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Veera Sivaji Tamil Full Movie

So, yearning for some pleasure? This here… is your gun. Mine. This… is indeed a cliche. Why did you rat us out? I have nothing to do with this. If you’ve nothing to
do with it then… why is a Ramnad police officer here
in Karaikal on a leisure trip? I am from the police department.
Mind it. Lay a finger on me and I hope
you know the consequences. So, you’ll make leisure trips, drink and
enjoy with the money I provide you… and after all this you’ll turn
your back and finish off my man. You encounter him. Question that and you
show me your authority? Shoot yourself with your
gun and only you die. If I have to shoot then… your whole family dies. What is it going to
be dear Policeman? This suicide…. is my own conscious decision. Hence…. Now, this is off
beat, our style. Tomorrow’s headlines
will be yours. Sign on baby. Last night at Karaikal
in Pondicherry… an Inspector from Ramanthapuram
district, Mr. Jaikumar, committed suicide on the
rooftop of an hotel. SP sir… we have lost all our money. Now stop it! What is your problem? He won our trust and then
stabbed us right on our back. He showed concern on
our families and then betrayed us. Sir please
shoot down this fellow. No one else should become
his victim like us. You go fall in traps
all by yourselves… and now you think yelling like
this will get you your money back? When a less ranked police officer accepts
small bribes to meet his needs… you guys make it viral in
digital media and insult him. Now this fraud cheated you all
like a gambler and took off. You never pay heed to any precautions
that police provides you with. We have advertised all this precaution in
newspapers, facebook, signal board etc… Do you even read them? Brilliant is the person
who has cheated you all. Your selfish desires are the
reason for your plight. Sir please, we have been betrayed. We’ve
lost all our money and have no where to go. Please be our saviour. Please help us get
back our money. I’m not saying that you
won’t get your money back. It’ll be returned. – But when?
– Tell us when sir? Could be tomorrow. Or could be after four years. All of you sign a
petition and leave. Now come on ask
them to disperse. Sir! We had invested a lot
and now we don’t know if we’ll ever get it back.
Our money is gone! I curse you… Soon you’ll be betrayed
like you betrayed us. You’ll turn mad and then
you’ll be finished! A hero will rise! Help me! Thanks a lot! I’m really sorry. I feel bad that such a bad incident
occurred to you in our country. That’s fine. It’s happens
everywhere but Tamil people are the first to always revolt
against such atrocities. Wow a cycle! Yazhini… here is a pink cycle, just
like one you wished for. Here. Be careful while cycling
on the road. Ok? Ok uncle. Where is the marker? What are you up to? Mom, come out and find
out for yourself. Hello. Millennium call taxi. Where is pick up point
and drop off point sir? My uncle’s gift. I’ll be there in ten mins. What’s special today? Listen, why do you keep obliging
to all her silly requests? Why do you put yourself through
all this during money crisis. What crisis are you
talking about? She requests for stuffs
making fair deals. She has secured 95% in
her quarterly exams. Her requests are fair as
she has achieved so much. Schools and books alone
don’t educate children. Small gifts like these
will motivate her. I’ve a daughter… moreover her dad is no more. Isn’t she my responsibility? Now come on. What
are you saying? She is just a kid. She is my responsibility and when she
grows up she’ll take care of you. Even if I had an own brother
he wouldn’t have been so caring. She is gifted
to have you as her uncle. Is it the onions or the emotion? Now stop being sentimental.
I got to go. Bye. Ramesh. Suresh. Atleast, will this
business be a success? It will be. Let’s play. A beautiful babe’s pic
with phone number in it. Hello? Sir I found a photo
stuck to my car. Didn’t like it? Throw it away. No. No. It’s extraordinary. – So don’t wait. Head to the beach route.
– Ok. Thank you. – I’m Suresh.
– Myself Ramesh. Hello. Sir… an item from Gujarat… Small sized… New brand… And it’s fresh. That’s what I was looking for.
How much? 0.2 millions…. tax inclusive. Come on. That’s too high. Prices today are
soaring at jet speed. Look at you. You are old
and you must be resting. Yet you are here in your Audi .
Think why? Because Audi is smooth. And so is this item. Enjoy! When can I have it? First book a hotel room and
tell us the room number. We’ll send it there and
then you may enjoy! Don’t forget to pay
after you are done. Ok. Done. No sign of the baldie yet. Listen, I’m ready. Is the item ready? The item is not yet here. Hey lady how long do you expect the
customer have to wait. Where are you? What? You are already here?
Hold on. Sir, if you don’t mind… the item is waiting near by the lift.
Can you go pick? Fine. Right away. 0.2 millions! Yes! Why does a seized
engine require oil? It’ll be useful. Listen, I don’t find
the item here too. Sorry sir. The item doesn’t know English. That’s why it’s waiting at the
reception instead of lift. If you don’t mind can you pick
it up from the reception. Come on now. Try to
understand my situation here. Yearns for pleasure at an age where is
suppose take care of his blood pressure! – Ok?
– Ok. It’s him again! – Tell me sir.
– Dear… I can’t find it here either. If not there go somewhere else! Hello? Sorry sir. Looks like the item has
some other important commitment. She left. Please don’t mind. What? She left for an
important commitment? What’s more important that this? This might be important
for you for just a day. But for her this is
important everyday! Try to understand I
took some tablets too! Why didn’t you ask
me before taking it? Suresh, the tablet isn’t
there anymore for him. Sir now that you’ve took the tablets,
no problem. Turn your head left. Ok. Ok come soon. I’ll wait. I see a 40 year old woman. Mind you! She might look like an old womant
but that’s for us. For you she is a chic. Kindly adjust today. She is our team.
Just 10,000 bucks. Come on now this isn’t fair! Kindly adjust for today. Just
tell her the code and it’ll work. What is that code? Tell her ” My horse is off the
stable” and she’ll come along. Horse is off the stable? Enjoy. Ok. Excuse me. The horse
is off the stable. – How dare you speak vulgar codes to a policeman’s wife?
– Oh no! My eyes. Save me! One, two… Move, move… You, come on. Sir, some change for
the poor please. May you live long. Thank you. What is all with the charity boss?
Very generous. The rich expects
kindness from gods… The poor expects
kindness from people. At such state we shouldn’t have
second thoughts to help them. Helping without second thoughts is
kindness else it’s just sympathy. Wow! Applause! Applause!
Super bro. – How much bro?
– 250 bucks boss. Thanks. Where this philosopher
all this time? He is from Pondicherry Suresh.
That’s what he said. – Come on let’s go.
– Very nice. – Suresh!
– Ramesh! I forgot the money
in the car itself. – Damn it!
– I left it in the seat! – Listen wait! Philosopher wait! Stop it man.
– Hey taxi wait! So uncle did you find
any aunt for me today? Oh come on now. When your eyes fall on a girl there
must be a thrust from the inside. You mean from the sea? Can’t you see I’m serious.
Just listen. Fine tell me. The wind must sound like
a melody when I see her. There must be butterflies
flying inside my stomach. And when she appears… it should feel like I’m in
Maestro Illayaraja’s song. I’m waiting for an
angle like that. Uncle! You are too old fashioned. These are pacy times.
Stop being a tortoise. How dare you! The T.V shows have spoiled you.
Wait there now Yazhini! Why is it shaking? Oh! Oh! Looks like it’s his car. Eww he is drooling! Uncle… Uncle! Stop drooling and
look at your car. Oh my god! My vehicle! The bumper is gone! – Well it’s a minor accident.
– How did it happen? The bumper is damaged.
We can fix it. How dare you! The car is worth a million. Sorry! It wasn’t intentional.
Please forgive me. Wait. Sir that’s my key.
Please give it back. Take your license. I haven’t applied for it yet. What you haven’t still applied? So you are still
learning to drive? You are caught! Here. 500 bucks. How dare you! Sympathy, is it? Give me 10,000 bucks. 10,000? Indeed 10,000. I don’t have that kind
of money with me now. Sir please have this. So get me the money and
then take your vehicle. My dad will get furious if he notices
that the vehicle is missing. Please sir. Is it? So find yourself a good hotel… stay there, arrange the money, give
it to me and then take your vehicle. Hello! Mind your words! All
you need is the money. Right? I’ll go home and bring.
Wait here. Excuse me learner. I can’t wait here all
the while you are away. I’m heading home.
Give me you number. Why? I’ll send you my address. She is indeed caught! Tell me. 97412… 48693. I hope it’s the correct number. You don’t seem trustworthy. Wait let me shoot the scenario. Proof, is it? Wait now. – Hello. Come here.
– Why? Let’s take an evidence selfie. You need proof, isn’t it? Come on. Get in the frame.
Move close. Do not touch. Ok. Smile. What’s your name? Anjali. The Anjali baby
from Anjali movie? Now this is what I
call awesomeness! Awesome! Awesome! Look at my girl! What
a ravishing beauty! Ravishing! Ravishing! Now this is what I
call awesomeness! Awesome! Awesome! Look at my girl! What
a ravishing beauty! Ravishing! Ravishing! You are the one for me and you
have made your way to me. I am all set and
waiting for you. You are a wine yard and
me the wine taster. My eyes are all over you.
