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Watch This Before You See Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might turn out
to be a career landmark film from one of the most exciting directors of this generation. Here’s everything you need to know before
you see Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie. It’s been nearly four years since Tarantino’s
last film, The Hateful Eight, and anticipation has been building for his next flick ever
since. Things really started to heat up in the summer
of 2017, when The Hollywood Reporter announced that Tarantino’s next project would be a film
set in Hollywood at the time of the Manson murders. The film secured distribution from Sony in
the fall of 2017, and by January of 2018 Leonardo DiCaprio had signed on to work with Tarantino
again on the project. The film spent the first six months of 2018
beefing up its cast as it headed into production. When it came time for a release date, Sony
initially aimed for August 9th, 2019, which would mark the 50th anniversary of Sharon
Tate’s murder at the hands of the Manson Family. By the summer of 2018, that release date had
changed to July 26th, with insiders noting a release date in July would give the film
more time to play in front of summer audiences. As of early July 2019, a large number of critics
and fans have yet to see the film, but we do have its initial reaction from the Cannes
Film Festival to rely on in terms of its quality. After its world premiere, Once Upon a Time
in Hollywood received a six-minute standing ovation from the Cannes crowd, and reviews
coming out of the festival have been largely positive. Though the ending, which Peter Bradshaw from
The Guardian called “startling and provocative,” proved divisive, most critics were pleased
with Tarantino’s visual style, the replication of 1960s Hollywood, and the chemistry between
first-time scene partners DiCaprio and Pitt. So, while not everyone agrees, odds are this
is a movie worth looking forward to. Like Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained,
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set against a very particular historical backdrop. In both of those films, Tarantino took liberties
as he saw fit in an effort to best serve his story, blowing up a whole plantation house
full of slavers in Django and flat-out machine-gunning Hitler in the face in Basterds. With the press billing the film as an “alternate
history,” fans have developed a theory that Tarantino will continue his tradition of toying
with our expectations about what really happened in our own past. The film is set in 1969 Hollywood, but Tarantino
didn’t necessarily have to set his film in our actual 1969 Hollywood. This is, conceivably, a world in which Sharon
Tate could survive the night she was supposed to be murdered, in which Manson could get
his comeuppance, and in which Hollywood could move forward into some different version of
the future. Like many Tarantino films, Once Upon a Time
in Hollywood quickly ignited a degree of controversy after its premiere. At a press conference to promote the film,
a New York Times journalist asked Tarantino why Margot Robbie, nominated for an Oscar
for her work in I, Tonya, didn’t get more dialogue in the film as Sharon Tate. The director was brief and dismissive with
his reply. “Well, I just reject your hypotheses.” “Right.” Robbie then stepped in to offer her own answer
to the question, saying that she was able to express numerous facets of Tate in a nonverbal
way. “To really show those wonderful sides of her,
I think, could be adequately done without speaking.” She added that it was “interesting” to be
able to explore the character even without dialogue. “Rarely do I get an opportunity to spend so
much time on my own as a character, going through a day-to-day existence.” Over his nearly three decades of filmmaking,
Tarantino has developed a kind of stock company of frequent collaborators, and many of them
returned to work with him again for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. While Margot Robbie is a first-timer, both
DiCaprio and Pitt have worked with Tarantino before, Pitt in Inglourious Basterds and DiCaprio
in Django Unchained. The film will mark Kurt Russell’s third time
working with Tarantino, Bruce Dern’s second, Michael Madsen’s fourth, and stuntwoman and
actress Zoe Bell’s sixth. Sadly, one frequent Tarantino collaborator
apparently ended up on the cutting room floor: Tim Roth, who’s appeared in three Tarantino
features and the anthology film Four Rooms, was cast in the film but did not appear in
the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood cut shown at Cannes. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Patrick O'Donnell Author

    If you know nothing or next to nothing about the Manson family history and the Sharon Tate murder and all of that stuff, you will be very bored with this movie and not make the connection in the scenes to what they are trying to say about history, and ultimately revisionist history. If you don't, you will only be engaged in the movie when the ending scene happens. So do yourself a favor and read up on the history or watch a documentary about all of it, so you even know who Sharon Tate is or heard about the Spahn ranch and all of it, because I knew very little and the movie is told in a way that these things are not made obvious, (i.e. that you are watching a movie loosely based on the Manson murders.) Unless you knew that going in, you might otherwise sit down in a theater and watch this without doing any previous research on what it's about and be completely bored and puzzled throughout the entire thing and not understand the gravity of the scenes, just think rather that they are benign insignificant happenings without alot of action or build up to the main plot, unless you know the history and then you know they are building up to what you know is coming, per history.

  2. sam ambrosin Author

    Studio bosses who loved movies in the golden age in Hollywood demille, Cohen, Zanuck, Goldwyn ,Mayer and now the Maverick Tarantino he will take his place in movie history with Hitchcock, Spielberg, lean, Ford, Hawks, Capra etc.

  3. suraj amom Author

    Undoubtedly, the best director of the modern time… This time the main attraction centres around the bringing of Leo & Pitt together on the same screen… Can't wait to watch!!

  4. john moreno Author

    Think Tarantino loosing his mind using Leo has lead and pit as back up smh. Dumbing down Bruce Lee the dragon is weak. Especially after kill Bill, movies my take on this.

