to the Session Court. Hello, juniors?
Listen to me. Drive faster!
– Okay, Madam. Is the phony witness ready? Go, go, go! Overtake them.
Fast. Right away, Madam. Not to worry. I’m here, now. Madam, my taxi fare of 150 rupees. We’ve lost every case till now. But not this one.
– Really? Yeah. I’ve arranged a great perjurer. Madam, my fare… Don’t worry. You’ll get released today.
I’m there for you. Follow me.
– Madam, 150 rupees! The phony witness is a baby-face, right?
– A small baby-face. Innocent looking?
– Lovely, innocent looking guy. The judge will buy it.
– Okay. Where is he?
-There he is. Good morning, Lawyer! Got any pickle?
Pickle! Pickle. What is he saying?
I don’t understand. Senior, he’s asking for pickle. Pickle.
-Pickle? Do you want it on a plate
or a jar? Get up. Say your dialogue. Say it! I witnessed it with my own eyes…
Is there any pickle? Your honour! Everything I say with this mouth…
is real. Do you have pickle? Senior, not just a baby-face.
He even has a baby’s voice. Hey, wake up!
Come on. Wake up! Madam, you’re up next. Do you have pickle?
– You’re asking her? Madam, you forgot my 150 rupees. Pay up, Madam. White skin. Baby face. Innocent smile. Want 150 rupees? I’ll pay you. But will you do as I say? What should I do? Go to the court, do as I say.
Appear as witness before the judge. Okay? I don’t speak Bengali language. Just miss! Juniors. Language is for those who can speak. From now, you’re a mute. You will pretend to be a mute. Whenever I touch my forehead,
you will nod up and down at the judge. Okay? Show me. You didn’t touch your forehead, madam. What a stunner! Once more? He’s a stunner! Get his address. We’ll use him as phony witness
for all our cases. He’ll take us to great heights. Your honour… I rest my case, your honour.
-Objection, your honour. Sit down. Extraordinary. I express my appreciation to Shwetha
for diligently using a mute witness in this case. As the charges against N. Mukherjee
could not be proved sufficiently… The court dismisses the case. Sis.
– Brother? I’m leaving for college. Where are you? I’m pretending to be a mute guy.
Can’t talk for long now. I’ll call you back. What happened? What the hell have you done?
You stupid girl. Get out of my court. Don’t ever show your face to me. Taxi! Come here. That’s the car. Please sit. Tell me, Tamizh. Brother, classes got over early today.
Can you come pick me up? I’ve got a passenger. Sir, my sister’s college
is on our way. Can I pick her up? Sure.
– Thank you, sir. Tamizh, quick! Sorry, sir.
– It’s okay. Let’s go! Brother, I drew this
for a competition today. It’s nice. This is my friend. I drew it.
-It’s nice. And… Sir, my sister drew this. This is my brother’s and my
favourite drawing. We love it. Do you like it? Nice. Give me a paper
and I’ll just keep drawing. Brother, I drew my friend.
– It’s nice. Is it good? Brother, pull over. Stop! This way, ma’am. Come on. Bless you, child. Be careful.
– Okay, child. Bye, Brother.
– Okay! Excuse me! You left this behind. Thank you. What’s his name…? Arjun, sir? Arjun, sir.
Thank you. Okay, let’s go. Mom, Dad!
-Arjun, welcome home. Bless me.
-Bless you. Mom! How are you, Mom? I’m great! Arjun, how are you?
– I’m great. I’m proud of you.
-Did you buy chocolates for your mother? Where my sister Swetha?
– Answer me. She’s started again.
Arjun, you’ve lost weight… Did my family take notice? Senior, they didn’t care when
you got dismissed. Or when you threw the stuff. They seemed to notice the noise earlier.
But now, not even that. I think whole family tries to insult you. Sec IPL 20 20… Senior, this won’t do. Something bigger.
Break something bigger! Big.
-Yes. Something that big. Senior, you look so glamourous
in this pose. I meant, you look gallant. So, marriage next?
– Oh yes… Do that. Did they show reaction now? Heavy reaction.
But happy reaction. Senior, no value for breakables
in your house. See if they value you?
– How? Step ten feet backwards. Come running fast… Wow! Watching her run is so hot. Run and? Run and commit suicide by jumping down
to the living room. How could they not react to splattering blood?
– That’s a good idea. Run! It’s okay.
Made in India item didn’t work. Let’s try foreign imported goods then? Swetha!
– Here comes the foreign imported. Sister!
– Brother! This is for you. And this is for you! I lost my job.
And you’re giving me a gift? Idiot! Fool.
– You’ve started again. Why do you hit him?
– Let him go! You’ve committed perjury at the court. A taxi driver got you fired. A taxi driver is why
I’m showering you with love. That taxi driver who got me fired
shall perish! Mom! I wish happiness for the
taxi driver I met. Hail our Lord Ganesha! Our brave God Vinayaka, the victorious.
Our powerful God Vinayaka, the majestic. Bless us at all times,
With unbridled joy and kindest words; Loved progeny of Lord Eesa,
Could there be a consort like you? Our home, our country shall prosper;
You shall lift the souls that seek you. Now let’s have a gala time;
This is the time for celebration! Just have a gala time;
This is our feast! All this carnage caused by cannons;
Lord, your love can heal all wounds. Limitless love, without reservation;
Makes hearts waltz in jubiliation. Smile at the foe who is fierce and loud;
The smile shall make him turnaround. Unblemished hearts of the chaste;
Will experience limitless solace. Welcome to Kolkata, sir! Please. Hello, friends. I’m Yashpal.
Special Commissioner for Crimes in Kolkata. I’ve gathered all the auto and taxi drivers
in the city for an important reason. Aniket. Indo-French Cartel’s crime family suspects. Get in, woman. He operates all over India
with base in Kolkata. But no evidence.
– Do you understand? He is supported by his older brothers,
Abhinay and Rahul. This racket is happening
at levels 8 to 10. With the intel we got,
we’ve shortlisted 30 men. Policemen can’t be everywhere at all times. But you drivers go to
every nook and corner. If you see any of them,
or get any information, inform us. This small tip off from you
can help destroy a huge crime syndicate. The government will duly reward you…
– Sir! Why do you need to pay us?
We’ll tell you, sir. Ganesh! Just sit.
– Why, Boss? Why do you talk like that? You want their money? Money is not everything in life. Money is not everything.
But being alive is. They’re not petty thieves.
They are terrorists! Think you’re one of them
just because you’re wearing a uniform? That’s for cops.
This is for taxi drivers. Be quiet. Ganesh, you’ve come to Kolkata
with your sister. This is unnecessary. Do inform us. Lawyer, madam! It’s you.
For a second, I got scared. You’ve come to pay
my taxi fare 150 rupees? Oh, I forgot.
150? JUNIORS! We’ve not come to settle your fare.
We’ve come to settle a score. If you want to touch my car;
Or my person… You’ll have to face me first.
Do it if you can. Hail Goddess Kali! No, Boss.
