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Fixed & Synced by bozxphd.Enjoy The Flick“Welcome Back.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome…” “Welcome.” “Welcome… Welcome… Welcome.” “Everybody let’s Welcome back.” “Everybody let’s have some fun.” “Everybody let’s Welcome back.” I’m sure you recognized them. “Go explain him…
who Uday Shetty really is.” “What his true colors are?” “Control.” “And the things he can
do if he blows his cool.” “I do have a gun.” I’ll blast few rounds
under his ear lobes.. That he’ll be dancing
before the horse himself. ‘You guessed it right.’ ‘They are underworld Dons
Uday Shetty and Majnu bhai.’ ‘There was a time when
they ruled this city.’ ‘But look at them now.’ ‘They are getting swindled
out of their own money.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because these yesteryear goons…
have turned white-collared now.’ – Uday!
– I don’t get it at all. Where’s the money? Who let you in here? Snake, water and Basha
Khan can get in anywhere. So which one are you? Do I look like a snake or water? I am Basha Khan. I own everything
that moves in Dubai. And you two are running
such a big hotel. Did you load the
guns in your mind, boss? – Yes.
– Don’t fire them. So… will you pay up or
do I raze down this hotel? Bloody… walking balloon.
You’ll raze down my hotel? Yes! Control, Majnu… Control! What control? Now these toads are croaking at us. Majnu, we’ve been
blessed with everything. Fame, Fortune… Respect. And respected men are helpless. They have to pay HP- Mannu.
– Yes, boss. Go quench his thirst. Yes, boss. Go. Come, Basha bhai. Uday… you’re the smarter of the two,
so explain him as well. My feet are down there… not here. – What did you say?
– Nothing… I don’t remember. – He’s a mirror of our past.
– What? Not you… Go on! Come, Basha sir.
The sweets are this way. He’s an ugly image of our past. This is exactly how we were. We would simply
pickup the phone and.. “Send 20 million…
Send 40 million..” Doesn’t it feel much better
to lead a respectable life? You’re right, boss. Since you turned descent,
a lot of people respect you. Right, boss? But earlier everyone
would respect him. Right, boss? That wasn’t respect,
it was fear. Right, boss. Fear is better than this decency. Right, boss. What’s all this? Can’t you all stick to one thing? Why are you confusing me? They can’t confuse you. You’ve been confused for
the last seven years yourself.. Whether you did the
right thing by turning decent. Right… we are confused. Not us… only you. I am clear… that I am wrong. I am still within my limits
because of your decency. Otherwise… l would’ve
made my own Al-Qaidas. “There’s another
problem in their life.” “These two poor guys
are still unmarried.” “They couldn’t get married yet.” There’s not a single female
in their home. Boss, if there’s nothing
more to do, can we go home? You never stay when
there is something to do. – Go.
– Thanks. No need to go anywhere. Boss, it’s ‘Karvachauth’ today. Our poor wives must
be waiting for us. How would these two poor guys
know about wives, ‘Karvachauth’.. Home or Children. Love you, son.. I’ll get you the
chocolate… l promise. Even the toys.
I’ll get everything. Boss, the children
are giving you love. Boss, we’ll have to go. Yes, we have to. Let’s go. They are all married. Look at this fatso. When he’s sitting,
he looks like a big sofa. And this baldy. His wife doesn’t have
to wait for the moon to rise. Even I’ve a big desire.. That someone looks at me
from the other side of the strainer. Yes, that’s true. But wives are a peculiar puzzle. They trouble their husband
all year and make his life hell. And by performing such rituals… they
don’t let them die either. Regardless… we should get married. Yes, of course we should. But you see… our good-looks
interfere with our destiny. Lord must be confused… about the
kind of girl He has to make for us. “But one day… Lord sent a dame
in their life… clad in a two-piece.” “And it was love at first sight,
for these two… with the same gal.” “But she is no ordinary girl.” “She is Princess Chandni.” And this is the website from where
the princess was downloaded. “I mean her mom…” “Queen Padmavati” of Nazabgarh. “But do you know why they are here?” So… after we get out,
we’ve to lure their kids. They are the targets. Look at his face… And this one isn’t
even worth a look. Mr. Gill’s seen their hotels. They are filthily rich. This time we’ll be posing
as Queen and Princess. Why is that? The rich get credit easily. Sometimes we’ll borrow from them… other times they
can give it as gifts. But what if they seriously
come after me for marriage. I didn’t get married yet,
how can I let you do it? But… they look like
tough nuts to crack. Can we break them? Not just break them dear,
they will melt away. They will melt away. Both the rascals are
eager to get married. And after all, you’re my daughter. In just two meetings… you’ll turn them into
Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. “Tell me baby now…” “what’s the reason that you sound.” “What’s the reason that
you sound like my dream guy.” “And your ways just feels like wow!” “I feel relieved…
every time you’re close to me.” “Every time you’re close…
my passion soars.” “So why don’t you
meet me really soon.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “Life’s so lonely.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “Life’s so lonely.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “O Baby… O Baby… 0 Baby…” Mom, I want this car. Such a beautiful car. That we can’t afford. Love you. “You stole my heart in a second.” “Now you seem important
than the rest.” “Important than the rest…” “Important than the rest…” “Important than the rest…” “You stole my heart in a second.” “Now you seem important
than the rest.” “You know how incomplete
I am without you.” “Distances are not good in love.” “Why do you meet me only on weekends.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “Life’s so lonely.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “Life’s so lonely.” “Baby… meet me daily.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “O Baby… O Baby… 0 Baby…” Mom… I don’t like
a single ring here. – How about this one?
– “Baby… meet me daily.” “Life’s so lonely.” Majnu, your heart
is bigger than this ring. My love. Brother. Brother. Why are you prancing
around like a horse? I’ve wonderful news. – What happened?
– I’ve decided to get married. Congratulations… – Me too.
– What? – With whom?
– Yes… with the princess. – Princess?
– Hmmmm. But I love the princess. – Ignorant fool… she loves me.
– I see. – Let’s go ask her whom she loves.
– Come on. Madam, both the ATMs are here. What? You love Uday and Majnu? Dear, we belong to
the Nazabgarh aristocracy. And we don’t fall in love so easily. And your heart’s… beating for two? What else can I do, mom? Whenever I close my eyes I see Uday. And when I open them I see Majnu. And most importantly…
Uday’s such an experienced actor. “Potatoes…!” “Onions…!” And the other one…
is a magnificent painter. “When I’m holding a brush,
I don’t hold a gun.” So, mom… Can I many them both? What? You’re choosing a companion
not buying a cooking-gas. More the merrier doesn’t apply here. I feel… you should let them decide. Whosoever horoscope matches
the most… will marry you. Wow… what a decision. – Priest..
– Yes. I hope my celestial
merits are enough? Even if they’re not,
I’ll take some from Majnu’s horoscope. You do that. Otherwise… it won’t take long
for this scene to turn bloody. And I have the quality to do that. Do all my merits
match with the princess? All 38. But there are only 36, Yes. But seeing the way
you cut that watermelon.. I was going to say 40. You fool, you stick to 36. And don’t forget… Knives can take lives as well. Priest… look at the
horoscopes… and stop dreaming. Uday! Father, Hello. You’re angry with me, aren’t you? What are you doing here? I hid something from you till now. You know that I got married twice. I’m a little tensed,
just need to speak for a minute. Go ahead,
we don’t understand a thing anyway. Why did you grow a beard? You look cheap. Your hairstyles really nice. This is not some style,
I lost most of my hair. Because of you. Is that so? I can understand,
I’m going to lose some more hair. I mean I got married
thrice an not twice. And I have another daughter,
which means your sister. What… three marriages? Sister. I have no sister.
Get lost. Uncle! What new problem
did you cook-up now? Majnu, you know that
I got married twice. But actually I got married thrice. Three? Children are crying out for food.. And father’s finished
his 3 course-meal. And I have a daughter. Daughter? – You mean another sister.
– Yes. People normally get sc**** But in this case your
own father’s sc**** you. Well… there’s no guarantee
of this father now. My life-switch can
turn-off any minute. Are you my father or a ceiling fan? On-off? What’s wrong with you? My motor’s damaged… Heart. Just like you got Sanjana
married in a decent family.. I want you to do
the same with Ranjana. That’s all I do. You keep getting yourselves
a new wife every time. And we find grooms for our sisters. I don’t have any sister. But I have a brother. I thought he’ll be
overjoyed to see me. Hug me.. I didn’t know he’ll
refuse to accept me. On every ‘Raksha Bandhan’.. I would see my friend’s brothers
and wish that I had a brother too. But when I found out that I do.. I left my exams
in-between to meet him. Now I’ve met him. I guess I’m not destined
for any brotherly love. Why not? I am there. I always wished that…
I had a sister. And I’ve found her today. You’re my sister… not his. I’ll get you married. Majnu! Let it be, brother.
It’s not her fault. – It’s…
– I admit it’s my fault. Come. Uday, you’re exactly like me. Emotional rascal. Now I can happily
go on my pilgrimage. Sunder Shetty… now you
can get married again. Now I can happily return India
and give my exams. Your happiness is going to double-up. Soon you’ll have
a sister-in-law as well. – My wife.