  5. Dallas Dan Digital Productions Author

    Margot lit up the screen in a way beyond words. When QT likes a woman, he knows how to shoot her like a master painter with a camera

  6. Lauren Heintz Author

    I liked the movie until Tarantino disrespected Bruce Lee, who tragically died young. This movie in no way captured the true essence of Mr Lee.

  7. Cindy Fitzgerald Author

    I’m so obsessed with Leo he’s amazing in every movie I’ve ever seen him in and Quentin his movies are always so different and fabulous! I’m going today to see this movie I’m so excited !!

  8. VietnamD0820 Author

    I’d say DON’T watch this video before you see the movie…I’d argue to watch it after, so that way you go in not knowing what to expect

  9. MeAffordable Author


  10. ANU START Author

    this movie fu king sucked, I only liked the ending and the fake tv/movie bits, and it was a really good ending, but it didn't change the fact that 10 whole minutes of the movie are brad pit driving through hollywood with no dialogue. shit movie, didn't think something this bad could come from an entertaining director like Tarantino. I mean for real, with this many famous stars on their belt, you'd think they'd make em talk or act in some way, instead they're just walking around with their thumbs up their asses waiting to be given direction.

  11. Connie Crawford Author

    Foot fetish, flamethrower, violence – and great directing and satisfying ending ( if only it had ended that way in real life) – yep, another Tarantino film! He really puts his stamp on his movies!

  12. Collin Daugherty Author

    What a breath of fresh air this movie was! Masterful storytelling totally cool characters and the ending actually made me cheer

  13. Kale Beyer Author

    The movie was terrific! Definitely Tarantino at his best.. Pitt and DiCaprio played off of each other very well, I can definitely see Oscar nominations for Leo and Brad!

  14. No Name Yet Author

    These progressive leftists think they stand for good. And they are willing to destroy the real good guys to achieve their evil ends. Being that the real good guys are the truly devout of Jesus Christ, people who believe in deceny and are seen as old fashioned and prudish..
    The thing is this, we have a holy God who calls us to be holy. You can hate that all you like, you can shake your fist at God, you can make your little movies and try to recreate morality based on how you see fit. But the end result is the same. It is one of regret and abject horror as the workers of inequity will be cast into hell- where there will not be stardom or movies, there won't be even be rest.
    So choose wisely how you will live this life. I was a young man once and was chief among sinners. I laughed and scoffed at those with warnings like my current self.. But how wrong I was. And I was to find out the hard way through a life of loss and sorrow.. But there is always hope as long as one can draw breath. Hope in the truth that is Jesus Christ. That old cliche that you roll your eyes at is actually the most beautiful thing and is free for the taking. As no amount of sin or money can even compare. Who this day will choose the Lord?

  15. K Silver Author


    When all the music, pride and fame fade…….. many movie star actors
    search for spirituality and meaning in life all the wrong places

  16. K Silver Author


    When all the music, pride and fame fade…….. many movie star actors
    search for spirituality and meaning in life all the wrong places

  17. michele vitarelli Author

    Was the id request a jab at Roman Polanski? The group of friends I went to the movie with didn't think so. I think Tarantino spent way too much time on it for it not to be.

  18. Kenneth Russell Author

    Tarantino should have at least given the dog more screen time and dialogue
    For heaven's sake He wasn't even in the credits.😀 He or she .

  19. saurabh Author

    What an amazing movie.. when the movie ends, it feels just so satisfying..and for some reason , I can watch this movie like again and again and again.

  20. P Lund Author

    I was mostly waiting for the movie to end. If it wasn't for respect for the rest of the audience, an our in I would have picked up my phone for some random browsing. Little to no story, no characters that I cared about. Some fun jokes but nothing above average. The violent end scene did wake me up but I had lost all interest in the movie long before that so the action just felt silly and annoying.
    I really like most of Tarantinos other movies. I think he should have made this at least two hours shorter and at least tried to bring some dramaturgic tension in.
    Maybe more interesting for people who know a lot about that period in Hollywood. I'm sure I missed a lot of references but a good movie can't rely on such things only.

  21. Timo Cruz Author

    Watch this before you see it? you kinda just gave away the ending, the whole time you are tense cuz you know her fate…. well kinda. It gives the movie it's tension…

  22. Snaggle Toothed Author

    I've just watched it and I found it disjoined, wierdly paced, over-long and, ultimately, futile.
    It's not a movie I'm eager to rewatch any time soon.

  23. Stephen Birks Author

    Taranantino lost for words – Unable to talk his way out of that one with some eloquent mumbo jumbo – And had to be bailed out by a fellow actor ! haha ! – Reason is probably this – Quentin is terrible at writing script for women !

  24. Mr Big Author

    Went to see this film yesterday. What a load of rubbish. The action started 15 minutes before the ending and it lasted around 10 minutes. I had such high hopes for this movie.

  25. Samuel Mayston Author

    I don't see why people are making a fuss over the question. I mean, she just asked what went through her mind. Whether it be for money or not, it is a question, and by our moral standards should be respected as such, whether it's obvious or less obvious.

  26. Make Everything Free Author

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 2 1/2 hours of total boredom followed by a senseless and extremely violent massacre. Maybe it would make sense to an American who lived through that era, for everyone else, bring a pillow if you go to see it.


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