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Vidya Balan — Award Scene from The Dirty Picture (2011)

Success has gone to your head. But many like you have come and gone. l haven’t come here to go away. Look, I’m up here and
the others are down there. You think the people
down there adore you? They are laughing at you. They know very well that
you don’t belong with us. You are the fantasy from last night.. ..that nobody talks about
the next morning. You are our dirty secret! At least say thanks… l really don’t know
where to begin from. lf I begin right at the start,
my mother will be hurt. lf I talk about the present,
you might feel offended. Because today I won’t stop. Everybody’s right eye is twitching
and heart on the left is throbbing… anticipating what I’m about to say. You must be
wondering why you ever put… a nobody like me on a pedestal. Some people are famous
because of what they do. l’m infamous for what I do. Vulgar… disgusting… sexy… dirty… the words that are
applied to describe me. Just so someone’s
film could take off… l was used as a boarding pass. Yet people say I’m vulgar. You made me dance… but nobody noticed my
effort or my sincerity. You were busy noticing something else. Yet you label me disgusting… sexy… My films are not meant to be
watched with the family but… people watch them alone and
end up with a bigger family. lf I open a few buttons… then everyone will break into a sweat. Don’t you worry… l’m leaving… because except for me,
everyone else here is honourable. But l must say, your
honour is unbelievable. You make films about sex,
you sell them… you watch them, you show them… you even present them with awards… but you’re scared to acknowledge them. Neither will you change, nor will I. Wrap yourself with your
so-called-honour and… l will carry on shedding my clothes. l will continue making
these Dirty Pictures. And I will bring these
Dirty Pictures before you. Who are you? Nayla. Oh! So it is you who writes
all the bad stuff about me. lt will be bad if I
stop writing about you. What do you mean? l mean… what you’re doing
today is a rebellion. Years later people
will call it freedom. l don’t get you. Stay as you are… like a storm… don’t think too much. Because if you do, you’ll fade away. l am Silk. l’m not some film that will
change after the interval.


  1. Saman Wahid Author

    She is so talented, I love her work, Kangana's also… They dare to do something and show what BRILLIANT CINEMA IS! Kajol mam also! There are alot of crappy actresses

  2. Md S Haque Author

    aaj kal Bollywood me jayada tar porn star hi hai, kuchh yaha aake kapre utarti hai kuchh pehle se hi naggi aati hai, ab Bollywood me story nahi bas sex pe hi focus Kiya jata hai, Mai bas use 'hum 5' serial me dekha karta tha uske Baad koi movie nahi dekgi, ab Bollywood me aur porn movies banane wale me jayada fark nahi hai…… maf karna agar meri baaten kisi Ko buri lagi ho….

  3. Mahmood Hussain Author

    I really appreciate vidia balan…..I haven't seen this kind of dominated Heroin in Bollywood in past….she can easily revolves the hole story of film around her without hero….She is Amitab bachen of Bollywood now.

  4. GK world Author

    When I first watched the movie I m just 15…. I m didn't understand the movie, but now when I think about it then I understand the messages of it

  5. basant vimal sharma Author

    Our raitha na balani ongo bazaru kutia money and she will spread her legs.thats not talent that's dying for the rupee.kaisi bakola kuita vinaka


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