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Voice Actors Caught “Cheating”

The number is said to be approximately 4,778.


  1. Migz Curats Author

    Hahahha! Nice one Kaji – san! Hahahaha! well, tdchnically, he didn't cheat cause he searched it already before the quiz but at the same time, he cheated cause he already know the question and the answer at the same time hahaha

  2. Nancy Hoang Author

    LOL!! I definitely went back to replay this video, and indeed!! Kamiya and Kaji kept grinning and was like, "It's difficult right, Kaji-kun?" Uchida really didn't know the answer xD It was adorable when Kaji explained the situation, and Kamiya was just laughing! These seiyuus are adorable!

  3. Mystica Santiago Author

    It would definitely be funnier if kamiya-san acted like he was in pain when kaji-san said the answer 😂 it would've been more noragami-like

  4. MapleAndAnimeCrazy Author

    I swear I've seen this video dozens of times and each time my face always hurts from smiling too much by the end of it.

  5. Cơ Huyền Author

    When you start watching videos of Kamiya Hiroshi in real life, you know how talented he is becuz his real voice bear near to no resemblance to his characters :))) He sure does bring a distinct 'color' to his characters!

  6. Nat Author

    Even though it was sort of obvious they were cheating (especially for people who are actors), I found this entertaining. Do you have the entirety of this event subbed? I found the unsubbed version here:

    I just really wanted to see this subbed. It looks great!

  7. KaiPandorica Author

    So Hiroshi Kamiya and Troy Baker are not only the best voice actors in the world, they also share another trait: they both love cool socks, apparently.

  8. Avexys Venatrix Author

    Oh god they’re all so cute. Especially kamiya’s laugh when kaji answered it honestly and when kaji said “chigaimasu yo” xD

  9. Meira Eve Author

    Lol I actually repeat the video just to see their reaction only to notice that indeed the choice "nigiita prefecture" came out of nowhere 😂


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