– Or mine. – Only one of us…
– Is getting married. This marriage isn’t possible, I mean… only until your
sister doesn’t get married. But what’s our marriage
got to do with hers? Yes, mom. – Dear, you’re forgetting who we are.
– Who? The Queen and Princess of Nazabgarh. How can the brothers get married.. When their sister’s still unmarried? What will the people
of Nazabgarh say? Yes… what will they say? – How can we find a decent guy so soon?
– Yes. What’s the hurry?
Take your time. Your sister’s not
in a hurry nor are we. But we are. Look, call it our
helplessness or our condition. But we cannot ignore
our tradition and customs. Let’s go, dear. Boss, don’t fire. – Control, Uday.
– What control? Where will we find a decent
boy from a respectable family? – I will kill you today!
– Ghunghroo! Have you gone crazy? You never let me stay normal. You were already married
prior to our marriage. And you also have a son. And you hid this
from me until now. I was going to tell
you on our wedding night.. But you fell asleep
after drinking the milk. I was only asleep, not dead. You could’ve told me the next day,
you wretch. I tried to tell you,
but you never gave me a chance. Did you expect me to call
a press-conference to disclose this? You should be happy that you’re a son. My Son? I didn’t cast my vote… so how can he be my Chief Minister. What’s the point of killing you? You can be happy with your son? I will renounce this world. Ghunghroo… you don’t have
to punish yourself for my mistakes. You know we couldn’t beget
a child even after numerous efforts. Lot of people called you uncle.. But no one called you papa. Daddy… papa. You’re very lucky, Ghunghroo. Not many fathers
get a young-grownup son. No hassles of dropping
or picking up from school. No college… no donations. Direct son. And what about when you’re dead? Who will perform your final rites? You’ll wander around as a ghost. And if your son performs your
final rites… you’ll get salvation. He isn’t just your son,
he’s a boon for us. Say something, Ghoongroo! Say something. Take me to my son. – Take me to my son.
– Ghoongroo! Hello. Hello, Ghoongroo sir. We paid a visit to your home.. And found out that you’re
heading towards the airport. And so we thought we’ll
seize on you on the way. Seize. What a great thought. By the way…
where are you headed? India, to see our son. What? Son? – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! – You have a son?
– Yes, our son. – Your son?
– More than a son. – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! Wait! You never told us you had a son. What do you mean by we didn’t. I’ve a paternal and
a maternal uncle as well. I never told you
about them either. He lives in India.
We hardly meet him. So what is all the questions for? No… no… don’t get angry. – Is he a bachelor?
– Is he? You don’t know whether
he’s a bachelor or not? I said he is a bachelor? You think I am being rhetorical. He’s a bachelor… – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! That’s exactly why we were
coming to see you, Ghunghroo, So that you tell us of
a decent boy in your family.. And we get our
sister married to him. Sister? You never told me
you’ve another sister. – You didn’t know either.
– Not me, it’s his. I mean… mine too. His kid sister. Probably… the last one. With the grace of God
I’ve everything. Fame, Fortune… Respect. And thanks to my father…
I’ve three mothers. – Three mothers?
– Yes. Since we’ll be related soon.. There’s no point
in hiding it from you. I’ve a kid sister
from the third mother. Great… he’s got a sister. – You don’t look surprised?
– Why should I? It happens with everyone. Some suddenly finds a sister.. And some find a son, right. She’s really cute,
cultured, decent and beautiful. All I want is that you accept
her as your daughter-in-law. Consider it done, Uday.
It’s a yes. – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! Hold on. – Let me meet my son once.
– What? I mean… you meet my son once. What’s to see? Father’s like sugar-cane…
so the son must be like jiggery. Hey… Can’t you can
give a decent example? Then you give one. We’re standing at the
threshold of the temple.. Then we’re bound
to find God Inside. We know you,
there’s no need to see your son. We can have no second thoughts.. About a respectable,
decent and handsome man like you. – Listen to me..
– We can talk later. It’s a yes from us. Yes. Rascals… congratulate them now. – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! – Congratulations!
– Congratulations! Come on… it’s Ajju bhai’s birthday. Come on, aunty… pay up. Stop. Stop. It’s Ajju bhai’s birthday. He’s here… he’s here… Another one.. Why are you begging? We’re collecting donation. It’s the same thing,
only different spelling. Why are you collecting donation? It’s Ajju bhai’s birthday. – Birthday?
– Yes. I’ve heard about Gandhi
Jayanti… Ambedkar Jayanti. Was your bhai some freedom fighter? Yes, he’s a freedom fighter. He fights wherever he gets freedom. Come on, pay “P- Stop arguing, just pay them. – Fine… 11 rupees.
– Not 11 rupees… we want 11,000. 11,000? Did your mother or your father
leave that kind of money with me? Hey… Maybe you don’t know who I am. Hey lady… you don’t
know who Ajju bhai is. Look.
Turn around. Ajju bhai.. Ajju bhai..
Ajju bhai.. Ajju bhai.. “I am a stormy soda.” “I am the queen of carom.” “I am a spicy fritter.” “Makes your mouth water.” “I am a match a stick.” “That can light a wet cigarette.” “Even rowdy’s get sentimental for me.” “I became Bubli and you became Bunty.” “And we played 20-20
in a closed room.” “I became Bubli and you became Bunty.” “And we played 20-20
in a closed room.” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” “I’ve been fleeced
by beautiful damsels…” “by their black tresses,
and rosy cheeks.” “I’ve been fleeced
by beautiful damsels…” “by their black tresses,
and rosy cheeks.” “Shiny… shiny… shiny…
shining queen.” “Queen.” “Luscious… luscious…
luscious is your youth.” “Youth.” “As the veil slips down my body.” “There’s a chaos in neighborhood.” “You’re the bell
that I keep ringing.” “I became Bubli
and you became Bunty.” “And we played 20-20
in a closed room.” “You became Bubli
and I became Bunty.” “And we played 20-20
in a closed room.” He’s played enough 20-20, daddy. Yeah. Now slice his body into
50-50 and end this match. “Fleece me… Fleece me…
Fleece me..” “I’ve been fleeced
by beautiful damsels…” “by their black tresses,
and rosy cheeks.” “I became Bubli
and you became Bunty.” “And we played 20-20
in a closed room.” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” “Fleece me…
Fleece me… Fleece me..” Aslam. Take my father inside. Uncle, go that way…
No, not that way. Dr. Ghunghroo is Ajju’s father? – Aslam, run.
– Come… come.. Kill them both. I am not Tipu Sultan. I don’t know how to use this. Give me a shield to protect myself. Let’s go. Come on. No
– Ghunghroo! “Here he comes.”“ ‘H.“Here he comes.”“ ‘H.Catch him. Catch him. Oh my God! “Here he comes.”“ ‘H.“Here he comes.”“ ‘H.Mister,
why don’t you do something? Me? You’re the police. What do you expect? Do you wish to see
me in my grave next? If these two leave, this city
will be in a much better condition. – Who?
– First is Ajju. – And the other?
– Ajju as well. He’s a big menace. “Here he comes.”“ ‘H.“Here he comes.”“ ‘H.“Here he comes.”“ ‘H“ ‘H.– Hey no!
– Ajju bhai. Ghunghroo.“ ‘H.Ghunghroo. – Ghunghroo, are you still alive.
– Ba*** – Ghunghroo?
– Get lost you, b*** Stop messing with my brain.
Don’t make my temperature soar. Ghunghroo, what’s wrong
with your language. – Yeah! I spent only 12 hours with him,
and I’m already sounding like him. This… pound of flesh
will get me salvation. What kind of boon did
you bless me with, Lord? Uday and Majnu have turned decent. I cannot cheat them. I will tell them the truth. Quiet! How dare you hide
such a big truth? All the marriage
preparations are done.. And now you cheat us. Why didn’t you tell us? I told the biggest lie ever. I was supposed to get a
Red bridal dress for your sister.. But I got Maroon instead. A bride’s dress is always Red. Didn’t anyone tell you? Mister… save me please. These guys have been playing
me non-stop for the past 8 hours. My condition is worse than…
Iraq. But… why you dancing? This is my punishment. Punishment. They want me to keep dancing
and enjoy the beating session. I am enjoying getting beaten up. If I had danced so
much in a dance-bar.. I would’ve made millions. Majnu, don’t beat him. Don’t.. Don’t forget that you
guys have become decent now. We’ve turned decent doesn’t
mean anyone can cheat us. Where are you going? What would Uday say? Uday sir couldn’t see all this. Yes. That’s why he already left. See… Yes, we did. But the boss said we
should disrobe him completely. And leave only his underwear. Why only underwear? Its better you beat me instead. Beat him… and take
his underwear as well. Beat him. I don’t even wear underwear. Uncle… those rascals
even took my underwear. How will I go home now? Forget about you, I am wondering
how I’ll live in this city. Did you hide a truth as well? Keep it concealed. Don’t disclose it… otherwise two
people can adjust behind one radio. What do I hide
and what do I disclose? These rascals haven’t reformed yet. At first they were only rascals. But now… they’ve
become bloody rascals. I don’t know what to do. – You’re still a bachelor, right?