So come to me baby! My dear smiley face; You are
so ravishing and stylish! Your voice is sweet as the nightingale; You
are like the sweet sun during the snow! Now this is what I
call awesomeness! Awesome! Awesome! Look at my girl! What
a ravishing beauty! Ravishing! Ravishing! A cute little queen,
just like a rainbow… She blew me off with her looks.
I am now lost in love. She shines like a
platinum statue. Those eyes and her
looks are killing me. She is an attractive flower… There nothing that can
compare to her beauty! She is my angel who brings
out the best in me… So tell me my angel
will this workout? Now this is what I call… Now this is what I call… Now this is what I
call awesomeness! Awesome! Awesome! Look at my girl! What
a ravishing beauty! Ravishing! Ravishing! You are the one for me and you
have made your way to me. I am all set and
waiting for you. You are a wine yard and
me the wine taster. My eyes are all over you.
So come to me baby! My dear smiley face; You are
so ravishing and stylish! Your voice is sweet as the nightingale; You
are like the sweet sun during the snow! My dear smiley face; You are
so ravishing and stylish! Your voice is sweet as the nightingale; You
are like the sweet sun during the snow! – Hi this is Divya here.
– Tell me dear. How much would it cost to repair
Innova car’s back bumper? 1000 bucks. What if it has to be replaced? 5000 bucks. Thank you bro. Heard that? He has cheated you. Idiot! We shouldn’t spare him. Over that he calls me names. You got a spare key? I do. No one messes with us! He’ll have a tough time
looking for this bike. – Oh! Oh!
– What happened? The guy who took
custody of my bike. Yeah… – What is it?
– That’s him. Maestro Illayaraja’s song – Come lets hide it.
– Go! Go! Go! Come. So tell me… – He just noticed you.
– Is it? Learner! Here I come. Yes, guys don’t seem to
mind their business. Hello. – Same issues in my office.
– Why? What’s wrong? Looks like intense
English conversation! Hey learner… so what are you doing here? We are here to take my bike. Bike? She meant to buy her bike. Is the money ready? Money is ready. Where is the bike? Come. Look at him wag his tail! Let him wag it as much he wants.
Soon it’ll be cut. I am lossss….. Where is the bike? I had parked it here. Looks like he is “lost”. Ok try covering up for now. Hello. What? Your mom? One week is it? Now watch him start a
story to cover up. Sorry. My friend had an emergency. So he took your bike
to Tirunelveli. What’s the emergency? To
buy Tirunelveli halwa? No! So that I can
escape from you! Why is she so concerned? Listen. It’s her bike. Why are you so concerned? I need my bike tomorrow. Do you know who gifted to me?
Actor Vijay! He presented it when I
won a dance competition. If I don’t get my
bike tomorrow… Come on! Shameless fellow! Saw how he was covering up? – He is our scapegoat for this holidays.
– Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! Someone has
stolen the bike. Shiva, a good news. Tell me sir. Let me start the day
with a good news. I have been promoted
as Divisional manager. That’s awesome. I’ve been transferred to Mumbai. So when are you off to Mumbai? There are some formalities left. So in another 2 weeks. – Has the mail from Mumbai arrived yet?
– It has sir. – Forward it to me.
– Ok sir. – Good morning sir.
– Good morning. – Good morning sir.
– Good morning. – Good morning sir.
– Very good morning. What is it uncle?
You look tensed? I lost my girl’s bike. Oh my! And then? I covered it up for now. Looks like Actor Vijay
had gifted it to her. She is hell bent. She
wants the very same bike. It’s your own fault. The
day you met her, instead of drooling if you had
confessed your love… atleast out of sympathy
that would have worked out. Now that moment too
has passed away. Stop! Stop! That’s his car. Maestro Illayaraja’s song Oh! Oh! She is here. If she asks for me tell
here I am not here. Ok? But I don’t see any one coming.
Why are you hiding? That was a wild guess.
How did he do that? She was the one with
him the other day. Hey kid… did the driver come here? What’s your name? Divya. So dear “dull faced” Divya… my Shiva uncle is not here. Did you hear that? Look at her attitude! How dare you insult my uncle? Hold on. Shiva you just bought
yourself a big trouble! Oh my god! Silent! Silent! Oh! Oh! Come on uncle. Go tell your coward uncle… that we are heading to the
police station to report. Come on Shiva. Do something. Please come with
me for a moment. Why is he calling us out? What idea has he come
up with this time? Now see him say a
new cover up story. – Nonsense.
– Oh my god… My only friend… passed away at
such an young age. Because of your bike. What do you mean? On his way from Kanyakumari
to Karaikudi… he met with a major accident. And my friend… Nothing was left of him. We only
got this parts of your bike. There is something fishy
about the route here. Why would you friend go to
Karaikudi from Tirunelveli? Oh! Oh! I messed it up again! Tell me dear… I am myself… upset about his demise. Can you stop it with
your stupid questions. We have inquired and you
don’t have any such friend. You’ll be my chauffeur
until I get my back bike. Seriously you are threatening me? By the
way what is the relation between us? I don’t know who you are. I know you’ll bail
out saying this. So I’ve got the selfie
evidence on my phone. – Oh! Oh! Evidence!
– And also… to make the case strong I’ll report that
you molested her and stole the bike. Hello. Report it saying that I molested
you and stole your bike. I am person of good taste. You! You! You! Calm down and get into the car. Calm down. Come on. Torture! Hey Yazhini… why are you sleeping instead
of doing you homework? I’m leaving. Bye. Before love turns into
hatred, tell her the truth. Excuse me… someone stole your bike. How about I buy you a new bike? What? You lost the bike? I hope you know who
gifted it to me. How can you be so cool
after loosing the bike? Until I get back my bike
you’ll be our chauffeur. – Please buy and help us.
– Sister, why don’t you buy books for you kids? Idiot, I’m still single. Please remain single. Please spare the lives of boys. Get down and buy some books. Go! – How much for a book?
– 20 bucks. Get me all the books. – Thank you brother.
– Bye. What is he upto? Why did you buy that many books? You asked to buy books
but not how many. That is all I could
get for 1000 bucks. I am telling you this guy
is full of attitude! – Shiva anna is here! Come on everybody.
– Shiva anna is here! Where are you taking us? Just come along. – Shiva uncle…
– Hi kids… Are you all doing fine? I have got gift
for all of you… – be calm and wait here.
– Ok uncle. Hey what is he doing? – Uncle one for me!
– All of you move aside. Looks like he is earning name by
doing charity with our money. Come out. Hey kids… it’s her birthday today and she is
going to present you all with books. So wish and calmly
collect it one by one. – This guy I tell you!
– Ok? Go ahead… – Happy birthday! Yay!
– Adi go get yourself a book. Here. Thank you! – Uncle. Uncle.
– What? She is so beautiful. Is
she your girlfriend? Hey! Now repeat that four times.
Loudly. Come on. She is so beautiful. Is
she your girlfriend? She is so beautiful. Is
she your girlfriend? Look at him flirt with her! So I said it out loudly just
like you asked me to. Fine? – Adi, now move. Go.
– She is so beautiful. Fraud! He is indeed
flirting with her! All of you come here. Excuse me… Just because that kid said so… or because I got the
books for these kids… don’t get impressed and
fall in love with me. I’ve some prestige of my own. Now make it quick. As if you’ll get impressed! Drive carefully! There oil
leaked over the road. Idiots! Look they have
spilled oil on the road. He is flirting with you.
Don’t you notice? How sweet. He is genuine. I guess we are torturing him. Yeah right! Now don’t fall for all
this and get in to a mess. Careful. Hello. I’ll call up tomorrow and tell you
the schedule. Come pick us up. I’ve lot of work tomorrow.
I can’t make it. Until we get our bike back
you are our chauffeur! I’ve been getting calls all day. Customers have been calling me.
I can’t make it. How dare you say so? – You have got the evidence right?
– Yes I do have it. Customer pick up
or police custody. You make a call. Bye. How do I get rid of them.
Oh god! This is the only way to get
some relief after that torture. – Ramesh.
– Suresh! Boss! Here you are. Why what’s his problem? I’ve been looking
for you all over. How could forget your money
in the car and be so cool? Stay right here.
I’ll get you money. Ramesh… now who is he? – Where did he appear from?
– From the entrance Suresh. No Ramesh I feel
must be royal blood. Royal blood? – I shouldn’t have asked you about him.
– Correct. Count it and confirm
if it’s all there. Money. Bro, please be seated. – It’s ok.
– Take your seat. Please listen to me. Sit down. It’s ok bro. No we are compelling. Sit down. If you drink alone you’ll get a hangover.
