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Volumetric Workflow – OpenVDB in Cinema 4D [New in C4D R20]

In Cinema 4D Release 20, Maxon
introduced a new volumetric workflow that can be used for modeling and data
transfer. It’s fully compatible with all other Cinema 4D core technologies and is
based on the Open VDB library by DreamWorks Animation. Please note that
the inclusion of volumes does not mean that Cinema 4D can now render effects
like smoke and fire. The new volumetric workflow allows artists to create very
complex organic models in an extremely simple manner. Combine objects seamlessly
into a single volume do fast volumetric boolean operations, and finally mesh
everything using the very fast volume mesher that produces clean quad-based
topology. You can also load VDB files and sequences created with other
applications and use them within our current implementation. The Volume
Builder, a procedural volume building generator, is the backbone of the
volumetric workflow. It supports inputs for mesh objects,
generated objects, mograph setups, splines (including procedural and editable
splines, MoSpline and the Tracer object), standard and Thinking Particles
and has been designed to work seamlessly with the very exciting new Fields
technology. With the new volumetric workflow you can expand your creative
vision and create organic models and effects impossible until now – and don’t
forget to check out all the other exciting new features in Cinema 4D
Release 20 on


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