– How do you know? Your personality. Why? What’s wrong with me? Tell me… if I send your
picture to some girl.. Will she say yes for marriage? Never.
She would rather choose to die. Right… l knew it.
I knew it. Don’t… If you move the radio,
it will tune to a different channel. And I’ll be humiliated. I will avenge
your humiliation. Me. HOW? I’ll send your picture instead
of my son to their sister. So that she breaks-off this marriage. They use their hands and feet a lot,
even bullets.. But they can’t rack
their brains like me. They will come personally
to break off their sister’s marriage. And I will humiliate them in a way
they’ve never been humiliated before. Very good, uncle. Insult them so bad that even
the ipod can’t hide their shame. Come on, son. There. Take shots from
different angles, uncle. – No… one is enough.
– Okay. I just need to break-off
this relation, not kill the girl. – One’s enough.
– Okay. Ready? How is it? Amazing.
You look uglier in the picture. My mother used to say
the same thing. Show me. Look. Hey… I think he’s dead. Death
without underwear, oh God. Look at the boy they chose for me. Quickly say no to your brothers. He’ll feel bad if
I say it over the phone. I’ll be seeing him after the exams.
I’ll explain him them. Sheetal, what’s all this? Rose… greeting card? Seems like someone’s
blindly in love with you. I can’t say whether he’s blind.. But, he’s definitely deaf and dumb. Either flowers… or cards. And if I don’t take it,
he resorts to hooliganism. And today he’s crossed all limits. He’s invited me
to watch a movie together. He’s made my life hell. Sheetal… relax. I’ll teach that
roadside-romeo a lesson. I’ll decently explain him what
does he think my friend is. If he teases you again,
I’ll cut off his legs. Just tell me where I can find him. See those guys sitting there. It’s the boy in blue shirt. Wait her,
I’ll talk to him in his language. “Here comes… Ajju bhai.” Javed… go get tea for everyone. “Here comes… Ajju bhai.” You go. And stop making gestures.
Go on. – Boss, you make a dumb guy talk too much.
– That’s how I am. – How are you sweetheart?
– Rascal. What’s all this? Bhai… its love. Love. Shut up, rascals. I don’t like this cheekiness. First you flirt with some girl… Then you follow her… And then write love-letters. I can see myself falling in love.. Only when some girl walks up
to me herself. She stands before me in style,
stares into my eyes and says… “I Love You.” Wow, boss… amazing. Bhai, she’s dumb. And deaf too. Damn.. Bhai… she’s saying “I Love You”. I Love You? PVR Cinema… Sunday 12 to 3. We’ll also see the
film if we get the time. Bhai, she’s asking for a reply. – So fast.
– I know. She’s saying if you don’t reply,
she’ll cut off your legs. Bhai, did you see
the way you gave the flower? Who will give a flower to you? Quiet! This is for bhai…
from sister-in-law. Bhai, this is a flower…
not a knife. Hold it like this. Bhai, men always look
for a wife that speaks less. But thankfully sister-in-law’s
completely mute. Yes, bhai. And there’s a lot of similarity
between the two of you. You never listen…
and she’ll never hear anyone. Right, Javed. Since bhai’s fallen in love,
you seem uncomfortable. Shut up. Bhai… why are you so quiet? What do I say? When she was trying
to gesture her feelings.. It felt like someone was.. Firing at me with a AK-47
fitted with a silencer. No sound… no bullets fired…
but my heart’s been shot. Boss… phone. “Majnu…” Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, how are you? Why $0 quiet? What are you looking at? Last night…
I had an overheated discussion.. About your love with my heart. And in the morning…
you two won. You’re sentenced to love
for life under section love. I have decided…
that I will marry you. Really? Did you two hear? Yes. – I am the prince
of Najabgarh now. I won! I won! Majnu’s out. The real Majnu (ROMEO) never
got his Laila (JULIET).. So how can this Majnu. Correct. This is going to be fun. – Go and give this good news to Uday.
– No! – You won’t do anything like that.
– Why? Why? Your friend loves me a lot. What if this news
shocks him to death? I know you’re a very nice man. And you wouldn’t want your friend,
who’s like a brother to you, to die. He’s right. – That’s fine, but..
– What about our marriage? What about our marriage? Leave that to me. I know it’s a bit difficult,
but I’ll explain him. But for my sake, you will never
let him find out about our relation. You’ve gone crazy in love. How could you forget, that our
only ancestral manor in Nazabgarh.. Is on the verge of being auctioned? How will I get 20 million to save it? “Majnu…” “Laila…” Come on. Only 20 million. Tell the queen she’ll get
her 20 million in 30 minutes. – Tell her.
– Only 20 million. No need to worry. – Lawyer…
– Cheque book’s ready. How sweet of you. You’ve such a big heart. I did the right thing by choosing
you as my life-partner. I love you my love. I love you too, baby. – I love you too..
– Boss. Why did you bring me here,
Ranjana? I want to see what
a big lover is he? Whether he comes here even
after I warned him yesterday. “Here he comes… Ajju bhai.” – Ticket.
– Don’t want it. I am asking for your ticket. Give him the ticket. Why you.. Enough… let’s go. I only asked for a ticket, but you
guys gave me the monthly pass instead. What? 17 guns? And adding these 3 makes it 20. But Pappu only asked for 15. Where is she? Ranjana. Look. There she is. “He’ll be happy?” “And listen, we’ll sell
these at the flea market.” He’s really shameless. Let him come. – But don’t tell Pappu.
– I won’t. Rascal, where are the three guns? What three guns? What is this brother? What? See. – Yes..
– Shut up. “Baby. II” I’ll give you any price you want. But who did you sell the gun to? Bhai, you made a mistake.. And made us pay the price. Mistake me? Bhai, she was not a school kid
that you kissed her on the cheeks. You could’ve kissed her lips,
but you kissed her cheek instead. This happened in the 70’s. Shame on you. Bhai… you should’ve done as she did. Lip-to-lip, bhai. But you kissed her cheeks instead. – Is that why she slapped me?
– Yes. Sister-in-law thought
you’re Emraan Hashmi.. But you turned out
to be Amol Palekar. What the… I made a big mistake. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that he isn’t
the boy, It was such a big misunderstanding. I even slapped the poor guy. I wonder what he must
be thinking about me. – Then say sorry.
– But where will I find him? No need to go anywhere, there he is. Say sorry. Liping bro, liping. That… I don’t understand
anything you’re saying. You can talk? Of course I can. But…
you can talk too? Yes. But why were you talking in gestures? Because my boys said that
you’re deaf and dumb. I am glad that you
can talk and listen. Even I’m glad that
you’re not deaf or dumb. Now I can apologies. It was my mistake,
why will you apologies? Your mistake? I had no idea I was supposed
to kiss you on your lips. – What?
– Yeah! – “Listen…
– What?” “There’s something
in my heart, can I say it?” “Do you want me… to bring you
the stars… like other crazy lovers?” “You can wear the bridal
dress… and I’ll wear a coat.” “Don’t delay any more.” “Come be my wife.” “We’ll get married in Mumbai…
and honeymoon in Dubai.” “What’s the hurry…
to be your wife so soon?” “I still have to tell
my brothers… about you?” “There’s a feeling in my heart…
and the ambiance is thrilling.” “But you will have to wait…
don’t be a psycho.” “Don’t delay any more.” “Come be my wife.” “We’ll get married in Mumbai…
and honeymoon in Dubai.” “What’s the hurry…
to be your wife so soon?” “I still have to tell
my brothers… about you?” “We can be a couple…” “First you stop being a bully.” “Button up your shirt completely…” “and change your style slightly.” “You’re my sweetheart.”“I’lldo what you say.” “I kissed you once…
and my life changed completely.” “My heart’s jumping… jumping..” “How about we do lipping… lipping.” “But you will have
to wait… don’t be a psycho.” “Don’t delay any more.” “Come be my wife.” “We’ll get married in Mumbai…
and honeymoon in Dubai.” “What’s the hurry… to
be your wife so soon?” “I still have to tell
my brothers… about you?” Why are you walking like this? I shutdown all my bad
business’ for you. I have become descent. It’ll take me some time
to change my style. And it will take brother
lesser time to recognize you. You’ve changed from Ajju to Ajay.. So learn to walk
and speak like a descent man. Fine… don’t worry. I’ll try my best. – And stop using these slangs.
– Okay. – Please don’t give brother high BP.
– Okay, fine. Sir… it’s still increasing, sir. Boss, you get worried
over trivial reasons. – It’s a small thing..
– Small thing? Did your father get
married three times.. And created such hassles? I’ve fixed Ranjana’s
marriage somewhere else. And now she’s in
love with someone else. And she’s going to introduce
us to him today. Is this a small thing? – Boss…
– Ranjana’s here. Brother. – What’s all this?
– Nothing. Just my routine checkup,
everything’s normal. Sit. Sit… Sit… – Sir, can I sit too?