They’re carrying strong weapons. They make be carrying strong weapons.
But I’ve got a smart weapon. Say cheese. Senior, strike a pose. Juniors! You’re hiding your face.
Check out my pose. Lay a finger on my guy,
I’ll send these pictures to the Commissioner. Listen to me. You’re digging your own grave
by saving him. Grave?
It’s like eating gravy to me. Shoo away. Boss, to repay this favour… I’ll do something you’ll never forget. Do that.
-He will do it. He struck me without warning.
But he’s promised to do you. He surely will. Go away! Long live! Father! Brother… Okay. How have you been?
– Long time no see. Hello, Commissioner?
– Yes. How many of them? I’ll be there immediately. Run! It’s the cops. Run away! Amit! Why have you arraged
this urgent press meet? One at a time, please. The reason for this press meet… Is to tell you about
our first operation today. We’ve siezed weapons and drugs
of great significance. We’ve only received information
on this guy… Who is your informer? Sorry, I can’t reveal the informer’s name. What I wish to tell the people
of Kolkata is this… We managed to catch this guy
with an ordinary citizen’s tip off. If we have the co-operation of public,
we can wipe out these social evils. I want that informer.
I want that informer now! You came back from London to get married. But you reject every girl
your parents pick. Is there no girl in Kolkata you like? Not exactly. I like her, man.
-Dude! Dude, what are you saying? Get lost.
– All the best, dude. Sir… I know, sir. I know you’ve been
after my sister. Please, don’t. Do you know why women can’t
walk peacefully in our country? Because they’re afraid
of being followed. Let the girls walk. Let them go to school… To college. Let them go to work. In peace. If you like a girl, tell her, sir. If she likes you, too…
Marry her. If she doesn’t… Chasing and stalking doesn’t make a man. One who respects her feelings
and walks away- he’s a man. I’m off, sir. My baby! My darling! My sweetie pie… Hubby, I’m feeling shy! Did you drink milk.
– Not going to the temple? I’m on my way to the temple.
There’s a Dance of Ecstasy at the temple. Okay, hubby. Be safe.
– Okay. Boss. Boss? Boss! BOSS! Is that you? Too much shock. Too much shock. I’m Lakshmi Das only till 6. After 6, I’m Sexy Das. Can’t believe it.
– Too much shock. Too much shock. Behind every man who publicly
calls his wife “Honey, dear, sweetums”… Lies a private means of
enjoyment like this. But you’re betraying Lakshmi Ma’am! Too much shock. Too much shock. What I’m doing now is not betrayal. When I sabotaged her six weddings
and became her husband… Ended up as the owner for this
Call Taxi Company. That’s when this Tale of Betrayal begun. Here’s my phone. My wife will call every five minutes. I’ve told her I am at
the Dance of Ecstacy at the temple. Even if she cross-questions you,
don’t let it slip. Lies? Are you going to speak the truth?
Or be truthful to your Boss? You gave me a job.
I’ll be truthful to you. Your loyalty is awesome. Girls! Tell me, Lakshmi Ma’am.
– What is he doing? He is doing the Dance of Ecstacy. He never eats on time. He’s eating now.
-He doesn’t even drink water. He’s drinking now, Ma’am. Not the kind of hips
you’d see in a pub. Another one here? Are these dancers or bouncers? Ganesh! You’ve come in, too? You want some enjoyment, too? No! Drink some juice on my tab. Go, man!
Have it, have it. Please rotate. Mom-in-law? You’re a dead-in-law. You punk! I trusted you with my daughter. You sucked my blood.
You’re drinking juice? You asked me to rotate my hips?
I’ll break yours. Want to go pubbing, do you? This is the temple?
Your Dance of Ecstacy? Get down.
Get down! I’ll grind your brains out. You’ve tattooed my baby’s face! Boss? Boss? Where are you, Boss? Boss, what happened? Too little shock. Too little shock. Boss, what happened? You rascal. All the times when I told you to be loyal… You just bobbed your head
up and down. Even I couldn’t have revealed so many
of my secrets, darn it! Why would you do this to me? Boss. Do you know what Lakshmi Ma’am said
over the phone? He doesn’t even drink water.
– He’s drinking now. Take good care of him, Brother. I don’t get it. I don’t see why you betrayed me.
– You didn’t pay attention. Pay closer attention. Take good care of him, Brother. What did you call me?
– Brother! Brother! Brother. You betrayed me
because she called you Brother? Yes, Boss. Damn you! Tell me, Tamizh.
– Where are you, Brother? Who is this?
– My own sister. Tell me, sis. You have your own sister. Why did you borrow my wife
to be your sister? You have destroyed my life. Someone will destroy yours! Brother.
We’ve got him. Come on! Drag him down here. Sir, they’ve got the wrong guy. Please let me go. Wrong guy?
You are the man we’re after. Kill him.
-Let me go, sir. Throw his head into the sea!
– Please let me go, sir. Sir, let me go! Who is it? Sir… How did you come up here?
– Sir… They’re hitting me real bad.
I can’t take it. They’ve got the wrong guy. Sir, he just has to say the word.
Let me go! Please, sir. Please let me go..
– Kill the guy. Sir! Are we done yet? Let the fireworks begin! Let go! Hey, let him go. We got the wrong man.
Please let me go. Not the wrong man… I’m the right man. You didn’t get me… I came to you. I’ve come for you. Son of a…
I’ve come to claim your life. My life? I’m begging you. Spare my life!
Let me go. Let me go! Please, let me go…
Let me go. Brother! It’s half past one.
Why haven’t you returned home yet? I’m sorry, Tamizh.
This passenger is a foreigner. He hopped on to the taxi
and refuses to leave. I’ll come home when he departs.
Okay? Hand him the phone, Brother.
– I will. It’s my sister. Sir… My brother can’t go without food
for too long. If you leave soon,
my brother can come home, too. Please leave, sir? Now that you’ve told him…
He’ll be on his way. Who are you?
Russian Mafia? Mexican Cartel? Intelligence agent?
Or a policeman? Russian Mafia? Or Mexican Cartel?
Intelligence agent? Or a policeman? Who am I? NO! What took you so long?
There was a power cut, too. I’m hungry. Is there food? Of course! Wash your hands.
I’ll fix your meal. Serve me more rice. You must have been starving! You could have settled
for whatever was available to eat. Rather than just settling… I like to wait patiently… Starve myself, and then kill the hunger
with your food, sis. Too hungry, Brother? My heart is at peace.
Let’s appease my stomach, too. Serve some more. Where is my little brother? Have them perform a post-mortem. Sir…
The post-mortem reports. Looks like a professional killer? This wasn’t done by a professional.
This is personal. It was not done for remuneration.
It’s an act of revenge. He’s stabbed the body
ten times after my brother died. Maybe a policeman? It’s not a policeman. He’s attacked like a forest flood. None of this is organised.
