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We Tried Extreme Beauty Hacks From Old Hollywood • Ladylike

– We here at LadyLike know
that beauty can be hard. – Like plucking your eyebrows for example. That’s a devil’s ritual and I won’t do it. – But we got our hands on a list of hacks from classic Hollywood and
well, we’re gonna try `em. – It’s LadyLike and today we’re trying old Hollywood beauty hacks. – [Host] Gimme them hacks! – My somewhat common beauty hack that I use is just coconut
oil for everything. I rub it all over my
face and fingers at night and then I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and shiny. – I would say maybe an extreme beauty hack is like when I’m in the shower washing my hair, the water is pretty cold. And it’s because it helps my
hair from getting dehydrated. – When I went to prom I
actually set my hair in beer. It was my mom’s suggestion,
I would rinse my hair with beer and then like,
rinse it out with water and it made my fine hair
be able to hold curl. – The way I put on my eyeliner
gets a lot of comments. When I put on my eyeliner I just, lay it on really thick and
I go probably out to myaah. Then it covers everything
it needs to cover and then I just take a wipe
and I wipe it all away. That way I don’t have to be more precise when applying it because
everything’s covered and I just gotta wipe away
the stuff that I don’t want. – None of my beauty hacks are dangerous and none of them are
very surprising at all. – But I hear, a bunch
of these beauty hacks that we’re about to look
at are kind of intense. I hear about it because I’m actually directing this video so… So in front of me I have
a list of 20 fun facts about like, our old Hollywood idols. The beauty tips that kept them fabulous. But apparently all of these tips will make us say what the fuck. Audrey Hepburn got her
signature doe-eyed look by separating her lashes one
by one using a safety pin. No thank you, why would you willingly put a safety pin right up on your eye? Today I was walking to Rite
Aid to buy some deodorant and a bug flew straight into my eye and I was like, this is how I die. – If you have a compact and a steady hand, go ahead, put a needle right by your eye. I don’t have a problem with that. You wanna do that, that’s fine. – Marlene Dietrich insisted on having real gold dust sprinkled on her wigs to make them shine more on camera. Real gold dust, that’s luxury. This is like, a Foxy Cleopatra kinda hack. – Putting table salt in your cleanser and slapping your jawline was the secret to great skin in 1940. Really?
Table salt? – (laughs) These are funny. – I mean salt, if you want to exfoliate but salt is abrasive. – Last time I checked putting table salt in any kind of like, open wound, really intensified the feeling of ow. How is it supposed to keep
your skin like young and taut? (slapping) – Rita Hayworth dyed her hair and endured a year of hairline electrolysis
to look less “ethnic”. What type of ethnic?
She looks like a white lady. – Howard Hughes believed slowing down when driving over a speed bump would prevent boobs from sagging. – Also, Howard Hughes, what
do ya know about having boobs? I’m sure you know about liking boobs. I’m sure you could
write a book about that, but what do ya know about having them? – Uh-uh, I’m tight. – According to a beauty column in 1941 placing a piece of tape between your eyes stops you from frowning. This is basically the old-timey version of when a random man tells
you, you should smile more. Yeah let’s do this one it seems fun. – [Camera Woman] It might be too big. – Yeah, like this? – [Camera Woman] I guess so. – Actor Gloria Grahame
stuffed her upper lip with paper or cotton to
make it appear fuller. It seems like that would work but would it look ridiculous, maybe? Let’s do it, I’m down. – Frances Starr did 20
somersaults every night to keep a youthful complexion
and help with indigestion. Youthful skin, no more gas, let’s do it. I don’t really know
what a somersault is so, lovely Brittany’s gonna
show me how to do it. – How do you do this at all? Why do I look like an angry baby? – Billie Burke famous for her role as Glenda The Good Witch in Wizard of OZ, swung from her door frame
like a pendulum to stay young. Maybe that’s science?
I don’t know science. But I do know that I hang
upside-down from a pole often. So I’m actually gonna
put this one to the test. For beauty! – I feel something. – You can totally see
this if I show any teeth, and the longer it’s in my mouth the harder it is to close my lips. – The pants I’m wearing are quite fitted. Not much give so I’m
going to unzip the back to make sure that they don’t rip. I have to do 20 of these? I’m tired. (laughs) 19 Left. – [Camera Woman] It looks
like a baby Post-it. – Yeah, supposedly it pulls
your face muscles upwards and then you don’t wanna frown. – Does it?
– I guess, I mean I’ve been smiling a lot so I guess it’s working. – You do look actually more smiley. – I know, I can’t tell if it’s ’cause, it’s working or if it’s ’cause
I just think this is funny. I don’t know? Old Hollywood’s weird. – I only did it for a couple of seconds. Typically I can stay upside-down
on a pole for forever but this is a stop sign. – Really?
– [Camera Man] Yeah. – Wow.
For beauty! – If this is wait it takes to have youthful skin and no gas, I’ll pass. I’ll have wrinkles and poop, and shart. – We did it. (slapping)