– Ajay. Brother asked us both to sit. Thank you, sir. What would you like to have? Cutting.. He means nothing…
Nothing. I don’t drink tea. Brother, I’m sure you
chose a descent boy for me. But Ajay… is really nice. Brother, we really love each other. – And so Ajay and I…
– Marriage… You two want to get married. – Are you angry?
– No, no, I am not angry. It’s a really small thing. If you’re happy, I am happy. You’re not just my responsibility,
in fact you’re my life. – Sir… mom and dad…
– All my three mothers are dead. And father will be soon. No, he meant his mom and dad. He wants to know when
he can introduce them to you. Yeah… we’ll meet them. Once I cancel this wedding. They are really decent people. It’s really tough to
explain descent people. Let me know if it
gets too tough for you. Huh? He means,
if it’s too awkward for you.. Then he’ll go request them. No… it’s alright. I’ll handle it. Yes, sir. That’s life.
I’ll handle it. – Sir, can I say something?
– Of course. You see, matches are made in heaven. And people only create problems. Like… Romeo-Juliet. Devdas-Paro.
Shirin-Farhad. What? – Shirin-Farhad.
– Who? Shirin-Farhad?
What about them? – You know their love…
– Knot? No… Chewing gum? – Bond.
– Bond. Bond! – Bond!
– What about it? People break that bond. But we’ll get married. You’re with us. – Who’s she in love with?
– A boy… tall, handsome. Wears glasses.
He seems from a descent family. Descent? We didn’t exactly fix
her marriage with some dacoit. How did she fall in love? Who will explain this
to that old man? – What old man?
– That Ghunghroo… He should’ve been
begging at our feet.. But he made him
our relative instead. And now he’ll make
us dance to his tunes. If he finds out we’ve
chosen someone else.. He’ll curse us over
and over again. We’re brothers after all. We’ll share it together. I’ll take some…
and you can take some. What about the rest? – You..
– You all will take the rest. You rascals. You were all so eager
in congratulating him. Now Pay! You all here… so suddenly. Is everything okay? – We..
– What’s wrong? Come, sit. Sit. Greetings, sit. Rafiq. Get tea and
snacks for the guests. Snacks? – You won’t get it.
– What? They will cancel it. So, Uday… what is it? Shirin-Farhad. Shirin-Farhad? – I mean… in love..
– I don’t get it. Matches are made in heaven.. This marriage isn’t possible. – What are you saying, Uday?
– Let them say it. I was yearning
to hear them say this. What are you saying? What do you mean by this
marriage isn’t possible? – I mean.. Have you all lost your mind? I’ve booked everything…
right from the horse to the DJ. What’s more… We’ve even decided who’s
going to do the serpent dance. So now who’s going
to sit on the horse? Who’s going to
do the serpent dance? Even we fixed everything.. From our sister’s
Mehendi to Daler Mahendi. – What?
– Daler Mahendi. Daler Mahendi. But you see… she’s in
love with someone else. So what can I do?
Please don’t mind. No, no, of course not. Do you want
me to distribute blankets to the poor? Why did he point towards us? He meant him. – Mr. Uday Shetty.
– Yes. My son agreed
to marry your daughter.. Without even taking a look. – Without a single look.
– Yes. If that decent boy finds out.. That her future wife
is cozying-up with someone else.. Won’t that decent man be upset? It will, don’t worry
God’s blessed me everything… Yeah right… Fame… Fortune…! – Respect.
– Respect? You still have respect? Yes… l still do. We’ll find a girl for your son. See that. These two can’t
find a girl for themselves. They are roaming around
like raging bulls.. And they claim they’ll
find a girl for my son. Right. My son would rather stay bachelor.. Than marry someone from your family. And yes, if your father
remarries for the fourth time.. And bring forth another sister. Then before fixing her marriage. Don’t forget to ask her
if she’s having an affair too. Control! Control! What if she’s in love? What are you saying? You shouldn’t forget
that they’re our relatives. Relatives? They should be entombed. People swear on my decency… but after this will
I be able to face anyone. Control, Uday! Control. – Boss… is your gun loaded?
– Yes. – Then fire…
– No! It’s our fault. It’s not such a big mistake, He’s being too smart. I’ll talk to him. You? – I know how to
handle people like him. Ghungroo, I was saying… Shut up crooked shoulder. Bloody rascal,
scoundrel, good-for-nothing, scum. But that doesn’t rhyme. Stop thinking about the rhyme. Concentrate on the cusswords. And when the brother’s Majnu(ROMEO).. Sister’s bound to
be someone’s Laila(JULIET). She must be involved
with someone. What are you looking at? You want to hit me? Hit me. Come on… hit me. Goons… bloody goons.
You will never reform. You’re only wearing
this garb of decency. Ghunghroo… we’re embarrassed too. I don’t care. – Go and hide your shameless faces.
– Please.. Why did you come here?
I told you I’ll deal with them. Sir… this is my home. So Ghunghroo’s
a paying-guest here? Sir, he’s my father. My dad. Ghunghroo… This is amazing, Ghunghroo. All this was a little
hard to understand. There was a strange confusion. Actually… the boy Ranjana
loves is your son. Ajay. Oh… This is truly amazing. Like I said… your sister
can never choose a wrong guy. Let me introduce you. This is Majnu. My friend, business partner,
brother, companion… Everything! “Majnu bhai..” – Ghunghroo…
– Yes. – You were talking too much today.
– It was nothing. Nothing.
You even involved my father. – I was tensed.
– Tensed? Do you know what happens
when the bull charges at you? This time… You can’t even light a lighter. How will you fire a gun? Practice. College… knowledge. What? You don’t get the boy? What are you saying? Ghunghroo’s family is so decent. Even the flies in his
house have hover decently. Ajay’s over-smart gait. Raising his hand while meeting. Lighting a matchstick like this. Normally people from our
profession do these things. Boss, these days college kids
have become more stylish than us. – Right.
– It’s become a fashion. Yes, Majnu sir.
You doubt him for no reason. Exactly.
Ranjana’s getting engaged. Let’s go, we’ve much to do.
Come on. Let’s go. Smile… this is not a funeral. It’s as good as
a funeral for me. After Ranjana’s engagement.. Both the brothers
will trouble me again. – There he is.
– All fine? How am I looking? Very nice. Come. Let me introduce
me to Ranjana’s fiancé. You better explain
that rascal Majnu. – I am explaining him.
– Good. Ajay! – What happened?
– Nothing. Ajay… Queen Padmavati. Princess of Nazabgarh… Chandni. – Boss…
– Huh! – Sheikh sir’s here.
– Okay. Okay- Come on. “Hey Sheila-Munni.” “Does he look like bread to you?” “Then why were you buttering him?” – Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna..
– Quiet. “Quietly shell out
all the money you looted..” “under the pretext
of marrying him.” “When Ajju resorts to violence,
he doesn’t care about gender.” “Right?” “Son… give us one day’s time.” We meet after a long time. We wouldn’t have met
today either, Ajju bhai. Ajay! – If you tell anyone about me..
– Why would we? We don’t want our
secrets revealed either. – Yes…
– We don’t. Uday sir… – Shall we start with the rituals? Of course.
– Come on. – Ajay, come on.
– Wait a minute. Majnu, where were you? Preparing for the groom’s send-off. But that only happens
at the wedding. This is just the engagement.
Didn’t anyone tell you? We weren’t told a number
of things… Samadhi ji. No… it’s Samdhi. Slip of tongue. Because that’s going
to be your future. Uday… you’re mistaking
him for a decent boy.. But in reality he’s
Mumbai’s biggest goon. Bhai! “Majnu bhai.” Kapoor! Tell us this decent
rascal’s history. Don’t be scared,
you’re with Majnu now. This is Ajju bhai. Mumbai Police’s biggest headache. Riots… vandalism… Ransom, Extortion, money-laundering,
Illegal-possession. Did you hear? And most importantly…
he isn’t even his son. You said even the flies
at Ghunghroo’s home are decent. Now do you see what kind of family…
and insects they really are? Majnu, please listen to me.. The Lord’s blessed us
with two ears and one mouth. So talk less and hear more. – Majnu… please talk to me.
– Shut up. Not a word more,
or I will kill you. What did you say? What? Forget the rhyme,
concentrate on the cusswords. You made me concentrate
on the cusswords.. And failed to
concentrate on your son. You want to let our innocent
sister many this goon. You want to ruin her
life and our respect. Boss, is your gun loaded. There’s a huge crowd gathered here,
what can I do? Don’t do anything. Control. He’s completely changed now,
he’s become descent. We couldn’t reform yet,
you think he can. Control. Majnu… control. We’re Uday-Majnu. Uday-Majnu. We’ve done everything that’s evil. And you want to outsmart us. He’s humiliating them,
that’s okay.. But why is he
humiliating us as well? – Listen to..
– Get lost. – Listen to me…
– Get out. – Listen to me..
– Get lost… Listen to… Hey! He’s my father! And I am yours. If you touch him again,
I’ll break your arm later.. And rip it off first. Bloody… street thug, don’t forget.. We just recently turned decent. – But before this I was a goon too.