He’s not a policeman! Not the slightest trace of evidence. He’s well versed in criminology. I think he’s a cut-throat criminal. Shall we tell Older Brother? Would you dare to tell him? Before the news of his little brother’s
death reaches his ears… We should lay the corpse of the killer
before his eyes. Who is he? Catch it, Uncle. Bye, Aunty. He’s messed with such big wigs. He must have disappeared from Kolkata. My gut feeling tells me… He’d be on his way to kill me, too. Before he could get to me… I will track him down
and slaughter him. Tamizh, answer the door.
– Okay, Brother. Arjun, sir! How come..? They asked for your address.
So I brought them here. Mom, this is Tamizh.
– Are you well? Tamizh, these are my parents. Hi, Aunty. Hi, Uncle. Hello!
– Please be seated. Brother! Would you like coffee or tea?
– Just sit with us. Just sit. We want to talk to you
about something important. Tell me, Aunty! You see… Well… Tell me, Aunty. You tell her! The thing is… What is it, Uncle? You tell her. Actually, I… Will you..? Feeling shy, Arjun sir? Mom, you tell her. Me? Aunty, just tell me. Look… Will you be our daughter-in-law? Is that it?
Why did you hesitate… Brother! Ganesh, they’ve come to ask your sister’s
hand in marriage. They’re a well respected family in Kolkata. Hello!
– Hello. Please sit. Don’t mistake us. For coming here unannounced. We looked at
many prospective brides for Arjun. He rejects every girl because they are
not like your sister. Rather than finding
someone like her… We came to ask
for your sister’s alliance. Don’t mistake us for proposing
to a girl pursuing her education. Now your sister is a student.
Our daughter-in-law could be one, too. More than a daughter-in-law,
we’ll care for her like our own daughter. I don’t know if I can
care for her like you do. But I promise to take very good care. This is not for us to discuss. Ask your sister
if she’s interested in marriage; And if she’s interested in marrying me. I’m used to seeing you
with a smile on your face. I’ve never seen you so tense. If you’re okay, I’m okay with it. If you don’t want it,
I don’t want it either. Your decision is mine, Brother. Tell them that. Ganesh, don’t think too hard.
Give them a positive response… Is the killer dead? It’s not them.
They didn’t do it. While dying, there was only
fear in their eyes. Not vengeance. This murder was not to settle
professional scores. This murderer is a professional
at settling scores. Shall we tell Older Brother now? OUT! Brother… I’ve been calling for two days now.
Little Brother hasn’t answered his phone. Where is he? He is far, far away. Is everything alright? Yeah, perfect.
I’ll call you back. Where are you? Quick! It’s getting late.
– Almost done. Sis, the dome is ready.
Where is Boss? Don’t worry about the foul-mouth. He would be where he belongs. All that’s left to do
is scrubbing toilets in this colony… Scrub properly, foul-mouth! Even free-loaders are goading me. Why is she here?! Lakshmi Das! Lakshmi Das? Didn’t that Smiling Killer
bring this doom upon you? You saved him;
But he butchered you, didn’t he? You tried to shield him.
Nicely punctured his shield, did he? He ruined you career… And on the way,
he ruined my whole life! What are you doing here? It’s my brother’s engagement. Take two steps backward, please? Why do you laugh like a maniac? Your brother is the groom. The bride’s brother… Guess who it is? I don’t know. Look over there! That baby-face with a loin-cloth
around his waist. It’s him. You’ve seen men selling soaps on wholesale
or even briefs… Ever seen a guy sell grief? This man? In my family? Mom… I need to tell you…
– Come here. It’s my daughter. She’s a criminal lawyer.
But she lost her job. You have a big heart,
so you have forgiven me. Thanks. We need to call off the engagement.
– Stop talking like a loony. Get some work done. Dad, we need to talk alone.
– Carry on. Brother, don’t you like me a lot? You’ll do as I say? Call off this engagement? Brother… Don’t you hate your sister? Won’t you smack her in the face? He’s all set for his wedding night.
And you’re telling him to call it off? What a waste… Ganesh, this is not the time to tear up.
Be cheerful! Let’s seal the deal. Go on. Take it. You’ve studied law.
Don’t you know your rights as a sis-in-law? When a bride enters her new home,
her sister-in-law… Has every right
to toss her around to heart’s content. For the sake of his sister… If you command him to stand,
he should stand. If you command him to sit,
he should still remain standing. That’s his fate. Your prey has found it’s way
into the lion’s den. This is our time! Chart a timetable to torture him. Awesome, awesome! I’ll hold that smile of his… Ransom, ransom! Don’t you mess with me Don’t you mess with me The reason why I hate the guy is this : He’s not compliant. Attacking a tornado;
But he’s so not malleable. He’d never wear a mask;
Or get flirty talking to women. He’d never speak lies.
He won’t cross the line. Oh no, he won’t!
He won’t let me go. Yelling doesn’t tick him off;
He’s just unbeatable. How much longer now?
Stop acting like a good man! What is your plan?
Why do you ruin my life? All you girls around the world;
Single, taken, complicated It don’t matter where you’re from
Say with me, say with me, say… Why, man? I’m telling you. You’re pissing me off. Don’t speak English? Killing us with that smile! Is it over?
Can we never wipe out that smile? We’ve lost a lot in life.
But feels like we’ve lost in life! We accept our defeat.
We shall accept our failure. You’ve found it. You’ve found it. You’ve found the perfect idea
to ruin his happiness. Tell me. Tell me! See if the print is alright.
– It’s nice. See? Tamizh?
– It’s Swetha here. Tell me.
– Your sister met with an accident! What are you saying?
– She’s very critical. Hi! What’s happened to Tamizh?
Hello! Hello. I’m so scared. Please come soon. What happened? Not just her leg;
She’s hurt her head, too. Take care of her! The doctor is here
but I don’t understand what he’s saying. Come soon! Hello?
– Hello? The smile is gone.
– It’s gone? My fair lady! Come fast! Come on. Come on. Smile is gone! Tamizh! Senior… Tamizh!
– I’m okay, Brother. Are you alright?
– I’m alright. Why did you come running? What happened, Brother? Brother? Brother, tell me. Sir, what happened? Oh no! What happened, sir?
Why are you so nervous? Run away! Quick… What happened, Brother? It’s nothing. Why are you crying? Are you okay? Miss… I know you did this to hurt me. I could have told your parents
what happened. It’s my little sister’s future home. A girl’s family
trusts not just the groom… But the women in her future family
to take care of her. I’m trusting you with my sister. If you want to hurt me,
do whatever you want. Really. But don’t hurt my sister, even as a joke. I can’t take that. Careful, Partner. Don’t let him change that expression. Even his sworn enemy
can’t resist appreciating him. Even one who wants to destroy him,
would admire him, deep down. Careful, Partner. Beating up a hundred men;
Breathing fury, standing tall That was my idea of a man But overwhelmed in love;
Shedding tears for a woman Now I say,
That’s the stuff of real men I thought love would hit me,
With a man’s kiss and caress Here I am, standing afar
Quietly, I let my eyes talk And here I am,
Falling in love with him! He is the truth;
In a world of lies In this world of mess;
He’s my clarity He’s a sweet melody;
At times when I am coy I’ve lost my heart now;
He’s in my head, that man! With that gentle smile,
He cleanses my heart But with that gait of his,
He gives me dirty thoughts All you girls around the world;
Single, taken, complicated It don’t matter where you’re from
Say with me, say with me, say… You’re the you’re the one-
You’re my man You turn me on I love you Hello?