Sit with us. Sit down please. Boss. Tell us about
you and your family. Looks like he forgot. I’m an orphan. Unbelievable. Brother, no one is an
orphan in this world. Suresh! His flashback is cliched. Over that your
reaction is pathetic. But… I’m not an orphan. Oh my! I have a sister and a niece. Though his flashback
is cliched… the confusion sounds new. Continue. The hotel where I regularly eat
my food is owned by my sister. Her husband passed away
when she was pregnant. Damn it! After delivering the baby… her life has been and is
all about her daughter. Yet she considers me… as her own brother. So now tell me. Am I an orphan? Awesome flashback. Do
not repeat it again! Tell me about you guys. It’s quite similar to yours. Only thing is there
is no sister for us. Why is he cutting the call. What is the problem? Boss why are you so upset
and gulping the drink? Looks like a pro! I’m sad. After listening to all that
flashback of yours we must be sad. Continue… I had taken custody of girl’s bike
and parked it outside my home. Some idiot thief stole it away. Boss… please don’t talk
ill of thieves. – Only god know what his emergency was.
– Indeed. Boss why do you keep
cutting the call? You don’t know boss. I’m going through
hell after meeting this girl. Do you love her? Yes. One side. Is that why she
is torturing you? She is torturing me too much. That means she is
indeed your girl. – Is it?
– Are tears coming out of eyes? Indeed boss. That makes her your better half! Ofcourse. Boss don’t you worry. We have arranged a
treat for tonight. We’ll head there, enjoy and
forget all our sorrows. Welcome, welcome. Come on guys. Sopana Sundari is performing tonight.
Right? Indeed it’s her. – That’s good.
– Enjoy. Sopana Sundari….
Sopana Sundari…. Sopana Sundari….
Sopana Sundari…. Its’ me Sopana Sundari! The voice that mesmerizes you! Its’ me Sopana Sundari! Anjali… wake up Anjali. Wake up. It’s Friday today. Get up, take bath, pray
and come have breakfast. I’ll come. You leave mom. Always hooked on to
facebook and whatsapp. Should get her married soon only
then she’ll become responsible. Hello. It’s me Shiva. – Tell me.
– I found your bike. You found my bike? Yes. Can you come collect it? Hello… I can’t hear you. Hello? Hello. Hello? You face clearly gives it away
that you are top accused around. Tell me now how many
thefts have you done? Suresh, how do you say
he is the top accused? Look at him boasting with
his rank on his tee. Mom. Mom! – Tell me.
– Where is my bike? Why the husky voice? Mom, where is my bike? Your dad has taken it. Now stop irritating me
early in the morning. I knew the moment I saw you! – Hello?
– Where are you? I caught the thief
in beach road. What’s the bike number? Did you forget your
own bike number? PY – 01 – CJ – 2832 Hello! That’s not
my bike number. My bike number is 3344. Excuse me. It has actor
Vijay’s photo in it. Actor Vijay has fans all over… everyone has his
sticker on their bike. That doesn’t make it my bike. That’s not my bike. First go find my bike! Hello! Here take this. – Why do you stare like that? Come on! Come on!
– Boss! – Come here.
– Hold on boss. Me and Ramesh are enjoying this. – I’ll thrash this..
– Boss. Come here! Stay right here. I’ll
come back and continue. Stay at that position.
We’ll be back. What is it boss? – Hand over the keys to him.
– Why? Looks like we got
the wrong bike. A doctor’s vehicle will have a
sticker of plus symbol in red. An advocate’s vehicle will
have a sticker of a black tie. So if it’s a cop’s vehicle
what should you have done? What should have I done? You should have pasted a sticker
of the police cap in Khaki color. Or atleast you have put some
sign that says you are a cop. Instead if you put up
Actor Vijay’s photo… then how do we know if you
are a fan or a police? What do you say Ramesh? Keep your mouth shut Suresh. Then what is the use
of mouth Ramesh? If your lips had swollen
you would understand. I guess it’s not enough
what you’ve got. I think I should grind you guys! I think he think of
us as food materials? Wait here. I’ll be back. Is he getting ready to grind us? Oh! Oh! Why is she coming here? – Oh my god.
– Embarrassing. Where is my dad? He is there inside. Suresh. We are surely going behind bars. Daddy… it was me who played prank
on him and hid the bike. They are innocent. They are my friends.
Please leave them. – Please.
– Are you nuts? Aren’t you educated? – Why do have friendship with these rouges?
– Sorry dad. A rouge? Me? Guess it’s
because I am with them. Cheater. – Greetings sir.
– Shut up. Get their sign on the
register and leave them. Ok sir. Look at him sign as if he
is signing an autograph. Shiva… Shiva, just a moment. Next time be careful before you
lay hands on big shots like us. What do you mean by big shot? He meant that he is big and I am short.
Big and short. Get lost! Shiva. I am extremely
sorry Shiva. I was just playing pranks. Never
thought it will lead up to here. Shiva. Nice lovers! Is this how you thrash
people for a petty case? Thrashings were not for that. Do you know what they
spoke to your dad? What did they say? He cannot live without meeting her.
She too can’t be without him and we
are caught in between. Look at their selfie. Yes sir. Two year old relationship. Her weirdo father is
against our love. You must help us sir. Oh my god! Yoga wait. What happened Yazhini? – So which grade are you in? Kindergarten?
– Mam. Mam. – Mam. Mam
– What is it? Yazhini is feeling dizzy.
Please come take a look. What happened Yazhini? Who are you to the kid? I’m her uncle. She is my niece. What do you do? I’m a taxi driver. Has she fainted ever before? She hasn’t fainted… but she often feels
drowsy and sleeps a lot. What is it Doctor? She is a bit critical. Moreover she has crossed
the limit stage. What do you mean? Pituitary tumour brain… that means brain tumour. One in a million is
affected by this tumour. She has to be
operated immediately. We’ll have to bring in
expert doctors from abroad. One – head open surgery. One more robotic surgery for
pituitary brain tumour removal. My guess is… it’ll cost you around 2
– 2.5 millions. And I know you can’t arrange this
kind of money in short notice. I’ll give you ten days time. – Ok doctor.
– I’ll prescribe medicines. Make sure she takes it. But… if there is a problem admit
the kid immediately. Don’t be careless and ignore it. Ok doctor. My sister shouldn’t
know about this. Keep the reports with you. I’ll arrange the money. Ok. Sure. Thank you doctor. Oh my dear little flower. You are the epitome
of the very moon. You are the one who spreads
the magic smiles all over. You entered this world; bringing
happiness into our lives. – What happened?
– Nothing… She fainted because
she was weak. Please make sure she takes her medicines
on time. It’s just vitamin tablets. In your presence I find peace… Having you around is a blessing. Your wishes are my orders. My life is nothing without you. Oh my dear little flower. You are the epitome
of the very moon. You are the one who spreads
the magic smiles all over. Your anger too is cute in a way. Your laughter is magic. You win over me with your
cute mischievousness. I love it when you fall
asleep on my shoulders. You understand what
my eyes has to say. This world is a good place when
you are there to support me. Your speeches are my lullabys. You are my dear to
me like a mother. Forget it uncle. We’ll
find someone else for you. You don’t be dull. I hate
it when you look dull. Thank you uncle. You are the one who spreads
the magic smiles all over. Uncle am I looking beautiful? You look like an angel. What is it boss? Any emergency? Any good news? What is it boss? You look dull. A medical emergency for my niece. I need 2.5 millions. – 2.5 millions?
– 2.5 millions? We aren’t worth so much boss. To save her life… she must be operated
immediately. Your mischievousness
is a treat to watch. The way you fall asleep
is a sweet sight. You are an blessed angel. Money? What is it? I planning to change my car. You bring colors into
everyone’s life. Even when death approaches…. I’ll defeat it and live for you. Without you only
sorrowness will remain… Loneliness is all that would
be left without you around. Bye uncle. Please don’t call Yazhini’s
mother if there is an emergency. I’ll give you my number call me. You are the one who spreads
the magic smiles all over. What is this? Wow! What a beautiful lady. Enjoy! You came into my life like
a ray of hope in darkness Come to me my dear. You came into my life like
a ray of hope in darkness. Come to me my dear. Come to me; my life. Come to me; my dear sun. Can’t you hear me my dear? I’m going to get hold of this
bird and treat myself today! Sir, it’s a brand new
item from Andhra state. If you try it once… – then for six months.
– He is coming Suresh. you won’t try anything else. She will make you happy to the core.
There won’t be any compromise. Why is he posing
like a celebrity? Instead of being a real pimp… you guys just act
like one and earn. I like that! – Bald-man…
– Yes… – Show them.
– Hey you… Come with me. Where is he taking us? Did you check it out? It’s all fake currencies. Fake currencies? This is an alternative
economy plan. Just one alteration… will result in an over
night revolution. 1 equals 5… 10 equals 50. Give me 1 million… you get 5 million. Give me 2 million… and you get 10 million. The currencies
printed here and… my currencies that are
printed abroad… have no difference at all. Guess what? Even the authorities too
cannot find the difference. Absolutely. Deals with fake currencies and
look at him preach like a sage! If you don’t trust me… take a bunch from the stack. Take this Bald-man with you. Spend all of it and
enjoy yourselves. If any problems occurs point
your fingers on Bald-uncle. Idea sounds good.
