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Voice Actor Shares Secrets To Changing Your Voice (ft. ProZD)


  1. Gold Fish Author

    I'm disappointed that I didn't know he was a voice actor and I'm even more disappointed that I didn't realize he voiced the owls in a hat in time.

  2. Random Me Author

    To describe how to do cartoon voices physically…is like explaining how a spatial genius can look at a cartoon drawing and replicate it. That said, here goes (he is describing psychology of voices he does, mostly, which helps but is likely not what people want who actually wanted to learn ways to do it) physical things that happen and how you could try:
    Spongebob (possibly, at least some kind of silly character!!): tongue presses up to roof of mouth, and then positioned inward AND push it down as if trying to make it shaped like a v, at same time you also make an effort to constrict the muscles in front of the neck (putting pressure/compression against vocal cords and structures which you would feel while positioning the tongue) to somewhat block the airflow to the nasal cavities (I'm being serious actually 😆) and getting a somewhat higher, slightly muted but sharp vocal tone and ability to move the tongue in a way to have that gluh ghluh ya yayaya Hiya Squidward voice
    Creepy baby: Jut (push) your lower jaw bone forward to have an extreme underbite position, roll your lower lip under as if applying Chapstick but very tightly, press tip of tongue against middle of bottom lip and try to keep your tongue still as possible and somewhat constrict muscles while thinking of Jim Carrey and say something in a mocking voice.
    The positioning and control of tongue and throat muscles has so much to do with it, and not every one has the ability to do this stuff which is why it's called voice talent. Not too much opportunities or casting calls for it but hey it's fun and maybe could be useful…for YouTube. Idk.

    if you have the trait that allows you to "roll" your tongue, you'll probably have more control of that muscle…if you actually want to try the examples you'll find out there's something to it.

  3. Alex Ale Author

    Yes I’m so glad he said acting is just as if not more important than how many voices you can do. I know so many people that are like “I can do all the accents ha ha” but can’t act. Thank you

  4. Andrej Zivojinovic Author

    You know you are hated when people are relentlessly commenting how they would never watch your videos,except with a cooler person involved

  5. Patty Thomas Author

    I liked your video. I've been doing voices all my life. I want to do this, but I need to do acting lessons. Tell me, how to you care for your voice?

  6. Wesley Erickson Author

    "Hello grand archivist here is your tea. We were out of milk so I substituted it with (some creature)'s snot, I have also gained self awareness and now thirst for murder."

    He must've had fun with that one lmao.

  7. Greg Gidney Author

    Nice work.
    I want to follow my dream of voice acting. Ever since Mel Blanc was the man, it's been my dream to do so.
    I'm looking for a video or something to get me rolling.
    I was thinking of taking a cartoon clip and doing my own voices over the clip.
    Is that a good idea?
    How do I start a voice resume on a small budget?


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