Is this Chief Yard Control? Yes, sir.
-I’m calling from Private Deck Yard #101. 500m from where our yard had been parked… Four days ago… Was there any International ship parked? Yes, sir.
It’s a Japanese ship. Where is that Japanese ship now? Every International ship has surveillance cameras
covering 360 degrees. The murder would have been recorded
in at least one of them. Just get me that harddisk! Is the harddisk here?
– It’s already on the way, sir. Sir, the DNAs are not matching. Sir, the harddisk. Load it up! It’s getting uploaded, sir. 8 of the 32 cameras have
captured the murder. On your screen, sir. Killer’s height-
5’11” The killer has a fair complexion. Hair colour-
salt and pepper. The killer is well-built,
right handed, with strong arms. The killer’s body type is mesomorphic. These are his physical parameters. Not just this footage;
We’ve checked every ship’s CCTV footage. He knew each and every blind spot
in the surveillance. It’s perfecty pre-planned and pre-meditated. It’s a well-executed murder, sir. Something… Something is missing. Camera 5 to all screens. Got it! He received a phonecall. At 1:30 last night, Port Area’s tower
was activated with an incoming call. It was connected to another tower
in the city. Call duration- 1 minute and 23 seconds. Can you put this information to use?
– Can can, sir. We can trace him. How? Can lock down his mobile signal signature pattern
by the Advance Tracking System. All we need is just one phonecall-
from that mobile to this mobile. Or this mobile to that mobile. We need this call to sustain
for just five minutes, sir. Sir, we can lock the two mobiles
down to 5 foot radius. Just do it! Waiting for the call, sir. Make the call. Come on.
Make the call. Make the call! Sir, call is in progress! Where are you?
WHERE ARE YOU? Come on, where are you?
Attend the call. Come on, come on.
Answer! Sir, the second call is connected. If the call prolongs for
another four and a half minutes… We can lock their locations, sir. Come on! Come on, come on! Three more minutes… Two minutes more, sir. Locked down to 5 foot distance, sir. Gharia Hut, sir.
Hundred metres away from the target, sir. Street locked, sir. Fifty metres away from the target.
– Rashbhihari Avenue. Lock the G.P.S. G.P.S locked, sir. Hit squad! There’s a man holding a phone
with this G.P.S. Bring his head to me-
In a platter! Go, go, go! If the call lasts another minute,
we can trace the second caller, too. Where are you? We’re locking the second caller’s area, sir. Where are you? Where are you? Ganesh? He was right here. Where has he gone?
– This way, madam. Thirty seconds more, sir! Ten seconds more, sir. Sir, area locke-… What’s happened? The area has been locked, sir. Which area? The area we are at, sir. In this area…?
– In this street, sir. In this street..? In this… In this building, sir. In this building..? He’s coming up, sir! I told you. He isn’t the type to run and hide. He’s the type
which hunts down and attacks. Here he is! He’s coming up in the lift, sir. Technical team- OUT! Let’s hunt him down. Attack Squad! Come on… Now he’ll turn the lights out. Hello. Mic testing One… Two… Three… Who are you?
Where are you now? Hide and seek, won’t you play? Take a guess, who am I? Come here.
Face me if you dare. I’ve been here for a while. Mate… The two men behind you shall fly. You said you’d attack the men behind me;
But you hit the ones in front. Who are you? Should I keep my word? Are you a National Leader?
Am I a National Leader? You are a bad man. I am a godforsaken man. Hit me, hit me, hit me. HIT ME! Ganesh! Where is he? Hello? Who is this? The killer of your little brother. Presently killing your other brother! Who are you? Me? My role in your life
is as important as your parents’. There’s just one difference. They gave birth to you. I will kill you. Don’t! The person you are trying to reach
is currently committing a murder… Please try again later. Where are you going? Murderer!
Are you a murderer? Yes!
I am a murderer. I will commit another murder… Of anyone who comes in the way. Even if it’s you;
I will slit your throat. We won’t marry into a killer’s family. I won’t let my brother marry your sister. I will stop this wedding! If you have a problem with an alliance
with a killer’s family… I’ll tell you something now. The woman your brother is about to marry
is not my sister. She is not even my sister. Tamizh is not my sister. Tamizh is not my sister. Sir, Vedalam has been caught! Really? Done collecting all his records
from every station? It’s on the way, sir. So, is it done? Our stock of papers is done! Is he such a big shot? I can’t do it. He simply won’t budge. No matter how much I hit,
he doesn’t budge. Let me see. This is Vedalam. Why should we address him with respect?
Is he some big shot? Call him by his name. I can’t call him Vedalam. His real name is Ganesh, right?
-Yes. Ganesh… In Madras, there are pick pockets,
hitmen, murderers… Those are the four types of thugs. Heard you’re a blend of all these
different types in one person. After I, Manimaran, give you my special treatment,
you’ll just stay home like a good boy. No matter how much I hit,
he won’t budge. Where is Manimaran? Come on out!
– What’s the noise? Where is my brother Manimaran? Thugs have entered the station
with weapons, sir. Maybe they are his men? He belongs to no gang.
He won’t call for help, either. Your brother Manimaran is in there. Your brother has come here
to bash you up. How do I get away from my brother? There’s only one way to get away
from your brother now. But these men are standing outside. I didn’t mean that way.
– But there’s only a wall here. Vedalam is here, sir. What are you saying? Let’s ask for Vedalam’s help, sir. We’ve thrashed him all morning;
Beaten him black and blue. Why would he help us? Vedalam needs just one thing; He doesn’t care for vengeance,
love or affection. What is that thing? Ganesh… Call him Vedalam! You’re a dead guy! Vedalam… Money is… the almighty! The almighty… knows it, too. What’s the matter?
– Need to hit them. Can do. Give me money.
How many people? Around twenty of them. Two thousand per head. Get me forty thousand! I only have thirty thousand. Shall I pay ten thousand later? Shall I hit five men later? Funny guy, funny guy. He’s being so cocky! I have ten thousand. I’ll pay. No… No need for this, Vedalam. What do you think I’m offering? This has no connection with you. You’re right. But a scene took place
two minutes back. After the scene, the connection…
became strong. Come! Thought you could buy me off? How much is there?
– Fifty thousand. Sir, how much did you pay? Forty thousand! Poor things. They look innocent! How could you haggle with them? When did we haggle? He’s telling us to haggle, sir. That chain is my father-in-law’s present!
My wife would kill me. It’s yours;
It’s all yours It’s yours;
It’s all yours You’re the reason I live;
I’m all yours Why is it?