What do you say? What if on the top
it’s all original? Take it. Wow! He can count by the
currencies flapping sound! There are 100 notes in it.
Guaranteed! Bald-uncle is awesome! Come on. – What would like to order sir.
– Everything on the menu. What would like bro? 2 bro. Yes bro but 2 numbers of what bro? That’s what 2 numbers
of bro is enough. – Ramesh!
– Suresh. Indeed we are 2 bro here but
what would you like to eat? 2 barotta for me bro. – Barotta?
– Can’t you say that properly? Come on now! When you guys can shorten ‘Brother’ and make it ‘Bro’. So can’t I shorten
‘Barotta’ as ‘Bro’? Don’t I have even this right? Only you have the rights. This is my concept! Bro, he just created a
confusion on the word ‘Bro’. Give this man 2 barottas
without any gravy! Ok bring the cheque. Don’t assume your tips.
We’ll give you. Ramesh! We have met frauds
and burglars. But the only one to master the
art of making fake currencies… is this bluff master! Look at him posing
like a statue! Fools… we never printed
fake currencies. All that you spent was
original currencies. Hey baldie! What’s that you are thinking? Five star candy brothers! Come with a small amount… and go back with a huge amount. You must have heard of lottery. Now this is what it really is! My dears… get me you id proof, address
proof along with… your passport sizes photos.
It’s a must. Understand? Give it to me. If I don’t ask you’ll
take it with you! Place it on my armpit. I thought it was all for us.
He just took ’em all away. Only exchanging the
currencies is your part. The rest is our work! Bye. Suresh what’s the difference
between the rich and the poor? It’s quite simple. The one who roams
like a dog is poor. The one who roams
with a dog is rich. So very soon we will
be roaming with a dog? Indeed. Because we have got a good deal. We have 0.5 millions with us. Let’s ask 0.5 millions from Shiva.
What do you say Ramesh? Totally 1 million. We’ll
exchange it for 5 million. 50% ours and 50% for him. – Good plan.
– It’ll be useful for him to help that kid. Sounds like a good deal.
Will Shiva accept? If he finds out that it’s fake
currencies he’ll start advising. I know how to deal with him Ramesh. He must be chilling here.
Come on. We got a financier. We told
him about your problem. He became emotional. He was surprised to hear about
a genuine guy like you. He is ready to finance. But there is a small
problem in it. What is it? It’s like this boss… we owe him 1 million. If we return it to him… – immediately he will finance us 5 million.
– Yes boss. We have 0.5 million with us. If you
give us the 0.5 million you have… we shall share the 5 million 50-50. You can return it
whenever it’s possible. The kid’s health is
very important Ramesh! Fine I’ll come with the money. An important thing. Please get couple
of address proof and a passport photo. Ok boss. Give me the documents. Here is the RC and insurance. The cancellation
papers are there too. I’ll just have the car for a
week and then hand it over. I need to travel a bit to
and fro to the hospital. You may very well use it. Thanks. Krishna I’ve never met
such a financier. He just generously
gave away 10 million. See I got you the
money as promised. Make sure you
return it properly. Boss, walk fast. Is this your address proof? – Yes sir.
– Sign the document. Sure. Boss, hold on. – Sign here.
– Greetings brother. Where is the money? Everyone looks so strange. Here is the 0.5 millions. – Kumar.
– Yes. Go keep it in the locker. Ok. Thanks to you I now have enough
to get my daughter married. Everything will be fine. – I shall leave now.
– See you. – Have you got the address proof?
– Yes we have. One moment please. – Greetings sir.
– Welcome. 10 million right? Yes sir. – Thank you sir.
– Collect your money tomorrow. – I’ll leave now.
– Ok. – Money?
– Here. Fine. Come back later
in the evening. Ok. Why should we come later? Please give the money now.
It’s urgent. Who is he? Why do you bring in new people? I only struck a deal
with both of you. He is in need of some money.
That is why… Look here, those who gave us
money couple of days ago… have just completed their
document formalities. It’s a huge amount. It cannot
be given just like that. We need to get the documents prepared.
Come back later. No. Return us our money. Let us know
when the agreement is ready. We’ll then bring it. Dear… Is it that urgent? Yes sir. Bald-man… Yes. We can get the
formalities done later. Give them 5 million. Kumar… – How did you guys come here?
– In my car. Drive your car and… wait after the toll booth. We’ll bring the money in my car. There is too much
of police checking. After the toll… we’ll pass the money to you. Ok. – Ok?
– Ok. How do you like this? It’s amazing. Hey stop! Stop! Hey stop! Stop the car. Boss the police have
spotted our car. Suresh! Don’t leave any of them. It’s all black money. If we get caught, we’ll be doomed. – Now run. You can take the money later from chief.
– Run! Run! Run! – Hey stop!
– Stop! How dare you? Suresh escape! Ramesh quick. – Catch him.
– Leave me sir. I’m just the driver. – Lets hide somewhere boss.
– Yes boss. Where are you? Come on. – Move.
– Leave me. I don’t know anything. – I am just the driver.
– Move! – Take the car.
– Yes sir. We’ll catch him
using this fellow. Sir, they have escaped.
Catch them too. . What is this boss?
What’s happening here? What can we do now? Call him. The number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off. Boss, it’s switched off. You don’t believe me right? Check for yourself. – Suresh.
– Ramesh. Now how was that? Boss… How about telling him the truth? Everything’s gone. All the money saved for my
niece’s surgery is gone. I lost my car too. They were printing
fake currencies. We… lied to you that he
was a financier. Now we are also betrayed
along with you. Sorry boss. How dare you do this to me? – Boss.
– Boss please. We’ll arrange the money somehow. What did I do to you? Boss remember we too
are cheated here. Please trust us. We have cheated those
who trusted us. When I drink and eat out
of that money, I feel… very very guilty. You can cheat only
those who trust you. How can you cheat those
who don’t trust you? What’s our next plan? Politics. Getting into Politics. So what are the posts available? MLA, MP, minister… and finally CM (Chief Minister) What do you mean by finally CM? What is the use of becoming
a CM at the age of 70? Are you making any
plan of your own? I will be the CM in 2021! How is it possible? All that we have
earned is by cheating. All the people here know
about our tricks and frauds. They do know. Yet I’ll be the one! The CM! Now a days politics is a business. Me and the people are
the partners here. People who voted
for free stuffs… will now be made share holders. Superb! Tamil Nadu has a
population 70.66 millions. Out of that 50.79 millions
are eligible to vote. But out of that only… 20.25 millions people cast their vote. Now that some brain! According to the
democracy rule … 10.62 millions votes
will secure… CM designation. My target is 20 million votes. If I can pay 10,000
bucks for one vote… how much should I pay for 20
million people? Tell me bald-man. He is sharp with the
statics an analysis. 200 billions. How much do we possess now? Let that be. When you can plan so much… imagine how much people
richer than you can plan? So you are planning get into
power using money. Fine. What will you do for the
people when you become the CM? What else? Betray them! May you live long! Chief minister! Uncle… tata. Bye uncle. Don’t feel Shiva. We are here to help you. This can be done legally
only after filing an FIR. If we mess up… then I’ll not only
loose my job but… our whole network’s license
will be canceled. I’ll however give it a shot for you. Thanks sir. Tell me the number. 9863548823. – Thiyagu.
– Yes sir. Note down this number… 9863548823. Send me the address
associated to it. Quick. Ok sir. Shiva I’ve messaged you the address
of the number you gave me. Take care. Thank you very much sir. It’s action time! He dress up well, appoints workers
and books room in star hotels… and does fraud with
no fear at all. Do you think the police
won’t be aware of it? If he can be clever
at this age… then it’s time to prove him
my cleverness and power. We’ll nab him, take the money
and split it into four. – Suresh.
– Ramesh. There are only three of us.
For whom is the fourth share? It’s for the
almighty god Ramesh! Saravanan, whom you are
looking for is my husband. But he passed away
six months ago. A fraud came by and… mesmerized us saying give me 1 bucks and I shall
give you 10. Give me 10 and I’ll pay you 100. I pleaded him not to
believe that fellow. But he didn’t want out
children to struggle like us. Hence he sold our land… and borrowed from people around
promising them to return it soon. He gave all that to that fraud. That cheat… absconded with all the money. Mom… – I’m leaving for work.
– Fine dear. We went to the police. But the police in
turn blamed us. The money lenders started
asking their money back… and that put him in
under lot of pressure. Finally… he committed suicide. My son doesn’t know that his
father has passed away. I lied to him saying that his
father is working abroad. Do you know anything
else about him? He gave a number. But that too is switched off. Sir, that address was correct. He has cheated that family too. – Is it?
