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What Happened To The Actor Who Played Hercules?

Kevin Sorbo’s time in the spotlight has diminished
since his Hercules days, but if you think you’ve seen him around lately, you might just
be right. Keep watching to see what he’s been up to! In 2012, Sorbo published a book containing
some shocking revelations. In the later seasons of Hercules: The Legendary
Journeys, which aired from 1994 to 1999, viewers started to notice a shift away from the title
character and onto the shoulders of other stars. No one knew why there was a sudden flood of
guest stars, and it wasn’t until Sorbo published his book that fans learned the truth: in 1997,
he suffered three strokes as the result of an aneurysm. True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to
Mere Mortal How Nearly Dying Saved My Life is the story of just what happened to Sorbo. He was in the middle of a promotional tour
for Kull the Conqueror when he started to feel some odd sensations in his left hand
and arm, but doctors brushed it off. The pain worsened during a workout, and he
went to his chiropractor. After driving home, he started suffering all
the symptoms of a stroke. It was then that doctors discovered and removed
the aneurysm that was blocking blood flow to his arm. After returning to the Hercules set, Sorbo
endured aftereffects like fatigue, depression, and anxiety attacks. He still suffers from nerve damage, residual
pain, the occasional migraine, and a ten percent loss of vision, and he says that the experience
made him realize what was truly important to him: his wife and his faith. It also made him want to share his story in
the hopes of helping others through similar experiences. “We are survivors and we should never, ever
give up.” In 2014, fantasy fans got to see Sorbo don
his medieval gear once again with the release of Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, his second
collaboration with the production company Arrowstorm. When he was approached to read the script,
he was absolutely and unconditionally on board, even though he was playing the wizard rather
than the warrior this time around. More Mythica movies followed, with The Darkspore
and The Necromancer arriving in 2015, and then The Iron Crown and The Godslayer in 2016. When Sorbo spoke with Geek Dad in 2015, he
acknowledged that while his role as the heroine’s mentor was limited in the initial film, he
was going to play a bigger part as the story went on. When he was asked why fantasy had become his
go-to genre, he admitted, “Love that world. No rules in the fantasy world. Writers can do what they want and make it
come to life. Just fun to be a part of the fantasy.” Sorbo became famous for his portrayal of a
legendary character, and in 2017 news broke that he’d soon be associated with another
famous franchise. When it was first revealed that he would be
playing a recurring character on The CW’s Supergirl, he was simply described as one
of the show’s many bad guys. The mystery surrounding just who he was going
to portray built for more than a month. That’s practically forever in internet time,
but finally the studio eventually confirmed that he’d be stepping into the boots of Mon-El’s
father, Lar Gand. Sorbo ended up appearing in a three-episode
arc, with former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher playing his wife. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight,
he revealed that if things had gone a little differently back in 1993, he would’ve ended
up playing Superman opposite Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. But, alas, that part ultimately went to Dean
Cain instead. Sorbo is a devout Christian, and recent years
have seen him frequently turning his attention to faith-based films. In 2014’s God’s Not Dead, he stars as an atheist
professor who challenges his students’ views on the existence of God. “God. Is. Dead.” In 2014, he was also in Revelation Road: The
Black Rider, a tale about what’s left after the Rapture, and Let the Lion Roar, in which
he played Reformation leader John Calvin. He even played Joseph in 2016’s Joseph and
Mary, a retelling of one of the Bible’s most well-known stories. In a 2016 interview with Gospel Herald, he
spoke about why he thought bringing faith-based films to the big screen was important: “I think that most people would agree that
faith-based movies back in the ’70s, ’80s, and even the ’90s were very cheesy, poorly
written, and poorly acted. A lot of people were turned off by them, because
they were also too preachy. We live in a world where people don’t want
to be told what to believe in and what not to believe in. You have to walk a fine line to hold an audience.” Sorbo shows no sign of slowing down, even
teaming up with Fox News’ Sean Hannity for Let There be Light, which is about an atheist
who has a near-death experience. Since 1997, Sorbo has been involved with almost
every aspect of a charity called “A World Fit For Kids!” As a celebrity spokesperson, he’s spoken out
about things like the nationwide drop-out rate for schools and childhood obesity, pushing
to get A World Fit For Kids! to go outside of California and into other parts of the
country. At its heart, the charity is an after-school
program that touches on everything from physical fitness, to training teens to become mentors
for younger children, to preparing kids for what they’re going to be confronted with once
they reach the working world. “All kids deserve that kind of encouragement,
but the reality is, most don’t get it. That’s why I’m involved with A World Fit for
Kids.” Sorbo has headed up fundraisers and participated
in public service announcements about issues like providing workplace mentors to students
interested in pursuing their dreams. In 2005, he took on another charity role as
the spokesperson for the Afterschool Alliance, an organization dedicated to providing safe
and educational programs for students. So even if you haven’t seen much of Sorbo’s
recent film and TV appearances, he’s still been working steadily in whatever capacity
he’s passionate about. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Kristopher Tower Author