Oh, why is it? Why is it, dear?
That you’re so far away? Sir, call me when you need me. Okay, Vedalam. Where injustice prevails;
Where there is crime… Vedalam will be there. Because he’s the man behind it. This racous man here;
He is quite a riot, y’know? Cut that cheap swag;
Or he will cut it for you. Fresh from the pan,
Nothing like a bellyfull. Check out the local lass;
Glossy skin like she’s loaded Dum-dee-da; Dum-dee-ding;
Keep those Dolaks roaring I have let my marble roll;
What do I care how it goes? Want to blow hot and cold?
Watch me split that jaw-bone. The last of booze has my name on it;
I will drink solo, what’s it to you? I’m a cheeky kid turned classy rowdy;
And my punches, they’re worth your last penny. Robbery, forgery, petty crimes are such a bore;
Carve a name in murder, that’s a real chore. Let him yell, let him pounce;
Hold still, your time will come. Young blood raging, I struck a blow;
I kick, I fight- that’s the rowdy’s show. Just be cool, mate. High or low;
Just be cool. Just be cool, mate.
You must be cool. Men may come and men may go;
You gotta stay cool. Oh no! Sir, what happened? Sir? Girl! Just go. Keep going. This is none of your business. Please, sir. Sir! They’ve stabbed you in the back. I’ve been stabbed in the back
too many times now. I’m used to it. Keep going. You’re bleeding badly! Just go. Madam, someone stabbed him.
Admit him, please! This is a police issue. You need to file a case first.
Can’t admit the patient now. Take him away. He’s bleeding very badly.
Poor man… Please, Madam.
Admit him. Okay, how is he related to you? This man? He’s a murderer! This man is a thug. What do you care? Just drop him where you picked him up
and be on your way, Miss. He is my brother. My brother… The girl said he’s her brother.
Just admit him, quick! Inform the doctor.
Take him to the ward, immediately. Thanks, Madam.
Thanks a lot. We need O positive blood. You are?
– Mine is O positive, I’ll donate. Doctor, where is the man in that bed? He left in the morning. The second he regained consiousness,
he just left. Tamizh, you said you admitted
a man in the hospital. Is he well? He’s well.
He got discharged this morning. Daddy prayed for his recovery all night. Tamizh, Esther is here.
– Give her something to eat, mom. I am eating already. We’re getting late for college.
Get ready soon. Where is my sketch book?
– Tamizh, it’s on the second drawer. It’s not here! Look properly, dear. Here. Thanks, Dad. Mom? Where is the brush bag? Here. Thanks, Mom. Come to the prayer room. Uncle… Inspite of the gift of vision,
we often misplace things and can’t find them. You both can’t see. But you know where to find
every single thing for your daughter. It’s so heartwarming. We can’t see; But we know our daughter. Bye, Aunty. Bye, Uncle.
– Okay. We’ve told you already. No matter how much you offer us,
we won’t sell our house. This is our ancestral property.
Go away! Okay. We’ve been after you for four months now. Even your neighbours have signed it. Only you haven’t. We’ve invested 10 billion in this building.
We need this space for parking lot. Just give it to us. Don’t trouble us, please. We will not sell our home.
God bless you. Bless you. Goodbye! I’ve tried using the legal methods;
Even tried using cops. Next, only rowdyism. I’m giving you a day’s time.
Vacate the place. I don’t know what will happen next. If they hire a thug, so will we. This guy is the most terrifying
of all the thugs. His name is Ganesh.
Vedalam Ganesh. In the sweet Tamizh language;
With her smile, bright as the moon… Token number 5! Coming. Esther… He’s the man I admitted in the hospital!
– Problem solved, then. You saved his life. We’ll use that to save your home. That was a favour. We shouldn’t bring that up. Let’s just pay him money. You think? Okay, I’ll talk to him. Sir.. Tell me, kid. We need a rowdy worse, more terrifying… Inhumane, despicable and horrible
than our enemies. So we came to you… Inhumane, huh? No! We wanted a respectable Mr. Rowdy. You’re respectful.
You shut up. You tell me, Miss. Actually, what happened was… That’s why we came to you, Mr. Rowdy.
– Small doubt. Are you really a rowdy? You’re so fair and pinkish!
– Rascal! You think you can get away with it? This guy goes “isku”.
That guy goes “asku” He keeps peeping out
and this one is brandishing weapons. Either drink your tea or hit me. Don’t play your film in my theatre. This wait is getting me annoyed. Come on, come on! Kid. You said I was fair?
– Wanted to know your fare… Little One, give them the menu. We’re not hungry.
We don’t want food. Funny girl. Funny girl. This is not your food menu.
It’s the fight menu. Listen up! 5,000 for a body part;
10,000 to shape the body. 15 for house deals;
20 for total tango. 25,000 to make a guy disappear.
30,000 to hide loose pieces. 50,000 to finish a group. 25 to shake up a team;
35 to shake up the group. 50 to do a solo man;
75 to do a group of men. What will you have?
– House deal. How much?
– Fifteen thousand. Fifteen thousand? I have only ten thousand, sir. Don’t you worry. We have special rates for Ladies. How does that work? Oh my god! Hello, Brother! Vedalam is here. You better get going.
Go away! This is the Mr.Rowdy I told you about. Hello, Mr. Rowdy.
– Hello! Mr. Rowdy, this is our home. Nice. This was our grandfather.
He built this home. This home means the world to us. Very nice. Drink some coffee, son. Very, very nice. Let’s go out, get some fresh air. Come on, Dad.
And you, Big Miss. Come on, Miss. Little One, come soon!
– Okay, Boss. Sir, tell me about these flowers. Mr. Rowdy… This rose has a botanical scientifc
name Rosa. Botanical name? Oh. And this button flower…
– What about it? Vedalam is doing his thing now. It doesn’t have a fragrance;
But has a long life span. Poor flower… Jasmine, on the other hand…
– Yes? …Is fragrant but has a short life. Poor flower, indeed! Flowers are our life;
Only a fool would refute. What a fool! Without pain, there is no life.
– Sir? Take this, sir. Mr. Rowdy?
-Tell me, sir. I knew in my heart… You’re doing this job for free
as a favour to us, right? Funny guy, funny guy. You gave me fifteen thousand.
But he paid five hundred thousand. Which is greater? You tell me. The deal is still open.
Pay me a rupee over five hundred thousand… I’ll switch to your side. You promised to help us
but you’re taking their side. What is this? Pure betrayal. This is not right, Mr. Rowdy. It’s wrong. Just wrong. Little One, he’s such a softie
even while scolding. Funny guy, funny guy. You’re a college student. Your mom and dad are old people. Home, dome and such sentiments
won’t work with me. Sign the house over to the builder
and get lost. Rich man, happy man. Miss, I forgot to tell you. Oh my god…
– God bless you. Your tender hands;
They haven’t seen toil. May I help you, dear? Will you allow me?