– I’ve got another number of his from them. I need the address. Send me the number. I’ll send it. Thank you. Stop! What is it dear? Can you give me my dad’s number? My mom keeps telling me that
my dad will return soon. She hasn’t sent me to school.
She asks me to go work. I’m very good in all the subjects
and have secured high grades. My dad used to say… that I should grow up to
become like Abdul Kalam. Only if I could go to school I would
indeed become like Abdul Kalam. I’ll definitely tell your dad. From next month you’ll
definitely go to school. – Now go.
– Thank you. Tell me Shiva. Any improvement? Sir I’ve been all
over Tamil Nadu. Couldn’t find him. But I’ve got a loop. You must help me once again. Ok. Definitely. So far 90%… he has used public’s address
proof to get sim cards. Especially the proofs of
those who got cheated. His bad time… he has my address proof. He’ll surely buy a
sim using my proofs. If he does so… I need to know that number.
Please. If he buys the sim card of our network using
your proofs I can get you the number. If he buys from some other provider
then it’s quite difficult. Sir, he has not cheated me alone. He has cheated many people
all over Tamil Nadu. Many of them have
committed suicide. Many families are stranded. You have no idea how many
kids are affected and as a result are working instead
of getting educated. He shouldn’t cheat anyone again! For this sincere efforts of yours,
I’ll cross my limits and… and help you with all I’ve got. Send me you photo id
proofs over whatsapp. Yes sir. Right away. Tell me buddy. Sudhir I need a small help. Tell me sir. Shivaji… No.1 Thirumanjana veethi… Nagapattinam district. Excuse me… I need a sim card. – Which network sir?
– Anything would do. A sim was purchased in Mussorie
using the address you gave I’ll send you the
number right away. Tell me sir. A sim was purchased in
Mussorie using your address. That number is now… detected on Mussorie
to Karur bypass tower. I shall send you the number now. Handle it carefully. Sir, thank you so much. Suresh, shall I pour a drink? – It’s already so less.
– We need to start. Where to? Mussorie. Not before we finish this drink. Let’s finish the drink
and then start. 1 kilo gold for 0.5 millions? – Wait.
– What are you saying? Dude… there are lot of frauds
happening around. It must be adulterated. I bought a piece for myself
and thoroughly checked it. It’s original gold. Are you serious? Is it pure gold? Indeed. Already ten of them have
done business with him. And everything is original. Dude… don’t leak this information out. I’ve got 1 million with me.
We’ll go by 2 kilos of gold. Could it be him? We have tried everything, why think?
Let’s do it. Suresh? The almighty has started
his part of the work, Ramesh. Hey barrier come here. – It’s bearer.
– Whatever. – Total 450 bucks sir.
– Take the 500. Keep the change. Which is the easiest route
to Karur from Permabalur? How are you traveling? The car standing outside
the bar is ours. If you head straight
you’ll reach the bypass. Take a left and keep driving
straight for Karur. Karur? – So are we heading to Karur?
– Definitely Suresh. There comes the scapegoat. He is following us. Come on! Come on! Brother. Brother. Tell me. I heard you asking for route to Karur.
I am from Karur. I’ll show you the way. I too
need to get there immediately. If you don’t mind… Yazhini… don’t forget to take
your tablets after food. Ok mom. Did you take the tablets? Yes mom. I did. Brother… thank you for the lift. Please do visit me next
time when you come here. I am the biggest
dealer here brother. Ok brother. – Ok brother.
– See you. – There he is. Start.
– Start. Looking at him all
set to get cheated. Don’t forget we have already been cheated. Come on ram down the
bald fellow boss! Not so soon. We should get physical
for all the time. At times we must use brains. Hello. Just dial. – I need Karur police station number.
– Will send it immediately sir. – Greetings sir.
– Greetings. – Hello?
– Karur police station? Yes. Tell me. Sir in highway that connects Karur to
Coimbatore and Tirpur to Chennai… couple of vehicles with drugs
worth 500 millions are crossing. Catch them if you can. Hello? Who are you? Where
are you calling from? Hello? Lock the Karur, Chennai and Coimbatore
terminal and check all the vehicles. – Careful.
– Ok. Chief… I’ve got 15 people ready here. How much are we looking at? All of them are rich. Each one has 2 millions
to 5 millions. This place is going to
be a great loot for us. As soon as this deal is done… – We can have the time of our lives.
– Ok! Sir, I’m calling from
Karur police station. Police have traced you out. You better escape with
your money right away. The situation is
getting worse sir. I’ll be back. Stay here. Bald-man! Come here. – Come. Come.
– What is it? Don’t let anyone inside.
Lock the doors. – Send everyone out. Ok? Quick! Quick!
– Ok. Hey stop! stop! Leave now. Come back tomorrow. Sir is busy. You may leave now. – Now what is this?
– Excuse me! Excuse me! Lock the door. Hey! Lock all the stuffs. We must empty this place in 5 mins.
What are you doing there? Quick. Quick. Be careful with the money. Stop being slow
and make it fast! Quick! Leave. Load everything
into the vehicle. I don’t think it’s
a rumour call. – You phone is ringing.
– Yes sir. – Who is it?
– My wife sir. Was the call that I received
indeed from Police station? Let me try. As per the information received, if we nab
this group we’ll definitely be rewarded. Is it? Hari, one moment please. This is Inspector Rangawal here. S307 come online. Damodar check all
the two wheelers. Sir can you tell me
where this address is? Jaysheelan… Looks like in Jawahar bazaar,… near Kirshnapuram there
is some problem. We’ve got info from the control room.
Please go check what it is. Oh this address? If you go straight you’ll reach
Jawahar bazaar. Then take right. Hey Muthupandi come here. – Go check outside if there are any police.
– Yes sir. – Go.
– Yes sir. Our time has gone waste. Just like I guess it was
just a rumour call. What happened boss? Just wait and watch. Police have blocked both the
junctions in the main road. Bald-man! We’ll have to park our money loaded
vehicle some where in this locality. Ok? Make sure no gets doubts on us. We can retrieve it early morning.
Now go. Be careful. Take care. Quick before someone gets any doubts.
Start. One… Two… Three… This looks like a safe place. I’ll convince our chief.
You stay quite. Who are you? Greetings. Your
boss had sent us. But my boss is in Singapore. It was him who sent us. Here have it. Must be my boss for sure. What’s inside the vehicle? – Cotton load.
– Cotton is it? Yes. – When will you return to take it?
– I’ll take it back around morning 4. Ok fine. Then leave now. – See you.
– See you. Sir… I’ve parked the vehicle
safely in a storehouse. Everything is sorted. Come let’s play hide and seek… Trying catching me if you can. Are they here
listening to my song? Oh my god! Look who it is. Tell me. Why the…did you cut my call? I was talking with my superior officer.
That’s why I cut the call. Didn’t I give your cut
to do my business here? Then why the… Why did you try arresting me? When did that happen? We got a info on call about
drug smuggling on the highway. We were checking that. Tell me now. What is it? Hello? Hello? You there? Hello? Take him with us. The money is missing! Someone robbed us! Oh my god. Whoever robbed us
shouldn’t cross Karur! We’ll head straight to the temple
and offer almighty his share. Quick. Faster. Whoever it is. He shouldn’t
cross Karur toll gate. Stop! Stop! Look there is solo vehicle on that road.
Must be him. Quick! Follow him! Go! Go! Faster! Faster! Faster! Boss… there two cars chasing us. I guess it’s them following us. Is it? Look they aren’t slowing down. What now? If caught, all three
of us will be doomed. Listen to me. Both of you escape now. We’ll meet tomorrow morning
and share the money. Be careful boss. Suresh! Ramesh. Jump! Go! Faster! It’s surely him. – Now fast!
– Speed up! The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off. – Ramesh!
– Tell me Suresh. The phone is
switched off Ramesh. So turn it on and
call him Suresh. I am not talking about my phone Ramesh.
I mean his phone. Why don’t you tell him
to turn on his phone? But isn’t that switched off? So why don’t you call him
and tell him to turn it on? Stop irritating me with your
stupid questions Ramesh! Stop turning the answers into question
and torturing me with it Suresh. Who was it? The ultimate star. The the little super star. Idiot. Who is that
ultimate star? Now what kind of a
stupid question is that? Remember the dialogue “How
about some fireworks?” Actor Ajith? Who else? Actor Simbhu. Why are dragging that
innocent fellow into this? Who else was there? I forgot his name. The actor who claimed to be Super
star actor Rajni’s competitor. Mind you! That is what all the actors
claim when they start. Who among them? He too has a title name
that ends with “Star” Who is that? Mega star? No. – Solo star?
– No. Dancing Star? No. Biriyani star? No. No. Five star? Never. Four star? – Top star?