  1. Trishiee V Author

    I was taking a deep breath when Shantel said "this is how I die" I like choked on my breath and make a weird sound. My mum turned around and stared at me xD

  2. Taylor Loeb Author

    That's how good/painful the electrolysis was. Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen Cansino, father was from Spain, and her natural hair color was black.

  3. Chelsea Rottet Author

    My mom used to do the safety pin thing, even while driving. It looks pretty terrifying but isn't as hard as it looks. I don't recommend doing it in a moving vehicle though.

  4. Monroe Robbins Author

    Rita Hayworth was Hispanic. Sorry, I just learned about this, and Rita Hayworth isn’t even her birth name. (Reminds me of Freddie Mercury a bit, and his backstory that not a lot of people know about.) Her father was Spanish-Roma, and her mum was Irish American.

  5. Rebecca Sloat Author

    My mom told me she use to use the safety pin eyelash trick!! I mean I get it, but I'd still be nervous with something so sharp so close to my eye…

  6. Lea Dingman Author

    Seriously? Are you "ladies" smart?
    1. The tape is to be pulled upwards like facelift tape of today.
    2. Salt dries and because of this, tightens the skin. The slapping increases blood flow like cupping, or facial massage of today.
    3. Pin is similar to using an eyebrow/eyelash brush to separate the lashes, but more precise. Mascara in her day, was much clumpier, and thick. Also the applicator brushes were not as nice as today's versions which separate the lashes for you during application.
    4. Cotton, or paper in the lip works. However, it was for photoshoots NOT all day wear.
    5. Hanging or swinging upside down increases flexibility and blood flow, just like the Teeter tables and gravity boots of today.
    6. Maybe do some actual research on the topics before doing the video????

  7. Lea Dingman Author

    P.S. for all who've commented about the somersault.
    somersault. A somersault is a gymnastic move in which you lower your head almost to the floor androll forward so your feet flip over your head. Fancier somersaults are done in the air, rather than on the ground. … In gymnastics, asomersault on the floor is more often called a roll.

  8. olivia arteaga Author

    The hanging upside down one is because gravity will pull upward on your face instead of down like when you stand, then reducing wrinkles and making you appear younger

  9. vane2760 vane2760 Author

    Actually salt brings blood up the the sugar of your skin when aploed in a salt/water mixture. When the blood comes up it regenerates the skin cells therefore smoother and healthier skin

  10. Sydney Ingram Author

    "today I was walking to rite aid to buy some deodorant and a bug flew straight into my eye and I was like… This is how I die" me too lmao

  11. Lilli Johnson Author

    "Less ethnic? How was she ethnic? She looks like a white girl." Rita Hayworth's birth name was Margarita Carmen Cansino. Her father was from Spain and her mother was Irish-English. Without her beauty hacks, she did look ethnic.

  12. Brandy McNamee Author

    To be fair, Hollywood was/is basically a high-end nuthouse where the inmates run the asylum… So, at this point, nothing they got/get up to surprises me in the least. 😕

  13. Shylanna Tuttle Author

    Rita Hayworth's father was Spanish-Roma (Gypsy) and her mother was Irish- American she was born Margarita Carmen Cansino.

  14. Baby Johnson Author

    😂🤣😂 my mom does the first one, I recommend using dull earring backs instead of a safety pin, if you want to try something something like the first hack

  15. Mr. Human Author

    Anyone else wondering why Devin was wearing her sexy cat in the hat costume from the wearing sexy costumes to work video and how she didn’t actually swing from a door frame like a pendulum

  16. I'm a Potato Author

    I have used the table salt one🤷
    My mum told me about it and it works, but I only add very little and use it just once a week😬

  17. Bean BeanMachine Author

    I tried the Audrey Hepburn pin eyelash trick and stabbed myself in the eye. I have a pretty steady hand too. Don’t try it. Pain.

  18. Mae Author

    i actually do the safety pin lash separating thing when i wear mascara, which is not often but i’ve been doing it without knowing it was a thing xD


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