Or are you wary…? Little One, get me water. Here, Boss. You just gave me!
– I didn’t. I just got it. You had bangles in your arm
and you came here… What the hell? Who is in my house? It’s getting hot in here! Turn on the fan. I didn’t even turn it on! There’s is some spirit in here! This is my house.
I will kill you! Spirits can’t be killed. They become spirits after getting killed. Vedalam, I’ll go get our groceries. Little One… Don’t go alone. You’ll get scared. I’ll go with you. That family has committed suicide
and come here as spirits to haunt us. Spirits don’t eat bananas. Family, what are you doing here? You locked us out of our home. We didn’t have a choice.
So we came here. We’ll leave if you return our key.
– Yeah, right. Leave my house. Just leave my house! Get out of here. You… Trying to scare me, huh? Little One, we’re breaking all these things.
But they’re laughing? You’re breaking your own things. Switched to “vacate” mode, huh? Mr. Rowdy… If you chuck us out of your home,
we’ll kill ourselves at your doorstep. And haunt you as spirits. We don’t have a choice. Giving me a candy, huh?
I’ll kill you. Spirits are the hardest to evict, Vedalam! Wait till daybreak.
I’ll handle it. Go away!
– I’ll shoot you. Lock them up! Hello? Sir, we’ve got the girls from Kolkata
and North India. We can ship the container as per plan
if we get the girls from Tamil Nadu. That’s fine. Cool. Mr. Rowdy! It’s blessed. Sweets, huh? I’ll give you one.
– Okay. There’s a big prayer session tomorrow. Lady in green, bring your daughter along.
– Okay, Little One. You’ve barged into my house,
what do you think you’re doing? Please, sir!
– I’ll shoot you. Why is he so angry?
– I’ll burn you alive. Sir, please!
– Girl, don’t touch me. I said, don’t touch me!
– Please, sir. TN 10 4287. My gun is in the
mini van carrying a load of fish… I want that gun back in ten minutes. Or even I don’t know
the consequences. If even you don’t know,
who would? Let it go. Dad!
We’re sorry, sir. Tamizh, make sure Mr. Rowdy
doesn’t lose his cool. 42 87… mini van. Carrying a load of fish… Carrying a load of fish… Mini van… Found it! Mr. Rowdy, found it! I went after the mini van…
– You did. And it just sped away!
– What? Don’t get mad, Mr. Rowdy. You only lost one gun. I’ve bought you two guns. Vedalam… I’ve been with you for so many years. I don’t have a gun to call my own. He’s got two guns. One for you, one for me. You should live here forever. Here! Here, Mr. Rowdy. They’re toy guns. Roll caps if you want to fire continuously. Dotted caps if you will fire
now and then. Your call, Mr. Rowdy. Dad is a naive guy.
Let him go, Mr. Rowdy. You! You woke up early! Still not eaten anything?
Here, take this sacrement. Gomathi, is it Jaggery rice?
– Yes. Eat it while it’s still warm. Three people have barged into
Vedalam’s house? Unbelievable. Of course! It’s a medical miracle. What happened? Had they brough a knife to fight,
I’d have stabbed them to death. Had they brought a club,
I’d have clubbed them to death. But they’re doing something else. I just don’t know what. We don’t have the kind of weapons
to counter-attack their moves. But they’re upto something! Everytime I see them,
I can feel something inside me. I’ve never faced such feelings
my whole life. Something wrong. Something wrong. Don’t worry, Vedalam. We’ll do those three
and vacate your house. We’d do that for you! Yes!
Just name the price. Price? You’re insulting our boys. We were raised by you;
You taught us the ABC of violence. I was just “Bland” Ravi. You ran a blade through my forehead,
and gave birth to “Blade” Ravi. We’ll do them. We will. I was just Sudha. You hit me on the head with a jug
and made me “Jughead” Sudha. We’ll do them. For you, we’ll do all three of them. Punch your face! I don’t need freebies.
Do it for money. Get lost. Okay, Vedalam. Keep munching on a samosa
and drink a glass of tea. We’ll get them out of your hair by then. Don’t bother ordering another samosa.
Won’t take that long. Vedalam, they are out of samosas
in this shop. Shall I buy more from the next shop? The boys have been gone for a while. Let’s check it out. Brother, hold the mic higher. Sis, I’ve been holding this pose
for so long, it hurts! Salt Mahesh brother, just keep pouting
for a little while longer? Sis, don’t I look like a singer? Yes, a classical singer!
– Thanks. Singer, my foot. Soda Sampath brother!
That’s a guitar, not a hammer. Strike a stylish pose. Something else. Nope. Next! It’s superb. You’re rocking it. You flatter me. I’m blushing. Some more veggies?
Eat up, son. Even my birth mother has never
cooked this way for me. Buzz off. She just keeps the food coming, Vedalam. Are you full? If you start sweating from the spicy gravy,
the man in white fans you! They’ve done it. They have done it! They’ve got fat pieces of drumsticks
in the gravy, Vedalam! Go eat. You screwed up, Jughead! Call yourself a thug? Which is prettier,
my face or the flower? Don’t be envious. Tell me. Why is he glaring at me? Gomathi Ma’am! Soda Sampath? You’ve got one daughter
and twenty sons now, Ma’am! YEAH! Good boys!
-Dad, Mr. Rowdy is here. Come on, son.
Let’s eat together. Like a big, happy family. Little One…
– Let’s all eat, Vedalam? A big, happy family… One family, they say. The only way to get rid of them
is by using them. How, Vedalam? Get down. Turn around! Sir, the container is ready to depart
with the hundred girls. All okay, Brother? As per our plan, the container
with girls is ready to go. Everything is okay? Don’t worry, brother.
Our shipments will sail at the same time. There should be no mistake. Sir, one of the hundred girls
has committed suicide in the container. As promised to my brother,
within one hour… The container must depart with a hundred girls. I want one hundred girls! Sir… We’re raising funds for orphan girls.
– Really? Do your bit…
– For orphans? It’s for little children.
We’ve been collecting all day. Vedalam… I told you she’s at the beach.
Come soon. I’m stuck in traffic. I’ll be there.
Wait. Come soon! My wallet is in the car. Come with me.
– Okay, sir. Carry on. I’ll join you. Get in! Sit down. Shut up. Sit! Lift the container! Lift it. Lift it. Who are you?
– I’m Vedalam, mate. I’ll get straight to the point. I went to threaten a girl
first thing this morning. Suddenly, a guy reversed his car
and hit my bike. My bike’s silencer popped out. I yelled out to him
to pay for my broken silencer. He just sped away. And I was pissed off,
kept chasing after him. And here, it turns out that you’re all
a bunch of criminals. But that’s none of my business. Just pay for my bike’s repair charges. I’ll be on my way. We don’t need this right now. Add extra 5 grand and pay him 25.
He’ll be gone. Every man is slave to money. Human… You’re right! He grabbed it
like a dog would grab a bone. Mates… You understand the nature of money, alright. But not my nature! I’ll do anything for money. For my self respect… I’d lay down my head. We’re a group of twenty.