– No! Even the sky… doesn’t have these many star. Who is the star you
are talking about? He is one self proclaimed star
among these stars you mentioned. I know it but I’m
unable to recollect. Damn it. Now what’s
with the power cut? Exactly. That’s the one. Power Star! You are right. Absolutely right. You fool! So… Actor Ajith… Actor Simbhu… and Power star. These three robbed
our money right? Yes. It was these three. Hey Jinda… pick up the mask. Bald-man… come on. Who is this? Our baldie. Now remove the mask Bald-man. Now? Same old baldie. Now… you can recognize Bald-man
with and without the mask. But you can’t recognize those
three of them. Isn’t it? With or without the mask… he looks all the same. Bald-man! Break his face! Just because your are jobless… you think you can
make fun of me? Bald-man! Just dump him in the storeroom. Take this guy inside
and lock him up. Bald-man. Find out all the people whom we
have cheated here in Tamil Nadu. I want the complete list. Ok. Suresh. I’ve got a doubt. I’ve tried many times.
His phone is off. I think he has escaped
with all that money. Ramesh… you can doubt millions of frauds
but never doubt an innocent. Remember he returned back the
money we missed in his car. – He’ll surely call.
– I can’t wait until then Suresh. – Think it like this.
– How? Suppose… in case…by chance… It’s all the same.
Now spit it out! What if he is caught
by the opposite group? “It is not good to forget
a benefit, it is good to forget an injury even
in the very moment” Thiruvalluvar’s
philosophy Ramesh. I didn’t understand that. Do you think I understand all this
philosophies? Let’s look for him. The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off. Mom, uncle mobile
is switched off. He must be out of station. People close to you.
Your relatives… friends… can you tell us any two
important names out of them? Can you recollect it Shivaji? Yazhini. Ravi. We can search for while
but not all the while. I’m hungry. Don’t worry Ramesh. Until there is temptation… there is a way to earn. Let’s start with our
old photo trick. Hello? I got a photo stuck to my car.
What is it about? It’s regarding a small matter. What would that be? Tell me? I cannot say this over phone.
Let’s meet in person. Come to the beach road. Fine I’ll come. Sir this a Bangalore item. It is quite ravishing. You just have to touch it and… Is it? Wait and
watch what I do… Watch what? What will a cop do? – Ramesh.
– Tell me Suresh. It’s ok if he had thrashed us… but he has squeezed
us down Suresh! – This number is ringing.
– Next. This one too is ringing. Next. This is Thanjavur Saravanan… he committed suicide. This guys did Emu bird poultry in Erode.
He could used it meat instead… He tried making a
business out of it and… now he has turned retard. We cheated this guy in
the name of lottery. He too committed suicide.
He is survived by his wife. We cheated him with the magnetic bed.
He never woke up from it. Deep sleep. His phone is switched off. He was the final one to deal
with us for currency exchange. I have a strong doubt
on these guys. He doubted us in the
beginning and… tortured us with many queries. They are three and the guy who
robbed us are also three. Apply actor Ajith, Simbhu and Power
star’s mask to their pictures. Ok sir. Call that stupid security. Sir? Check if it’s them? It’s them. It’s indeed them! You may leave. Did you buy any sim using any
of their address proofs? Yes. I did buy. The blood veins in the
brain have swollen. So the main function… of memorizing has
been compromised. The memory isn’t lost completely.
So we call it… Cerebral cortex damage. Is there any hemorrhage doctor? No. Only slight swelling. It leads to… recent memory loss. All happenings of past three to four
months would have been wiped off. Earlier happenings
and the future… will stay in memory. According to our treatment… he should be perfectly alright
within a month doctor. After the treatment… what would be the
patient’s reaction? As long as he doesn’t realise
that his memory is lost… there are no problems. I see… Have a regular
clinical check up. – Thank you doctor.
– My pleasure. Dear lord Pazhani… please shower you blessing on us
and get us half of the money… we promise to make
offerings to you. Dear lord Allah… Allah-uh-akbar, Insha
allah…Say something Ramesh. I will Suresh. Allah if we get that money… me and Suresh will come
to Mecca at Saudi and… we promise to make
offering to you. Go call them. Oh dear lord… dear lord… We are praying and pleading
to you at this odd hour… Praying and pleading lord… Dear lord… Our father… Our father… Dear Jesus Christ.. Jesus Christ… – We breathe your name.
– Breathe your name. We are at your feet… We request you. If we get our hands on that money we
promise to come to you dear lord… dear lord… – Everybody say Hallelujah
– Hallelujah. Rhyme with it and say
Solomon Pappiah. – Request you Jesus Christ.
– Dear lord. Hallelujah. Chief is calling you. Now who is that? – Ramesh.
– Suresh. We expected the lord to show mercy but
looks like the devil is calling us. Greetings. If there is a family problem
people pray to their deity. Why are you both praying
gods of all religions? What’s the problem? We just want to get out of here. What did you do to get arrested. Riots? Oh my god! Attempt to rape? Never even attempted
to attempt that. Any political issues? We don’t about anything that. It’s not that. We placed a photo on the car
and for that we got caught. Only if you place a bomb
in a car they’ll jail you. It wasn’t just a normal photo. Seductive photo. Seductive photo? Why did you place it there? What do you think? Don’t act as if you
don’t understand. Come on now. I’m sure you
have experienced it. That’s late pick up. Looks like he to need a photo. So you guys are pimps? – Suresh!
– Ramesh! He just called us pimps. We didn’t do it for us. All you do is fraud. What flashback
do you have attached to it? We swear. We did it for
the sake of friendship. Looks like we touched his heart. For sake of friendship? Indeed. Our friend’s kid is sick. The kid is admitted
in the hospital. In order to save that
kid, myself and… my friend Ramesh… pleaded a lot of
people for help. No one helped us. With the only intention
of saving that kid… we placed the photo in the car
and the police caught us. Looking at you we feel like we are
standing in the court of the lord himself. – Dear lord….
– Oh god! Please save us dear lord. Stop it. Get up. Just for the sake
of friendship… you became pimps? First time
I’m hearing such a thing. The world will never see
such a friendship… again! Friendship rocks! Give me that phone. Tell me chief. You will have bail out couple of
guys immediately. They are my men. No matter how much it costs. They must come out. Tell me what is the case,
I’ll file for a bail. Chief… Chief? Stop crying and tell
me what it is chief. For the sake of friendship… they turned into pimps
and got caught. I didn’t understand
what you just said. Can you explain it in detail. For the sake of friendship they
turned in pimps and got caught. All our pride and
honour is gone Ramesh! What’s your name? Shivaji. What do you do? I am a taxi driver. Who else is with you? A sister and a niece. Where do you stay? Pondicherry beach side. Ruraman street. Oh. Here is the medicinal
prescription for you. What happened to me doctor? Don’t worry Shivaji.
It’s a minor accident. You’ll be alright. Make sure you eat lot
of greens and spinach. You must compulsory have
fruits and vegetables. Weekly once… you must check your health. Ok doctor. What did you say your name is? Shivaji. Where did you say
you were working? I’m a taxi driver. You are completely
alright Shivaji. – Here is your key.
– Thank you doctor. Looks like he has memory loss! No who pasted all this
stickers on my car? I hope it’s my car. Idiots. – Hi Yazhini.
– Uncle is here. Where were you? Not even a call. She was all worried about you. I was in hospital. Why? What happened? Fever. Won’t we take care of
you when you are ill? Do you think you are
a stranger to us? Fine. Come have some food. I’ll go to the room.
Just send me some gruel. Fine you go rest. I’ll
send some gruel with her. Hi dear. Where did you go uncle? Do you know how many times
I tried calling you? Sorry dear. I lost the phone. Here. She came by yesterday. Who? That girl. When you see her you feel
like you are in a Illayaraja’s song. In Illayaraja’s song? What are you blabbering? She inquired about you. I didn’t respond. Now why are you blabbering? Go get me medicines. Here take this. I’ll go to the rest
room and come. She is a bit critical. Moreover she has crossed
the limit stage. If she feels dizzy
or if she faints… admit her immediately. Yazhini! I’m going to inject the medicine now. Don’t be afraid. Nothing to fear. It’s just food poisoning. Please avoid processed foods. That is the reason for such sickness. Give her antacid often. She’ll be alright. – Ok.
– Nothing to fear. My fee? How much? 500 bucks. – Do you have that much with you?
– Yes. Thanks. Bye doctor. Thanks. Now what’s all this about? Why are you eating junk? You heard the doctor right? All processed foods are poison. No more pocket for
you hereafter. Just like studies… you must also concentrate
on your diet. If you don’t do that I’ll
stop talking to you. Why no reply? Ok uncle. Can I meet Shivaji? Shivaji who? Here this guy. Oh! You mean Shiva? He left this place
ten years ago. I heard that he is
in Pondicherry now. What is the matter? He has won a lottery. So we are
here to give him the prize money. Oh is it? Do you have his address? I don’t have his address. I do have his mobile number.
