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Watching A Movie At Home Vs The Theaters – People Watching #9


  1. Alystas Author

    Actualy we don't call the "That guy" "Le monsieur" we rather say "Ce type" or "Ce mec" for a guy and "La meuf" or "La fille" for a girl

  2. Michael Offner Author

    Yeah sorry but I disagree. I cannot abide people who talk or otherwise make noise in the theater. Even if the movie is bad, I want to be able to judge it clearly. So if someone makes noise next to me, I will tell them to shut the fuck up Alex.

  3. Grand Diamond Author

    I usually hate it when I have to sit near ppl who just won't shut up and watch the movie, but I also love hearing ppl react or make a witty comment or two about the movie. It adds to the experience. Usually I'd only appreciate that if its a comedy or if its something that you can't help but nod along and say yeah to yourself about.

  4. soflay turtles Author

    When they were like why can't we just sit out here with our phones on and talk and look at the movie im like wait you can there are drive-in movies that allow you to do just that

  5. Where’s Wolf Author

    These talking hipster liberals are the fucking worst… why do you pay to have surround sound and a giant screen to talk over it as loud as you can…

  6. angelica acosta Author

    They make a great argument, I disagree, but ig its kind the point if your educated enough no matter what side your on if you have a strong argument then you have a point?

  7. Champion 61 Author

    I still like this episode. Personally I don’t agree with talking while others are trying to listen. My main take away is that most movies in theater are garbage.

  8. Kit Kateline Author

    I'm for talking during movies but not like full out conversations. And mostly whispering so the others aren't too disturbed. I'm just annoyed because I went to see a Marvel movie recently and because my friend and I are comic fans we were freaking out as quietly as we could and we got shushed. Proceeded to spend the rest of the movie silently miming our reactions and shaking each other by the shoulder when something dope happened, and the guy behind us continued to kick my seat when we did this. Someone in the back of the room laughed loudly at a really good joke at some point and the dude shushed him too. I think if people are enjoying the movie you shouldn't fucking police everything they do.
    Talking during the movie only to shit on it though is stupid. Let people enjoy the movie. Don't go see it in theaters if you're only going to shit on it.

  9. Pete Author

    2019 here but: I liked the conversation they have about how people consume art in public venues, and films specifically (atleast today, and in the west). It seems natural to me to question why we do some of the things we do, why exactly we do them in the way we do them, and why we assume it must be the best or only way of doing it (which might be a re-occurring theme in People Watching…)
    Theres no explicit rule that says "standing" means audiance participation is expected while "sitting" means participation will imply that youre a horrible, selfish person.
    Thats just the way western europeans seem to do it; and only in the last few decades when it comes to movies. Before then (and in lots of places today) people didnt go to the movies to have a personal, private experience by themselves in a large room filled with equally alone people and they'd be dissapointed if thats what they got.
    Reading the comments Im wondering if some people ever consider that the way they do some things, like watching a movie in a theatre, and the customs they expect from others, may not be universally true, or unquestionable, or even permanant and that they might actually even enjoy it more some other way if theyd gotten the chance to grow up someplace where going to the movies meant something slightly different…

  10. Toxic Bunny Author

    I like this series but this episode was bad.

    Talking in a theatre just makes you an asshole that should just leave instead of ruining the movie for everyone

    And also just because someone enjoys A BAD movie doesn’t mean there an idiot.

  11. Doran Martell Author

    When I was dragged along to see XMEN Apocalypse, everyone there was so accepting of how awful the movie was that basically everyone talked and no one complained. Most of the fun was hearing everyone's take on what's happening. One of my friends anticipated HISHE take on how the baddie is a fashion artist wannabe.

    It really depends on how bad it is.
    The problem is in the middle, when someone doesn't like it and someone is loving it.
    That and banana peels left on the floor. You bloody pigs camels.


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