    i loved this show… didnt take itself so seriously like zena did (i liked that show too just not as much)… favorite episode was when the cast of the show parodied the writing staff

  2. Angel Crow Author

    That's hilarious. Kevin thinks older theist movies are cheesy, lack credibility and are bad. Has he seen the finished product of the God Is Nor Dead series he made? They are all that and more. Horribly written and completely theist propaganda lies about others. He is a has been theist lying scum bag.

  3. KingRichardIII Author

    "the faith based movies in the 70's to 90's were too preachy. we live in a world where people don't want to be told what to believe in and what not to believe in"
    said the actor who stared in God's Not Dead as a bastardized characterization of an atheist? He is the actor and not the script writer, fair enough, but christian movies are still preachy.

  4. George Isaak Author

    I may not liked his acting very much , but to know he went through 3 strokes , now that is not something i would wish even to my enemies so , rapid recovery good man and best wishes on whatever you do Kevin ! God bless you !!!!!

  5. integral Author

    Hey, you guys forgot to mention how he likes to hate tweet about those evil liberals on Twitter. The guy can be a real jerk. Not surprising considering he's pals with Sean Hannity.

  6. Raptor Jesus Author

    he was a greek god, now hes a christian zealot.
    and like all good brainwashed zealots, he's thoroughly homophobic.
    i guess playing a character in a time of primitive religion got to him too much,
    and now he just want to go back.

  7. Old Shool Hip Hop Author

    Whenever I hear Hercules, his face comes in my mind. He's the real Hercules for sure! The Rock's Hercules movie was a big joke. Thank you for a great childhood Kevin Sorbo.

  8. Rigo Obezo Author

    I don't need to bother watching this video, just look at his IMDb resume, he has not slowed down and has added around 300 credits to his already solid resume.



  10. MonkeyJedi99 Author

    Ah yes, Mythica. Great five film romp! The end felt a bit like they were stretching the money, and Matt Mercer was a consummate scenery chewer in them. I really like those movies, in case it is not clear.

  11. swampThaang Author

    I believe Hercules was part of of a set of shows which also included Xena: Warrior Princes, Brisco County Jr and some version of a mad max type Knight Rider retelling. I was never able to find that Knight Rider show.

  12. omegagilgamesh Author

    I don't have the time to watch this right now, but I wanted to say this now before watching the video later: Kevin Sorbo is a decent actor whose bankability came and went, and unable to accept that's just the way Hollywood works he claimed it was a conspiracy in Hollywood to persecute Christians.

  13. Jehanne Sto. Domingo Author

    A video I didn't know I needed. I loved Kevin Sorbo as Hercules; he was born for it! Same with Lucy Lawless as Xena.

    I'm glad he got passed for Lois and Clark. Dean Cain was perfect for it! Until now, after numerous Superman actors, Dean Cain is still the #1 Superman for me.

    Ah, good ol' days… my youth with these shows.

  14. Kay2be2mr Author

    I used to love this man. One of my childhood heroes. Ruined a huge part of my childhood when I found out the kind of person he really is.

  15. Rhonda's Craft Obsessions Author

    I've met him here in Lebanon, MO. I was so mad at myself because I spent my money on Doctor Who artwork so I wasn't able to get a picture with him.

  16. Rebel37th Author

    Dude’s amazing! I was introduced to him with roles with PureFlix. I got to looking at other roles and fell in love with the guy. He comes across as a real sweet, genuine kinda guy. Would love to meet him one day.


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