Shall I give that? What happened Bald-man? Looks like he left this
place ten years ago. Where is now? He is driving taxi
in Pondicherry. He didn’t have his address. Though I got his number but
that too is switched off. Hey… head to Pondicherry. Hello. She’s awesome! Look there. Oops! She just
caught me looking. Guess she understood that
I was ogling at her. Here she comes. You are doomed! Divert to games on mobile! Now what mistake did I make that’s
making you avoid me completely? I didn’t do it on purpose. I like you and that is why
kept playing pranks with you. What is she talking about? Is she talking to me? I never knew that you loved me. Love? You should have told
about it to me. Why did you go talk
about it to my dad? Is this some kind of prank show? If I had done anything
wrong, I am sorry. Don’t avoid me for what
my dad did to you. Do you even have any idea
how much I love you? Ask her and you’ll know. Guess she must be retarded. Stop torturing me anymore. I am really sorry. I love you. Yes! She is retarded. Sister. One moment. Why he is calling me? Is she confused? Huh? Love confusion. Love is always problematic. Don’t worry
everything will be fine. See you. Why is he ignoring us? He is very strong. Did you go after him? Wasn’t it
him who came in search of you? He’ll come around again. Excuse me. One moment please. Just when I thought so, here he is. Here. The best
psychiatrist in Pondy. Taker her to him and
everything will be fine. If you need any help, here is my number.
Call me and I’ll definitely help. Bye. What did he say? He thinks we are retards and
suggested us to visit a psychiatrist. I guess it’s his way of reacting for
all the troubles we put him through. He thinks he is smarter than us.
Let’s show him how smart we are. Now that the car is
here let’s look away. Sir kindly wait. I’ll
just go meet my lover. Ok sir. I am really bad at this. I
don’t know how I’ll handle it. Don’t overact. – Maintain distance.
– Oh my! This girl? There he comes. Oh he is the reason behind
the confusion in her love. Ready. Action. Please try to understand. I love you.
I’ve been after for six month. – What is this?
– Why did you spoil the flower? – Look here.
– Please try to understand me! I swear I’ll curse you.
No! Not the slippers! Is he looking? Drop
the slippers first! Who told you to waste
your time loving me? – You don’t know about me.
– Drop the slippers. I’ll break your face! – Wait. Come with me. Come on.
– Leave me boss. Is this why you came
down all the way? What else to do? They
keep cheating us. – Cheat you?
– I can’t bear it. Look at her! One moment. Looks like he bought it. What’s your name? Don’t you know that? You are caught! Anjali. Baby Anjali… if someone calls you and asks for
someone else what would you say? I’ll hang it up
saying wrong number. You’ll hang it up right? Similarly when someone
proposes you… you must make them understand
if you aren’t interested. Instead… you give the looks and let
them roam after you. Wonderful. You’ll have his respect
only until he is after you. Once he makes up his mind and stops
it then you loose his respect. Are you serious? Indeed I’m serious. Give respect and earn respect.
Ok? Now what was that? – Brother.
– Brother please unite us. – I can’t live without her brother.
– Brother…. this right here is our weakness. No one ever who has said that “I can’t live
without her”, has never succeeded in life. Brother I am after
for six months. Phew! – Shall I tell you a fact?
– Tell me. There is no girl, in this world, who
is worth going after for six months. Did you hear that? No brother. I believe
that she’ll fall for me. Why do you keep saying that?
Actually it’s us who fall! Isn’t she showing off too much? Go find someone better than
her and then show off! Ok brother. Brother, pay me my fare. I got to go. – What now?
– Now what was that? He arrives, advices and takes off with
his fare. Won’t work out I guess. He is being egoistic. He is over acting. We must do something else. Something more powerful! Cheers. Suresh thank to our lord in
the jail for bailing us out. Sir order please. – Yeah, one orange juice.
– Ok. – Suresh!
– Ramesh! There he is. Almighty is still with us! Now who are they? They look so weird. Boss, how are you? Shake hands. And you? All is well. Everything else is safe.
Isn’t it? We tried calling you
many times but in vain. Sir juice. Only one? – How about some juice?
– Yes pulpy ones. Ramesh? They speak like they know me. Could they be one
of our customers? – Please go ahead. Have it.
– Please have it. Suresh, his reaction
is not convincing. You continue. Ramesh, stop it
with your doubts. Boss, have you seen us earlier? Just few mins ago they
came sat in front of me. Of course I’ve. Sir juice. Boss… you’ve got it right? Oh so they are here
for some free juice! Where is it? Where is it? Why is that I’m encountering too
many crazy people off late? – Suresh!
– Ramesh. Look at the back. – He told code word.
– Code word? Boss… where is all the money? All the money? Come with me. – Take care.
– Success All the money that you
are looking for… it’s there. Take as much as you want. – Playing fool is it?
– Knock him down Suresh! Who are you guys? He doesn’t recognize us. Suresh. Didn’t I tell you
that this guy is a fraud. But you were the one who said
he was genuine and honoured. No honoured it’s honest Ramesh. Is
this the time to correct grammar? – Suresh run!
– Ramesh escape! Just missed! Scoundrels! Thieves! How dare you guys rob me and
over that put me in a mess? Look at me I lost an eye as a result. Did they trick you too? I’ve reserved all these
bullets for them. For the mess they created in my life… I’ll never spare them. If you see them ever again… hand them over to the police. Frauds! Looks like they were frauds. Look at their technique. I must be alert. – Suresh!
– Ramesh. I am totally upset with you. See I told you that
he was a fraud. It was his plan to get rid of us and
that’s why he asked us to jump. Time to prove! I’ll show him who I am. – Is he here yet?
– There he comes. Ok come on. Come closer. Come closer so that
he can see it. – Hello sir. Where to?
– Hi brother. It’s my girl’s birthday. So
take us to a romantic place. Get in. Get in. Let me teach you
more about love. My baby. Six months of roaming after you has
finally earned me six mins with you. A successful love story after
so much embarrassment. So brother… looks like she finally gave in. Thanks to you brother. Sarcasm? Don’t mind brother.
She apologized to me. She accepted my proposal. True love will never fail. I hope both of you
stay united forever. One moment. I’ll be back. Why does he look so
happy about all this? Hands off me! I don’t this will workout. I’ll set you on
a date with one of my friend. Interested? Stop irritating. Then? Tell me. Where shall we go? Wherever you wish. What’s with the package
you got brother? Surprise. Hi kids. Hope all of you are fine. Brother
open the door. Come out. Hold it. Isn’t this success of yours
supposed to be celebrated? You too step out. Distribute it. It’s hot. Careful. Uncle one for me. Here. – Hey Adi. Here is one for you.
– Thanks uncle. What a genuine person! Uncle, what is this treat for? She accepted his love. Hence they are
celebrating it by treating you all. What? She is now in a
relationship with him? Last time wasn’t she in a
relationship with you? And now she is in
relationship with him? Why does she keep changing
boyfriends like changing… Stop blabbering. Now go! At least now hope he realizes. Looks like there is
some mild reaction. We couldn’t do anything but
that kid made him realize! What is it brother? Confused? But that’s the truth. She doesn’t love me. She is in love with you
for the past six months. She is my close friend. She
did this to make you jealous. Please forget the past
and stop avoiding her. You what is the problem here.
Ego. Break it and… see how the girls will love us. Now go. Go open
your heart to her. Give me a shake hand. All the best. Have a nice time.
I’ll leave. Bye brother. Do you even have any idea
how much I love you? I love you. Lost deep in thoughts? Why is your concentration
not on the food? – Nothing…
– Don’t think too much while eating. Since six months she has
been in love with me… guess I never understood. There he comes. He just drove past us. There he is coming back. His diet has made him faster and stronger.
That’s why he must have drove past us. You must pull him
and slow him down. Don’t loose your stand. Let me see how long will
you keep doing this? Not so romantic look. How will I propose? Sorry. Hey maintain your distance. Now watch me. Very sorry. Sorry. Very very sorry. – Hey you…
– Hi. Move back a little. Don’t mess with me! Very sorry! Hey beautiful angel… My eyes have never ever seen
anyone as beautiful as you. Hey beautiful angel… My eyes have never ever seen
anyone as beautiful as you. This is our time to drown in love. I’m slowly dispersing away
as I dissolve in your love. My dear we are destined to make
this journey of love together. Hey beautiful angel… My eyes have never ever seen
anyone as beautiful as you. Worry not about the time;
Come let’s walk hand in hand. Let’s love through till
eternity; Let’s cuddle forever. You and me together; And soon we’ll
be each other’s better half. We’ll be each others strength;
Let’s forget the whole world. Let us close our eyes and
let love lead the way. Let’s be childish once again. Let’s forget the time; Let’s
not worry about anything. Let’s just fall in love
over and over again. Hey beautiful angel… My eyes have never ever seen
anyone as beautiful as you. This is our time to drown in love. I’m slowly dispersing away
as I dissolve in your love. My dear we are destined to make
this journey of love together. Yazhini. I think it’s an emergency. We need to operate
her immediately. – What happened?