– You were… But I still am one. And this bloody fool… couldn’t
describe what a big goon I really am. Go to Mumbai and ask anyone. I’ve more cases than
the number of local trains. And tell me one thing.. His mobile… my sim. Who are you to give a miss call? His sister… my love…
who are you to interfere? I am her brother as well. Majnu. All these bloody Majnu’s
get stoned in the end. You can’t find
a Juliet for yourself.. And now you want to interfere
with the one I am getting. Till today…
I got everything I wanted. And now your sister
dwells in my heart. Whether we get engaged or not.. But she will get married,
with only me. End of story! What are you all waiting for? Throw this rascal out. I told you not to turn decent. Now you’ll have to pay. I know 2006 ways
to break 206 bones. Whether you’re a
blood-brother or distant. I’ll rip anyone apart that
tries to interfere with my love. You made pigeons sit
on decent people, didn’t you? But I am not that decent.“ ‘H.Those who mess with me… I rip him apart.“ ‘H.You can’t imagine what
will be sitting on your heads? What? What? Look, crow. Crow… Crow… Control. Control Uday. Control. Control. Majnu… now Uday isn’t
confused anymore. You were absolutely right. Decency is like a bubble. It has no value. It’s worth nothing. What’s wrong, boss? I got excited after a long time.. So I got a catch in my body. There are only two
things this world values. Property… and rascals! I thought I’ll make do with words,
not bullets.. And buried my guns,
but it’s time to get them out now. I knew we’ll need them. Hey… did you get the weapons? I found the bullets,
but still looking for the guns. Hurry up… hurry up. That bloody novice
made crows sit on us. Now we’ll make those
crows sit at his oblation. We’ll give him salvation. That’s more like it. – Hey… did you find the guns?
– Yes, I did. I even found some missiles,
should I take them along too. Why don’t you take
the tank along too? We’re going to kill Ajju,
not attack Israel. He even took my favorite goggle. Uday… Majnu. You two didn’t tell me.. That you’re related to Ajju bhai. How can Badshah Khan take
money from Ajju’s brothers-in-law. Hey fatso… We’ve no relation with Ajju anymore. We’ve broken all ties. What?
You broke it off, not him. This is all good if he breaks it. And he only breaks bones. Whether it’s the Ace of spades…
and Ajju’s punch.. Both mean game over. Don’t lock horns with him. Go fall at his feet and apologies. And you do remember where
the feet are, don’t you? It’s this. And don’t let go until
he doesn’t forgive you. Uday… Uday… Uday…
you’re the sensible one. You’ve got brains. You know, if he doesn’t forgive you.. He’ll rip Uday and Shetty apart. Where’s everyone? Right behind you! Stop these fools. If they die,
we won’t get any more credit. Stupid fools want to wage a war at
the age of dying their hair. Rascals… Come, dear. You called them, didn’t you? Where are you two going to die? See… they’ve already made
up their mind.. – That we’ll die. Yes. If Ajju hits you,
you two will be dead. And if you two kill Ajju.. You’ll either be sentenced
to death or imprisoned for life. At this age, life imprisonment
is as good as death sentence. Did you two ever think.. What will happen
to me after you’re dead? What’s wrong with you two? “You’re so decent and sensible” and want to fight
that petty goon Ajju. When a decent man’s
honor is at stake.. Then he’s the biggest goon of all. I told you to get the car. – I will slap you..
– Go get it. Stop these fools, mom. Fine, go on.
My daughter will face her fate. But did you ever think.. What will happen to
your sister after you two? Uday, God has blessed
you with everything. But what does your
sister have… except for you? Use your brains instead
of using your hands and legs. And strike at Ajju’s heart. When you can kill him with sugar,
why give him poison? They fixed your marriage
with someone else! I will kill those two. – End of problems.
– Ajju.. Fine. Kill them. So that there’s no difference
between you and them. So will you marry the
guy they chose for you? – I would prefer to die first.
– Dear! I think there’s only one option left. You two should elope and get married. No, uncle.
I cannot humiliate my brothers. I will get married
only with their consent. Look, dean
They would prefer to die.. Rather than giving
their consent willingly. Don’t worry. You will either marry me or no one. HOW? To prevent any complications
in the marriage from your side.. Uday and Majnu have gone
to invite some Wanted bhai. What? Wanted bhai. Pa… why are you shocked
to hear about Wanted bhai. I was shocked when I
first heard the name of RDX. But after hearing about Wanted.. I feel like someone shoved
an electric pole down my… You don’t know Wanted bhai! Wanted bhai! “Wanted bhai!” “Wanted bhai!” – “Welcome…
– Wanted bhai!” “Wanted bhai!” Welcome… Welcome… Uday-Majnu. How did you know it’s us? This is my island, not America.. Where anyone can
come in without permission. And secondly.. You two still use that cheap perfume
that’s available at the flea market. Yes… Bhai… people like us
hardly hit the target. But he never misses. I hate to lose. So… what brings you two here? We came here to give
you the wedding card. – Wedding?
– Not us. I was wondering… who decided to
buy these two old ruins? That was a joke. Joke. Majnu sir…
ask him about this hole. Common sense, Majnu…
common sense.. Which is not so common. Did you hear? Get lost. Oh no… Honey! Leave me. – What did this boy do now?
– Let go. Honey. No… no… Honey. Son… not again… Bloody fools… l told you
to keep him away from drugs. You useless bloody.. Honey… son. What else can I do? You can’t fulfill one
single wish of your son. – L..
– I hate you! I hate you! – Honey..
– I hate you! Why is Honey so angry with you? What wish didn’t you fulfill? I’m prepared to give
my life for his every desire. But this time I looked
everywhere to fulfill his wish.. But couldn’t find her anywhere. – Is it… some new drug?
– Not a drug. His love… his madness. Since he saw that girl.. He keeps painting
his pictures like a madman. Honey is a painter? Yes. Why? Good. Good to know,
I am a painter too. Sir… Honey sir cut his veins. Call the doctor! Call the doctor! Honey. Honey, my son. What have you done? You’re my world, son,
I won’t let anything happen to you. She’s my world, dad. She’s my world. This girl that’s
in your paintings.. I will soon make
her your reality, son. Not just her, I’ll abduct her entire
family, in fact the entire city. She will marry only you, son. Every drop of your blood will become
the vermillion on her forehead. We came here to hit the final nail.. But the hammer fell
on our head instead. On one side is that goon Ajju.. And on the other side
is that Wanted’s junkie son Honey. At any cost, we won’t
let Ranjana marry this junkie. All the problems are
in your family’s weddings. What’s my fault? My father fulfilled the
quota for marriages in our family. And I’m running around with his kids. And seems like my sister
won’t get married either. We’ll get her married
as soon as we land. And send her off. The rituals can be performed later. And listen up. No one should know about this. – We swear we won’t tell anyone.
– Let’s go. Come on. “Welcome.” “Welcome.” “Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.” Thank you… thank you. Majnu, God’s blessed
me with everything. Fame, fortune, honor… And the groom’s decent too. Once my sister gets married
without any problems.. I will take a skinny dip. You mean take a dip in Ganga. We both will take a
dip and drown those two. Yes. – Who?
– That bull and the blind. Wanted and Ajju. Don’t mention those two rascals. Forget them. “Wanted bhai.” “Wanted bhai.” Wanted. – “Welcome..
– Wanted bhai.” Wanted sir. – Welcome.
– Welcome. Your sister’s getting married.. And you forgot
to invite the groom. It was a joke. Joke. Joke. But the truth is Honey
will soon get married too. I see. We were informed that.. He’s going to find the
love of his life in this wedding. Find the girl? – Who told you?
– My new friend did. No, boss. Madam, I.. – You told Ajju that
Wanted’s son loves Ranjana as well. – No.
– Shut up. What a way to stop the marriage. Your moves are better
than those on the chessboard. Why did you decorate the place? Is someone getting married? We didn’t decorate
this place for dancing. I asked because I don’t
see the bride and groom anywhere. You will… you will. The wedding procession
will arrive soon. Will the bride arrive
with the guests? She must be right here,
isn’t it? So not get her blessed
by this fuse bulb.. I mean Wanted Bhai. – Where is the girl?
– There she is. Majnu. Come. Let me introduce you
to the guests. Come. – Ranjana, that Ajju.
– I know.. Ajju is such a rascal. He brought Wanted and Honey
here to spoil the wedding. – I should cover my face, right?
– Yes. You do that. Now watch the fun. What’s wrong, sir? We’re heading
in the wrong direction. The fragrance is
coming from this side. – Come.
– The blind guy’s coming here. This is the queen of… Nazabgarh. How do you do? – And he is..
– Everyone knows him. – Wanted sir, this is Chandni.
