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Virtual Girl Interacts with Celebrities at HOLLYWOOD EVENT | 45th Saturn Awards【Rin Asobi Episode 3】

Do you remember the last episode of interaction? Last time, I went to Anime Jungle in
Little Tokyo and met a lot of people! This time, I went to Hollywood and
went to a very honorable award ceremony Yay! The Saturn Awards is a famous
movie and television award honoring science fiction, fantasy, and horror And it has a very long history There were lots of people and it was
such a great experience! There were so many famous actors and actresses! By the way, this is how I looked like! Tada! How do I look? [giggles proudly] I’m going to show you my experience
at the Saturn Awards! I think I showed you a little progress
from the last time Take a look! Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors Yeah! Hehehehe! Can you go down there? Oooohh Rin : You’re good Rock, paper, scissors Rin : Thank you so much Alright, one more time!
Rin : One more time! Rin : I will win Okay, rock, paper, scissors! Thank you! How was it? I had so much fun! I would’ve never imagined that
I could talk and dance and have so much fun with
so many new friends A lot of people wanted to play
rock paper scissors All those people made me
a little nervous though… But, I want to talk to more and
more people and make more friends! If you liked the video, please like
and subscribe and comment below Tell me anything you want me to try I’ll see you guys again next time! Bye bye!


  1. Colin Backup Author

    Wow for celebrities they were so down for chatting and having fun with you. Nice to see they weren't stuck up.
    Glad you had a blast ✊🖐️✌️

  2. Terry Cope Author

    This is such a great video!💖
    I always enjoy seeing how others interact with you out there in the real world!
    It looks like you made a lot of new friends, and you deserve every one of them!

  3. GhostlyComa Author

    No matter what, all of your content can turn a bad day into a good one.
    Such amazing enthusiasm!
    Keep up the amazing work Rin
    If your ever in Seattle I'll come say hi

  4. Sazli Irwan Author

    why is there no Rin collab with other Vtubers yet….oh well at least she is adorb :^))) the suit she wore reminded me of Ultraman with the red and white mix

    Edit: her outro squeezed my heart evrytime….too cute

  5. KOYUBIHIME Yubiko Author

    🌟Rin chaan😍💗✨✨🌟
    🌟I watched that you and AI-chan's Saturn Award video, it was amazing🎉✨😆✨🎊🌟
    🌟It's fantastic to watch that Rin chan is talking with lots of people✨✨🌟
    🌟You made me smile, thank you, hug💗✨✨🌟

  6. mikedynasty77 Author

    It brings me great joy to see you going places and bringing smiles to people from several places! Continue to be such a precious presence please!

  7. Matti Kess Author

    I like very much 💖💗💓 because you always smile 😎😊 and so energetic. 💖💗💓🤩

    You videos always fun watch. 😎😊

    Thank you Rin Asobi. 💓

  8. magoya my Author


  9. MR2 Author



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