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WanMor and the Rees Family Tour HOLLYWOOD! 🚌 | Extended Check-In #1

– [Cameraman] All right,
Ray, we’re rolling whenever you’re ready.
– Okay, you ready? – Uh huh.
– So we can look, you’re looking at me. – Oh yeah, look at
him, look at him, guys. – [Director] You guys
are all looking at me. Okay, ready? And action.
(camera shutter snaps) – We’re about to
do a Hollywood tour with The Rees Family. – So really excited.
– We’re about to see all the sights, all the history, everything special
about Los Angeles. – Yes.
– I’m so excited. (upbeat music) (camera shutter snapping) (tires screeching)
(groups cheering) – The Hollywood Bowl is
the largest amphitheater in the Western Hemisphere. 18,000 people can sit in
the venue comfortably. Who’s planning on performing
at the Hollywood Bowl when they get older? (all cheer) There are over 5,000
stars on the Walk of Fame. – We saw Bette Davis. We saw all of them.
– We saw Billy Joel. – We saw Stevie Wonder’s,
we saw all those. (camera shutter snaps)
– I want my name to be on one of
those stars one day. (camera shutter snaps) – Okay, so who’s hungry? (all cheering) – Who’s ready to go
to Pink’s Hotdogs? – Oh, awesome!
– Now Pink’s Hotdogs, yes, is an LA institution. (kids cheer) – So we met the owners of
Pink’s, which was super cool. – How have you been?
– How are you? – We’re a family band,
which is ultimately like a family business, so
they gave us some advice. What does it take to run a
family business for 80 years? – Well, the first thing it takes is lots of love
within the family. The next thing it takes
is a lot of dreaming. And the other thing it takes
is everybody has to get along. We would love to know ’cause
we’re a family business, but you’re a family
band, what does it take to make a family
band successful, and get all the way to
the top at Nickelodeon? First you. – Well, it takes
a lot of practice, and like you said a lot of love. We do fight sometimes, but
we try to get passed that. And I’m just really
glad that we made it passed the first round. – Well, congratulations.
– It takes a lot of forgiveness.
– What does it take for your band to be so good? – Well, we have chemistry, we
practice a lot also, as well. We’re very excited
for the next round. I’m glad we made it
through the first. We’re blessed,
we’re very blessed. – Well played. So we have over 40 hot
dog, different varieties on the menu.
(group cheers) So you got to try ’em
all, that’s the deal! – I’m ready!
– All right, so come on in. (group cheering) (mellow jazz music) – Can you pick me up please?
– All right. – I’ll have a hot dog
with relish and mustard. – Can I get the Mayor’s Dog,
chopped tomatoes, chili, green onions, lettuce,
extra guacamole, and extra jalapenos? – Those hot dogs. When I tell you
they were delicious. – Yummy, yummy yummy.
– Delicious, like mwah. – Who ordered the Mayor’s Dog? (group cheering)
– You’re going to eat all that? – Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday, Matt! – Happy birthday!
– You can’t eat that! – Yes, go!
(all cheer) – We are going to work hard. We’re going to
have the teamwork, we’re going to have the love. We really want to
win this thing, and we really want to grow
our family band business, ’cause we love making
music together. – Today was so much fun,
but now we got to get ready for the semi-finals. – We got to bring it our all,
we got to go all out, you know? – Yes. – The competition was
tough, and I think it’s only going to get tougher. Maybe we should show them
that more than just one person can sing lead? We should feature you guys, you have the twin thing, yeah.
– And have Giovanni dancing. – Show us some of
his dance moves. – [Twins] And we’ll
choreograph stuff, so. – Yeah. – If we showed energy
on a slow song, imagine what would happen
if we showed energy on a fast song.
– Yeah, I’m so excited. – With choreography. – Let’s bring it in, and let’s
show America what we got! – One, two, three–
(bubbles popping) – [All] Rees family! – [All] One, two, three, WanMor! (van horn honks) (upbeat music)


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