– Hello. My daughter. – My…
– I mean mine. I was wondering, I haven’t
gone hunting for a long time.. So who fired the gun. It was a joke. Joke. There’s still time. The decoration’s the same,
so are the guests. Just change the groom, what say? B**** Here comes Ranjana. Judging by her long veil.. It’s even longer than
the curtains on our windows. No, it’s our tradition. And we’ve another tradition. Only the groom gets to take
the veil of after the wedding. Ohh… Then I’ll have to do something
about this tradition. “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The damsel’s hiding behind the veil.” “And she’s stolen my heart.” “The sweet sound of your bracelets.” “The sweet sound of your bracelets.” “Makes me hover around you,
sweetheart.” “The wedding drums are resonating..” “all around, sweetheart.” “My eyes have locked with yours.” “Everyone says this couple’s perfect.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “My earrings… tinkle only for you.” “My heart’s grown
sentimental… only for you.” “Since we met… everyone
else was jealous.” “Since we got together…
everyone was against me.” “Stop flirting with the girl.” “Put a full stop on your love.” “Romance has ruined many lives.” “We’re drunk to the core.” “if you take this any further.” “We’ll teach you a lesson.” “And you’ll enjoy it.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” It was a joke. Just a joke. “There’s a uproar all around.” “You make me complete.” “You’re the one for me.” “You announced to the world.” “My first romantic flick… is a hit.” “Your love is filmy.” “Don’t take such risks.” “You don’t know what your climax is.” “Stop blowing the trumpet.” “We will never give you green signal.” “Park your car on the side.” “Move aside.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” “The wedding trumpets are blaring.” Take everyone to our island. Honey, my son. Your birthday’s on the 13th. And I’ve decided that.. You and Ranjana will
get engaged on the same day. Dad. You are the greatest dad. Thank you so much, dad.
I love you. This engagement isn’t possible! What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. Brother said this
engagement isn’t possible. Majnu… Uday, this isn’t
your engagement. This is my son’s engagement. This engagement isn’t
possible because he’s your son. Uday! They’ll directly get married. Your son loves our sister. It’s not right to make
lovers suffer for so long. You made me really happy, Uday. For a second I thought
you’re against dad’s decision. Yes… l was already seeing a lot of
dead bodies before the engagement. Joke… it was a joke. Uday. Congratulation Uday. What did you do, Uday? You’ve lost your mind. Yes, I wanted to teach
that Ajju a lesson. It’s your ego…
your obstinacy. – You’re ruining Ranjana’s life.
– Yes, it is my obstinacy. He’ll be ruined along with Ranjana. You’ve gone crazy,
have you lost your mind. Shut up! Ranjana is my sister. I can take any decision I want. Who are you to interfere? Who am I? Ranjana’s my sister too. Don’t forget, Majnu can give
up his life for the right cause.. And even take someone’s life. You will kill me. Me? Kill me! Kill me! Everything is fair
in love and war. It’s his love…
and I’m going to wage a war. Even if I’ve to squander
everything I have.. I won’t lose to that Ajju. I would rather break,
but not bow.. Where’s my phone? – My phone.
– Here.. Sir. What happened? Why are you crying?
Get the car! Get the car! No point, boss…
Uday sir.. What did you say? I’ll rip you apart
and bury you alive. Uday is going to be fine. “Uday.” Talk to me. I raised my voice…
hit me. Rip me apart. But please get up. Get up, Uday. Get up. – Boss, God’s will..
– What God? Just because You’re God
doesn’t mean You can do anything.. And I’ll do nothing. I will set the world on fire. Burn it down to ashes! Uday… get up. I’ve no one in this
world except for you. Don’t leave your Majnu alone. We always did everything together. And when it was time to go,
you left without me. This is wrong. Absolutely wrong, Uday. Absolutely wrong. Control, Majnu. Control. Uday’s voice is still
echoing in my ears. That’s because
lam still speaking. What joke is this? No joke… I’ll get a similar
attack on the wedding. What? – I mean… if the brother dies,
the sister can’t get married. Yes… The wedding will be
postponed for 40 days. We’re Shettys.
We mourn for 1.25 years. And during this time, we can
take care of many such Wanted bhais. Right, Majnu. To hell with Wanted bhai. You gave me a big shock today. If you ever play such
a dirty trick on me again.. I will really kill you. He’s a rascal,
but loves me a lot. Right? At least now I know.. There are few people
who’ll mourn my death. Five… I cried the most. He’s lying.
I cried the most. Why? Do you have three eyes. Boss, I cried the most. Boss, why don’t you die for real. Then you’ll know
who cries the most. Scoundrels, shut up. Be quiet, Uday bhai is alive. – Now… who’s going to die for real?
– Ajju. You really taught him a good
lesson by fixing this marriage. Now let’s see how
he gets married. Pretend to love Honey.
I can’t do that. And anyway,
I love Uday and Majnu. Both of them. Why not one more? Loving anyone else is a sin. Hey… stop this pious act,
it’s so not you. If the police find out that
Nazabgarh’s princess and queen.. Are hiding here,
do you know what will happen Babita? Babita? Right, Poonam. Poonam? Rascal knows our real names. Is that your real name? Hey… you think your
threats can scare us. And if you think that, then…
you’re right. – We’ll do as you say.
– You have to. And yes… there’s not much time. Get it done in 24 hours. Mom… I can’t pretend to love Honey. Not at all, we don’t
have to pretend at all. – Yes. We’ve to really love him. The Don’s a bigger game. He can build another
Taj Mahal for you. And forget about
those Uday and Majnu… – They’ve crossed their expiry date.
– That they have. – But mom, you and that Wanted..
– Oh baby, come on. Whether Wanted’s your
father-in-law or father.. And Honey becomes
your husband or brother.. It doesn’t make a difference. The most important thing is… we should
get our hands on the property. And remember,
if you get Honey, you get Money. And when you get the Money… – Honey’s out!
– That’s my girl. Control, Uday… Control! – What’s going on, Uday?
– I don’t get it either. They’re kissing, what else. – That Honey’s too much.
– No, Honey can’t do such a thing. Nowadays they are all the same. Maybe the Princess is clearing
the dirt from Honey’s eyes. That’s possible. If you ask the princess,
that’s what she will say. She’s taking the dirt out. No, no… I don’t believe it. No. – Want to bet.
– Okay. If it’s heads, they’re kissing. If its tails, it’s dirt. Tails… equals to dirt. Okay- Where’s the coin? Coin.. Uday… do you have a coin?
We want to toss. – I have one.
– Great. – Give me.
– I don’t have it. Forget it, I have one. – What is it?
– Tails. See… Tails. It’s Heads, Uday. Heads. Did you have to tell them? What? They must be kissing. Honey can do anything, but the
Princess will never do such a thing. Daddy, no matter
how hard the fruit it.. But a knife can
cut it right through. What do we care. This is between the
knife and the watermelon. And the ones who own
the watermelon. – Come.
– Come on. Now kisses and then Mrs. Thank god, it cleared. I’ll just be back in 2 minutes. What’s going on? What were you doing with Honey? I see… l was just clearing
the dirt in his eyes. Were you clearing the dirt in
his eyes, or throwing some in ours? – You’re doubting me?
– I… – You’re doubting me?
– Chandni. Sorry… l forgot
to say thank you. Thank you? For what? Thank you for what? Thank you for clearing
the dirt in my eye. And… Hello? Yes, dad. Yeah, I am coming dad.Heated’?Now do you see? Are you satisfied now? Its too much. Idiots. How dare you doubt me? I make her understand. Listen… Chandni. Listen to me… I am Uday. Listen… your anger is justified. He’s such a cheapster.
Bloody ignorant. I’m ashamed to say
he’s my friend. Rascal… What happened? He isn’t fit to talk to. No need to keep
any relation with him. Should I come? The time has come tell him. This is the right moment,
go tell him. What are you ranting? Tell him what? Don’t you get it? Are you small kids? Tell him… Get lost. What’s wrong? Did.. – Kids.
– Kids? – Marbles?
– Marbles? – I don’t get it.
– I didn’t either. Ranjana, now you’ll believe me.. That I can paint your
picture with my eyes closed. What is it? Give me a kiss. – Someone will see us.
– Who? Father’s blind…
and I’ve blinded the son. Come on. Wow… what a picture. Thank you, uncle. Come my love, I’ve finished
painting your picture. Thank God I found
out before our wedding.. Otherwise my life
would’ve been ruined. Why? What happened? I am your life?
Your passion? And you painted Chandni! Who… who… made this? – Hussain sir just made this.
– When did he come here? It’s a joke.. He doesn’t even understand a joke. Bro… you’re too high.. you made this. I hate you, Honey!
I hate you. Ranjana! Ranjana! Thank you. I am leaving. Ranjana! Ranjana! Listen to me. Ranjana! Honey, forget her. What’s this all about? – Do you love the princess?
– What are you saying, bro. I love Ranjana madly. I am crazy for her. Then how did you make
the Princess’ picture? Huh! Do you love the princess
and want to marry Ranjana? The princess?
But I met her only once. But you never met Ranjana. Are you confused? Hey… senior citizen. Honey. Hey… Mr. Painter, if you close
your eyes and make a painting.. Then who will it be? I will make the painting
of the one I love. And you? Same as Majnu said. – His love..
– No, no, I meant my girlfriend. Get it? So you don’t love Ranjana. You love the one you painted today. Come, let me explain
you few more things. And yes… he’s made
a wonderful painting. Truly amazing. You’ll be amazed too. – Majnu..