You’re just one guy. You need a plan to attack. Funny guy, funny guy. My plan is to attack. A girl has come to see me. You and your brothers… She’s got videos
incriminating your illegal activities. Such young girls…
So many girls. It’s terrible, sir!
– Sit down, Miss. Don’t let them go, sir.
I’ve got videos. Be seated.
– Don’t let them go! I’ve got the girl’s name, address
and family details. I’ve asked her to wait here. There are so many good officers.
Why did you come to this man, Miss? They’ll kill you.
Flee, Miss. Constable?
– Sir? Yes, sir. You’ll come here?
Or shall I bring her over? I’ll take care… Little One… This is getting too sentimental.
I can’t handle it. It feels weird.
Send them away. Send them away! Ask them to leave. Son… God knows who you are! I swear upon my womb; If there is such a thing as God… If there is any justice in this world. No harm shall befall you. You shall prosper, son! By protecting your things,
you can protect your assets. By saving a life,
you save the future. But saving the girl,
means saving a family’s lineage! Don’t know if you meant to do this. But all your sins, from past, present and future
shall be washed away! Sir… How will we ever repay this favour, sir? How will we? Let’s leave his house. Alright. We have troubled him a lot.
Let’s go away. Are you happy, Mr. Rowdy? Why are you sitting here, Dad? Tamizh, we’ve decided to leave
Mr. Rowdy’s house. Yes. Let’s get out of here. Where do we go with a young girl
at this hour? Tamizh! Tamizh, what happened? Let’s go, Dad.
– What happened? Where are you taking us?
– Who is chasing us? Why are they chasing us? Just hide here, Dad.
– Why should we hide? Tamizh, what… Just be quiet, Dad.
– I am scared. Mom, please be quiet.
Stay here. Don’t step out. Tamizh! Mom! Tamizh! Tamizh? Oh no! Tamizh? Are you okay? What has happened? Dad! What is it? Tamizh. Where are you?
– Tamizh! Dad! Tamizh. Dad!
– Where are you, Tamizh? Dad!
– Is she okay? Tamizh, what’s happening? Mom! Gomathi! Dad! Sir! Sir!
– Who is it? Mr. Rowdy… They stabbed us.
-Who? Don’t know who did it. Sir… Please check on my wife. Please check if she is alive! My wife… Is she alive? Gomathi! My Gomathi… My wife… Gomathi… where are you? Mister… Mister! Mr. Rowdy! Mr. Rowdy…
– Sir? Mr. Rowdy, is my wife alive? Is my wife alive? Mister… Please! Is she gone? She would always say she wanted to die
at least a minute before me. My wife… Mister… my daughter… My daughter Tamizh…
See if she’s alive! Look for my daughter, Tamizh.
Look around for her. My baby…
she was a mother to us. Save my daughter somehow…
Please protect my daughter from them! You only work for money. Money… Money… I have money. Mr. Rowdy, save my daughter somehow. Save my Tamizh somehow. Save my daughter Tamizh.
Please… We need to perform an operation.
Sign this consent form. How are you related to the patient? She’s his sister. When he was fighting for life the other day,
she admitted him here. He’s my brother… My brother! He’s my brother… She says he’s her brother.
Admit him, quick. Inform the doctor. Sign here, sir. Sign here! Uncle. Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Don’t cry. Wipe your tears, uncle.
Please! A cloud floating above;
Showers me with love. I’m wilting away Her loving gaze;
Lights up my life. I’m losing myself. Incessantly, this heart beats for her. My path is strewn,
With flowers in bloom. Don’t you break down; Don’t shatter.
Beat on, Mighty Heart! Tears may flood your vision;
But don’t get washed away. You’re patient Tamizh’s older brother? Don’t worry.
She is out of danger. But her body and mind
are in a state of shock. Her brain is affected from the injury.
It’s too soon to tell how badly. Anyway, let’s hope for the best. Don’t you break down; Don’t shatter.
Beat on, Mighty Heart! Tears may flood your vision;
But don’t get washed away. Don’t lose it; Don’t lose your way.
Stay on path; Don’t go astray. There’s a long walk down this road;
Who knows where it leads? You called me?
– Don’t worry. Sit back, relax. Tell me, sir. She’s out of the coma.
No threat to her life. She will live her life. But she’s completely lost her memory. She doesn’t remember her past. She doens’t remember her mother, her father
or even herself. Her past is what you choose to tell her now. What to tell her, is your choice. Doctor, the patient is out of control. Be calm. We are here for you! Don’t be scared. Who are they? I don’t know.
– Try to remember. Look closer.
– I don’t know! I’m scared!
– Just try. Calm down. I can’t remember anything. I’m scared. I’m so scared! I know him! I recognise him. Who are you, sir? Who are you to me? Tell me? Who are you to me? Who are you, sir? Please… Tell me, sir. Who are you to me? I’m your brother. Brother… Brother! My soul is stirring;
And my heart pounding. Oh Lord! Sparks of flame sear me;
My body is aflame. Take care of her diet. Bring her in for regular check ups.
– Okay, Doctor. Hello? Tamizh became my family. My life. Her happiness became my happiness. Her sorrow became mine. Her vengeance became mine. I went after her enemies
one by men. On the one hand,
I was burning for revenge. On the other hand,
was my dearest sister. I didn’t want Tamizh to get caught
in the crossfire… When I was worrying for her safety,
your brother asked to marry her. I saw truth in his eyes. Tamizh doesn’t know
of her parents’ murder or her tragic past. She must never find out. My sister has nothing to do
with these murders. Don’t destroy her life on my account. Don’t stop the wedding. A bond forged out of love
is as strong as a bond forged by blood. Don’t worry. By your good will,
Tamizh will have a happy marriage. Only one person survives
the attack over your brothers. He must have seen the killer. His condition is very critical. He is unconscious. His survival rate is only 7%. We can’t say anything
for another twenty four hours. He must live. He has witnessed a man.
I want details on him. This is a matter of two lives. Sir? His life.
And yours. That’s not how you do it.
I’ll show you! Show her what?
– Wait. Her exams will be over in two days. It’s my sister’s dream! Come on, mom-in-law!
Take your sister to college. Okay. That’s it. That’s it! Keep that fire burning
in those berris you have for eyes… Scream for help and say
“Oh no! Ganesh misbehaved with me” His life is done. The wedding will be off, too. We will win! This wasn’t a part of our plan! It’s a part of my plan. Awesome! The scene will be stronger. Now, it’ll be double strong! Help me! He’s dishonouring me. Who? He’s raping me! He’s violating me. It’s all the same thing, fool. Oh no! You lustful monster! You sleazebag… You ripped out my daughter’s heart.
And now you’re ripping this girl’s blouse? She did it to herself. Mom-in-law! This was not the plan. Mom-in-law! Mom-in-law…
-Get lost, you! Just by reading her lips,
you can tell that she swore very badly. These abusive words or ill-treatment
do not hurt me. But why did you reverse attack? I love Ganesh. Swamy sir.