– Dear. I have no idea what happened to my kid. I
don’t understand what they are saying. – Please save my kid.
– Don’t cry. Please. I don’t know what to do. Listen. Calm down. Have a seat.
Don’t cry. Doctor… What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you that she is critical
and asked you admit her within ten days? What were you doing
all these days? We doctors are concerned
about the operation but you? Over that you didn’t want me
to inform this to her mother. It’s fortunate that she
admitted her kid here. Doctor I don’t understand
what you are saying. This is not the time! Please go. Pay the money. Go! I’m sorry. We’ll have
to go for the surgery. We’ll not wait for anything.
It’s an emergency. Let’s go. Money! Money! Money! Where is it? Where is he? Where is it? Where is my money? Chief… how do the crows cry
in Pondicherry? Just answer me. Exactly the same way the
crows from other place cry. How about in Tirupathi? Sarcasm? It won’t cry any
different right? Give me one day’s time. I’ll nab him! Return with my money! Go! Bro… Come Shiva. Is your
problem solved? – I need an immediate help.
– Tell me. Can you take my car for sale and pay me
money. I need it for my niece’s surgery. What do you think this is? Have you gone crazy? How can you sell a car
that you’ve already sold? How is this possible? Already sold it? I let you take it even after
selling because I trusted you. Those who help the needy
will finally suffer. Thankfully you came to me again. – Sakthi, come here.
– Sir. – Take the car and park it in the shed.
– Ok sir. She came by yesterday. What’s your name? Don’t you know that? He doesn’t recognize us. Last time wasn’t she in a
relationship with you? She is in love with you
for the past six months. Didn’t I tell you that she is critical
and asked you admit her within ten days? I let you take it even after
selling because I trusted you. Suresh don’t get violent.
We’ll get busted. Let’s keep a safe distance. Look at him acting all innocent. – Boss.
– Boss. Don’t get furious.
We are your friends. Yes boss. Remember you told us… that you are an orphan. – And remember I consoled you.
– Suresh! Boss… Sorry boss. Something happened unexpectedly.
Please don’t mind. I need a help. Tell us. We are here. I need 2.5 millions urgently. For my niece’s surgery. Please help with
whatever you can. Please take your hands off. Very dangerous fellow! – Ramesh!
– Tell me Suresh. He starting all over again, Ramesh. I just know how to deal with him.
Watch me. – Boss, you need money. Right?
– Yes. – Yes welcome.
– It’s still her right? Indeed it’s her. – First him .
– Sure… They call me Sopana Sundari. I’m the queen of the dream land. They call me Sopana Sundari. I’m the queen of the dream land. I shine like a diamond
in pitch darkness. When the moon appears I take charge. Teasing with sweet
pleasures once again… here I come to attract the
vulnerable hearts around. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. I’m here to force
your sorrows to flee. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. I’m here to force
your sorrows to flee. They call me Sopana Sundari. I’m the queen of the dream land. They call me Sopana Sundari. My kiss will change the
winter into summer. The flowers line
up and worship me. The night and sleep
never go hand in hand. Temptation and desperation
never go scarce. Companionship doesn’t bother
about attachments or affection. Please don’t mistake us for Angels.
We are not. All of you are our lovers. It’s all a point of origin
to unite and sought solace. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. I’m here to force
your sorrows to flee. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. I’m here to force
your sorrows to flee. They call me Sopana Sundari. I’m the queen of the dream land. They call me Sopana Sundari. I’m the queen of the dream land. I shine like a diamond
in pitch darkness. When the moon appears
I take charge. Teasing with sweet
pleasures once again… here I come to attract the
vulnerable hearts around. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. I’m here to force
your sorrows to flee. It’s me. It’s me Sopana Sundari. Do you know with whom were
you dancing all this while? Sopana Sundari. You know her but you
forgot us; Your friends? – Damn you!
– Knock him down Suresh! Please don’t thrash us. Can’t you hear her sing ” It’s me.
It’s me Sopana Sundari” Fools! Follow me and I’ll
finish you both. I pity my plight! Sir… if you can pay me my fare.
I’ll be on my way. – It’s been two days.
– Come here. I’ll give you a handsome tip. Calm down and wait. – Excuse me.
– Yes. – Were you the one on call?
– Yes. Is the item ready? This service is only for real men! Out! I would accept if a
real man had said that. – Out!
– Ok. Ok. No tension. Cool. What a doofus! Ridiculous! Looks like this business is
more happening than ours. This business would’ve been a good choice. Too many customers! Too much to handle! One week we take off and
someone else fills in for us. Hello. We got a photo in a car. Do you want to deal
on call or in person? We’ll come in person. Where do we meet? Come to the beach resort. We’ll deal in person. Twinkle twinkle little star. So tell me both of
you what you are? Five star candy brothers. I’m waiting for you. Hi. So tell me why did you
call me all of a sudden? Why did you want to meet me? What happened Shiva? Why are you crying? Tell me. I need a help Anjali. Any problem? I’ve no idea. I don’t know what’s
happening around. Nothing is happening right. Two strangers approached me… claiming their money. My company owner… snatched away my car claiming
that I already sold it to him. Yazhini has a medical emergency. She has to undergo a
surgery immediately. Surgery? And it costs 2.5 millions. I don’t know whom to ask. Why didn’t you tell me? Is it why all these
days you were upset? What happened to Yazhini? Why
does she need a surgery? It’s… You need money right? I’ll return with the money. Bring them. In ten mins… one of you will die. And the other one… is going to have a
luxurious life. So who is going to die… and who will live luxuriously? You guys decide and let me know. That taxi driver
has all the money. Call him. – Where are you now?
– Near the light house bridge. Sir he is at the light house. Hey baldie… untie us. Remember how you irritated
me at the restaurant? I’ll come back and torture you. Why does he want to avenge
us for such a silly issue? Do you recognize us? Are you here to fish? Chief! Don’t let him escape. – Leave me.
– Catch hold of him! Take him! – Leave me.
– Take him along! Bring him. Look at him go! Oh! That zombie just hit him!
He is doomed. Bathe him with petrol
along with the vehicle. They are going to burn
everything, Ramesh! Oh my god! Where are you Shiva? I’ve the money with me. Tell me where to come. He asked you to come
to Binny mills. Ok fine. I’ll come. – Hey look at that!
– Come on. Let’s help him. – Call the ambulance.
– Get some water. Lift him up. Let’s take him. Shiva! Oh my god! You leave. Come on! Is the taxi driver
genuine or fraud? Shall I go ask? How will you go? This is how. Woah! – Oops! That’s was easy. Let me lock myself.
– Looks like they are dumber than us, Suresh. Let me stay or else
I’ll get thrashed. Why are looking dull uncle? Don’t be dull. I hate to see you
being dull like this. – What’s your name?
– Rathnakala. Rathnakala. – What’s your name?
– Hope you rot in hell! – Careful with the money.
– Thanjavur. – How much did you abduct from her?
– Where are you from? – Thank you Shivaji.
– Thank you sir. Well done. Greetings to all. I am Shivaji. I come here with I.G’s permission
to share a few words with you all. Every living being in the
earth has life of it’s own. But no one lives their own life. Earlier we were cheated only
when the governments change. Now we get cheated often
in the name of frauds. Gone are those days of trust. We live in the era
of corruption. Which means the rich will
live a luxurious life. The downtrodden will struggle. Water and land scams… Animal husbandry
and animal trade scams… Bank and real estate scams… Political and
pharmaceutical scams… Marketing and service scams. Scams in every domain. The one who has nothing
is hungry only for food. The one who has everything
is hungry for wealth, power, pride and community. Frauds are only a few of them… but the victims are in millions. Even the dog turns around and
faces the dog that chases it. So if the million victims turn for
once and go against these frauds… our future generation… will prosper. I don’t have the experience to advise further
but then I had to point out the mistake. Thank you. Our saviour!


  1. Jessico Narayanan Author

    Congrats vikram! Massive transformation in acting. Good movie with message.
    As long as you are not greedy, you will never cheated for life. Live your life to the fullest. Does not mean you have to be rich.

  2. SMR MA Author

    தமிழ்நாட்டு  மனோ நிலைக்கு  எவராலும் அதை  மாற்ற முடியாது  – திருட்டு  அரசியலாரும்   குடிகேடர்களுமே  கொழுத்து வீங்குவர் .
    நாம் தமிழர்  என்ற மனோ நிலை  வரவேண்டும் மக்களுக்கு .  கருணாநிதி தொடங்கிய ஏமாற்று  ஜெயலலிதாவினால்  கொழுத்தது –  மக்கள்  மடையர்களாக,  படித்தவர்கள்  சுயநலத்துக்காக  வாழும் மண்ணில்  என்றும்  நடுத்தர மக்களுக்கு  இன்னலே .

  3. I'm Author

    பாம்புசட்டை இதே கதை திரைகதை. ஆனால் படம் விறுவிறுப்பாக இருக்கும்.


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