– Yeah.. God’s blessed me
with everything.. Stop ranting your
dialogue from circa 1939… Listen to me.. – Same thing
about your fame, fortune, respect. Say something else. Fine. Look… the painting is Chandni’s,
Honey’s hands.. – Yeah. But the brain behind it is Ajju’s. He wants to find a love for our bud. Tomorrow Wanted is throwing a party. And he will definitely
do something in the party. So… what say? – What’s to say?
– Meaning.. It’s clear. – Sure?
– Completely. – How?
– Same old way. You mean like Michael..
No, no.. Like we did Teja. – Fine.
– Fine? Yes, fine. – Yes, fine.
– Yeah. “Welcome.” Strangle him so hard… Quite. Not me, him. – Is he dead?
– The rascal’s dead. – What?
– He’s dead. – Why are you whispering now?
– Yeah, he’s dead. – Give me the gunny bag.
– Here. Have you seen his body? Feels like he’s born in a gym. – Bro…
– It’s the breeze. How’s my can? Go on. Go! Thank you, bro. You take care of the body…
and I’ll go eat my dinner. The cap’s really nice. Where are you going? Go inside. Alone. – You know… l never
interfere in your work. I want you to do it today. – Do it.
– Why? You know… l am scared of ghosts. Ghosts are just an illusion,
a sound… A delusion. Who is it? Bro… Breeze… it’s just the breeze. It feels nice..
Cool breeze in night. What happened? – How did the body get her?
– We brought it here. But how did it get here? Breeze? Fear. The fear inside you. Don’t be scared.
I am right here. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up. Don’t be scared. Uday Shetty’s right behind you. Don’t be scared. Ghosts don’t care whether
you’re Shetty or Srivastav. They just kill whoever they want. Majnu… He’s gone. I have to dig a hole
here because it’s Dubai. Back in India there
are holes everywhere. I could’ve buried
him in one of the road.Ldidn’t kill Ajju. I’m completely reformed. That scoundrel Majnu murdered Ajju. He hasn’t reformed yet. God’s blessed me with everyone. Fame, Fortune, Respect…
and I am still a bachelor. Uday! He knows my name. Uday! Do you have a matchstick? Matchstick? You fool… I could’ve died for
your cheap matchstick. Can’t you buy a matchstick from the
same place you bought cigarettes? – You’re alive.
– You call this life? Wandering around at untimely hours. Consider me dead. Philosophy… Philosophy… I’ll put
a bullet in your head. You can’t kill the dead, Uday sir.
I am going. No! Don’t go. Stand here. This is just a lighter. Lighter. You don’t normally see the dead. Light your cigarettes. I can’t see anyone here. You don’t normally see the dead. Who are you looking for? – Majnu.
– When did he die? He isn’t dead yet. He just went inside
a while ago, like you. Why do they build walls
at a place like this? No one in his right
mind wants to go in.. And all those in there
don’t want to come out. Waste of money. Nonsense. Stand still. Who is this? – Bro..
– Did you bury him? – I couldn’t.
– Why? The body keeps changing
into the father or the son. – What nonsense.
– Yes. Come on, I am here now. Don’t worry, Come on. So many mosquitoes here. Dig… quickly. What will they find here,
Bloody mosquitoes. I guess some eunuch’s
been buried here. Okay- Uday… run! Let’s first bury him,
or we’ll be in trouble. Aren’t we already
in enough trouble? – Sing.
– Sing? My mother used to say,
whenever you’re scared sing a song. Did your mother ever
try burying a body? Yes, my fathers. Now sing, come on. “Why this Kolavari-Kolavari Di.” “Why this Kolavari-Kolavari Di.” “Dhinka Chika-Dhinka Chika-Dhinka
Chika ae-ae-ae-ae..” “Dhinka Chika-Dhinka Chika-Dhinka
Chika ae-ae-ae-ae..” Why are you so happy? I know a song
that starts with ‘A’. Are you here to play
games with the ghosts? Dig. Hey… Sing from A. Sing from A. Sing, Sing. Listen.. “I do what I please.” “You should do what I do.” “One two Ka Four.” “Four two ka One.” “My name is Lakhan.” “You’re no hero,
you’re a villain.” “You’re a bloody dictator.” “You…” Do I have to sing all the songs? Why don’t you sing something? “You and me… Me and you…
our love story is difficult.” “Cannot be expressed in words.” Come on sing. Hey… Hey… “Hey. I.” – “What do you say?
– What do we say?” – “Listen.
– Yes.” “Let’s go to Khandala.” “What will we do… in Khandala.” “We’ll sing, we’ll dance
and will have your blood, what else.” Run… carefully… hey… Let’s close the gate. She won’t come out. “Baby I am thirsty…
I want to run through your veins.” “Don’t keep me waiting…
or I’ll make you suffer.” “You got to grab me
or I’ll grab you straight.” “Quench my thirst,
’cause I can no longer wait.” “LEW party, party,
party… party’s on.” “Party, party, party…
let’s party come on.” “LEW party, party,
party… party’s on.” “Party, party, party…
let’s party come on.” “You’re the serpent
I’m the snake-charmer.” “Let’s party, party, party…” “When the night falls.” “You’re the serpent
I’m the snake-charmer.” “When the night falls.” “You will wield your hood around.” “The poison that’s in you..” “is my love.” “The poison that’s in you..” “is my love.” “it’s going to rein terror on me.” “Things are out of control.” “through my veins.” “You course through my veins.” “through my veins.” “through my veins.” “You course through my veins.” “through my veins.” “I’ve yearned… for your love.” “I found you… after a long wait.” “You dwell in me like…
arrows in a quiver.” “through my veins.” “through my veins.” “You course through my veins.” “through my veins.” “through my veins.” “You course through my veins.” “Hey listen sweety you
are closest to me.” “Sink in to my eyes
come close to me.” “Let’s do this creepy huh.” “You better get your head up high.” “I’m here, I’m here you can try.” “Now let me get you in the dark.” “We met its coincidence.” “through my veins.” “through my veins.” “You course through my veins.” “pet’s party, party, party…
Party’s on.” “Party, party, party…
let’s party come on.” “pet’s party, party, party…
Party’s on.” “Party, party, party…
let’s party come on.” “pet’s party, party, party…
Party’s on.” “Party, party, party…
let’s party come on.” – Isn’t there another way?
– This is the only way. But suicide is for cowards. – Suicide? Who’s committing suicide?
– You. And taking me along. Look forward. We haven’t lived completely,
you’re talking about dying. We haven’t even found a wife yet. Then why are you driving so fast? Tension! Tension! Tension! How does one stop this thing? – Doesn’t this car have brakes?
– Not the car. Tension. My tension! What madness is this? Trying to commit suicide? I don’t want him at
the cost of your life. I am prepared to
marry anyone you want. I lost. I lost even though I won. If anything had
happened to you two.. She couldn’t have
lived without you two. And I can’t see her die. I admit I am not worthy of her. You can find some
decent boy for her. Someone who can keep her happy. Ranjana… see you! Don’t forget to invite
me on your wedding. Hey. We can find
a decent boy for her… but where will we
find a goon like you.. That can keep our sister happy. Even after 7 years we
couldn’t reform completely. – Right?
– Yes. He still loads his gun.. And I still regret that
I couldn’t make my own Al-Qeada. And you… turned completely
decent in 7 weeks. Because only Ajay
can accept defeat. Not Ajju. This little girl… can
sacrifice her love for us. You can sacrifice
your love for her. So can’t we forsake our
obstinacy for your happiness. Stop staring and run along. Come on. Uday… why do we always take
a right decision at the wrong time? Yeah… if we could take the
right decision at the right time.. Then Chandni wouldn’t have left
us and basking in the arms of Honey. This is exactly why
I put you two in the dark. But finally you two
have seen the light. Now there will be
darkness in Honey’s life. What do you mean? Chandni played this charade
of love on my request. What a rascal. I had planned an attack
to stop my sister’s wedding. But how will we stop
Chandni’s wedding? Worry not. I have an idea. Wanted’s with the queen. Honey’s with the princess. Father-son… mother-daughter. There should only be
love between them, not love. What a rascal. What nonsense! It’s not nonsense. Honey wants to marry
Chandni instead of Ranjana. And you want to marry the Queen. This will make them brother-sister. It’s a cocktail. Sorry uncle. At this age you should be
surrounded by doctors, not damsels.. Not good. Hey man… regardless
of how old Wanted sir is.. Even I can only
last a week or two. There’s no trusting this pervert,
he can die any minute. Week or two… that’s too much. Look at this condition. Would it look nice
if the papers next day say… “Don dies of exertion in
the middle of his nuptial Night.” Does it look nice? The world knows.. Fathers have always given
sacrifices for their kids. Who would sacrifice
anything for this junkie. – He loves his pills more than his father.