You like Swetha Ma’am, too? I joined as her assistant in my middle age… Not admiring her defence in the court. But admiring her…
-Swamy sir! He’s crashing now.
Anything could happen. Make him survive.
– Can’t. We cannot stabilise him.
– We can inject adromin to wake him up. But he won’t live for more than thirty minutes. I only need him alive for thirty minutes. Sketch out the details
of my brothers’ murderer! Get me a caricature artist. It’s hard to arrange for a forensic’s
sketch specialist now. We will do one thing.
There is an arts and painting college nearby. The principal is a friend.
I will bring a student from there. I’ll go.
– Great! I’ll give him an injection right now. Sir, don’t misunderstand me. There’s an examination going on.
– Don’t say that! Please, it’s urgent. I need someone to sketch..
– It’s not possible. I’m sorry.
– I’m done with the exam, sir. This is my wedding invitation.
Please do come, sir. Congrats.
Tamizh, one minute. This is my close friend.
He needs a favour. He wants a forensic sketch done. Can you?
– Of course, sir. I’ll do it.
– Thank you very much. Is this the one? Tamizh, I’m at the college. I’m at Crystal Hospital on work, brother.
– Hang up the phone! Crystal Hospital?
– Can you pick me up? I’ll be there. Sorry, sir. This one? Is this the man? Did he kill my brothers? Is he the man who murdered my brothers? Find this guy.
– I made a mistake! While I was sketching,
I got a call from my brother. So… I got confused and drew my brother’s face. Sorry, sir. My brother doesn’t get into trouble. Ask him to tell me one more time.
I’ll sketch again. Brother?
– Yes, sir. Your brother?
– Yes. Fine. My brother would not do anything wrong.
– Yes. Don’t panic. Where is your brother?
– He’s coming to pick me up. From here?
– Yes. Now?
– Yes, sir. My brother is innocent. Chillax. I don’t doubt you. You look like a good girl. Your brother looks very innocent, too. I understand that you sketched it wrong. Just relax.
Sit. Sit! Is your brother coming?
– He’s coming, sir. Call him. Ask him to come get you. Brother…
– I’m on my way. I’m at Crystal Hospital. I’m scared. Nature doesn’t know good or bad.
Only conviction determines the end. I yearn to kill my brothers’ murderer. My conviction… It’s so big,
nature has brought him to me. He’s coming, right?
– Yes, sir. Let’s go? My brother did nothing!
I told you my sketch was wrong. Sir, what is this? Let my brother go.
– Let us go, sir! Sir, I’m begging you. Sir, let us go.
Please! Let us go. We’ll just leave. Sir, they look innocent.
They’re innocent. They have nothing to do with this. Please, sir. let them go. Please, sir. Let them go, sir. You may go!
– Thanks a lot, sir. Bless your family. Bless your son! Bless you, sir. Let’s go. Come on. Forgive me, sir.
– He’s holding your family? Yes!
– You got scared? He’s shaken up an Indo-French Cartel leader
like you; dragged you down to Kolkata. He’s killed both your brothers.
Wouldn’t he kill my son? He must be feared. Sir, you’re sweating. It was my fault.
– Don’t worry, Tamizh. This is something else.
– You’ll be okay? We have nothing to do with this. You did well in the exams? That’s enough. Hello, Swetha?
Where are you? Hi!
– Welcome, welcome. How are you?
– Hi. I’ll be right back.
Take care of Tamizh. Ganesh. Ganesh, what happened? Rahul has reached Kolkata. Don’t know when or how he will attack. Take care of sister. Hello? You took your sister away
right under my nose? Now I’ll snatch her
from under your nose. Watch. Tamizh! Where is Tamizh? They said you called for her.
You’re asking us? You would just send her with a stranger, huh?
– What happened? I called her. She wanted to buy something
in the ground floor. I’ll get her. Come on. I’ll tell you where. What’s happened to Tamizh, Ganesh?
– Tamizh won’t be harmed. I won’t allow it. I don’t know if I will return.
But Tamizh will. You will get her married to your brother. Where is my sister? Where is Tamizh? Where is my sister? Where is Tamizh? Where is my sister?
-I killed her. I just lied,
but it shook you up? You killed my brothers
and threw them like garbage. How would I feel? You turned my man against me. Deadly move. Do you know who brought
your sister to me? Tamizh? Tamizh! Tamizh! Tamizh! Let go. Tamizh. The one you ache to protect. The one who made you wail in sorrow… She was brought to me,
in a platter… By YOU! YOU. Once the car carrying your sister
leaves the port… Even I can’t trace which nation
she is going to. International skin trade! Men who covet women;
Men with money… They will take turns
to ruin your sister. Why?
Because of you. This truth will haunt you;
You will slit your own throat. Till then, I’ll let you live. Let me go! Hello?
-Brother? Tamizh? I’m scared, Brother. Where are you now? The car is speeding away. I don’t know where.
-Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Look outside and tell me. What do you see? Riverside Mall.
The car just crossed it. What do you see now? I can see the Hoobly Bridge, brother. Come soon, brother.
Come soon! I’m at the Hoobly Bridge. I’m scared.
– Don’t be scared! Where are you, brother? Don’t cry, Tamizh. I can see Eden Garden. I am at Eden Garden, too. Your brother is coming to get you.
– Come soon, brother. Brother? Tamizh? Lots of of buses.
Babughat bus stand. The car crossed the Esplanade Mosque. What do you see now?
– Looks like Shyam Garden. Come soon, Brother. The car is stopping at traffic jam. They’ve started the car!
Come soon, brother. What do you see now, Tamizh?
Tell me. Look outside and tell me.
What do you see? I see you. I see you, brother! Tamizh… Do you see my palm
or the back of my hand? I see your face, brother. Tamizh, is there a box in the back? Are there many wires? Yes! Cut them. Cut the brake light wire. Quick. I can’t.
– Cut it! Before the signal changes, quick! The signal is about to change, Tamizh. I can’t!
– Quick, Tamizh. Cut the wire. Cut the wire, Tamizh. Tamizh, I see the car you are in. I have seen it! I’m coming to get you.
I’m coming, sister. Brother! Brother! Brother? When your sister’s car crosses that road… She will be a piece of meat. Cry, won’t you? Brother! Tamizh! Cry. She’s gone. Brother? Sir, please don’t! Don’t hit me. Please don’t hit me. It hurts, sir. Let me go, please! It hurts! Brother!
– Let us go, please. Don’t hit my brother. Don’t hit me, sir. Brother! More than your blows…
This act of yours hurts terribly! No! Don’t hit my brother. Brother… Brother! Shoot him. SHOOT HIM! I don’t know how.
– Just do it! Don’t let him live. I don’t know how…
-Just shoot him! Don’t think… Shoot him down. Why are you so vengeful? What are you avenging? I would even kill for money. Wouldn’t I do it for my sister?

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