– Shut up! Dad, you’re ruining
your son’s happiness.. For a cheap woman. How does he know? Honey! Don’t forget that
she’s your future mother. Mother… I don’t need a mother. Honey, even I never dared
to go against my decision. And you… If only you weren’t my son,
I would’ve shot you. And I am shooting you
because you’re my father. Wanted sir. Wanted sir. What did you do? Years later his heart
was blossoming with love.. But you crushed it. You opened fire
on your blind father. Dad! Dad! Please wake up,
dad please forgive me. What forgive me? First you shoot him and
then beg for forgiveness. Your boss is dead
you you’re all quitting. It’s a tradition to keep
the guns at the boss’ feet. Stop staring, pick up the guns. I’ll take that one. What are you doing? Our tradition is
to pickup the guns. Get up. Ajay. – Stop screaming…
or I’ll blow your brains out. Take positions. Don’t move…
you’ve a new boss now. But you will still get paid. His father troubled us
more than Laden troubled America. “It’s a Joke… Joke.” He said it like we
never heard a joke before. Swirled his head around
like a spinning top. But Wanted sir… was a great man. And you’ve troubled that
innocent man a lot… careful. What innocent. I am sure he wasn’t innocent
even when he was a kid. And what’s all this…
innocent, great… When you talk about someone
even after he’s dead… is a great man! Joke… it was a joke. Shoot! What’s wrong? It’s a fake. Made in china. Mine’s a fake too. Mine too. Okay- Okay- Forget the rest,
how was my acting? Nice… and what about me? – Great. How about we make a film?
– I already made one. You already made it? Since you all arrived
on this island.. Me and my cameras have been
keeping an eye on you constantly. Son. Start the show. Hey.. If the brother dies,
how will the sister get married? The wedding will get
postponed for 40 days. We’re Shetty’s. We don’t celebrate for 1.25 years. And we can kill numerous
Wanted bhai’s in this time. To hell with that Wanted bhai. Your shoes are really nice,
Wanted sir. You’ll taste them soon. Son… What is this? Come on, kiss me. – Someone will see us.
– Who? Father’s blind…
and I’ve blinded the son. And someone introduce me
to that Dr. Ghunghroo. Visiting time is 11am to 3pm. No visits on Sundays. This isn’t your clinic,
it’s my island. – What a painting.
– Thank you, uncle. – Who made this?
– Hussain sir made this. – When did he come?
– Forgive me. It’s a joke. Don’t you get a joke. And… where’s
the queen of Wallabgarh. That’s Nazafgarh. I want to bury you. Dear, he’s a huge prey. He can even build
a Taj Mahal for you. And forget about Uday and Majnu. They’ve crossed their expiry dates. When the police find out.. That Nazafgarh’s queen
and princess are hiding here.. What will happen then Babita? Poonam? – Poonam?
– Babita? So… you cheap perfumes. Laurel and Hardy. In the light of all
the evidence and witness.. How should I punish you two? Under section 302. I don’t like
those who interfere. So… no one utters a
word when I’m speaking. I will decide everyone’s punishment. Because… l am the law, and blind too. So… should I spare you or kill you? “Should I spare you or kill you?” “What should I do with you?” – “Should I spare you…
– Welcome.” “Should I spare you
or kill you?” – “What should I do with you?
– Welcome.” – Honey.
– Sir, they took Honey. Why didn’t you tell me? – You would’ve shot us if we did.
– I still will. But where can they go? On one side is me…
and on the other is the sea. And the dessert
on the third side. You knew the truth about the
mother-daughter, yet you didn’t tell us. I thought just like you reformed,
I reformed.. Similarly they will reform too. Yes, we’ll reform our ways. We’ll reform our ways. Yes, we swear on you two. You already took everything we had. Now you want to swear on us too. Seems like Wanted
has high connections. Ajju. Wanted! The first name of Death. People are scared
to even befriend us. And you locked horns with me. I am with you. You brought my son here,
in the desert. Now I will dig your
graves right here. Kill them. Finish them all. But kill Uday and Majnu. Hey… They have ruined my life. – Life and death…
– Don’t interfere. Look, I am not a Don, but.. Even I don’t like
it when someone interferes. Honey, can I come there? These two are bad news. When they set foot in any
neighborhood, no one gets married. No bands playing. No trumpets blaring. The sales of double-bed dips down. Your father was
supposed to get married. Did it happen? No. – Did you get married?
– No. – Did I?
– No. No, I didn’t. – We didn’t get married either.
– No. These two are bad luck. And Wanted sir,
we became enemies because of them. I’ll break this relation today. This will end the
enmity between us, right? I feel so relieved. – See you.
– Okay, uncle. Let’s go. – Come, dad.
– Come on, let’s go. First you duped me
when you got her. Now you’re trying to
dupe me before you die. What do you think I am? Now I’m going to
play a game with you. Game? The game of death. Sir. Fantastic, dad,
my favorite game. You like to run, don’t you? Now run. Run! Run! What happened? – Why are the choppers after them now?
– I don’t know. Let’s go. Let’s go… let’s go. Someone help me! Don’t worry. Throw it. Let’s go… let’s go. – Where’s the steering?
– Left… on the left. I am under the car. Honey’s down there. Start quickly. Crush him. Amazing toys. We’ll buy these for our kids. – Let’s get married first.
– Come on, get down. Someone help me? Someone help this
poor helpless blind man. Where’s my chopper? Where did I drop
my diamond ring? – Diamond ring?
– Yeah. I’ll look for it. If I could find then
mine otherwise yours. What? Where’s my chopper? – Chopper.
– Where’s my chopper? But you lost your diamond ring,
didn’t you? It was a joke… joke! – Joke?
– Where’s my chopper? – My right.
– Come on. – Come on.
– Together. Take me there. Dad! Dad, run! Camel. Faster! Faster! What faster? – I was telling the camels.
– Yeah. Faster. Crush him.
Mangle him. Spill his guts! Somebody help my dad! Help my dad! Help my dad! Ajju. Ajay. Ranjana might get widowed
before she gets married. Don’t say that. We’ll have to look
for another boy. Where did these cames come from? Ajay“! Rascals… get my son out. Yes, boss. Honey.. His aim’s absolutely perfect,
exactly at the legs. His aim’s getting better than us. Honey, my son. Are you okay? Dad… your eyes? “Nothing matters in this
world… except for these eyes.” Today I realized Ghungroo…
that you’re push is really lucky. But who switched on his lights. Yes… it’s hard to find
water in this desert.. And he got his eyes back. Goddess can work her
miracles even in the desert. Right? Now, I can see women
and wink at them. And shoot the men. Father returned my eye-sight.. And the son saved my life. You two can go. Ajju! Why did you save him? We were going to save him. Yeah, he got their first… but we were coming to save you. – We’ll go with them.
– Yes. – We’ll go too.
– Come on. Wanted, don’t forget that.. – You can see again because of us.
– Right. If we hadn’t kidnapped your son,
you wouldn’t have come here. And if you hadn’t come here, you wouldn’t
have regained your eyesight. – Right? Right? Uncle, I admit I
played games with you. Cheated you. But I did it for my love. And these two did it
for the love of their sister. You have all done what you had to. Now it’s my turn. On the 13th Ranjana
and my son will get married. Ranjana’s done for. But dad, she loves Ajay. Yes… so… l was speaking
about my other son Ajay. It was not a joke…
not a Joke! Congratulations!
Congratulations! Congratulations! All these camels running together,
means there’s a storm coming. He just got his eyesight
10 minutes ago.. And he’s already
seeing the storm. Are we waiting here
to welcome the storm? Hold hands everyone. Run! God’s blessed me with everything…
Fame, fortune, respect.. Only thing missing was a storm. And the devil fulfilled that too. I think someone’s cursed us
with all the problems in the world. Run, Majnu. I’ve been running since
I was a kid. First… l ran from school. Then I ran after stealing bread. After I became a gangster,
I ran from the police. I ran when I had to sit. I ran when I had to walk. And when I had to run,
lam running like a dog. I spent my entire life running. “Get over here tonight.” “I’ll call you what you like.” “We’ll make it such a night,
to remember all our life.” “You let me call you baby.” “I’ll really blow you mind.” “O boy make your mind up..” “we’re running out of time.” “Welcome back.” “Welcome.. Welcome.. Welcome..” “Welcome.” “Welcome back.” “Welcome.” “Let me love you.” “Love you all I can.” “My heart’s crazy about you.” “I want to give you this heart.” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “O Girl… you’re intoxicating…
like a bottle of liquor.” “And I feel intoxicated.” “Crazy girl… she’s so drunk..” “that she’s holding me..” “instead of her friend.” “She runs around the club,
and trips on me.” “Tell me why are you so drunk?” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome.” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “Dance on the floor…” “and create an uproar.” “Dance for me baby girl.” “You sway… on the floor.” “Like fire… reaching high.” “Dance for me baby girl.” “You look at me…
like my body’s on fire.” “You look at me…
makes all the girls jealous.” “Honestly sweetheart…
I can’t get high without you.” “When you look at me…
I feel on top of the world.” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome.” “Welcome Back.” “Let me love you… day and night.” “My heart’s crazy for you…
let me shower it on you.” “Welcome Back.” “Welcome Back.”Hope it helped ->bozxphd


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